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Hobby Store

Mission: A clean store we want everyone to admire, aiming to provide all the games you desire, and every accessory you require, for details please inquire.

Disney Villains

Be prepared! Three new foes will join the ranks of Disney Villainous… soon. Can you guess who might show up?

Please be aware that the following cards have been banned from Commander and these bans will be present during Wednesday EDH/Commander.
Paradox Engine

Painter's Servant

The Lord of the Rings - Firework scene [1080p HD]

Happy 4th of July Everyone!
Stay safe, enjoy the fireworks, and make sure to celebrate!
We will be open today from 11am till 4pm

A very amusing scene from Lord of the rings - The fellowship of the ring. Hope you enjoy it as much as i do. 1080p Full HD!

Standard tonight at The Island Games
$5 Entry

Preorder Core 2020 at The Island Games to get your promo card!
$100 per box!

Magic: The Gathering

Core Set 2020 is the perfect set for new players. Learn how to play Magic at Open House!

Anniversary Boxes for DBS are in! They are being super sought out and might dissappear over the weekend!
Get yours today!
$60 Each

CORE SET 2020 | The Visual Magic the Gathering Spoiler | Browse CORE SET 2020 MTG cards by Cycles, Colors, Card Types and more..

[06/16/19]   Thank you everyone for the messages and phone calls.
Last night, Island Games was broken into and had some stuff stolen. Luckily, nobody was hurt and nothing was seriously damaged. We are working with the local police to investigate this incident and thus will not be answering any questions.
We will open back up tomorrow at 1pm and resume normal hours.

[06/16/19]   Island Games is closed until further notice. We apoligize for this inconvience and will share more details soon.
We expect to reopen Monday morning at 1pm.

Contrast paints are now in stock!
Come in and get them while their hot!
(They are going quickly and are starting to sell out online)

Astartes - Part Four

Part Four of Astartes, a Warhammer 40,000 fan film project. Apologies for the wait on this one. Really hoped to complete it sooner, but here it is! Hope you ...

Just a reminder that tonight is the start of our use of the London Mulligan! We will be using it for standard showdown tonight at 7pm.

Getting ready for DnD night with the boys.

Stronghold #4 tonight for Legend of the Five Rings!
$10 Entry

This weekend is the Modern Horizons prerelease!
We have midnight tonight, Saturday at Noon and 6pm, and Sunday at Noon!
$35 Entry
Pack of Modern Horizons per win!
Receive an exclusive promo for participation (while supplies last)

[06/04/19]   Thank you everyone who voted!
Starting next Monday, we will be using the London Mulligan for all MTG events going forward.

The London Mulligan With the release of Core Set 2020, we'll be introducing a new mulligan system for all competitive Magic formats—the London mulligan.

Sorry about the late post, but we had some shipping issues. We got all our stuff now and Island Games has a special Sealed event tomorrow with the new set!
$15 entry
2pm start
June 2nd (Sunday)
The new set is amazing and we look forward to seeing what it brings!

Congratulations to local player Ajolt for his win at SpringFest this weekend! Keep at it!

Bushiroad Spring Fest 2019 White Plains Regionals
Cardfight!! Vanguard Premium Champion Team :
Sarah Michelle - Gold Paladin
Nicole Labrador (Snips) - Bermuda Triangle
Kevin Ajolt Nguyen - Pale Moon


The Island Games will be running a DnD 5th ed test one shot tommorrow at Noon. Everyone is open to particpate.
Should be a lot of fun.
(Sign ups will start at 11am and are first come first serve)

We have 2HG Sealed tonight for War of the Spark!
$30 Entry (8 packs shared)
2 packs for the team per match win.
7pm start time

We are implementing the new ban list changes starting this Monday for Dragon Ball Super.
Added to the banned card list:
BT4-073 Bardock, the Progenitor
BT5-118 A Child’s Wish

BT6-106 Super Dragon Balls/ Super Shenron, the Almighty
Errata’d Text:
Choose 30 Battle Cards from your Drop Area then shuffle them into your deck. If you do, flip this card over at the end of the turn and take another turn after this one.


Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Drafts today at 2pm and 6pm!
Play and you get a free promo.

We still have some spots for our Saturday at 6pm.
Our Two Headed Giant at Noon Sunday and our 6pm Sunday.
Call now to reserve your spot now!
515 599 0360

Wingspan is finally in stock again!
These are expected to dissppear quickly, so grab your copy today.

WADSWORTH, OHIO, April 14, 2019 — After nearly two days of nonstop gameplay, our Mensa Mind Games judges have selected the following titles to receive the official Mensa Select seal:


Architects of the West Kingdom, Renegade Game Studios
Gizmos, CMON INC
Gunkimono, Renegade Game Studios
Planet, Blue Orange Games
Victorian Masterminds, CMON INC

Players will be able to pick up these titles at The Island Games at 20% off to celebrate.

Tonight is our challenger deck tournament for FNM @ The Island Games!
Play others with only a challenger deck and recieve prizing!
Players can also bring a challenge deck if they picked it up already.
Players can also purchase each deck at a discount of $24.99
(while supplies last)

The Island Games has tons of Unstable this weekend to celebrate April Fool's this year!
We have our $1 draft for FNM at 7pm and a $15 draft this Sunday at 2pm.
If you have never drafted unstable... prepare your dice.

Weekly FFTCG (promo match)

War of the Spark is almost upon us and every Planeswalker will be called on! THAT INCLUDES YOU!
Design The Island Games a planeswalker of your own design and let us see it!
We don't want a magic card, we want the character.
Submissions can be either written or a picture, but all information below must be submitted physically. For example, a picture must be printed out and or a description presented on a sheet of paper.
Digital submissions will not be accepted.

All Planeswalkers must have the following information:

A word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.

Plane they are from:
Where are they from? Mirrodin or Kamigawa? You got thousands of choices.

Are they a werewolf or are they are Myr? Or maybe an angel turned into a human?

Colors they use:
Do they use red magic or blue magic? Maybe both?

The story of the Planeswalker's life. Or a least a brief summary.

The more creative the Planeswalker the better! Winners will be chosen based on creativity and effort.
All submissions will be posted in the store for the prerelease event, but the top 3 will recieve a special prize. Any Planeswalker of their choice from the new set ($20 or less).

Submissions must be turned in on or by April 26th @ 7pm
(Early submissions are ok, but cannot be edited later)

Modern PPTQ top 8

Modern PPTQ top 8

[03/27/19]   We've gotta a larger than normal request for preregistration for our IQ Saturday. We normally do not run out of room for these events, but this might be a first.

You can buy your ticket at this link.

Warhammer 40k Tournament BTC

Green Only Draft (standard legal)

What a better way to celebrate St Patricks day then with a green only draft?
Players will recieve custom packs of MTG cards with only green cards in them.
(Multi-colored cards can still be pulled)
Each custom pack will be the same as normal pack (Meaning 10 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare or mythic rare, and the potential for a foil of any rarity)

To keep it fair, these cards will only be from current Standard Legal Sets.
The Island Games in Centreville, VA
$15 Entry
2pm Start
3 rounds

1 Standard Legal Pack Per win for prizing

FNM draft

Final Fantasy Attempt 2

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

We got Standard Showdown tonight at The Island Games!
$5 Entry, 7pm start!
We are no heading into the middle of this standard season and some of the decks that have emerged are downright AMAZING!

[02/02/19]   Shop is without power and freezing.
Will follow up with more details soon.

All events are canceled today due to the time it would take to fix our AC issue. We have someone coming later tonight to fix things for us so we will be good tomorrow morning. Stay warm and safe everyone!

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