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Making a difference through innovative, experiential urban education and scholarship in a changing world.

The Northeastern University nursing school is offering students the opportunity to earn an accelerated BSN. This second-degree program is offered to students in both Boston and Charlotte, NC.

Our accelerated nursing program can be completed in as few as 16 months of program curriculum study. It features a blended education format with online courses, in-person skills and simulation labs, and real-world experience with clinical rotations.

Visit or call 1.866.892.3819 for information on how to change your career with our ABSN.

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Meet our newest ABSN program cohort in Charlotte. They’re using their existing bachelor’s degrees to accelerate into nursing. You can too! Here’s how:

ABSN Program Student Support

We’ll do almost anything to help you succeed in our ABSN program. See how we helped calm one student’s anxiety.

If your dream is to become a nurse, our ABSN program faculty and staff can help you live your vision. See just how far we’re willing to go to ensure your suc...

ABSN Grad Advocates for Changing Careers at 40 | Northeastern University

Our ABSN program enrolls students of all ages. See why this grad in her 40s says it’s never too late to start nursing. Changing careers at 40 is totally doable. See how Megan B. went from being a grants manager to a stay-at-home mom to a Northeastern nursing school graduate.

Do I Have What it takes to Be a Nurse? | Northeastern University

Our ABSN program isn’t for everyone. Take our quiz to see if you have what it takes to accelerate into nursing: Ever thought: Do I have what it takes to be a nurse? If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you just might be a perfect fit for the profession.

Find Your Scholarship | Discover Nursing

Need help paying for your accelerated nursing education? Do a third-party scholarship search. Here’s a good place to start! Find nursing scholarships for your degree program, and narrow them down by GPA requirements, your ethnicity, where you live, and more.

Northeastern Nursing Pride

When you attend our ABSN program, people take notice. See what it means to be a Northeastern nursing graduate.

Northeastern University is synonymous with nursing excellence—so much so, you’ll want to see what it feels like to graduate from our 16-month ABSN...

Northeastern Nursing Pride

When you attend our ABSN program, people take notice. See what it means to be a Northeastern nursing graduate.

Northeastern University is synonymous with nursing excellence—so much so, you’ll want to see what it feels like to graduate from our 16-month ABSN...

Nursing Simulation Labs

Students in our ABSN program tell us that nursing simulation labs are great confidence boosters. Find out why? Discover how our ABSN program’s nursing simulation lab scenarios provide diverse, highly realistic patient care experiences across the healthcare...

How Northeastern Prepares You for the Real World | Accelerated Nursing

By choosing our ABSN program, you have access to some of the best clinical placements in the country. See for yourself: Partnering with several of the nation’s top health care facilities, Northeastern provides ABSN students with amazing clinical practice opportunities.

Online Accelerated Nursing Coursework

While assignment deadlines still apply, see how our online ABSN program courses let you learn at your own pace. Online accelerated nursing coursework provides Northeastern University ABSN students flexibility to complete classes through interactive modules.


Get a regular dose of nursing school hacks. They’re just one click away. Check out the NRSNG podcast: Let’s face it: Dopamine and Dobutamine can be a bit confusing! This podcast covers these two medications and helps to dispel the confusion around...

Having a say in patient care

Healthcare demands are taking toll on physician health. Good thing nurses are starting to have more say in patient care these days. The demands of practicing medicine in the U.S. are taking a toll on physicians' health and impacting the way doctors care for patients, according...

Charlotte Nurse Innovation Night - Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Nurse innovation! We're taking a look at how nurses are revolutionizing healthcare innovation in Charlotte on Oct. 26. More info here: Join us for an evening of networking and engaging with leading healthcare startups and entrepreneurs in Charlotte, North Carolina at an event...

Nursing Simulation Labs: Realism Without Risk

How does our ABSN program teach you to think like a nurse? Our simulation labs have a lot to do with it. Details here: Nursing simulation teaches you to how to apply clinical judgement and problem-solving skills in a wide variety of realistic patient care scenarios.

What You Can Expect From Our ABSN Program

“Our ABSN program is very fast-paced." Take a listen to what Tiffany says you need in order to be a successful ABSN student. Check out our free ABSN program guide. It will walk you through different aspects of the accelerated program, from online courses to onsite...

Key Takeaways From Northeastern University ABSN Nursing Interviews

Wonder what it's like being a Northeastern ABSN student? Wonder no more! And don’t miss the key takeaways. We asked students and staff what they thought about the Northeastern University nursing experience. Here are the key takeaways from these...

ABSN Program | Student Story

The journey to nursing school is different for everyone. Meet Patti, a mom who joined our ABSN program to help other moms. Let Patti's story inspire your future in nursing.

Admissions for the Accelerated BSN Program

What is our ABSN program admissions process like? Current students can tell you firsthand. Our admissions counselors take what is typically an overwhelming process and make it as straightforward as possible.

Concentrating to learn a new skill. There is plenty of hands-on learning in our accelerated nursing skills labs.

Sim lab manikins are able to give life-like responses. Watch and listen to Patti talk about the value she took from the experience.

A List of Your Accelerated BSN Curriculum - It is nice to have your nursing school courses planned out. We do that! Here’s the list of the what and the when.

Our skilled instructors are never far away in your nursing labs. You'll work side-by-side and get instruction and feedback.

Clinical Partnerships with Carolinas and Novant Health

Providing You With Strong Clinical Rotation Experience - Our clinical partnerships are powerful. Click here to learn about the North Carolina opportunities for nursing rotations. Northeastern University partners with Carolinas HealthCare System and Novant Health giving ABSN students in Charlotte in-hospital clinical experiences.

Nursing Simulation Labs Mirror the Diverse Realities of Patient Care

Making the connection between online learning and nursing skills. Take a look at how our sim labs offer a dose of reality. Discover how our ABSN program’s nursing simulation lab scenarios provide diverse, highly realistic patient care experiences across the healthcare continuum.

Magnet Hospitals in Boston: Why Magnet Status is Great

One BSN school differentiator is Magnet hospital status. Our clinical partners have it, but what does that mean for you? Northeastern students complete clinicals at Magnet hospitals in Boston- and Magnet status means a lot for those who are second career nurses earning a BSN.

The Advantages of a BSN Degree | Northeastern University

Earning a BSN can be a valuable step forward in your nursing career. In case you need more reasons, here are 6. Becoming a nurse is a life changing experience. You help people in need. Check out these advantages of a BSN degree you can utilize in your nursing career.

Need a Change? Go From BS to BSN in 16 Months | Northeastern University

What academic background do most ABSN students have? See what degrees these 5 students are using to fast track into nursing. The accelerated nursing program at Northeastern University caters to those who seek change. See what it’s like to go from a BS to a BSN in 16 months.

Online Accelerated BSN Program Coursework

Interactive Online Learning Courses for ABSN Students - Our online nursing courses are more than PowerPoints and discussion groups. Click to check out our free online learning demo. Online accelerated BSN coursework provides Northeastern nursing students flexibility to complete classes through interactive modules on your schedule.

These students are about to start their first semester in our Charlotte ABSN. They took part in orientation yesterday. Best wishes!

Jump start your nursing career - Earn your BSN in 16 months. We offer 3 start dates a year and rolling admissions at our Boston and Charlotte sites. #BostonNursing

5 Pediatric Nursing Careers for Those Who Love Children

Love working with children? You’re in luck, there’s a nursing career for that. Actually, we have 5 listed here. #NursingCareers Have you always loved children and want to make a difference in the lives of others? Consider one of these 5 pediatric nursing careers.

Watch and learn! Our instructors work closely with students during nursing skills labs.

I'm accelerating my nursing career with Northeastern's ABSN. You can too! Imagine yourself where I stand.

Sarah had to do some digging to find her career. Listen to what she learned about nursing and patient interactions.

On-Campus Nursing Simulation Labs for ABSN Students

Our sim labs let you practice the nursing skills you have learned. But the experience helps you grow in more ways than that. Online courses are one part of the accelerated nursing curriculum. Northeastern students participate in nursing simulation labs at our campus in Charlotte.

Our Clinical Partners, Your Foot in the Door

Clinical rotations are an important part of your ABSN experience. Finding out how can benefit your career in the long run. In our accelerated BSN program, nursing students visit local clinical partners to practice the skills they’ve learned with assistance from our instructors.

Why Northeastern University in Charlotte?

Our Charlotte ABSN location is perfect! Read why the city is called "the biggest small town" in the southeast. #CharlotteNursing Northeastern University's accelerated BSN program in Charlotte partners with some of the top local health care facilities to train quality nurses in NC.

Northeastern University Accelerated Nursing Program Admissions Process

Accelerate your path to a nursing career. Our ABSN has 3 start dates a year and rolling admissions, so you can earn your degree in 16 months. Getting into nursing school doesn't have to be complicated. We simplify the admissions process for our accelerated nursing program in Massachusetts.

ABSN Prerequisites | Northeastern Admissions Requirements

The courses that stand between you and our ABSN. Learning the classes you need to take before you start can help you plan ahead. Here’s a list of our ABSN prerequisites. Students interested in the accelerated BSN program in North Carolina may need to complete ABSN prerequisite courses as part of the admissions process.

Set Education Goals for Your Nursing Degree in 4 Easy Steps

Following through with goals can be hard. But these 4 tips can help make them happen when it comes to nursing school. Start your nursing career with confidence by setting clearly-defined education goals for your nursing education. It can be an easy and fun activity.

Northeastern University Accelerated Nursing Program Admissions Process

One foot in front of the other. Click for a look at some key admissions steps in the Accelerated nursing process. Getting into nursing school doesn't have to be complicated. We simplify the admissions process for our accelerated nursing program in Massachusetts.

Examining the Role of Nurses in a Disaster | Northeastern University

Do you run into the fire to help? You might make a great disaster relief nurse, but here are some things to consider first. Everyone wants to help when a disaster strikes, especially nurses. Here’s a look at the role of nurses in a disaster and how our ABSN graduate responded.

Northeastern University ABSN Clinical Placements

Our Clinical Partnerships and Your Nursing Career - We are affiliated with more than 100 healthcare institutions. Check out how those connections can help you network. Starting in the first semester and working under a current RN's supervision, students complete nursing clinicals in health care facilities near Boston.

Explained: Skills Lab

Listen to these students share their nursing lab experiences, plus the helpful advice their professors give to them. #NursingLabs

Students share how skills labs allow them to practice the curriculum in person in a safe environment. Learn more about the accelerated nursing program at Nor...

Northeastern graduate climbing the American Ninja Warrior mountain once more

Check out what this grad is up to! Northeastern University's official news source

Nursing Student Advice from a Northeastern ABSN Graduate

Steven has been through our ABSN. Read his 4 points to help you get through, and it includes not giving up your social life. Former Northeastern University Accelerated BSN graduate, Stephen Winglass, offers his best nursing student advice. If you're stressed, you should read this.

Your nursing future is 16 months away

Our students are innovators, problem solvers, and leaders. Accelerating their nursing careers to help shape the future of healthcare. You can too! The curriculum for Northeastern's accelerated nursing program in Massachusetts is as follows.

Delivering on the Benefits of Online Learning

It's not what it used to be. Find out how our ABSN online learning courses benefit the many different learning styles. #OnlineLearning Northeastern's online-based accelerated nursing programs in Boston and Charlotte offers our students the flexibility of online nursing coursework.

Reasons Boston is Such a Great Place for Nurses

There are plenty of opportunities in healthcare in Boston. Read on to find out why that is such a great benefit to nurses. What it's like living and going to nursing school in Boston, Massachusetts.

Answers to the Questions You Want to Know About

What's that…? Good question! Take a look at the answers to some of our most frequently pondered topics. #NursingFAQ Frequently asked questions and answers on Northeastern University's online-based accelerated nursing program in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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