The Mosaic Angel Project

The Mosaic Angel Project

The Mosaic Angel Project offers various healing modalities to help YOU heal yourself.We offer Empowerment Training, Hypnosis, Reiki, Soul Journey, Past Trauma Healing and much more.

Let us help you reclaim your true self!.

Operating as usual

Thank you God for my many blessings! I met some wonderful people at the Roof Top party last night! I AM grateful! #lovemylife#blessings

My first Roof Top party! Just getting started. Destin peeps getting readings from me tonight!!

Everyone makes mistakes in life. An important thing to remember that who you once were is not who you are today.

Often times those who crucify you are merely projecting their own imperfections and fears.

Understand (not judge) people by their behavior and character. They will show you who they are.

Life Lessons

Start each day anew! Let yesterday’s pain and drama stay with yesterday. Today is a new gift. 🙏

Starting the day with healthy breakfast and vitamins! Kickboxing later!

Embrace your scars my loves! Together they build the beautiful Mosaic that is you.

Do not settle for less than your light deserves.

"My Sister, You're a soul deep woman; you won't find a worthy love in the shallows. Within you beats a warrior's heart. You are a Viking on an expedition to carve out her own Queendom, a Priestess woven of ritual and ancient mystery. Somewhere on this planet beats a heart deserving of your fire. Somewhere there is one worthy of your magic made of flesh, blood and spirit who is not afraid to dance in your endless depths. One who will never settle for less than the brilliance of all that you are. My sister, never forget that you're a soul deep woman and you won't find a worthy love in the shallows." ~Ara


✅Early sign up is now open! Join me for the Inner Priestess Awakening 4 Week Online Journey beginning November 1, 2019 facilitated by me, Ara, and embrace your truth awaken your medicine and walk in your sacred light!

➡️Click here to learn more:🙏

The time has come to reclaim your power, my sister. I look forward to sitting with you in sacred circle. ~Ara

Co Co chillin with Mom @the_mosaic_angel_project Shout out to everyone living their best lives! If anyone is interested in a Past Life Journey (Regression) I can do them virtually! Or come see me at Stone Soup ISC in Ft. Walton Beach!

[06/10/20]   Good afternoon everyone! I have updated some info on The Mosaic Angel Project Page! This includes services and pricing. Please stop by and check out our FAQ and our story!!

I can be reached here on the page or:

[email protected]

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The Mosaic Angel Project

Science Finally Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others - Spiritual Unite

Sometimes it’s not yours...and never yours to carry! A biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major impact on the future of bioenergy eventually providing the evidence to show that people draw ene

Julia Cannon Soul Speak

Everything is energy. It transforms. Reiki helps with that.

The Mosaic Angel Project's cover photo

[01/29/20]   Good morning my loves. As you all know, I am working to spread the light through The Mosaic Angel Project. This FB page is dedicated to it but I realize that many of you have liked and are following me, but I don’t have any testimonials. If I have worked with you or helped in your healing in any way, could you please take a moment and write a short review/comment? And please, spread the word to others I may have missed! Thank you and I love you! 💕

Angels & Affirmations

Project Yourself

Wild Woman Sisterhood

Very true!

Warrior Goddess Training

You are beautiful no matter what!

Carmen Bellard - MINDBODYRADIO I have been walking my spiritual path for several years now and I have helped many others on their journey. When I was a child I could “see” those who crossed over. I was a sensitive and just “knew” things that I really had no reason to know. Because of my religion (Catholic) there was …

Project Yourself

Reiki is amazing!!

The World is Healing in every corner of the World❣️Many hospitals and medical facilities are opening up to the idea of ‘energy healing.’

You cannot change the past but you do have a say in how you create your future!

Project Yourself

So true!!

You have a new message from the Angels 😇💝

[01/01/20]   Hey everyone! Carmen here. I am in the process of rebuilding my website from “Spiritual Mosaic Pathways” to “The Mosaic Angel Project” so please be patient. I’ll have it updated hopefully by the weekend.

Still learning the FB to Webpage to Instagram thing but I hope I can reach the people who need this! The Mosaic Angel Project is my voice for those who are survivors of childhood/adolescent abuse. Whether it is sexual, emotional or physical (or all) you are welcome here. We are here to help you heal.

No matter what your background or where you are on your journey, reach out and let me help YOU find your voice! Please share to anyone and everyone you think can benefit from having complete acceptance, a helping hand and a safe place to learn, grow and heal.

I can be reached here or at [email protected]

Join me tomorrow on Monday Body Radio for my first ever in air live interview! 0915 EST. Here is the link: Listen in and let me know what you think!

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Wake up. Sit. Breathe. Connect to your patience, resilience, and power within.

Every day sit with yourself in quiet and listen to the voice within. Get to know yourself. Know what you want and uncover your true Self within.

Then one day it all comes together, after cultivating this friendship with you.

You love yourself completely, trust the timing of your life, say no to people and things that do not serve your highest ideals in life, set strong, healthy boundaries, and you “show up” each day, as you are, as a warrior doing the best you can, and it is more than enough.
The relationship you have with you IS the game changer, it’s your superpower. 💪

From Broken Pieces To Healing Heart

Hello! My name is Carmen and I want to share a story with you. Most will know me from my time in the USAF Special Operations-22 years. It was a tough road but I am grateful for my time and all that I accomplished and learned. Although I had a rewarding career, there was always a part of me that I held back. A part of me I was afraid of and didn’t quite understand. Have you ever had that feeling that you were meant for something else? You didn’t quite understand what but you knew it was out there? Maybe you were a bit different than others and wasn’t quite sure why? Well, one day I discovered that purpose and why I was always different.

Just before retirement from the Air Force, I was driving on a Sunday and passed a little shop near my home. I was as indifferent as usual but without realizing, I had pulled into the parking lot. I had been “pulled there”. There was the sign, “Intuitive Readings”. I’m from Louisiana so I figured, why not! When I walked in, there was a group of people gathered for a “group guided meditation”. I had never meditated but I was already there so, I joined in. Oh what an awakening! I smelled color. I felt presence. Did it freak me out? Yes! But it also piqued my curiousity. So, I started asking questions and attending more events. I learned, I grew and I healed. I knew there had to be others who were feeling the I did. Those who had been through what I had been through. I had to face my fears and spiritually “come out” so that I could share my story to help others.

I have been walking my spiritual path for several years now and I have helped many others on their journey. When I was a child I could "see" those who crossed over. I was a sensitive and just "knew" things that I really had no reason to know. Because of my religion (Catholic) there was no room for such nonsense so I pushed it down and never spoke of it again-as many of us do. I “forgot” my gifts. Eventually, my true path came calling and I embraced my awakening with open arms. I had been running from my past but now it was time to heal. The Mosaic Angel Project has become my voice. Now I want to help you find yours!

I am a survivor of early childhood abuse and for many years I was a victim of what others did to me. I decided to share my journey with others and help them heal themselves. I have learned this through using a combination of modalities when put together provides a holistic approach to healing for mind, body and spirit. I have seen the transformation in people when they reclaim their power and it is beautiful.

The Mosaic Angel Project is a healing space for everyone. Primarily abuse survivors but often times those who have certain "abilities" are drawn here as well. Over the years, I have helped others reconnect with their Divine Feminine power; reclaim their sexual power in healthy ways and grow spiritually. Through my teaching and healing work I help those who have suffered abuse (mostly women but some men), create boundaries and move in confidence to maintain those boundaries and get their life back! This is done with Regression sessions, Reiki, Intuitive work, Meditative Soul Journeys and other modalities. Sometimes people come see me for answers to difficult questions, connect with a loved one on the other side or just get some clairty or guidance on life issues.

For those who feel they are broken, unsure of their path or just need a safe space to heal, I would love the opportunity to support them in their journey.


Regression Sessions, Intuitive Work/Reiki and Meditative Soul Journeys

REIKI is universal life energy. The foundation for the theory of quantum physics is based on Reiki. That is that everything is made of energy and it doesn’t go away, but it simply changes and transform from one state to another. Some people are more natural conduits for this sort of energy. So when a practitioner of Reiki channels this energy, -much like a lightening rod would a bolt of lightening (only not so intense and terrifying, lol)-they direct that energy to where the healing is needed. Think of “prayer in motion”. The recipient may feel tingling, heat, energy, waves washing over them; it varies from person to person. In most cases, recipients reported loss of chronic pain and stress.

MY INTUITVE WORK: I am not a fortune teller or charlatan. My gifts are given to me and many others by God. Just as you sit in church on Sunday and feel the presence of Jesus-how he moves you and speaks to you, it is the same for me. I just don’t have to be in a specific building to feel, hear and know Him. I work with my Angels and Guides in all that I do. I speak to God daily and feel his Grace in my life. Each person that I “read” I always ask that the messages come through for the best and highest good for that person’s healing at this time. People always want to know about money, relationships, jobs. They may not get what they want to hear, they get what is needed for them at this time for their healing. A counselor or therapist would use the books written by authors who did extensive research and case studies. They would know with certainty that 2 plus 2 = 4 because it has been proven. For me, my research and case studies are given to me by feeling, a thought or an image of this person’s life. It could be a loved one who has crossed over and comes through to let that person know (through proof of only something they would know) to help them understand what they need to do in order to heal and grow. Sometimes even to just move on with their lives.

REGRESSION SESSIONS: Much like my intuitive work, my regression sessions are divinely guided. I ask that the person be taken to the place where they need to heal. I had a client once who is just a beautiful soul. I did a reading for her and I was shown that she had been molested in her childhood. I did not share this with the woman but through that reading, she remembered. She had a pattern of unhealthy relationships and couldn’t understand why. We did a regression session back to her childhood and we carefully navigated that trauma. She was able to recognize and acknowledge that it wasn’t her fault. She was able to see her 6 year old self and tell her that she is ok and that she is loved. We finished the session and although its not an instant healing, she is now able to break her unhealthy patterns and set boundaries as she continues to heal. No therapy is a one time and its fixed. Finding the source and healing that is the way to begin healing. It can be a life time thing but the first step is the most important.

SOUL JOURNEY MEDITATIONS: These meditations are also divinely guided. The person is asked to consider what it is that they need in their life. Are they struggling with something in particular? What is their purpose? Etc. We embark on a journey and meet certain guides, teachers and loved ones along the way to help us understand. It is a different experience for each person and often very rewarding.

My intuitive work is usually where it starts. I meet people or they come to me specifically for readings or Reiki sessions. Through those modalities it is usually revealed that whatever issues they are having (or questions they have) stem from a past life or earlier life trauma or event. From there WE decide where to go. Usually it is some regression sessions and more Reiki to help with release of the emotional junk created from letting things go.

Regardless of who you are or what you've been told, you deserve love and to be happy. Do NOT feel you have to walk alone. Reach out for help, I promise you, you are NOT alone! There are SO many who are going through exactly what you are and we want you to bring you together.

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