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Join Linda and I this Wednesday for an virtual discussion about reaching your breastfeeding goals during the novel Covid-19 pandemic https://www.facebook.com/events/205079134056413/

I come to your home to evaluate and help you breastfeed your baby. Consults take 2 hours. I have loaner scales for a 2 week period. Lowcountry Lactation Station is an in home breastfeeding support business.

I come to your home to assist you in breastfeeding your baby. I also teach infant massage to parents which can be started when infant is 6 weeks of age.

Registered Nurse and Board Certified Lactation Consultant comes to your home to help you with any breastfeeding difficulties you may be having. The consultant brings a high caliber weigh scale to weigh your baby before and after breastfeeding to see exactly how much breast milk your baby is getting from you. If you already have a breast pump the consultant will have you pump at the visit to ensure the pump and flange sizes are correct and working appropriately. The consultation price includes any herbs or immediate breastfeeding supplies necessary to be successful.

Operating as usual

[09/14/20]   There is a new company available for active duty military called Military Mommies. The company was started by a veteran so they know the challenges a military family faces everyday. They work with military families all over the world. They are here for you to help you navigate through all the things you need to get ready for your new baby. There are area partners who consult on a virtual or in person consultation to discuss what is available to you through Tricare. This service is FREE to you!

The area partner for Charleston, SC is Danielle Longo and she can be reached at (253) 778-0179. For more information check out their website at www.military mommies.com


Black moms face numerous obstacles to breastfeeding | BabyCenter

These are some interesting studies being done at Rush University in Chicago to increase the African American population to breast feed or provide breast milk to their babies. Check it out.

babycenter.com It’s no secret that Black moms get less support for their efforts to breastfeed their babies. Find out how researchers are working to remove the barriers and make sure as many newborns as possible, especially preemies, are fed breast milk.

[06/13/20]   Reimbursement can be a tricky thing for Lactation Assistance in the home or at a Breastfeeding Center. Some insurance companies want prior approval before they will reimburse the family. Other insurance companies will pay for 6 visits no questions asked. Here is a phone number and a center to help a family get reimbursement for lactation services.

National Women's Law Center
email at [email protected]

I hope this helps anyone finding themselves looking for reimbursement for breastfeeding assistance

[05/02/20]   I feel led to post this about hormonal birth control while a mother is breastfeeding. Hormonal birth control containing ESTROGEN will most probably decrease a mothers milk supply. It doesn’t happen overnight but it would surely affect a milk supply within a
week or two.

The literature all over the internet states that PROGESTERONE only birth control will be safe for the mother and the baby and it should NOT affect a mothers milk supply.

In my 9 years of running Lowcountry Lactation Station I have seen more then a few mother’s milk supply decrease most certainly related to progesterone only birth control. I know this for fact because when the mother stops the birth control and starts to pump and use mothers teas or lactation cookies her milk supply comes back. This is not a guarantee though!

Because birth control is not started until 6 weeks postpartum a reduction in a milk supply can be attributed to a multitude of reasons.

Keep in mind that you can get pregnant while breastfeeding and you can ovulate before you menstruate so you can’t count on your period to let you know you that you are fertile.

Breastfeeding affords you 98% of birth control when you provide 100% of your infants nutrition. If you do get pregnant while you are breastfeeding your breast milk changes back to colostrum when you are 20 weeks pregnant. This can be devastating if you wanted to continue to breast feed your breastfeeding infant longer. You would have to supplement with food or formula to ensure adequate nutrition.

[04/21/20]   In light of the coronavirus I would recommend for all new parents to buy yourself a weigh scale off of Amazon for 40 or 50 dollars. Assessing how much your baby gets at each breastfeeding session can be a difficult thing. This 40 or 50 dollar scale will not tell you that information but you can track your baby’s weight gain regularly. This way you can weigh your baby just in a diaper every other morningand ensure that they’re gaining weight. The first three months of their life they should be gaining half an ounce to an ounce per day. The second three months it is about a half a pound per week. The baby’s weight should double at six months and triple at a year. The scale doesn’t lie!!

[04/10/20]   All the literature states that a mother should not pump her breasts until the baby is 1 month of age. This is almost criminal advice in my opinion! Prolactin is the hormone responsible for making the breast milk. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for letting the milk let down and come out of the nipple. When the placenta comes out of the mother's body this is the catalyst that gets the milk making components in line for making milk for the baby. Prolactin is highest in a woman's blood right after she has her baby. This level falls a little after the first week of life only to surge up when the infant nurses or the nipples are stimulated. This level of prolactin continues to decrease over the first month and again surges highest when the nipples are stimulated as when the baby is nursing or the mother is pumping.

The prolactin surges in the beginning and during the first few weeks of life are very important! A newborn baby or a premature baby may not be the best at breastfeeding or stimulating the nipples during the first week or two of life. Many times babies are sleepy and if they are not gaining weight or their bilirubin levels are rising then it becomes a vicious cycle. My best tag line is that if your baby is sleepy or not feeding well something needs to be stimulating your nipples so that you can take advantage of this early time period to set the bar high for a healthy milk supply. When both breasts are stimulated at the same time this too causes a prolactin surge!

reference: K. Wambach, B. Spencer,, Breastfeeding and Human Lactation, Sixth Edition, 2021, Jones and Bartlett Learning, LLC

[03/25/20]   I am up and running for virtual consults. If you need help or know of someone who does. Get in touch via FB instant messenger or call me at 843 532-6310.

[03/25/20]   MORE FACTS ABOUT COVID 19 Disease

There are 416,327 cases globally at this time with 18,572 deaths.

A lockdown of Charleston has just been put into place starting Thursday March 26th for 2 weeks.

It is against the law to congregate with more than 3 people other than your family in Charleston right now!

Covid19 Virus affects anyone but mostly between the ages of 30-90 years of age

1 in 6 people become seriously ill
1 in 5 need hospital care
80% will recover

Many people can have mild symptoms and be spreading the disease!! People should isolate themselves for 2 weeks if they don't feel good or have symptoms.

People over 60 years old that have underlying medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, a decreased immune system, cancer or heart problems are more likely to develop a difficult course of the disease and possibly die.

Antibiotics don't work on viruses and they should not be given as a preventative medication.

SARS-Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-said to have passed from Civet Cats

MER-Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome- said to have passed from Dromedary Camels

Although these virus's are similar, Covid19 is a new disease and the doctors are still learning about it, how it spreads and the severity of the illness.

There is no evidence that a dog, cat or any pet can transmit or get the virus!!

Information obtained from CDC, World Health Organization, Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, Unicef, ILCA, USLCA


If a mother has been tested to be positive for covid19 and she is too sick to be with her baby she can have someone help her to pump her breasts while the mother wears an N95 mask and gloves. Then the baby can be fed expressed breast milk with a syringe, cup or a bottle. The mother should have a designated breast pump that only she uses. Excellent hand washing is to be done before and after the mother pumps. Then before and after the baby is fed the breast milk. A disinfectant should be used on the pump parts and all the surface areas that were touched.

If a mother has tested positive for the Covid19 virus but she still feels well enough to nurse her baby she can nurse using an N95 mask and gloves. She is to use meticulous hand washing before and after nursing and handling the baby. Bottles and surfaces to be disinfected after each breastfeeding session. After nursing if there is another caregiver involved then that person could care for the baby 6 feet from the mother when they are not breastfeeding.

If a mother is suspected of having Covid19 or is a (PUI) person under investigation. Either she would be waiting to be tested or waiting on the results of her test she can continue to breastfeed her infant. She should wear gloves and an N95 mask while breastfeeding her baby. If she chooses to just pump the baby will not get all of the immunities the breast milk has to offer. Again meticulous hand washing is advised before and after nursing and caring for her baby and then pump parts and surfaces that were touched during the procedure.

If a mother contracts Covid19 shortly before giving birth and she plans to breastfeed. The baby will get secretory IgA antibodies and many other critical immune proteins especially passed when the baby is directly breastfeeding from the mother.

The family of a known person with Covid19 should not share utensils, glasses, dishes or the bathroom with the positive (PUI) person under investigation.

At home clean your door knobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, table tops, car steering wheel, phones, and keyboard surfaces with a disinfectant that can kill Covid19. Some products listed are Clorox disinfecting spray, Clorox multi surface cleaner, Lysol Multi surface cleaner, Peroxide disinfectant and glass cleaner, Peroxide multi surface cleaner to name a few. Also use a hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol.

Information obtained from CDC, American Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, US Lactation Consultant Association, International Lactation Consultant Association, Unicef and The World Health Organization

[03/25/20]   COVID 19 VIRUS IS Corona Viral Disease 2019

The first case was believed to be in Wuhan China on December 31, 2019.

It is now a pandemic involving the entire world. It is said to spread via airborne secretions and via contact with contaminated surfaces.

The incubation period is 3-14 days with 5 days being the average time when symptoms can appear.

The most common symptoms are:

a fever, a dry cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, lethargy, chest pains, nasal congestion, aches and pains, a sore throat, headaches and diarrhea.

A pregnant woman may be at an increased risk of contracting the disease as her immune system is lower while she grows her baby. She is to help maintain her immune system with adequate hydration and sleep. Social distancing and staying 6 feet from other people as much as possible. The CDC does not report an increased risk of miscarriage or fetal abnormalities from the Covid19 virus. However, data is limited and coming off of the SARS and MER virus data which are also corona viruses.

The Covid 19 virus has not been detected in breastmilk, amniotic fluid or the baby's throat. However, it has not been determined whether the virus can be passed to the baby.

The Covid19 virus can survive on copper for 4 hours
The Covid19 virus can survive on cardboard for 24 hours
The Covid 19 virus can survive on plastic and steel for 2-3 days

It is also said that air droplets can hang in the air for 3 hours before dropping!

Temperature and humidity can affect how long Covid19 stays alive on a surface.

Use common sense and wash your hands for 20 seconds (sing a tune while you wash) get your thumbs and in between your fingers and palms of your hands. Use disinfectant wipes on the handles and counter tops of your home.

Always consider IPC- infection, prevention and control!


Danica Todd: Certified Arvigo® Practitioner . Certified Doula

Check out SUPPORTING WEST ASHLEY to keep you occupied and informative during this Covid 19 Virus.
Tune in everyday next week for information and services.
10 am to 11 am virtual information to help you in this time of uncertainty.

Not sure how to tend your self-care while on social distancing/quarantine?

Join us at 10am Monday - Friday next week for community, and connection. You will need a free account with Zoom.us in order to join the video calls.

23rd: Danica Todd; Prenatal movement for alignment and balance

24th: Dr Angela Dixon with New Hope Chiropractic; simple ways to support your immune system from home

25th: Linda Merli with Lowcountry Lactation Station; Breastfeeding during the Novel Covid-19 Pandemic

26th: Dr Tiffanie Noonan with EPIC Parenting; How to "EPIC"-ly (Empowered, peaceful, inspired & connected) "home" school your family. (side note: she is a pediatrician so it's lovely to chat with someone who understands developmental ages and stages with kiddos when you find yourself homeschooling)

27th: Tarah Herrington with Wellrounded Healing; A balancing sound bath with singing bowls

This is the link to sign up. It has been set to allow 100 people (max allowed). If you would rather keep your people in house, I understand. Let me know and I can get you the Zoom link. You will assume responsibility for tech support, etc as their point of contact if you prefer to keep in house. - https://danicatodd.as.me/?appointmentType=13600197

app.acuityscheduling.com Schedule your appointment online Danica Todd: Certified Arvigo® Practitioner . Certified Doula

[03/16/20]   This Corona Viral Disease 2019 is something like I have never experienced. While everyone is quarantined I feel sure there are families struggling with breastfeeding. I am certainly down for phone consults. I am not set up yet for virtual consults but am looking into it. I do know someone who is set up for virtual consults. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 843 532-6310. Stay save and well. God bless us all.


How long should I breastfeed my baby?

This is a great article about the benefits of continued breastfeeding at different age levels. There is only one sentence that I think was misleading. If you are providing 100% of your infant's nutrition which is possible during the first 6 months of life you have a 98% chance of not getting pregnant. The problem can be if you are counting on your period to clue you in that you may now be fertile. You can ovulate and be pregnant before you have your first period! Something to definitely consider. https://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/bfinfo/how-long-should-i-breastfeed-my-baby

breastfeeding.asn.au How long to continue breastfeeding for is a personal decision for each family to make. In nearly all cases breastfeeding is the best choice for babies. Read here about what breastfeeding provides at the different ages and stages of your baby's life.

[01/15/20]   This is priceless, they are so clever. Love some Wayne Brady. Not making fun just laughing through it all!

[01/11/20]   I have one spot left for a FREE infant massage class. This class is done through Supporting West Ashley. The class is on January 16, 2020 from 5:45-7:00 pm at The Schoolhouse in the boardroom at 720 Magnolia Road in West Ashley.

I will teach you how to professionally massage your infant. Infant massage helps almost every system in a baby’s body. It helps with their immune system, it helps them with body awareness, it helps with a finicky GI system and it helps them with their nervous system. It is a great activity to do with your baby before they walk and talk.

The baby must be at least 6 weeks of age and less than 6 months. Call me or text me if you are interested or know someone that would be. 843 532-6310

[12/13/19]   This past year I joined a group of women professionals that works with babies and families. I have come to know them over the course of time this year and they are lovely passionate women that care about what they are doing. The group is named Supporting West Ashley. In the group there is a massage therapist, a chiropractor, a photographer, an acupuncturist, 3 doulas, a yoga instructor, a pediatrician and a behavioralist and myself as a lactation consultant. Please check out our page and like us. Supporting West Ashley, there is also a website with individual bios about each of the professionals. A one stop shop for your birthing and family needs if you will.


Stay up late- Talking heads Lyrics

I found a new theme song for Lowcountry Lactation Station

Stay Up late talking heads Mommy had. a little baby. There he is. fast asleep. Hes just. a little plaything. Why not. wake him up? Cute. cute. little baby. L...

[11/17/19]   I am teaching a FREE Infant massage class this Thursday November 21, 2019 from 5:45-7:00 pm at The Schoolhouse at 720 Magnolia Road. It is an amazing activity you can do with your baby before they walk and talk. It helps almost all of their systems such as their digestive, immune, and nervous system.

I have 2 spots left if anyone is interested. Babies have to be at least 6 weeks of age and no older then 5 months.

If interested call or text me at 843 532-6310.


Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk? - Breastfeeding Support

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is. How do I know if my baby is getting enough breast milk from me? This article is a good one. https://breastfeeding.support/is-my-baby-getting-enough-milk/

breastfeeding.support Is my baby getting enough milk? We can't see how much breast milk has been taken but there are several ways to find out if your baby is getting enough.

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