At Elementive, our mission is to help companies get better results from their marketing activities. At Elementive Marketing Solutions, our mission is to help businesses and nonprofits get better results from their marketing strategies.

We focus on research and analysis to help you improve your brand's reach and convert more visitors into customers. Our solutions are a great complement to your internal marketing department or outside agency's web design and development, branding, SEO, and other activities. We have a background running marketing departments, serving clients at marketing agencies, and consulting with internal and external staff. Now, we leverage that background to help other marketers better serve their stakeholders. You focus on creating great strategies for your clients or business, and we'll help you optimize for peak performance. We don't make assumptions about what type of marketing activities your company or your clients need. Social, SEO, online ads, print campaigns, direct mail, radio, PR, you name it, we can help you understand how well your current strategies are performing and find opportunities to make them perform better. We start by taking the time to learn about your business, your goals and your customers.

Mission: To help markters get better results from their marketing efforts.

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Technical SEO Fundamentals - Class - TabletWise

Do you want to learn about Tech SEO? We've completely updated our Tech SEO course. https://www.tabletwise.com/class/4885788372238336/technical-seo-fundamentals

tabletwise.com Learn about the fundamental aspects of the technical side of SEO.


Understanding & Mitigating Website Traffic Risk | Matthew Edgar

Can you handle Google making a change to rich results, reducing the traffic arriving on your website? If the answer is no, then you have to work to do. Find out where to start.

matthewedgar.net Can you handle Google making a change to rich results, reducing the traffic arriving on your website? If the answer is no, then you have to work to do.


Recommended Quarterly Tech SEO Website Audit | Matthew Edgar

With the first day of Q1 sneaking up on us, it's a good time to prepare for a Tech SEO audit. These are the top 5 technical factors that needs to be checked quarterly in a Tech SEO website audit.

matthewedgar.net The technical side of SEO matters to all websites. These are the top 5 technical factors that needs to be checked quarterly in a Tech SEO website audit.

All of us at Elementive are wishing our clients, friends and family a Happy New Year and an amazing 2020!

Feeling very grateful for our clients, friends and family this holiday season!


101 Quick & Easy Tips to Skyrocket Your Blog Content

The following 101 tips were designed for quick digestion to improve your blog content, SEO & user experience.

searchenginejournal.com What to skyrocket your blog content? The following 101 blogging tips focus on SEO, craft, style, UX, amplification and productivity elements.

We all know our websites should load fast. But, how fast is “fast”? Every marketer, designer and developer has their own ideas, but we wanted to know what an ordinary web visitor thought about a website’s speed. To find out, we asked over two thousand people to wait for a website load and then asked test participants to describe how fast they thought the website loaded.


Did You Know? Americans eat an estimated 8.1 billion calories every year for Thanksgiving, with the average person taking in about 3,000 to 4,500. WHOA! Enjoy that feast with your friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Elementive.

Our recommendation at Elementive is to check technical factors on a minimum of a quarterly basis through a SEO website audit. Below is an infographic outlining the top 5 technical factors that you need to check. Go to: https://www.matthewedgar.net/quarterly-technical-seo-website-audit/ for more details


Domain Authority 2.0

A new Domain Authority is on the way, bringing with it more accurate predictions of search performance. Moz will incorporate a number of new factors into its algorithm to gauge the strength of a site better than ever before. Check out the link below for all you need to know about DA 2.0!

moz.com Domain Authority 2.0 is coming on March 5, 2019, bringing with it more accurate predictions of search performance and stronger correlation with Google SERPs than ever before.


Advanced Google Analytics Event Tracking: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices | Matthew Edgar

By default, the only engagement metric Google Analytics provides is the pages people went to. To get a better picture of how people use your website, you want to know everything else people do when they are visiting your website's pages. Learn how to use advanced Google Analytics event tracking to get more data.

matthewedgar.net Take Google Analytics to the next level and learn how to gain valuable data from your website though advanced Google Analytics event tracking.

#AskElementive Q&A: What are the top 5 musts of doing technical SEO?

This answer is always changing and it varies based on the website. But high-level, as of today, I would say the following:

1. Mobile presence – with the rise of mobile-first indexing, it is important to have a great mobile website and make sure the mobile website offers all the same content as your desktop website.

2. Speed – this is now a ranking factor on mobile and desktop. While not the largest or most impactful factor, improving a website’s load time can make a big difference.

3.Content issues – it is so easy for websites to end up with duplicated content or thin content. These issues may get a website penalized, but these issues also limit a website’s ability to rank for better quality content.

4. Errors – Like with content issues, lots of 404/not-found errors aren’t necessarily going to directly affect your ranking performance. But having lots of errors will make it harder for Google to crawl through your website and that will make it harder for a website to rank.

5. Schema – Schema offers a way to better structure and organize the information contained on our websites. Google is starting to rely on this more as they present features within search results (though, to be clear, schema won’t necessarily guarantee placement in these features).

#AskElementive Q&A: What are the most important things on a website migration checklist?

When migrating to a new CMS or making some other substantial change to a website, the most important thing is to limit how many changes you make at any one time. Changing a URL on a key page, for example, causes Google to reconsider that page and while this may not be as severe a change as in the past it still comes with a potential risk that you'll lose rankings associated with that page. Changing content on a page, changing how a page is structured, changing schema used, etc. all follow a similar story.

However, if you add together 10 small seemingly low-risk changes, you now have a pretty sizable amount of things changing and you've increased your risks that something negative will happen during the migration. So, as much as possible, I advise clients to roll out changes slowly, evaluate what has happened, recover as needed, then move on to another change.

Need help with a web migration? Let us know!

#AskElementive Q&A: Why is canonicalization important?

Establishing a canonical (or preferred version) of a page on your website is a way to reduce duplicated content. The classic example is on an ecommerce website you might be selling a t-shirt and that shirt is available in blue and green. The blue shirt might be available at site.com/t-shirt?color=blue and the green shirt might be available at site.com/t-shirt?color=green and if you haven't selected a color the shirt might be available at site.com/t-shirt. These three URLs may return exactly the same text with the exception of one word denoting the selected color.

To avoid this duplication, you can specify a canonical URL - in this case, probably site.com/t-shirt. If you don't specify the canonical, Google may choose to not rank any of these pages or they may choose to rank all of them (meaning you get to compete against yourself) or Google may choose their own canonical (and they might not choose your preferred canonical). You don't want to run the risk of this happening, so you can define your own canonicals.

More about this here: www.elementive.com/technical-web-marketing/duplicate-content-canonical-urls/


Technical & On-Page SEO Analysis

#AskElementive Q&A: Are website audits necessary? How does someone go about getting one?

Audits are beneficial depending on your circumstance. There are three key circumstances where audits can be of the most benefit:

-- Before a big change (like a redesign or redevelopment) – audits help you identify what problems to fix, new opportunities, and also identify what you shouldn’t change

-- Periodic assessments – for bigger clients, we perform an audit at least once a year to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks

-- Penalties/manual actions – if your site is penalized or Google takes a manual action against your site, an audit can help identify the root cause and also identify other factors to clean up

As for getting an audit, you want to make sure you hire a company who will really work with you during the audit. Often times, companies may only send you a written report based on a checklist of various factors. That is a good start, but you also need a company that will take the time to talk you through their findings. This is where you get to understand what everything means and really figure out priorities.

See what Elementive's Tech SEO audit offers: www.elementive.com/technical-seo-analysis/

elementive.com Get an expert evaluation of your website's technical and on-page factors that influence your SEO performance. Learn more about our technical SEO audit.

[10/31/18]   #AskElementive Q&A: Why is it important for a site to be mobile friendly?

There are two main reasons to be mobile-friendly. First and foremost, it is better for the people who visit your website on mobile devices. You don't need an in-depth research project to know that people are going to convert and engage less when you make it harder for people to engage and convert. So, making the mobile version of your website friendlier (i.e. more usable) is just good for the business.

From an SEO perspective, mobile-friendly websites have a better chance of ranking than non-mobile-friendly websites (mobile friendliness became a ranking factor in 2016 and like all ranking factors, it is one among many so not be mobile-friendly won't automatically kill your chances of ranking but it won't help matters much either). More than that, though, making your website mobile-friendly also means Google can more easily crawl through the mobile version of your website, which indirectly benefits your ability to rank in search results too.

[10/24/18]   #AskElementive Q&A: How would you describe Technical SEO and what are its benefits?

Tech SEO is using your website’s code and server configuration to help Google better understand what your website has to offer. The main benefit of cleaning up technical SEO factors is that Google’s bots can crawl through your website more efficiently and index the most relevant content your website has to offer. This then helps improve your chances of ranking in search results.

Andrea is the co-founder of Elementive, and is known as the expert marketing strategist across all industries and business types. Discover what Elementive can offer your team: http://bit.ly/ElementiveServices

Matthew is one part of the dynamic duo that founded Elementive in 2014. Matthew is Elementive's Technical SEO mastermind, he's even published a Tech SEO Guide! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/TechSEOGuide

Elementive's cover photo

At Elementive, we specialize in analytics, technical SEO, and conversion optimization (CRO). Through one-time and ongoing projects, we help clients increase conversions, earn higher rankings in search results, and improve their website’s overall performance.


6 SEO Trends That Will Influence Your Content Marketing

We all know SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand, but here are 6 emerging trends every marketer should keep an eye on. https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnhall/2017/09/07/6-seo-trends-that-will-influence-your-content-marketing/2/#1891a9d7569b

forbes.com Keeping up with trends in SEO and actually executing a strategy that generates the kind of results you’re after is challenging. But you need to make SEO a priority for your team — if you don’t, your competitors will.


Introduction to Google Analytics | Matthew Edgar | Skillshare

skillshare.com There are many web analytics tools available today--one of the more popular of which is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool and us...


What Happened In 2015 – AVC

"Sometime in the past year or two the consumer internet/social/mobile gold rush ended." Great read from Fred Wilson recapping 2015:

avc.com I think we can go further than that now and say that sometime in the past year or two the consumer internet/social/mobile gold rush ended.


Understand How To Improve Your SEO

Does SEO seem hard? Not sure where to focus your SEO efforts in 2016? Get an expert evaluation of your SEO from Elementive Marketing Solutions.

www.elementive.com Get an expert evaluation of your company's SEO performance - we review your backlinks, keywords, content, & tech SEO factors. Learn more or order now.


Mobile Usability Guidelines

Wondering what to do about supporting your mobile website visitors? Where should you invest to get the biggest return? Find out in this free video series from Elementive.

www.elementive.com Are you struggling to decide how best to support your mobile users? Find out the mobile usability guidelines to follow in Elementive's free guide.


How to Overcome Objections to Get Your Company to Invest in B2B Inbound Marketing

“Remember that your inbound marketing success can be proven through your marketing analytics numbers. With proper tracking links and analytics attribution models, you can directly track the origins of your leads and wins back to your marketing activities.”

blog.hubspot.com Having trouble getting a budget for B2B content marketing? Here are 3 tips for convincing your CEO to better fund your digital marketing efforts.


12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have [Infographic]

Great information about what makes for a useful home page. We'd argue that a lot of this applies to any critical landing page (b/c remember - many people who enter your website may not even see your home page).

blog.hubspot.com Redesigning your website? Want to generate more leads? Check out these 12 essential elements every homepage should have.


User Experience Measurement and Analysis

Wondering how to measure and analyze your user experience? Wondering what exactly user experience is? Find out in this free video series from Elementive.

www.elementive.com User experience is the process of better meeting your customer's expectations while simultaneously making it easier for people to work with your company.


Weird and Wonderful Ways to Use Landing Pages

Some cool ideas on ways to utilize landing pages.

unbounce.com Landing pages aren't just great for lead generation. Use them for event marketing, contests, hiring, and so much more. Read on to find out how.


Facebook M — The Anti-Turing Test

Facebook M - The Anti Turing Test to see if M is really AI. http://bit.ly/1Qi8kXJ

medium.com Facebook has recently launched a limited beta of its ground-breaking AI called M. M’s capabilities far exceed those of a…


What Marketing Stage Are You In?

What marketing stage do you want to reach in 2016? Do you have a plan in place to reach that stage?

www.elementive.com Marketing happens in three distinct stages: chaos, clarity, and order. What stage are you in and what can you do about it?


Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over to AI Machines

The machines are taking over Google web search...

www.bloomberg.com When Google-parent Alphabet Inc. reported eye-popping earnings last week its executives couldn’t stop talking up the company’s investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


How to Write for the Web—a New Approach for Increased Engagement - Whiteboard Friday

A really interesting look into a new way to write for the web...

moz.com 16%. That's the percentage of people who read everything you write word-for-word. That number hasn't changed in two decades, which tells us that we've never really learned how to write for the web. In...


Technology Device Ownership: 2015

Interesting stats about what devices people own. It is especially interesting to see the increase in tablet computers, despite a lack of change in tablet website traffic over a similar period of time (for more about tablet traffic see http://www.matthewedgar.net/are-tablet-websites-important/).

www.pewinternet.org Smartphone and tablet ownership continues to rise, as the adoption of other digital devices slows and even declines.

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