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#ManifestingAbundance spray order getting cleansed + ready to ship to their new owners! 💕🧚🏼‍♀️✨


All my life I have been either in school, getting my masters, teaching yoga, or creating something and normally all at the same time. After deep reflection, I've decided to take some time off to allow myself a time of healing, of reawakening, of having laser sharp focus on one thing--my inner realms. So I'm diving into a good bit of study and work on self to do so. I'll come out the other side renewed, refreshed, sovereign.

Blessings of shadows + light.


11 Signs You’re A Powerful White Witch

"White witches are good and are often mistaken for being earth angels." This was so on point for so many reasons 🦋✨

spiritofbuddhism.com Be a Best human with buddhism

It's not too late to join us for the Shamanic Astrology Course! You will receive last night's recording and lots of pdf handouts, plus we meet three more times. First class is just the beginning--more juicy stuff to come! Super huge thank you to a sweet star-sister who took this photo while taking my course.

Join us-- http://bit.ly/2uELwdB


The New Moon in Leo: Affirmation Horoscopes for the Week of July 17th

July 23rd is the new moon! What are your Intentions?

chaninicholas.com The New Moon in Leo: Affirmation Horoscopes for the Week of July 17th Collage by Chani  #AstroProTips Monday, July 17th Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, both at 14° Mars in Cancer square Uranus in Aries, both at 28° Tuesday, July 18th Venus in Gemini trine Jupiter in Libra, both at 15° Wedn...


5 Palm Signs when you're born a Witch - Magical Recipes Online

Wow. This was the coolest palm reading!! Can you find them all?

magicalrecipesonline.com Palm signs which show that you are born a powerful Witch. Do you have them? Look closer and see the pictures to discover what they mean!


*...ready to create a life you love?*

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mailchi.mp I've fallen in love with the Podcast "Fat, Feminist Witch." Have a listen as she discusses some deeper issues in witchcraft and paganism by clicking the link below.


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This week I discuss the new, witchy podcast I'm in love with, hear about our new contest, and so much more!
Abundant blessings ✨✨✨

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And another great reason to join our Shamanic Astrology Course! You'll receive guidance on the three archetypes that help you manifest, reclaim your power to create, learn guided meditations with your archetypes for manifesting your best life NOW and much more!

But here's a truly special offer...all those who are enrolled in this course will be entered to win a personal, intuitive energy painting by Amanda Trowbridge. ❤️

Spots limited! Class starts Monday, 7/17! See you then. http://bit.ly/2uELwdB


The Witches' Voice, Inc.

Ooooo ooooo, witchy (first)woman.... 😉

"While it's possible some Ladies were better at concealing their practices, five in particular—Jane Pierce, Mary Todd Lincoln, Edith Wilson, Florence Harding, and Nancy Reagan—held moderate-to-strong interests in the occult, according to Pat Krider, the executive director of the National First Ladies' Library. That list could also include Grace Coolidge, Roosevelt, Lady Bird Johnson, and Jackie Kennedy.."

❤️ stay authentic and be YOU, because the world needs what you have to offer!


6 Plants Other Than Cannabis That Are High In Healing Cannabinoids - TruthTheory

Very interesting read! 🤔

truththeory.com By Anna Hunt via Waking Times Cannabis is not the only plant that contains medically beneficial cannabinoids, although it has driven the research to understand the powerful …


Instagram post by Pixi Morris • Jul 11, 2017 at 5:01pm UTC

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instagram.com 29 Likes, 3 Comments - Pixi Morris (@apothecaryofavalon) on Instagram: “Clear your mind....ad the rest will follow... ✨Have you been judged based on your looks before??…”

Ready to add some more truth + knowledge to your intuitive toolbelt?
Check out our course on Shamanic Astrology: http://bit.ly/2uELwdB


Scientists Discover We Have A 'Force Field' Around Us That You Can Actually Feel

Yes!! This is what witches and yogis alike have known for a long time. Both my sprays and kundalini yoga practice will help to amplify your electromagnetic field in energy and protection. Here's a great spray for you to try to do just that-- http://bit.ly/2taorxq 💕💕

huffingtonpost.co.uk Try this at home!

❤️ mmm...yes...


Wow! I want to visit...

This real-life apothecary would fit right in with the world of Harry Potter.


Were you born on a FULL MOON?

Such a neat calculator. Find your Moon sign and whether the moon was a crescent, full, new, waning, or waxing! I was born under an Aquarius waxing crescent.
What kind of moon were you born under?

moongiant.com Find out what Moon Phase you were born on and what it means. Maybe you were born on a FULL MOON.

Interested in the course "How to Manifest Your Intentions with Shamanic Astrology Archetypes"??? This video goes into detail about what it is and how you can save 20% off until THIS Saturday--you don't want to miss this!!! Register here: http://bit.ly/2uELwdB

I collected sea water on the full moon yesterday + plan to make something fit for the #seawitch in you! Stay tuned...

the energy tonight feels very mischievous...who needs a card pull from the faery deck?? comment below!

Have a blissful esbat (#fullmoon), witches! May this be a time of growth or release to bring balance to your energy. 💕 Honor what you are needing right now.

The Witches' Voice, Inc.


Rock carvings that appear only under moonlight. Anyone know Elvish?

Sweet (full moon) dreams, magickal friends! ✨


MAGICK COURSE: How to Manifest Your Intentions with Shamanic Astrology Archetypes ⋆ Apothecary of Avalon

**edit: 7 spots available, filling up fast, reserve your spot now!**
Ready for a magickal course that teaches you how to manifest your intentions using your Shamanic astrology archetypes? This course also includes a Shamanic Astrology Report as well (if you've already received yours, I will still give you a freebie!)

Click the link below to find out what you'll learn in this course, what is included, and to view the syllabus.

Session starts July 17th!

Use Coupon code: FULLMOON to get 20% off this course until 7/15

apothecaryofavalon.com In this course you will learn: * about the Venus, Mars, and Chiron Archetypes in detail * create your own self-healing + self-love ritual * how to reclaim your creative visualization and manifestation power using your archetypes in your day to day life This course includes: * a weekly recorded video...

**THIS POST IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you for receiving your rune readings!**

RUNE MAGIC is potent! I have the rune of strength tattooed on my back and I carve runes into my candles during spells.

I'll choose a rune for you for the next couple hours...simply comment below that you would like a single rune reading!


Shamanic Astrology Report ⋆ Apothecary of Avalon

New offering in the shop...

Use coupon code: FULLMOON to receive 20% off this reading or any purchase until 7/31/2017!

apothecaryofavalon.com If you believe any of the following then this reading is for you….We came here for a reason. We came here with past life issues, karma, and things to be cleared. We came here to learn and move on to the next level of our existence. Created as a tool or guide on how to …


Products Archive ⋆ Apothecary of Avalon

Healing blessings + welcome to my witchy shop! Nearly 20 years of practice and study in the craft. Magickal potions + sprays, personally created ritual + healing oil blends, handcrafted teas, handmade reiki infused jewelry, shamanic astrology readings, alchemically awakened avalon priestess trainings, and much more being added frequently...


RESCHEDULED TO JULY 9th! ❤️❤️❤️ Free yoga? ✔️ In the privacy of your own home? ✔️ Ready to reset your energy for the week + Capricorn full moon? ✔️ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
We have a full moon in Capricorn coming up on July 9th. The energies may be intense + may cause us to bring up hidden issues from the darkness to the light. We may even feel a bit out of control at times.
Let's use this yoga practice to balance, rejuvenate, and reset our energy for the full moon's pulling tides, so we are able to better able to be in our power.
Meet us on Facebook Live @ApothecaryofAvalon July 9th at 7:30pm CST/8:30pm EST!
Blessed be!
#freeyoga #kundalini #flow #glow #magick #fullmoon #balance #rejuvenate #relax #happiness #calm #peace #goodvibes #witchesofig

Shamanic Astrology reports completed for the day, orders prepped and ready to be shipped tomorrow...now time to go be a kitchen witch and make some dinner before teaching a private yoga class online. 💚💚💚

Aries: uses bodily ingredients such as hair or teeth or nails, wild and free and howling at the moon, fire tells them what they want to know, embraces all but does not tolerate betrayal, gifted in the use of poppets and curses, full of energy and static and power

Taurus: a collector of many things, uses crystals and herbs, proficient in kitchen magic, has an inner strength that knows no bounds and no true master, a home full of colored glass and jars filled with anything you could ever need, rooted and able, wears robes with many many pockets

Gemini: a card reader and game changer, spoken spells fill the very air with magic and potential, an avid learner and sharer of their craft, books and tomes and candles fill their space, knows the power of words and names, tattoos sigils and spells all over their body and they seem to move when you aren’t looking, vast and uncontainable

Cancer: rests under the moon and whispers magic in their sleep, uses astral projection to explore and learn and play with ghosts, elaborate and detailed dream diary, deep understanding of astrology, somehow already knows what you’re going to say, mysterious and soft but only on the surface, a knower of secrets, sleepy eyes, lives in a tree in a misty forest and makes friends with the plants and spirits there

Leo: strongest in the day and has eyes that light up the night, mighty voice and skilled hands, breath carries a spark, animalistic energy you can feel when they look at you, makes their own spells borrows their own power, incredible visualization makes their dreams realities, difficult to look at directly for reasons you don’t really understand, wild hair and adorned in gems

Virgo: techno witch, weaves magic into code and text, keeps a blog as their book of shadows and altar, urban magic, has a restless mind and busy hands, deletes negativity out of their life, has much information to share despite their hollow look, eyes are lit from the inside, their phone is full of pictures that keep moving and notes only they can read

Libra: covered in veils and breathes perfume to hide themselves and confuse you, summons creatures and demons to do their bidding so their hands remain clean, almost transparent at times like a ghost or vision, is stronger than they look and delights in you not knowing their power, their mouth is almost always moving but you can’t hear what they say, soft to the touch but their skin is cold, trinkets and charms and chains adorn them and their home

Scorpio: eyes and nails are dark and caked in black, frequents graveyards and learns from the ghosts and crows, solitary witch who makes friends with bones, will help you learn what you want to know for a price, is afraid to sleep, quiet and haunted, is reborn each new moon, is full of knowing and fog and promise, takes a lock of hair from all they help, you feel them in your core

Sagittarius: rides their broom with reckless abandon, plays with the children on Halloween and shows them magic is real, their home has legs and never stays still, keeps many familiars and most are birds, gifted in charms and potions and sells their work with a smile, you can hear them laughing with the moon at night, chapped lips and wide eyes, magic is erratic and spontaneous and they couldn’t control it if they wanted to

Capricorn: loose black and gray clothing that flows when they walk, keeps a pouch of salt around their neck at all times, face is often covered or hard to see, protection spells and sigils are their innate ability, the floor trembles when they are angry, always watching watching watching, lives in a stone cottage covered with moss and scrawlings and carvings, other witches are silent around them out of fear and awe

Aquarius: hermit, storm witch, plays with rain and dances with lightning and shouts thunder, keeps trinkets and mementos in small jars around their bed, asks favors and learns from the clouds, raw and swift and ready to act, soft as a summer rain and cold as hail, hair is full of leaves and wind, feet are dirty but their mind is clean and sharp

Pisces: smells of salt and dressed in rags and burlap and pearls, misty eyes that look through you and deep deep down in you, water witch with a soft face and an ocean for a heart, thing of the sea, empath who sometimes knows you better than you do, bottles own tears and keeps them for spells, witch of all trades master of none, head is full of crashing waves, overflowing with magic and wonder

Witch of Color blog

thankfully we've got better service 😂

I received an email from Chani Nicholas stating that this new moon in Cancer has "tremendous healing potential" and that it's time we "nourish ourselves." Very on point for the times! Are you noticing that same shift to go within and give more to yourself? Maybe more time spent on your business or bath time or on your dreams?

This morning I decided to pick a Goddess card to see where my energy was needed most --of course I get Eireen, goddess of peace and healing.

And so, this little potion was born! Extremely affordable and perfect for next Friday's new moon..or truly any time.


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