Joanne Gigliotti, Licensed Massage Therapist of Charleston Wellness Massage

Specializing in Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Swedish (Relaxation), Hot Stone, Prenatal and Cupping

Specializing in Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Prenatal, Pediatric, Oncology Massage and Cupping

"According to the CDC, 70% of all deaths are due to chronic disease, and the cost of chronic care exceeds $1.5 trillion a year, or 75% of all medical expenses. Only a fraction of our budget is spent on prevention and health promotion, despite evidence that prevention can do much to reduce the burden of chronic disease."

"I feel like I am chasing my pain. I can't exactly pinpoint where it is coming from." We often associate pain with the location we feel it, forgetting that our bodies are woven with multiple systems that are interconnected. Nerve entrapment and nerve damage can be perceived as muscular pain. Chronic radiating pain, numbness, or tingling requires a proper diagnosis with your physician.

The central and peripheral nervous system of a human being.

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Neuroscience shows that 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds if they sit quietly and do nothing for 15 minutes a day

Why gray matter matters! Turn off the technology and sit quietly for 15 min a day and feel the difference it can make 😊 You can see significant positive changes in just 15 minutes a day.

10 Exercises to Undo The Spinal Damage Caused by Sitting

A great list of 10 corrective exercises and stretches that can help you decrease chronic pain, feel better and improve posture. Be patient and consistent. Your hard work will pay off. Soon enough you will be standing tall and notice aches and pains disappearing as well.

Scary Mommy Time Out

Everybody should feel good about their physical accomplishments, no matter how great or small the steps are.
This sweet girl reminds me of just how special these moments can be. Love your body, celebrate those milestones and keep moving forward!

"I'm walking!" Young girl with cerebral palsy takes her first steps and we can't stop crying.

I'm A Massage Therapist

Listening to the music you love will make your brain release more dopamine, study finds A new study has found that dopamine -- a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in our cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning -- plays a ...


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with warmth, happiness and love!

🍂🍁Feeling that crisp cool air in the Lowcountry-time to start the morning off with hot stones, hot towels and a cozy heated table 🤗 Happy Monday!

Study: The More Trees We're Surrounded By, The Lower Our Stress Levels

Just another reason to find a trail or park near you and surround yourself with green! 🌲🌳🌴🌿🌱🍃 Lining city streets with trees reduces physiological symptoms of stress in humans. The thicker the tree cover, the lower the stress levels, study finds. We all know that a walk in nature can help slow the maddening pace of modern life and bring us back into the moment, but a …

Though the word "winner" is relative in an online voting contest, I am very humbled for the 2nd year in a row. I can assure you, there are many amazing massage therapists in Charleston that are winners in my book. I do strive to do my best every day, and my passion for helping others live a more balanced, pain-free and healthy lifestyle makes my job enjoyable and fulfilling. Heartfelt thanks to my clients, friends and family for your support - and thank you Charleston for such an honor 💜

Here’s Exactly How to Breathe While You’re Running

Excellent article on how practicing rythmic breathing can help prevent injury and enhance althletic performance. This breathing technique can help you run better and sidestep injury.

10 Minutes to a Happier Neck

The #1 muscle group that we often fail to self-treat at home when trying to relieve chronic neck pain are the pectoral muscles! While the upper back and neck take the hit for our poor posture, they are usually not the root cause of our issues.

Stimulating This ONE Nerve Relieves Fatigue, Anxiety And Brain Fog

A nerve that I often intentionally stimulate on clients during their massage session is the Vagus. Referred to as the body's "wandering" nerve, it connects your brain to many of your vital organs. Massage, singing, laughter or deep breathing are a few ways to send a message to your body that it's time to relax your mind. In turn, your organs enter into a state of much needed relaxation. So sing along to your favorite song, have a good deep belly laugh once in a while or practice deep breathing in times of high stress - your body will thank you for it 😊 Every organ in our bodies in connected to the vagus nerve, so it's no wonder that stimulating it can help to relieve fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog...

The beauty of a Lowcountry sunrise 😍

The quickest way to your massage therapist’s heart- fresh Turkish figs picked from a tree in your backyard 😍 #lovemyclients

[06/29/18]   Always enjoy making some very special patients smile 🤗

#13 Get a Massage :-)

Healing Through Movement

Great article with simple movements you can do to warm-up, stretch and strengthen the most commonly overlooked muscle group - the hip flexors If you’re like most people, you sit for hours each day. The photo on the left is actually the proper position when you’re sitting. But take a look at the photo on the right, which is how most people look when they’re at their desk or driving in their car. Note how rounded the back and shoulder...

Check out Joanne Gigliotti.

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If You Can Spot It You Can Stop It -

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month! Practicing what I preach with an annual skin checkup 😊 Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, and I will always let you know if I see something suspicious during our sessions. If you can spot it, you can prevent it from spreading! Prevention Sun Protection Prevention Guidelines Skin Cancer Infographics Children For Your Eyes Clothing Shade Sunscreen Sunburn Seal of Recommendation Are You at Risk? UVA & UVB Skin of Color Tanning Teacher Resources Related: What Is Skin Cancer? | Window Film | Healthy Lifestyle | True Storie...

[04/17/18]   After months of planning and implementing policies/procedures with the Pallative Care team, I’m beyond excited to be on the ground floor of the Massage Therapy and Acupuncture volunteer program at MUSC. Alternative healthcare modalities are being recognized as an important aspect of healing, pain management and overall well-being. Go Team Pallative Care!

Healing the Adrenal System: The Effectiveness of Massage Therapy

Are you tired all the time or feeling dizzy when you stand up? While the worlds of conventional and alternative medicine are still divided on adrenal fatigue as a true medical condition, everyone seems to agree that managing stress makes sense. Studies have shown massage can lower cortisol levels and increase dopamine and serotonin. In my own quest to heal my adrenal system, I decided to sit down and talk with a massage therapist.

The sitting test you can do at home to help predict your risk of death

“For every hour you sit down, your life expectancy decreases by two hours.”
A body in motion stays in motion 😉 This is a great read for everyone, not just those with desk bound jobs. I challenge you to move more throughout the day!

Thank you for a great year! Happy Holidays and many blessings in the New Year.

Are You on Your List?: Eight Holiday Self-Care and Stress Management Tips

Self-care: an act of love that is necessary for your effectiveness and success in honoring your personal and professional commitments. Take time to care for your body, mind and spirit. Find those activities or practices that you can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and maintain overall health and well-being. It's easy to get carried away with the inevitable and unavoidable stress associated with the holiday season. Take control of your well-being so you can be fully present through the cookies and carols.

How to Stretch and Strengthen the Psoas

The Psoas Muscle -probably one of the most overlooked sources of low back and pelvic pain. Stretch it out! Learn how to skillfully stretch and strengthen the mysterious psoas muscle.

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Stretches to Do at Work Every Day

Happy Monday! Don't forget to take a few minutes to Streeeeeeeetch it out at work!! Neck and shoulder pain are common in sedentary jobs. Get loosened up and work out the kinks with these 12 exercises you can do at your desk.

Blue Heron Acupuncture & Apothecary

This talented group of ladies outgrew their practice on King Street and have relocated to a beautiful space on St. Andrews Blvd in West Ashley. If you've never tried acupuncture before, now is a great time to boost your immune system and ward off fall seasonal allergies!

Classical Chinese Medicine Clinic serving Charleston, SC - acupuncture, bodywork + massage, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, apothecary goodies

Why Self Care Is So Important

A great read, and a little reminder for all of us. Make today a great day!
"Self care is not a reward. It’s part of the process." You’re overwhelmed at work. You have a ton of projects piling up at home, and your calendar is packed with overdue tasks. To make room for all of this stuff, you skip lunch, stop going to the gym, and forget about your social life entirely. When we’re stressed, self care is usually the first thing t...

Massage Therapy. It’s not just a Luxury - Healthy Beginnings

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) does not always require cortisone injections and arthroscopic surgery. Too many cortisone injections cause damage to the tendons, ligaments, and articular cartilage. Regular massage sessions have helped several of my clients heal naturally by manually breaking up scar tissue, integrating deep slow stretching during sessions and teaching at home self-care methods. For many years, massage has been viewed as a stress relieving luxury. However, in the past decade or so, the general public and other healthcare professionals are starting to recognize that massage therapy is an effective healthcare approach. Massage therapy, along with chiropractic, physical therap...

10 Piriformis Stretches To Help You Get Rid Of Sciatica, Hip And Lower Back Pain Hip and lower back pain can come as a result of an irritation of the sciatic nerve. This pain can spread downwards and can affect the limbs and the feet. It is something many people

The Difference Between Adult and Pediatric Massage

Pediatric Massage is becoming more mainstream in clinical settings and Children's Hospitals. As a certified pediatric massage therapist, sessions are customized based on the child's therapeutic needs (sports injury, ADHD, anxiety, Autism, cancer). Author: Tina Allen. Title: The Difference Between Adult and Pediatric Massage. Summary: Many practitioners believe the major difference in providing massage and touch therapy to children is to simply consider that the client is smaller in size...

10 Foods That Make Inflammation Worse

Chronic inflammation? - Removing or reducing the intake of certain foods may help you avoid the use of pain meds and ibuprofen. Cutting these out of your diet can help you maintain a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

Mark Hyman, MD

Good read: WHY are you sick, and not just WHAT disease do you have? INFLAMMATION -the annual health care cost/burden for autoimmune diseases in the US is now over $100 billion a year.

As physicians we are trained to shut off inflammation with aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication such as Advil or Motrin, steroids, and increasingly more powerful immune suppressing medication with serious side effects.

But we are not trained to find and treat the underlying causes of inflammation in chronic disease. Hidden allergens, infections, environmental toxins, an inflammatory diet, and stress are the real causes of these inflammatory conditions.

This is why doctors are recommending yoga for lower back pain over opioids It’s no secret that the abuse of and addiction to opioids, including heroin, morphine, and prescription pain relievers, is a serious global problem harming the social and economic welfare of all societies and the health of many individuals within them. T

A Systematic Approach to End Chronic Back Pain There isn't a magic bullet or yoga pose that will fix your lower back, but there is a method to find what will work for you.

9 Signs You Have Magnesium Deficiency and How to Cure It - Dr. Axe 80% of the population struggles with magnesium deficiency. The biggest causes of magnesium deficiency include leaky gut, soil depletion and emotional stress

[11/02/16]   Chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Matt and then a 90 min massage 😊 Self care day!

As timeclocks fall back and nature begins to slow down, so do we. Consider booking a massage to quietly relax and recharge this Autumn season.

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