Pluff Mud Mercantile

Pluff Mud Mercantile


Thank you for an amazing and fun soap making class for my friends and family! We had so much fun and are anxious to have our soaps cured to start using them! -Alessandra Maldonado
the soap making classes sound like fun! who wants to do one with me? Amy Drolet?
Loved the soap making class today!!! Great value considering you take home the soap you make, about 10 bars!!! I had so much fun Wish I could upload the pics but you can’t:(
I love Pluff Mud Mercantile! Gina is the best and has been so helpful finding just what I needed in her shop! Thank you!
Beautiful....your heart has been healed by the great Physician, tell your heart to beat again.❤️
Beautiful....your heart has been healed by the great Physician, tell your heart to beat again.❤️

Goods for Salt and Soul... Makers & Artisans of candles, soaps, apothecary, bath and body products including an eclectic mix of specialty foods,, gifts, jewelry, clothing, home decor and specialty items.

A community gathering space for workshops. A community gathering place offering classes and workshops nestled in a specialty gift store atmosphere.

A Charleston local shopping experience with an eclectic mix of items for the home, gifts, jewelry, clothing, bath and body, candles and more. We hand pour our own line of soy candles and offer candle and soap making classes. We specialize in finding unique items that you will enjoy. Goods for Salt & Soul! We offer extended hours around the holidays and other times throughout the year.

Operating as usual

We love what we do and sharing this passion with you! Our classes are one of the ways we are able to extend our passion for creating, growing, and stepping outside of the box of traditional ways of doing things. We are all called to challenge ourselves and question “what is this for?” in every moment. 2020 has been a great teacher for that for me and I feel for all of us on the planet. If you’re not familiar with Pluff mud - the mud of the marshes around the lowcountry, it is a great symbol for some of our joys and troubles in life. It is a sticky mud that will literally suck your shoes off. It’s like quicksand to a certain degree and to most has an awful smell. The smell of decaying organic material, sea life and the sort. For me this smell reminds me of home, salt air, and the ebb and flow of the tides. If you sit with the marsh a while you will begin to see the layers of symbolism to our own lives. Life, death, rebirth, rejuvenation, and getting stuck in the mud, all seasons of the marsh. At low tide the marsh never seems so alive as the popping noises of fiddler crab holes show the emergence of these fascinating creatures that walk side ways. The Pluff mud inspires us in many ways and why our company is named after it. Regardless of the stage we may be in right now may we look to the marsh and know it turns green again with the spring, the waves may drown out the old, cleanse our souls, and occasionally we may have to walk sideways on our path, but still ever growing. Here’s to all the dreamers who dare to take a leap of faith and love what they do inspiring others to have the courage to do the same!! #pluffmudlovinit #peaceloveandpluffmud #spreadloveandbeamazing #belove #belight #passion #purpose #workhard #learn #grow #pluffmudmercantile #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal #businessmakingadifference #bethechangeyouwanttosee #thoughtscreatereality

Hello Friends, our hours Thursday 11/5 will be 10-2. We will be closing early for our candle making class at Firefly Distillery. If you are interested in a candle making class for your group please contact us for details and scheduling. #candlemaking #fireflydistillery @fireflydistillery #soycandles #candles #makersgonnamake #diy, #classes #learn #grow #balance #relax #candlezen #handmade #handpoured #southernmade #charlestonmade #pluffmudmercantile #pluffmudmercantilecandles

These acrylic resin trays are a beautiful functional accent to any decor. We have several designs in the store but there are so many great options we are going to share them online with you for pre-orders for the holidays. Each one is hand painted by the artist Suzanne Leonard Great local gift for the holidays. #resinart #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #localartist #charlestonmade #makersgonnamake #shopsmall #pluffmudmercantile #charleston #please #explorecharleston #southernmade #art

Fall Sidewalk Sale up to 75% OFF. We have lots of great items throughout the store that we’ve marked down during our fall clearing and re-merchandising. In addition this weekend you can shop online 20% OFF with code FALLCLEAN20.#sale #sidewalksale #fallclearance #fall #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #explorecharleston #pluffmudmercantile

Husavik (My Hometown) - Acoustic Live Video

In my hometown...spreading some love and positivity. 💗 #StrongerTogether

My Marianne performing an acoustic version of Husavik at Öland island in Sweden together with pianist Pontus Persson. Recorded August 9 2020. Video produced,...

We’re pretty much always up for a challenge and we love creating soap and apothecary products so when our friend Holly @wildcraft.chs asked us to assist her in creating an amazing shave bar, we were excited about all of the possibilities. We began brainstorming ingredients, it needed to be all natural, great scent, rich creamy lather, not drying, last long, and a blue color reminiscent of the floors in the Wildcraft store. Seemed pretty easy at first, we’ve made lots of soap. How difficult can it be? We chose ingredients with great properties like lemon myrtle, Russian Cambrian blue clay, sea kelp, baking soda, indigo, butterfly 🦋 pea powder, coconut oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and Shea butter. Trial after trial our beautiful natural color blues turned pea soup green, or yellowish brown. We found no matter how much these ingredients sounded great on their own, they necessarily didn’t play well together. During this process it can get frustrating and challenging that what you think you know works doesn’t and you must surrender. A micro lesson for the macro 2020 lesson. At times we just had to walk away and save it for another day, until you’re at that brink. Batch after batch we tweaked and turned each ingredient like solving a complex puzzle until finally the right combination clicked, the tumblers rolled, and viola...this soap emerged! To say we were giddy is an understatement. We are biased we know, but it’s one beautiful soap with some amazing soapy bubble action. It was a group effort with a lot of support from everyone involved. We are grateful for Holly entrusting us to do what we love and create this soap for her store & customers. Keep an eye out for it coming soon @wildcraft.chs. If you have a business and are interested in a custom soap 🧼 reach out and challenge us to forever improve our talents. #pluffmudmercantile #handcraftedsoap #allnaturalsoap #shavesoap #wildcraftchs #makersgonnamake #pluffmudlovinit #pluffmudlove #cleanshave #charlestonmakers Photo credit 📸: @_kt.may_

From Corporate To Maker to Mask Maker Michael Williams Does it all.

A little about Calavera Tool Works one of our makers and collaborators on amazing handmade products. Check out this video about the Makers Movement and his story. Plus check out another great Charleston maker @ashleyharwoodturning

Meet Micael Williams a friend, fellow maker and Lover of life and freedom. FOLLOW ASHLEY HARWOOD! Instagram (@ashleyharwoodturning):

What is the Maker’s Movement? I found this definition from Adweek & Time Magazine that does a pretty good job explaining it. “The Maker’s Movement is important to America’s future...The maker movement, as we know, is the umbrella term for independent inventors, designers and tinkerers. A convergence of computer hackers and traditional artisans, the niche is established enough to have its own magazine, Make, as well as hands-on Maker Faires that are catnip for DIYers who used to toil in solitude. Makers tap into an American admiration for self-reliance and combine that with open-source learning, contemporary design and powerful personal technology like 3-D printers. The creations, born in cluttered local workshops and bedroom offices, stir the imaginations of consumers numbed by generic, mass-produced, made-in–China merchandise.” For me it’s even more, it’s a passion and purpose to create, use our imagination, play, work with our hands, and engage with our neighbors and community. It’s more than a movement, it’s a way of living and being in the world. We are the dreamers, the risk takers, and adventurers to light the way for others to overcome their fears and take that leap of faith! Join us for one of our candle and soap making classes and explore your inner creator. At the very least you’ll have a good time! @time @adweek #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #handpouredcandles #soycandles #candlemaking #diy #class #workshop #americanmade #suppoetsmallbusiness #artisan #smallbatch #explorecharleston

Get Lit Candle Making at Firefly Distillery - Safe & Social

Come play with us on the back porch at Firefly Distillery next week. Plus make some awesome candles to take home! We’ll be outdoors and spread out. Channel your inner candle lover..come make soy candles with us! We have partnered with Firefly Distillery to spread out & make candles.

All of our candles are hand poured with soy wax. Soy wax burns cleaner, has a great fragrance throw, and it’s made from soy beans, so it’s a renewable resource. Our fragrances are phthalate free, and we use only natural cherry wood wicks or cotton wicks. In addition to our candle lines we manufacture in small batches for our retail store and wholesale business, we can create a private label candle for your brand or wedding favor/event. Share with us your needs and we will work to make it a reality! #soycandles #candles #pluffmudmercantilecandles #supportsmallbusiness #makermovement #makersgonnamake #smallbatch #supportlocal #explorecharleston

Some Sunday Positivity ...”Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it.” #bethechange #positivity #belight #belove #spreadloveandbeamazing #pluffmudmercantile #strongertogether #explorecharleston

Fallen Leaves 🍁 a warm cozy scent of autumn. Each of our candles is hand poured with love. 100% soy wax so they are cleaner burning and send a nice throw of fragrance throughout the room. Cherry wood wicks give a slight crackle noise and are all natural. We always use phthalate free fragrances. I love a candle any time of year but there is something about fall and the upcoming holiday season that makes the home even cozier. #explorecharleston #soycandles #madeinchatleston #madeinthesouth #handpouredcandles #wookwick #naturalsoycandles #makershonnamake #makewithloveandprayer #spreadloveandbeamazing #belight #belove #shineon #yourarethelight #lightoftheworld

Chicken & Rice is not complete without @edistomarshhenmill Carolina Gold Rice. It is so flavorful that a old time favorite tastes amazing! If you haven’t tried the local grits, grains and rices from our friends at Marsh Hen Mill you really don’t know what you’re missing. We carry a full selection of their products right down to unicorn 🦄 grits. Yes, you heard right. Unicorn grits are pink when you cook them. No added color just the natural color of the corn 🌽 that’s ground. Try out the cornmeal or grits. We’re getting into soup season and it’s always best with a side of cornbread and butter. #charlestonfood #foodie #specialtyfood #marshhenmill #carolinagoldrice #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #localfarmers #heirloomgrains #strongertogether #powerofpositivity #chickenandrice #southernfood #soulfood #goodsforsaltandsoul #rice #lowcountryrice #pluffmudmercantile #pluffmudlovinit

Olive wood tells a beautiful story from its origins to each unique design of the grain. These cutting boards are vibrant with the natural colors of the tree. Olive wood is a dense wood so food particles don’t get trapped in the grain to cause bacterial growth. Hard to keep knife cuts to a minimum as well. These goods are meticulously made to last a lifetime. #olivewood #cuttingboard #charcuterie #charcuterieboard #explorecharleston #charlestonfood #foodandwine #wine #foodie #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #shoplocal

Oyster season is upon us and this oyster shucking pillow is adorable. Great for a porch or to dress up your lowcountry decor. #coastalliving #lowcountrydrcor #oyster #shopsmallbusiness #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #oysters #oysterdecor

Don’t miss this GIVEAWAY!! 🎉 The details for how you can win a ticket to this class are below...
We’re taking our candle making on a road trip to Firefly Distillery Thursday, Nov. 5th. Get lit! Candle making class. Join us while we spread out for a relaxing evening and enjoy a tasting at the new Firefly Distillery. We will be in the fresh autumn air outdoors on the @fireflydistillery back porch. The cooler weather will be perfect to get you in the fall candle mood! Your class will include equipment that you will keep to continue your candle journey at home. Tickets and class details are in our bio. Tickets for the tasting room are available on Firefly Distillery’s website.

GIVEAWAY 🎉 Wanna win a seat to our GET LIT 🔥 Candle Making class? Here’s how....
1️⃣ Comment on this post and tag some friends. 2️⃣ Follow our page. (If you are not already.) 3️⃣ Like this post by sending us some love. #pluffmudmakers #makersgonnamake #candlemakingclass #explorecharleston #getlit #chsmoms #chsmomsblog #relax #aromatherapy #create #connect #community #pluffmudmercantile #pluffmudmercantileclasses #giveaway #fireflydistillery #candles #candlemaking #getlitatfireflydistillery #explorecharleston #safe #safeandsocial #destress #positivity

Our well-being physically, mentally, and spiritually is an important thing to be mindful of now more than ever. Fear and stress are known factors that lower the immune system. This year has been a shining example of just how important it is to take care of ourselves. One often overlooked practice is gratitude. Be grateful for all things that come up in life. Whether you judge them “good” or “bad” be grateful. All things that come up are lessons we are to learn and for our good. A practice of gratitude is mindset, an emotion and a powerful force for change in our wellbeing. Take time to reflect throughout the day all the things we are grateful for - from the little things to the big. A practice of gratitude will begin to transform your experience in a very short time so keep with it. Gratitude improves relationships, your physical health, it enhances empathy and reduces aggression, it can improve your sleep and self esteem. All positive aspects that I definitely can use more about you? May today we choose to be more grateful throughout our moments regardless of the circumstance. It can be challenging sometimes I know if it is something like someone cutting you off in traffic, but we can only do our best in the moment. I am grateful for all the lessons I’m learning this year and I’m grateful for all of you. We will all get through and be better for it. So today let’s walk in love and gratitude and experience the benefits it brings to ourselves and others around us. #gratitude #love #belight #belove #supportsmallbusiness #positivity #shoplocal #wellbeing #bodymindandsoul #saltandsoul #explorecharleston

You have been asking for classes so we have some options for you! We have some exciting news that we have plenty of room to spread out and host your favorite class. Join us for a socially distanced candle making class at Firefly Distillery Thursday, Nov. 5 at 4pm. Gather your friends to make 2 8oz. candles. Your kit will include all supplies, class instruction and equipment of your own to begin your candle journey at home beyond the class. Purchase tasting room tickets @fireflydistillery website and arrive a little in advance to take the tour of their facility. We are available to do classes by appointment at the store for 3 people. In addition we have virtual options for classes where your friends can join online from their homes. You may purchase tickets for this event online in our link above or through our website. We look forward to making candles with you! #fireflydistillery #candlemaking #getlit #lightitup #diy #cracts #classes #candlemakingclass #explorecharleston #safeandsocial #charleston #pluffmudmercantile #pluffmudmercantileclasses #create #creativity #art

We’re so in love with the olive wood utensils from @swissgourmetfoods Not only are they handcrafted natural works of art, they are functional utensils. Dig in to a great salad with these handy salad forks. Toss and serve! #saladforks #olivewood #jamailahswitzerland #jamailaholiveoils #jamailaholivewood #handmade #peace #kitchenutensils #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal

Laughter is the best medicine. New gift cards from @unblushingco are fun and great art to go along with it. We all need to take the opportunity to laugh at ourselves a little more. Don’t sweat the small stuff. #irreverent #funnycards #unblushingco #sayingwhatwedontsay #dontsweatthesmallstuff #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #charlestonshopping

Jamailah Olive Wood

We are excited to announce the new addition to our makers products Jamailah Olive Woods products and Brie Ross. Originally from Switzerland and now living in Charleston Brie has brought these wonderful handcrafted products to Charleston as home. The wood makes a trek from the olive farms to Switzerland where it is turned onto functional kitchen utensils,then across the ocean to Charleston for the final finish work, sanding and oiling. The oil brings out the vibrant color and grain of the wood for each piece.

The olive tree and olive wood has quite a history that we will touch on a little here. Olive trees are cultivated, pruned and cared for, they are also protected, so the wood for these products is from cuttings of the trees, not killing the tree for the wood. Trees are not cut down, but pruned and dead branches cut away so the olive trees can produce fruit in a healthy way. Thus, there are only small pieces of wood and limited supply is available. Each piece has its unique grain and tells a story. The olive tree has both a religious and sentimental significance to all nations and all religions. It also symbolizes our own need to prune away our dead parts so that we may be vibrant and healthy. Olive trees are considered sacred in the Holy Land and are planted as a way of connecting to the land and being a symbol of peace in spite of the struggle. The olive branch has long served as this symbol for centuries, and the olive tree is a symbol of peace, beauty, longevity, and healing. We are proud to offer this olive wood artistry and history. May one of these adorn your home or be gifted as a reminder to these wonderful qualities for you and yours.

From a functional standpoint, thanks to it's solid and sturdy surface, no scratches are created when you cut on an olive wood board. This makes olive wood cutting boards very hygienic. Olive wood retains its beauty if you when washed by hand. Simply rub your kitchen item with olive oil, and you will be surprised how wonderful the colors come back to life.

#olivewood #kitchen #jamailah #handmade #explorecharleston #olive #charlestonfood #supportsmallbusinss #[email protected]

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