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The Northeastern University nursing school is offering students the opportunity to earn an accelerated BSN. This second-degree program is offered to students in both Boston and Charlotte, NC.

Our accelerated nursing program can be completed in as few as 16 months of program curriculum study. It features a blended education format with online courses, in-person skills and simulation labs, and real-world experience with clinical rotations.

Visit or call 1.866.892.3819 for information on how to change your career with our ABSN.

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Admissions for the Accelerated BSN Program

What is our ABSN program admissions process like? Current students can tell you firsthand. Our admissions counselors take what is typically an overwhelming process and make it as straightforward as possible.

Concentrating to learn a new skill. There is plenty of hands-on learning in our accelerated nursing skills labs.

Sim lab manikins are able to give life-like responses. Watch and listen to Patti talk about the value she took from the experience.

A List of Your Accelerated BSN Curriculum - It is nice to have your nursing school courses planned out. We do that! Here’s the list of the what and the when.

Our skilled instructors are never far away in your nursing labs. You'll work side-by-side and get instruction and feedback.

Clinical Partnerships with Carolinas and Novant Health

Providing You With Strong Clinical Rotation Experience - Our clinical partnerships are powerful. Click here to learn about the North Carolina opportunities for nursing rotations. Northeastern University partners with Carolinas HealthCare System and Novant Health giving ABSN students in Charlotte in-hospital clinical experiences.

Nursing Simulation Labs Mirror the Diverse Realities of Patient Care

Making the connection between online learning and nursing skills. Take a look at how our sim labs offer a dose of reality. Discover how our ABSN program’s nursing simulation lab scenarios provide diverse, highly realistic patient care experiences across the healthcare continuum.

Magnet Hospitals in Boston: Why Magnet Status is Great

One BSN school differentiator is Magnet hospital status. Our clinical partners have it, but what does that mean for you? Northeastern students complete clinicals at Magnet hospitals in Boston- and Magnet status means a lot for those who are second career nurses earning a BSN.

The Advantages of a BSN Degree | Northeastern University

Earning a BSN can be a valuable step forward in your nursing career. In case you need more reasons, here are 6. Becoming a nurse is a life changing experience. You help people in need. Check out these advantages of a BSN degree you can utilize in your nursing career.

Need a Change? Go From BS to BSN in 16 Months | Northeastern University

What academic background do most ABSN students have? See what degrees these 5 students are using to fast track into nursing. The accelerated nursing program at Northeastern University caters to those who seek change. See what it’s like to go from a BS to a BSN in 16 months.

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