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Got there early, told us to wait a bit for a cage to open since they had summer camp. Came back and was told we could use the cage without a machine to soft toss softballs to my daughter. For $20. If I wanted to pitch I would have gone to the ball field. Thanks for your help! Glad y'all are encouraging girls to play too!
What happens when Coach Randy Carlson enters the 11U Bombers for a tournament in Aiken?? His player happens to have dinner at the same place as the Lander University softball team and has his picture taken to show his coach. #landersoftball #bomberfamilia
Get ready in NORTH CAROLINA as our SCOUTS are headed your way, APRIL 6th. Participants will be evaluated on hitting, running, throwing, fielding, pitching or catching. Event results will be stored in each player’s USSSA Athlete Locker to track your growth. Where do you stack up against your peers? (Does not interfere with your regular team) INFO http://usssaallamerican.com/all-american-showcase-team-try…/ REGISTER http://usssaallamerican.com/events-tryouts/
While you're in town for the Perfect Game baseball at Lakepoint, don't forget to drop by Beacon Sports to get in some extra work and swings before your big game. Give us a call at 770-334-2520 or stop by at 105 2nd Street Emerson, GA 30137

Charleston's premier Baseball and Softball Academy. We offer one-on-one instruction, camps, batting cages, HitTrax simulator and more....

Diamond Demos

Let me help with these. First off, these things are great. Wish they could grab every hitter in the big leagues and do one and just have a database where you could go to each guys video. I’ll list some things you need to understand...
1. The swings of every guy they interview in these things things are far more similar than different no matter what words come out of their mouths.
2. While the swings are almost identical, what they feel, and therefore what they must think, can be all over the map and where the most differences lie.
3. A hitter is typically going to think or try to feel the opposite of whichever side of the spectrum they tend to err on. A guy like Carpenter or an Adam Kennedy are naturally steep upward. They’re probably going to think more downward and “direct to the ball” because if they thought “upward through the zone” they’d err further. A hitter like Josh Donaldson tends to think and feel the opposite. He wants to think of getting the barrel down and on plane behind him much further than what literally happens.
4. You will see that many hitters have different levels of understanding and intelligence. Some guys are better off being naive and knowing as little as possible because they can’t handle information. Other guys need to know exactly what, why, how and all of the details. They process the information much better. Neither style is necessarily better than the other. You just have to know which guy you’re dealing with.
5. If you’re a hitter, you can’t cherry pick which guy you’re gonna emulate, both from a fundamental standpoint and from an approach standpoint. If your body doesn’t have the same movement capabilities of a guy, you can’t try to move like him. Some guys are loose. Some guys are tight. Some guys have very little hip mobility. Some guys have a lot. That’s just a couple examples.
6. I talked to a couple big leaguers, both obviously successful hitters, about approach and their answers were as opposite as can be and each guy thought the other was nuts for thinking what they thought. One guy liked to look for what he knew he could hit best. One guy liked to look for what he knew the pitcher would throw. Both guys were right for himself.
7. Notice that every hitter can do this. They can all tell you what they’re thinking and trying to do. Regardless of what it is, there is a method to their madness. They have a plan. Not many amateur hitters could even do one of these videos because if you asked them these questions they couldn’t answer you. You need to be able to answer these questions. If you can’t, you aren’t helping yourself and be the hitter you could become.

That’s enough for now. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments.

Matt Carpenter details his approach at the plate.

@tanner_henderson4 picking up his #bombsquad t-shirt today after hitting his first high school homer!

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Solid progress by @trey_seymour in just a few sessions. Really starting to drive the ball into the pullside gap. He came in slicing a lot of balls oppo and hitting too many groundballs. He’s now driving the ball with much more authority, hitting it harder, more consistently and getting it over the infielders heads.

Awesome video to get tonight. @tanner_henderson4 with an absolute missile HR for @westashleywildcatsbaseball tonight. Let me tell you a story about Tanner. Tanner played on my 13u team a few years ago. Although talented, he struggled at times because he was undersized and just not strong enough yet. When he came back the next year we had an influx of very good 14u players. We split them into two teams, a higher-level team and more of a developmental squad. I felt the best place for Tanner’s future was to be on the developmental team and be their top catcher and get far more at-bats. Obviously, that wasn’t something that Tanner was excited about at the time. Often times when guys end up in his situation they quit. Tanner isn’t that type of kid. He knew it was something he could use to motivate himself to get better. He busted his tail all summer and carried that into school where he worked hard in the weight room with his teammates and coaches. He came back the next year and made our top 15u team and not only did he make it, but he found himself hitting in the middle of the order quite often. He parlayed that into a starting job as a sophomore on his varsity team last season and is primed for a breakout year now as a junior. Proud of you Tanner!

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Catch the ball with your glove, glovehand dominant transfer in front of your chest. Keep your throwing hand out of there on the catch.

This totally goes for hitting as well. You know the desired techniques and result you want from all five but the words you use, drills you use and overall strategy you use can vary greatly.

@moneyinthebanks27 always getting after it and hitting 🚀’s in the cage!

Solid progress for Bradley Wilks over the past few weeks! Kid has been working baes!

Using the step-back drill with @cmaerlender4 to be stronger in his rear leg on his load. As with many young guys, Cole had a tendency to shift back and get stacked over his back side. Cole puts in a ton of work and continues to get better week in and week out!!

2020 OF Hunter Woodruff of Fort Dorchester. Kid has solid bat to ball skills. Gonna be a sleeper for a college program that snags him.

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Little college baseball action today at Patriot’s Point. CofC vs Youngstown St.

Remember when we played against this kid a few years ago at the Mets Complex in Port St. Lucie. He was a stud then and looks to have continued his success. Our players have been blessed to play against some great players in some great events over the years.

Going through a few different drills with @eliwilliams24 last night. Slowing things down and using different constraints can help a hitter feel movements and positions they need to find in their swing. I see you working hard in the background @brooksburdette @hedges_wyatt @tyhedges19 @oakley.aguilar

Thanks to the fellas from Youngstown State for coming in tonight. Great group of coaches and players! I appreciate the gear!

Congratulations to East Coast Bomber Devin Vaughan on his commitment to Limestone College. Devin plays at Northwood Academy.

Thank you to Coach Givens, Coach Bellush, Coach McAuliffe, Coach Marion and the Ashley Ridge baseball team for coming in tonight to practice. Best of luck this season.

Mason Watters with the big pickup! East Coast Bombers personalized @showshieldllc youth elbow guard!

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If you can’t play catch with the catcher you can’t pitch. If you can’t play catch with the first baseman, you can’t play infield. If you can’t play catch with the cut-off man you can’t play outfield. If you can’t play catch, you can’t play baseball.

Every coach in the history of baseball would like to play his top 9 hitters. There is only one DH (and none in the NL for now 😉). If you can’t throw and catch, good luck!


Congratulations to @geoffreygilbert31 on his first career W on Opening Day for @clemsonbaseball!

Shoutout to hard-working stud @sandersgregory281! Always a pleasure to watch him work! Big day for the Flying Fleet!

Best of luck to some guys who we are big fans of who kick off their college seasons today here in town!! With the CSU Bucs, former Bomber Henry Gibson and our fantastic summer intern Ryan Stoudemire. Not pictured, former Bomber John Sendziak. With CofC former, Bombers Jaxon Weatherford and Bryce Brown and member of last season’s 8u coaching staff Matt Lobeck. Not pictured former Bombers Michael Poulos and Bobby Alexander. With The Citadel, former Bombers Travis Lott, Hunter Barbee, Will Bastian and Tyler Corbitt. Not pictured former Bomber and assistant coach Jonathan Sabo. Get out and see these guys play over the course of the season and catch some outstanding baseball!! @ Charleston, South Carolina

Big shoutout to @terpsbaseball! Thanks for coming in!

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Last session of the evening was Jace Stancil who came straight from practice. That right there says a lot about the kid. You can see in the video on the left that we needed to address his gather. He’s much better in the swing on the right. The video overlay will give you a better idea just how big of an adjustment Jace made tonight. This kid is gonna be a good one!

Working a pretty sharp curveball on the spinball machine with Travis Jones tonight. The biggest thing with hitting breaking balls is approach. A lot of guys think they can’t hit a breaking ball when they really mean that they can’t lay off the breaking ball that’s out of the zone. We were talking about seeing it up and not swinging unless he felt he could hit a double or a homer.

This kid hurt his knee the other day and had an excuse to not be here. But nothing stops Oakley Aguilar. As we discussed tonight, we are going to turn a negative into a positive though. The biggest flaw Oakley needs to work on is common with young hitters. When guys feel rushed they want to throw the hands at the ball rather than allow the barrel to work back and turn as you see with any high-level hitter. We are working on that right here while taking the lower half away by sitting on a bucket.

Working some heavy bat in with @eliwilliams24. This kid is going to be a good one. Remember his name!

Working with the hitting plyos with my man Morris White tonight. Hitting plyos are great for learning to get on plane with the ball to create solid contact. If you have flaws in your swing path the hitting plyos will give great instant feedback.

Timeline Photos

Photo op with some of my studs. Really makes me realize I’ve been a fortunate coach to have the opportunity to watch young men like this play up close. These five guys are absolute 100% champions and leaders. Can’t express in words how proud I am of them. #bomberfamilia
L to R: @jonathan_sabo, @tylercorbitt_, an old guy, @willbastian3, @barbelehoha and @travislott14

Photo creds: Lee Bastian

East Coast Bombers past and present. Coltyn Carr and Seabrook Greene with The Citadel Assistant Coach Jonathan Sabo aka Johnny Baseball at Meet the Bulldogs today at Riley Park. @jonathan_sabo

Ryder Manale is a smooth switch-hitting 2023 SS at Wando HS. He demonstrates the ability to drive the ball with authority from both sides of the plate. As his body continues to mature and he keeps getting stronger this kid is going to open some eyes. Kid is a solid runner and very good with the glove as well.

Side note: I had some “baseball people” tell me when Ryder was 13 that his best days were behind him because he wasn’t physical enough and the “bigger field” would be his demise. Of all the dumb general statements people make in this game that remains a common theory that nears the top of the list. Athletes are athletes and while the kids who physically mature the earliest may have an advantage at 13-14, the cream will always rise to the top. Players play. So if you’re a kid hearing this type of garbage, just keep working hard and be patient with your process. Skilled players win in the end.

Duke baseball commit Tyler Christmas of Fort Dorchester. Kid works his tail off. If you want what Tyler has you have to be willing to work like Tyler does. On the field, in the cages, IN THE CLASSROOM and in the weight room. Yesterday we spent time working on breaking balls with the @spinballsports machine. The spin direction and spin rate adjustments give us the chance to start with the typical get-me-over breaking ball and then work to more of a true slider. Tyler has really improved his ability to drive the ball to all parts of the field and is looking primed for a big year.

Bryce Bessho has been putting in the work for a few months now and has made great progress. Kid is a talented middle infielder and came in hitting far too many groundballs. He has really improved his ability to drive the ball and maximize his own talent level.

Trip Ostergard has some great bat to ball skills and loves to put in the work. Kid is only 11 and has a bright future with a passion for the game.

Reis Perry has made adjustments that have seen his exit velocity increase by 10mph, he’s driving the ball more than 100ft further and demonstrating far more consistency of hard contact. We still have work to do but Reis has improved his offensive capabilities immensely. Great job buddy!

9u, 11u and 12u are full. Rosters spots available for talented 10u and 8u players. Come check us out! DM us or email [email protected] to set up a tryout.

It has really been a pleasure to coach this young man. @kristofer.blanco is going to do some great things at Coker! Congratulations my man!

Pitching instructor England Smith working with Mason Watters this afternoon. Coach Smith is great at making sure pitchers understand clean mechanics, proper arm care as well as an appropriate throwing routine to ensure that they not only reach their potential but most importantly stay healthy.

Getting to know great kids like these two is one of the best parts of coaching. @evang.ran and @tylersteeland are getting an opportunity to play at the next level and I know they will succeed both on and off the field.

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