Richard Y. Nomura, DDS

Dr. Nomura has proudly served Seattle's vibrant south end community from his Burien office for over thirty years.

Dr. Nomura has proudly served Seattle's vibrant south end community from his Burien office for over thirty years, focusing his practice on family dentistry, TMJ treatment, sleep problems, and cosmetic solutions.

Dr. Nomura is a Seattle native, and graduate of the University of Washington Dental School. He spends his free time pursuing his favorite hobbies - fishing, photography and travel.

What's that, you say? You'd like to meet Dr. Carey AND feast on some tasty refreshment? Come on down to our Burien office today - Dr. Carey will be in here all day and is super excited to meet you!

Meet Dr. Brian M. Carey - Burien WA | Normandy Park Family Dentistry

After many years of dedicated service to their patients, Dr. Nomura and Pam have an exciting announcement to make - they are looking forward to retiring at the end of June!

And after careful searching, they have found a wonderful (and extremely local) dentist to take over the practice (including our top-notch staff) and continue Dr. Nomura's commitment to excellence and personalized treatment that has been the hallmark of his patient care for so long - as he considered retirement, Dr. Nomura's number one priority was to make sure that his patients would be left in caring, capable hands.

It is an honor to introduce you to Dr. Brian Carey, a Seattle native and fellow UW alumni whose warmth and dedication to his patients, craft and community won us over. During the transition, Dr. Carey will be in our office every Thursday to meet patients and answer any questions you might have - come by and say hi!

(For more information on Dr. Carey and his practice, check out the link below!) Dr. Brian Carey of Normandy Park Family Dentistry is your Burien, WA dentist providing general and cosmetic dentistry. Call today.

[03/30/17]   Some Thursday edification from our resident hygiene whiz Lacey:

Regular dental cleanings keep tartar (AKA calculus) from building up on teeth and getting into all sort of trouble, like growing below (and damaging) the gumline, creating little traps for bacteria to colonize and wreaking general inflammatory havoc.

While good home care will keep tartar manageable in between visits, we ALL need #ProfessionalHelp getting tartar off our teeth (calculus is, for better or worse, egalitarian). The rate of accumulation varies depending on several individual factors like genetics and lifestyle (ahem, brushing and flossing) but at the end of the day we all need a helping hand! #TheMoreYouKnow

This Is Your Brain on Puppy Pictures

Happy Monday, friends! We missed #NationalPuppyDay by a few, but this National Geographic article is chock full of vintage cuteness that will melt even the iciest of hearts...(d)awwwwwww(g)! This National Puppy Day, we explore the science of cute with the help of vintage National Geographic pictures.

Ain't easy being green? Dunno, seems like a lot of fun to us! #kermit #LuckOtheIrish

Cardiovascular Deaths Linked to Poor Dietary Choices

You aorta (too much?) check out this article from The New York Times - despite its grim headline, take heart! By filling your plate with natural whole foods (especially vegetables, duh), you immediately forgo the inherent risks of processed "food products": risky fats, sugar, sodium, creepy chemicals and other artifice. Keeps your ticker in top know how much we love #wholebodyhealth over here! More than 400,000 such deaths in the United States in 2015 were linked to unhealthy eating, a new analysis has found. Many could have been prevented.

It's beginning to look a lot like St. Patrick's Day around here...

We feel you, little friend! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead - today is Daylight Saving Time and we're "springing" forward! (Though that wording may be a bit optimistic...oozing forward? Trundling forward? Hiding under the covers drafting anti-DST legislation?)


Happy Monday! May this baby panda inspires you to hold tight to what you love...


--Nanny, play with me, no working!
--Baby, just a minute.
--hmmm, I will stop you with my cuteness!

Neanderthal Gums Relieved by Toothpicks

We're partial to flossing, thank you very much! But it sounds like Neanderthals enjoyed a good toothpick now and then to keep bay...#StoneColdStoneAge #SorryNotSorry Fossils show that Neanderthals used toothpicks to relieve their aching gums.

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