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A Real Hi-Fi Shop, where music still matters.™ Since 1989, the haven for music lovers in the Washington DC area.

Nowhere else can you audition all these brands in one place: Linn HiFi - Magnepan - Ayre Acoustics - Bryston - Parasound - Rega - VTL - Marantz - Transparent Audio- Quadraspire - Nitty Gritty - REL - Vandersteen - Vienna Acoustics However you want your music, Digital Streaming, CD, or LP, we can make it sound better. Stop in and let us prove it. © 2014 Gifted Listener Audio Inc.

Music is supposed to unify us. Is the streaming revolution fragmenting us instead?

“Take out the earbuds and turn up the speakers again....” Does our musical isolation play a role in the broader fragmentation of our society? That would be horribly ironic. Music is an inherent unifier.

Linn NEW Selekt DSM HiFi Streamer LP12 Full Demo Katalyst Space Optimisation @ Munich High End 2019

We've used Selekt with every type and make of speaker in the shop. Outstanding!

Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System In this video I am in the Linn Room where...


We always knew that Jamie Oliver was a man of good taste(s) but now it has been confirmed: he can't live without his #SondekLP12!

The great Charles Rodrigues.

Decks appeal: turning the tables With sales of vinyl records at a 25-year high, we pay tribute to the format that never dies and the quality of one of the world’s greatest turntables


Ever wondered what goes into making the world’s best streamer? Take a sneak peek inside our Glasgow factory, where every Linn product is designed and manufactured.

Learn more about the Klimax DSM:


Ready when you are.

We’re an independent family business, now in our fifth decade of designing and engineering hi-fi and audio systems that deliver exceptional detail.

One my favorites by the great Charles Rodrigues.


Linn does things differently. Some say we're obsessed. But it all makes sense when you hear Linn DSM. Discover the world's best music systems.

Ayre Acoustics

It's the last day of audio fest and the 8 series sounds amazing! Bring your favorite CD and come hangout for a while!

Saw it. Heard it. You ought to too! Coming in October.

Bring the feeling back to digital music with new Selekt DSM. It’s a tactile and beautiful musical experience, better in every sense. And it’ll make you fall in love with your music all over again.

Find out more:

Saw it. Heard it. Outstanding.

Bring the feeling back to digital music with new Selekt DSM. It’s a tactile and beautiful musical experience, better in every sense. And it’ll make you fall in love with your music all over again.

Find out more:


Celebrating 45 years of making everything sound better. 🎶

Exchange your legacy Linn product and receive 10% off any new Linn product before 27th August 2018.

Learn more:

Vandersteen Audio

On demonstration every day. Come have a listen.

"I believe the foundation of music is bass. Without bass, we don't have music."--Richard Vandersteen

It is sometimes assumed that Vandersteen's top speakers are fully active, when in fact they feature a thoughtful and sophisticated implementation of powered subwoofer technology. In this video, Richard Vandersteen sits down with Brad O'Toole to discuss the challenges of seamlessly blending a subwoofer into a high-performance speaker system and the significant advantages of employing Vandersteen's passive first-order high-pass filter. As you'll see, every successful speaker design involves a number of carefully considered compromises and expertly executed visions. The proof, as always, is in the listening!


Katalyst, our 4th generation digital to analogue technology creates a truly immersive and insightful listening experience.

Have you heard the difference? 🎵


🎶 Linn x Roon 🎶

All Linn DS players now support Roon, available to all via our latest software update.

Discover Roon:

Vandersteen Audio

In the mid-Atlantic area? Come hear this system fronted by the unparalleled Linn Akurate DSM with Katalyst DAC. You won't be able to stop listening!

Reporting for Positive Feedback from the 2018 AXPONA Audio Expo North America, Robert S. Youman names the Ultra Fidelis suite among the best in show.

This wonderfully musical system featured outstanding products from AudioQuest, Audio Research Corporation, Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc., Aurender, Musical Surroundings, Lyra, and Vandersteen.

As Mr. Youman writes, special thanks must be given to Ultra Fidelis' Jonathan Spelt, one of the absolute best and brightest in the industry, for assembling a system characterized by "rich harmonics and assertive immediacy."

The making of: Linn Sondek LP12

To the casual observer, a Sondek LP12 from Linn looks to be the same is one seen decades ago.
Not so fast! You can study all the improvements, but one listen will tell all.
The latest Klimax LP12 Exakt is on demonstration now as well as Akurate and Majik variants.
Find some time to give a listen. It will be time well spent. We visited Linn's factory in the brand's motherland of Glasgow to witness the making of one of the oldest turntables in What Hi-Fi?'s Hall of Fame.

On dem every day at GLA. Come hear for yourself!

Read What Hi-Fi?'s ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review of the Klimax DS:

*All Klimax DS players now support DSD playback since this review was published last year.

Vandersteen Audio

Our classic three-way floorstander, the Model 2Ce Signature II, has received The Absolute Sound's prestigious Editors' Choice Award – an enormous honor!

Yes, it does. Listened today. Beautiful. Closer than ever to Klimax DS.

Deeper insight. Stunning musicality.

Introducing the new Akurate network music players and Akurate Exaktbox – now featuring Katalyst to deliver exceptional performance 🎵

What is Katalyst:

Now with Lingo4!

Now celebrating its 45th anniversary, the LP12 remains the pinnacle of turntable design 🎶

#ShowUsYourLP12 by posting a photo of yours in the comments below.

We’ll be sharing our favourites on Twitter, so remember to include your Twitter handle in your comment!

Turntables | The Sondek LP12 Record Player | Linn

In stock and on dem, all variants ready for your comparison.

High End At CES 2018 Is a One Floor Wonder

Jazz FM

Worth sharing again. Such a talent!
Come in any day to hear Claire in full Studio Master quality.

Two British jazz legends playing live for us... Claire Martin and Jim Mullen!

No more off-the-shelf: Why we bespoke our DAC to the extreme

ready for your audition, any day. Simply plugging in other people’s technology just won’t cut it. High-end audio demands engineering that goes beyond identikit solutions.

With apologies, and thanks, to Mr. Charles Rodrigues. He still makes me laugh out loud after all these years.


Ever wondered what goes into making the world’s best streamer? Take a sneak peek inside our Glasgow factory, where every Linn product is designed and manufactured.

Learn more about the Klimax DSM:


Read our blog to find out why some corners are just not worth cutting when it comes to DACs...


We’re obsessed with reproducing music as faithfully as possible by designing and making the world’s best audio systems.

Now, we’ve spent £1.1 million to make the best even better.

Learn more:


Upgrade to a Linn Network Music Player this season and receive a complimentary second room of exceptional sound, with love from Linn.

Vandersteen Audio

The Quatro Wood CT combines a sophisticated 1” Transmission-Line-Loaded Carbon-Dome tweeter, 4.5” Tri-Woven Composite-Cone midrange unit, 6.5” Woven-Fiber-Cone midwoofer, two 8" Carbon-Loaded Cellulose-Cone subwoofer drivers, and a built-in 250W high-current amplifier—all in a handsome enclosure that measures 10” x 43” x 19”, to deliver clean, clear, emotionally compelling sound in virtually any room or system.

If you're in or around the West Palm Beach area on Thursday, December 14, you can see and hear the Quatro Wood CT, and meet designer Richard Vandersteen, during a special event at Audio Advisors. See our Events listings for complete details! :)

Linn releases its new Akubarik & Akudorik loudspeakers - The Audiophile Man

On Active Dem and ready for your audition at your convenience. Two more loudspeaker models receive Linn’s new Katalyst DAC Architecture Both speakers now possess the combination of Katalyst (Linn’s 4th Generation DAC Architecture) and Exakt technologies. Katalyst, says Linn, offers, “…improved Data Optimisation, superior Master Clock, independent Power Supplies...

On dem every day. Come and have a listen!

One of The Absolute Sound's 50 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio, the Treo CT delivers a surprising amount of the air, space, and natural purity previously heard only in our top speaker models: the Quatro Wood CT, Model 5A Carbon, and flagship Model Seven.

Essentially a passive version of the Quatro Wood CT, the Treo CT uses the Quatro's driver complement but without the powered-bass system, and boasts an elegant enclosure offered in a wide array of wood finishes. Like the legendary Model 2, the Treo is a paragon of cost-effective performance, made in the USA.


''MQA has no future in the world of serious engineers in my view.''

Brian Lucey, Mastering engineer of Magic Garden Studio speaks to Fair Hedon about his views on MQA:

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For more than a generation, we have helped people all over the DC area rediscover and explore their music. Music lovers and audiophiles throughout the mid-Atlantic region come to Northern Virginia for the standard of excellence we insist upon. Our commitment to quality music reproduction is your assurance that what you hear at Gifted Listener Audio it is well worth auditioning. We know that a stereo system or home theater is not an everyday purchase. Nor is it an appliance. Performance and reliability, not gadgetry or special effects, distinguish good from bad. Though it need not take long, it is worth taking enough time to choose your equipment carefully. Remember our rule: If it doesn't sound better, it isn't better.

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