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Adventure Motorcycle Magazine (ADVMoto)

Bi-monthly print and online magazine dedicated to international adventure/dual-sport motorcycling -- the people, stories, places, ride reports, reviews, techniques, tips, culture. and more!

Mission: To create, nurture and promote international goodwill through motorcycle-based adventure travel. To be a resource for global motorcycle travelers and adventurers, those who are out there, who've been out there and those who want to be out there.

MX Control Tech Seats for KTM

Is the MX Control Tech Seats' riding experience as striking as its appearance?

Adv Dan took it out for a test and here is what he thinks:

Corbin Saddles | #AdventureMotorcycle | #ADVMoto Welcome to the MX Control Tech Seat. This product’s designer, James Jones, came up with a way of building a seat that allows the rider to lock onto the bike’s center for off-road riding. After several prototypes and countless hours of testing and refining, James arrived at the current offering. ...

Backcountry Discovery Routes

If you’ve ever ventured out on a #BDR, then you can appreciate all of the hard work that they put into making these epic experiences available to the adventure riding community.

Now is your chance to give back in a big way!

During the month of July, every dollar donated will be doubled by a matching grant from the BDR 2019 Benefactors.

Donate now to keep BDR growing stronger:


Brought together BDR supporters, Ambassadors and industry professionals for a weekend of BDR-style riding, presentations and important discussions about the work and plans of the BDR organization.

Read all about it:…

Missed your opportunity to join us in Borrego Springs this year?

Offer your support in other ways, like donating to our "Summer Matching Fundraiser" where all of July, any gifts made are doubled by our BDR Benefactors!

Many thanks -->

2019-05-ADVMoto - Adventure Motorcycle Magazine - Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

The July/August issue of our book is now on the shelves!

Pick up a copy (or two) and check out the latest in reviews, test rides and epic adventures... Adventure Motorcycle Magazine (ADVMoto), adventure and dual-sport bikes, reviews, tests, ride reports, blogs, events and news. Subscribe now or call us at: 571.485.2910

New home needed. Spotted these imported 1991 Yamaha Super Tenere and Honda Africa Twin at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. Both in good shape and reasonably priced at 4500 and 5750 respectively. If they are not sold, will go to Mecum auction. Contact David at Located in Hanover, PA. ADVMoto receives nothing for this, would be great to see them go to loving community member. #ADVMoto #AdventureMotorcycle AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days #AMAVMD

ADVMoto publisher Carl Parker gassing up his TTR50 at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in the MidOhio Race Track. Tons of vintage vendors, all types of racing going on and people have good clean fun. More people here this year than last. It's a must attend event! MOTORCYCLING IS ROCKING STRONG IN THE USA! #ADVMoto #AdventureMotorcycle

"We slept a number of nights in #Patagonia with extremely high winds. While other tents were disintegrating, the #Nammatj 2 didn’t blink an eye."

Check out #Hilleberg Nammatj 2 tent review from Pat Corden:

Hilleberg the Tentmaker | #AdventureMotorcycle | #ADVMoto

MachineartMoto Releases X-Head 1250 Cylinder Guards for 2019 BMW

MachineartMoto just announced the X-Head 1250 cylinder guards for 2019 BMW Shift Cam twin cylinder engines.
It's the 4th generation of X-Heads designed for R1200 models from 2005 thru 2018 model years.
The 2019 model inherited the reputation built by MachineArtMoto in the BMW market.
Check out more details in the link below: MachineartMoto, the New Jersey based designers of specialized products for BMW motorcycles, announce the X-Head 1250 cylinder guards for 2019 BMW Shift Cam twin cylinder engines. X-Head 1250 are the 4th generation of super tough, break resistant X-Heads designed for R1200 models from 2005 thru 2018....

It's amazing how clear the world can become when it's coming at you full-speed.

Have motorcycles helped you learn some life lessons? Let us know in the comments below!

📷 (Instagram @Lennart.Andreas) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag

Yes, there are plenty of moments are worth capturing during an adventure.

But what can grab your attention enough to hit pause on a ride?

📷 (Instagram @pikipiki_overland_blog | @pikipiki_overland_photography) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

Test Ride: 2020 CSC RX4 450

CSC Motorcycles released the RX4 earlier this year.

With more power than the RX3 which already created huge buzz in adv world, is RX4 a worthy upgrade?

Let's hear what Pablo has to say about this new model: 2020 CSC RX4 450 first ride review. Great price point with wide selection of accessories, e.g. a steel skid plate and engine crash bars

When the long way is the best way, you probably ride a motorcycle. 😉

📷 (Instagram @moppedhiker via @swmotech) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

Shoei GT Air II Helmet Review

The #Shoei GT Air II helmet was release earlier this year. Is this a better option comparing to the first generation? Pablo shared his findings after a month of almost daily riding to help you decide if it’s worth acquiring this updated lid:

Shoei Helmets North America | #AdventureMotorcycle | #ADVMoto Back in the spring of 2019, Shoei launched their updated version of the GT Air and simply called it the GT Air II. So, what are the worthwhile features from this latest rendition? I’ll share with you my findings after a month of almost daily riding to help you decide if it’s worth acquiring this...

Part of the joys of off-road riding, is the peace and quiet.

Describe the sort of environment you find your zen in the comments below.

📷 (Instagram @js.ds.adv) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

Touratech Companero World2 Riding Suit

The Touratech #Companero suit is truly two suits in one and lives up to the claims by Touratech. It keeps the moisture on the outside and the inner jacket keeps its insulating properties. After been tested over the course of four seasons and thousands of miles, it met all expectations with flying colors.

Check out the full review in the link below:

Touratech-USA | #AdventureMotorcycle | #ADVMoto Adventure riders are known for their endless searches for the best of everything. To answer that call, the folks at Touratech developed the Companero World2 riding suit, in both men’s and women’s sizes, with input from of a bevy of round-the-world travelers who literally live on their bikes in t...

Test Ride! SWM's new RS500R gets dirty with ADVMoto. Does this mid-sized Italian hot bike at an affordable price stack up for less than 8,000USD? Now available in the US. Let us know what you think! #ADVMoto | #AdventureMotorcycle | SWM Motorcycles USA

How do you plan to "wind down" this week?

📷 (Instagram @twtmoto) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

Raise your hand if you got muddy this weekend! 🖐️👈

📷 (Instagram @ADV_Zach) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

Make sure to have a blast this weekend. 😉 👊 ✊ 💨

📷 (Instagram @sgtoepfer via @adventurousurbanites) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

New off-road tire option for Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125 off-road riders! Shinko Tires USA is proud to launch the brand new Mobber Tire, designed to fit bikes like Honda's Grom 125 and Kawasaki's Z125. The DOT approved Mobbers offer dual-sport, off-road traction for these mini-monsters of fun. Available in sizes 120/70-12 (front) and 130/70-12 (rear). #ADVMoto | #AdventureMotorcycle | #HondaGrom | Western Power Sports |

Sena 10C Pro Review - Communicator and Camera

The Sena 10C Pro comes at the same price as the older version, but larger data storage capacity and higher resolution camera. The best part is you can now hook up the unit with your smart phone and preview what you'll be recording while riding.

Check out more details in the link below:

#RideConnected | #AdventureMotorcycle | #ADVMoto

Ray knows just what weapon to choose when he takes on the outdoors.

What is your go-to adventure bike to explore the world?

📷 (Instagram @beastrider_111 of @maptacsray) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

Following the 1890s Yukon Gold Rush

Follow Bryon Farnsworth's ride through the old Yukon Gold Rush route, is a trip through the history and the beautiful Yukon / Alaskan landscape.

Click link below to read more:

#YukonGoldRush #Yukon #Alaska #AdventureMotorcycle #ADVMoto As a young man I was intrigued by reading Jack London’s accounts of the famed Yukon Gold Rush in his novel “Call of the Wild” and “White Fang.” This glimpse into the life of those gold seeking “stampeders” and their hardships searching for fortunes in an extremely harsh environment en...

New Bikes! Kawasaki USA announces new KLX230 and KLX230R bikes for 2020. For less than $5,000 will these new affordable, light weight, off-road bikes appeal to new riders? Would you buy a new KLX230 or spend an extra grand for a water cooled KLX250S? Video after link! #ADVMoto | #AdventureMotorcycle | #Kawasaki

SRC MOTO Launches Upgrades For Royal Enfield Himalayan

Check out the new line of accessories / upgrades for Royal Enfield #Himalayan from SRC MOTO: Headlight Guard, Oil Cooler Guard, Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir Guard, and more. You can also see their Himalayan project bike in person at 2019 Touratech-USA Rally West or Pendleton Bike Week.

Click link below for more details and product pics: SRC MOTO Launches Upgrades For Royal Enfield Himalayan, including Headlight, Oil Cooler, Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir Guard.

What's in your adventure arsenal?

📷 (Instagram @bonnieandklyde_adventures) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

To the man who never stops teaching. Who gets you off the couch and won't let you give up.

To the coolest role model a kid could ask for...

Happy Father's Day!

📷 (Instagram @valleontour) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

With so many incredible sights to see and amazing people to meet, we want to know, which of the seven contents do you dream of riding in the most?

📷 (Instagram @aroundgaia) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

Cardo Systems Packtalk Bold Intercom with JBL

"Not often does a motorcycle-related manufacturer partner with another manufacturer to create an outstanding product for the motorcycle enthusiast. Well, Cardo scala rider Communication Systems and JBL have done just that with the #Packtalk Bold."

Follow the photo to read all about it! At one time, rider-to-rider intercoms were distracting, noisy and inefficient. But technology has moved on dramatically and Cardo Systems’ products are at the forefront of the developments. A key example, and delight of this unit, is voice activation. No longer do you have to make a loud noise to ...

Test Ride: 2019 Ural Gear Up

If you are in for nostalgic simplicity, #Ural 2019 #sidecar might just be the right adventure steed for you. With a few cylinder and fuel injection updates to improve reliability and efficiency, the platform remain almost unchanged for over 75 years.

Pablo had a chance to test ride this new model and changed his view about using a Ural as an ADVenture bike platform.

Read more of his thoughts below:
Ural Motorcycles | Kalaber Creations | #AdventureMotorcycle | #ADVMoto When many of us see a sidecar, we think of the slow moving, antiquated Ural. As you should because they’ve been in production almost unchanged for over 75 years. But what’s new with the latest versions of these 1930s BMW R71-based hacks that makes them worthy adventure steeds? Join me at 2019’...

How does KTM's 1290 Super Adventure S stack up against BMW's big competition? Find out on this quick ride through the Andes! #ADVMoto | #AdventureMotorcycle | #KTM

In honor of the 2020 GS Trophy qualifier happening at this moment, check out all-star Jocelin Snow showing her bike who's boss!

Photo by Steve Kamrad | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

Fly Butane Jacket Review

As an entry-level jacket, Flyracing's #Butane jacket has a lot to offer: comfortable and adjustable, waterproof and plenty of safety features. The newest version comes with great ventilation improvements.

Check out the full review in the link below: It’s out with the old and in with the new. Fly Racing recently released the newest version of their popular entry-level Butane jacket. Fly has become a name in the industry synonymous with all motorsports, including motocross, snowmobile, jet-ski, and street racing. The Butane reflects Fly’s pas...

Our friends WorldVespa have embraced their inner over-packer. And give their argument against minimalism on a moto (at least for themselves).

Follow the link to read their side of the debate on our digital space:

Motopressor Puncture Repair Tool

Check out Rocky Creek Design 's Motopressor Puncture Repair Tool. This "4 in 1 multi-tool" has all the tools you need for a tire repair and still packs small. A must-have for your tool kit on a moto trip. After 3 years of development, the Rocky Creek Designs Motopressor Puncture Repair Tool is finally here.


Intended as 40/60 DOT knobby, the Bridgestone Tires #Battlax #Adventurecross #AX41 favors typical adventure riding service life. With increased tread block surface area from #AdventureA41, the new AX41 provides versatile highway-to-trail transition.

Click link below to read the full review:

#AdventureMotorcycle | #ADVMoto | #AdventureTires The Battlax Adventurecross AX41 tires run with exceptional quiet for such an aggressive tread. By accident, intent, or both, these skins run with civility, even at interstate speed limits (70 mph, hereabouts). The surface area of the tread blocks, increased from Bridgestone’s previous Adventure A4...

Feeling small can be a good thing. 😉

📷 (Instagram @patcorden) | #ADVMoto #ADVMotoMag #AdventureMotorcycleMagazine

Help needed! Motorcycle Relief Project got into a fight with some high winds coming back from therapy rides and lost. Thankfully nobody was hurt but there was considerable equipment damage which will delay future rides. Any help or donations are appreciate. Donate at the article link or please contact them directly. #ADVMoto | #AdventureMotorcycle

Tom Larson's words (posted to MRP Alumni page):

"Had a scary incident while trailering the bikes back to CO yesterday after two great weeks in AZ on RR27 & RR28. The trailer started wagging uncontrollably but somehow Mike Bobbitt managed to keep the rubber side down while bouncing off two guardrails and doing a 180 across the northbound lanes. Trailer came to a stop after spewing random cargo out of the rear (something I think Mike came close to doing himself ;) ) State troopers said accidents with trailers happen a lot in that exact location due to wind gusts and that Mike is the first driver they’d encountered who managed not to roll. Yay Mike! Trailer and a couple of the bikes are definitely totaled; we’ll have to see what insurance says about Mike’s truck which made contact with the guard rails on both sides. Stuff is replaceable. Mike is not."

As it turns out, the truck (Mike's personal truck he uses to tow the MRP trailer), trailer, and all 6 bikes are totaled (Approx $150k in damages). Sadly, this is half the MRP fleet. We were forced to cancel the June ride. The July ride is 50/50 at this point, as we don't know how long it will take to settle the claims with the 3 insurance companies involved and get 6 replacement bikes.

Our MRP family has rallied round and we're all working together to keep the mission going. While we've put 203 folks through the program, there are many veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and the other invisible wounds of war/service who are in need of relief and some wind therapy. We couldn't do what we do without the incredible people who believe in what we're doing!


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