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We, as Travel Agents, go out of our way to serve our travel customers before and during their vacations.

While a travel agent isn't right for everyone, when you need an expert, a travel professional will be there to provide their extensive knowledge, contacts and first-hand experience.

Kudos to USA TODAY for this honest approach to shifts in the industry and recognition of travel agents' continued relevance!

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Here’s what United will do differently after the infamous dragging incident

United Airlines is finally responding appropriately to the fiasco last week. United Airlines will no longer allow crew members to displace passengers who are already seated on a plane.

Resorts That Put The Luxe in Your Luxury Retreat - This summer, you deserve to indulge, and we’ve found the perfect resorts for every traveler who wants to spoil themselves in luxury.

Your guide to the new 'basic economy' airfares

Want the scoop on the new "cheaper" fares? Insiders say that it allows the airlines to increase the price of their other fares while providing stiff restrictions on the new fares. See the complete rundown. The price difference between basic economy and regular economy may not be worth the perks you surrender.

Why discount travel sites are angry with Delta

Wonder why you may not be finding the cheapest fare? Delta has blocked their flight data from several flight-shopping sites like Hipmunk. Let travel agents help you find the lowest fare with the best connections. The airline has pulled its data from many of the discount listings.


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New 'Basic Economy' Airfares May Not Be As Cheap As You Think

Think those new "basic economy" airfares are a good value? Think again.




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