Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders of New York

Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders of New York

We specialize in Pulmonary Medicine, Sleep Disorders and Allergy/Immunotherapy.

Accredited by American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Snoring, breathing problems during sleep linked to memory loss


Did you know that snoring leads to memory loss?

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cbsnews.com A new study in the journal

I am sure not all of you, because of the allergies that come with it.
Our office offers allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment for the last 6 years and our patients can really vouch for the results.
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Do you suffer from any of the symptoms below?
If so, you may have an imbalanced Immune System.
Different from other allergy testing clinics, our Doctor focuses on the whole system, not just specific allergies. We also test Food Allergies. Your immune system can be a major factor in helping relieve your symptoms.
Most people are aware of the Classic Allergy Symptoms listed below, but many are not aware of the other symptoms that can be related to an imbalanced immune system:
• Asthma
• Burning, itching or watery eyes
• Chronic congestion
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Chronic nasal discharge (runny nose)
• Chronic Sinus infection
• Chronic use of over the counter and prescription drugs
• Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath
• Facial pain related to sinus infections/congestion
• Headaches
• Seasonal Allergies
• Anal Or Vaginal Itch
• Anxiety And Related Psychological Problems
• Arthritic Symptoms
• Blurred Vision
• Brittle Hair
• Brittle Nails
• Chronic Sickness
• Colds And Flus
• Dandruff
• Dark Circles Under Eyes
• Depression
• Eczema And Other Skin Diseases
• Enhanced Symptoms Of PMS
• Excessive Mucus
• Faintness/Dizziness
• Fibromyalgia
• Frequent Headaches
• Frequent Puffiness In The Face, Ankles And Fingers
• Frequent/Urgent Urination
• Gastrointestinal Problems (IBS, Etc.)
• High Blood Pressure
• Hot Flashes (Non-Menopause)
• Inexplicable Racing Pulse
• Insomnia
• Joint Pain
• Migraines
• Muscle Aches
• Night Sweats
• Non-Classical
• Off Allergy Season
• Perspiration For No Obvious Reason
• Ringing In The Ears
• Skin Pallor
• Swelling Under Eyes
• Unknown Weight Fluctuations
• Vascular Headaches
Get Ready For Spring!

"Sleep Apnea" | Jo Koy : Lights Out


Hilarious and serious at the same time. Listen to his Mom, go see a doctor !! Call 718-891-7800 to make your appointment to see our Sleep Disorders Doctor.

Check out this clip from my 2012 special "Lights Out." Check out my upcoming tour dates!: http://www.JoKoy.com Watch the full special here!: http://bit.ly/Li...

Allergy shots - Mayo Clinic


Allergy season is around the corner again. We can help you get rid of your allergies forever and diminish the symptoms. Call 728-891-7800 to schedule your allergy test.

www.mayoclinic.org Allergy shots — Overview covers definition, risks, results of this procedure to ease allergy symptoms.

Mold Illness: What It Is and 17 Signs You Have It


wisemindhealthybody.com Mold. You may not be able to see or smell it, yet it may be growing in your home and the reason you feel sick. Mold poisoning may be impacting your health. How do you know?

Oral Appliance Therapy - AADSM


Do you have sleep apnea? Scared of CPAP machine? Try to treat your Sleep Apnea with Dental Appliance Device. Call 718-891-7800 to inquire.


How Your Feet Help You Sleep: "The Science of Us" Episode 1


Can’t sleep? Watch this video. http://bit.ly/1HwIV6c

In the first episode of our animated "Science of Us" explainer series, we take a look at one of the easiest life-hacks you can make to fall asleep — and it i...

[06/01/15]   Looking to hire Registered Polysomnography Technician ASAP. Please call 718-891-7800



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