Taren Sartler, Modern Woodmen of America

Taren Sartler, Modern Woodmen of America


I received this letter today from Modern Woodman and I am beaming with pride for my daughter Taren! I love you Taren!!Thank you Modern Woodman for this beautiful letter...

I believe everyone should have a plan for their financial future. As life changes, so do your needs. Both a business’ and a family’s financial plan should adjust to meet those needs. I believe that by using a disciplined, diversified approach and conducting regular reviews, I can assist businesses, individuals, and families in their decisions. *Securities offered through MWA Financial Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Modern Woodmen of America. Member: FINRA, SIPC. www.finra.org www.sipc.org Products are available in most states. Individual representatives may not be licensed to sell all products.

Mission: To live to my faith and values; learning, guiding, giving, and supporting all while maintaining a positive, grateful attitude.

We're reaching out to local business owners about them navigating the challenges of Safer at Home and COVID-19. Each story is unique and each deserves to be heard.

Today we spoke to Attorney Georgia Konstantakis of Konstantakis Law Office, LLC

Here is what we asked:

You’re an essential business yet your business was still impacted greatly by COVID and the Safer at Home order. What has been your biggest challenge? "Conducting Business in person. Estate Planning requires in person contact since the WI Supreme Court ruled on May 4, 2020 that you cannot conduct Zoom Meetings for signing of WILLS/TRUSTS (Notary and Witness documents must be done in person). It sounds silly but the purpose behind it is to prevent fraud. I have allowed people in my office with masks and some wear gloves (not all). But I do sanitize the desk, chairs and Lysol all door handles when each client leaves my office. I try to keep the windows open as well to circulate fresh air."

What successes have come from changes you were forced to make to your practice? "Learning how to navigate Zoom Meetings and conducting business online. The court implemented online e-filing of documents a few years ago which was a GODSEND! Not only does it save time but it also makes all documents available for viewing online instead of a paper court file located only in the courthouse. The courthouse has been closed for all non-criminal activity since March, 2020. All court appearances have been conducted via Zoom or telephone conference. Lawyers and judges alike are learning to use technology whether they like it or not. I actually know lawyers who do not have an email address. That changed really quick for them. Also, a large majority of lawyers over age 65 have now been forced to retire because they don't understand technology and refuse to embrace it! Luckily I am not one to resist change. I am all for technology however the human touch cannot be replaced by computers and robots. We need to interact with people in person! And most clients want their day in court.

What is the silver lining you find from this whole experience? "Spending more time with my children and actually eating dinner at the dinner table! My kids had rigorous sports schedules and now it is so quiet. We have time to breath and actually enjoy each others company instead of running around to tournaments and games! My weekends are spent organizing and recharging my battery for the weekday. Work wise I have more time to focus on marketing and social media matters. I filmed a promotional law office video in October of 2019. Edits took a long time however, I just recently posted it on my Facebook and YouTube channel. It was a major accomplishment and I shared this on my website and other social media outlets. I also made organizational changes in my law office. We closed out many files that were still marked open in our database but needed to be closed. Another great positive, I don't drive to court anymore and have low miles on my leased vehicle. I was very worried that I would have to pay extra for going over my mileage but now that is not an issue.

It was such a pleasure speaking with Attorney Georgia and hearing about how she embraced change to support her family and staff as well as focusing more on her family and down time. It is a beautiful thing to see the positive within the chaos.


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Small Business Administration

On May 15th the SBA released a PPP loan forgiveness application with instructions. If you applied for, and received PPP assistance you'll want to head out to the SBA.gov site and complete that.

sba.gov We support America's small businesses. The SBA connects entrepreneurs with lenders and funding to help them plan, start and grow their business.

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I can't believe this article was published 11 years ago already!

Happy National Apple Pie Day, enjoy!

Join us in supporting Community Projects for Seniors as they celebrate their 34th year! This Saturday, May 16th, $34 per family - walk for 34 minutes from 10 am to 10:34 am CST. Be sure to share and take pictures! Modern Woodmen of America Chapter 12200 will be matching $500 of the funds raised for this great cause.

We're reaching out to local business owners to help them navigate the challenges of Safer at Home and COVID-19. Each story is unique and each deserves to be heard.

Today we spoke to Judy Hahn, NBC-HWC, Functional Medicine Health Practitioner at Hahn Holistic Health.

We asked Judy how her business has been impacted most during these unprecedented events. "I had been working on some special projects and was anticipating my new clients. I was also very excited about things I was planning to do to engage people who might then become new clients. When COVID hit things kind of stopped moving forward and then I had 5 clients that were supposed to start working with me between March 15th and May 1st. Several have put themselves on hold indefinitely."

Many businesses have come to a screeching halt like Judy's. Being a functional medicine health practitioner we asked how she was keeping her own mental and physical health in check. "I personally do meditation, and I have a coloring book of owls that I enjoy working doing. I use very vibrant colored markers which allows me to do something creative but is also a sort of meditative experience to have every day. I do that for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. Exercise is a bit more challenging for me as I have a torn meniscus but we have been taking hikes with our dogs on paths out in the country. I am used to cooking most days so that hasn't changed but I have to admit that I have had a few more glasses of wine and a few more margaritas than I would have usually so I am now being more cognizant as I recognize without my usual body pump classes I have put on a few pounds and since I am at the computer all day long my body has been more stiff than usual. So, I took myself on as a client because I know now more than ever I need to make sure that my immune system is the strongest that it can possibly be...that is the best defense that anyone has against any disease".

Judy also offers a Facebook group that she stays very active in. "It Takes Guts to be Healthy providing all kinds of free resources in order to help the people in the group reduce the stress, fear and anxiety that has been caused by COVID. All of those things add to reducing the efficacy of a person's immune system, so I felt that by offering free resources - the meditation, yoga, laughter yoga, interviews with coaches on dealing with the situation, about mindfulness and presence, about working from home and schooling from home, and finally recognizing that we were also dealing with grief on all levels, I had a grief support panel of experts provide information I could at least positively affect some people's health and wellness. Not having clients doing the research for all the free resources did give me a certain feeling of purpose which I needed. There are free crafts, virtual tours of museums, national parks, aquariums, travel locations and lots of other things to promote a sense of participating in something and having some fun, even if virtually".

Compassion shines through when speaking with Judy and her love of community is strong. If you want to learn more about her practice and how to work with her, visit her site at https://bit.ly/3cqtrFt. To join her Facebook group and receive a free eBook, do so here: https://bit.ly/2xPNiie

I believe in personalized service, and I know everyone's financial path is unique. I help individuals and business owners plan for all stages in life with a focus on retirement, estate, and business exit strategy planning. My team leads with education and our mission is to help people understand where they are financially vs. where they want to be, and then help them fill that gap in the most efficient and affordable manner for their situation.

We're here for you! Whether you're an existing client or looking for someone to ask about your financial situation, we're here to help. Open for virtual meetings and guidance. Call to schedule your conversation! 262-373-9135

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

We're reaching out to local business owners to help them navigate the challenges of Safer at Home and COVID-19. Each story is unique and each deserves to be heard.

Today we spoke with Cheane Sartler, owner and stylist at Honeycomb Salon.

When asked about the most challenging part about mandatory shut down she stated, "it will obviously have to be the financial loss we are suffering. Each stylist is an independent contractor so we have multiple stylists suffering with no pay. "

Cheane remains grateful to their clients and following in these tough times, "The way we are overcoming it is through our extremely generous clients. They have bought gift cards, paid ahead for services and bought product from us. That has helped tremendously. We appreciate it so much." They are also maintaining an online presence offering services like virtual hair styling classes for moms with little girls.
My favorite part in speaking with Cheane is her positive attitude, "The silver lining that I have found with safer at home has definitely been the time with our little family. I now spend all day every day with my 3 year old son and he is just so amazing. The 3 of us have eaten dinner together every single night which never happens. I try to find positivity in each day. Some days are harder than others but it's always there."

Kudos to you and your staff Cheane. Keep on keeping-on and we cannot wait for you to reopen!

If you want to learn more about Honeycomb Salon, order gift cards, or purchase product, you can follow them on Facebook at https://bit.ly/35fbXJq or find them online at https://bit.ly/2xnpEJU.

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Is your plan rock solid during these uncertain times? I can help you plan and enjoy peace of mind knowing your final wishes are protected. We're here for you. 262-373-9135. [email protected]


modernwoodmen.org Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. You’ve worked hard. Together, we can help you plan your final wishes.

[04/20/20]   Wisconsin Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

Wisconsin plans to start taking Pandemic Unemployment Applications the week of April 21, which is important for those who had been otherwise not eligible for unemployment including: individuals who are self-employed, certain independent contractors, individuals with limited recent work history, and other workers not covered by Regular UI.

The benefit amount under PUA is 1% of your 2019 net income, with a minimum weekly benefit amount of $163 and a maximum weekly benefit amount of $370.

You can receive PUA benefits up to 39 weeks:

First Payable Week: Retroactive to week ending February 8, 2020 (or the first week an individual is out of work due to COVID-19, whichever is later)
Last Payable Week: Week ending December 26, 2020

Thank you to the Brookfield Chamber for this important update.

We're here for you! Whether you're an existing client or looking for someone to ask about your situation, we're here to help. Open for virtual meetings and guidance. Call to schedule your conversation!

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[04/06/20]   A friendly reminder to business owners, your first estimated tax payment due date is now July 15th however, the 2nd quarter payment has not been extended to date and is still due on June 15th.


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Not all super heroes wear capes

Milwaukee Tool

Way to go Milwaukee Tool!

During these uncertain times all of us are doing our part to keep each other safe and healthy. For many that means taking steps to stay at home, for others it means putting their lives at risk on the front lines. We are doing our part by donating all remaining inventory of N95 respirators to hospitals in need. Together, we can get through this. #TOGETHERweSTAND

We're here for you! While our office is closed to in-person meetings, I am still available to help. Whether on the phone or virtually, let's set up a time to talk. 262-373-9135. [email protected]

We never stop learning. No matter what your age or financial situation, if you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

[03/27/20]   This just in... (Courtesy of NAIFA)
Congress Enacts CARES Act, a $2 Trillion Bill to Rescue the Economy
On March 27, 2020 the House of Representatives followed the Senate’s 3/25 passage of H.R.748, the CARES Act. The House passed the $2+ trillion bill by a voice vote. The bill’s goal is to rescue the economy and the millions of Americans struggling with the virtual nationwide shut-down of most commerce as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
The law is stuffed with billions of dollars in loans, grants and direct payments to help individuals, people who have lost their jobs, small and medium sized businesses, big businesses especially hard hit by the coronavirus crisis, medical care providers, and states and localities battling the crisis. Below is a list of just a few
• Paycheck Protection Program: Included in the CARES Act is the new, temporary paycheck protection program (PPP). The PPP is open to businesses with fewer than 500 employees. It is available to self-employed individuals so long as they have employees. It allows these businesses to borrow enough money to meet payroll, pay rent or mortgage and utilities, and cover pre-existing debt obligations during the “coverage period.” The coverage period is between Feb. 15, 2020 and April 30, 2020.
Borrowers apply for these loans through participating banks. They will pay no fees on these loans. If, a year later, the borrower has not reduced payroll, or reduced workers’ compensation by more than 25% the loans will be forgiven. The forgiven loan amounts will not be includible in the borrower’s taxable income.
Eligible payroll expenses include wages and salaries, the amount of employer-paid group health insurance allocable to the program’s coverage period, retirement benefit costs, and payroll taxes payable all for the applicable period. The amount of the loan that will be forgiven excludes salary amounts above $100,000, paid leave expenses covered by the government through the coronavirus-related paid leave requirements enacted in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and mortgage principal and other loan principal amounts.
Loan amounts that are not forgiven will be regular loans, be sure to talk to your SBA specialist regarding.
The CARES Act requires that guidance on how the program will work must be issued within 30 days of the law’s enactment (so, by around April 27).
• Retirement Savings: The CARES Act includes:
o Suspends required minimum distributions for 2020.
o Allows plan participants to borrow all of their vested account balances, up to $100,000, and extends the time for repaying these loans.
o Waives the penalty tax on early withdrawals. Repayments of these withdrawals and loans (all of which must be coronavirus crisis-related) can be made within 3 years, and regular income tax on these withdrawals can be paid over a 3-year period.
• Employee Retention Tax Credit: H.R.748 also provides for a refundable 50 percent tax credit on the employer-paid portion of payroll taxes on wages up to $10,000 per employee. Excluded from this tax credit are payroll taxes that are covered under the new paid leave and/or paycheck protection program rules.
• Delay in Payment of Payroll Tax: The CARES Act also defers employers’ obligation to make Social Security tax payments through the end of 2020. This provision applies to self-employed persons, too. The provision requires that the deferred employment tax be paid over the following two years, with half of the amount required to be paid by December 31, 2021 and the other half by December 31, 2022.
• Unemployment Compensation Benefits: The bill expands unemployment compensation, at the federal government’s expense. Per the bill, unemployment will be paid under the applicable state rules, but for four months, and with an additional federally-funded $600/week payment, when unemployment is as a result of the coronavirus crisis. It also expands eligibility for unemployment compensation, including to self-employed individuals.
• Direct Payments to Individuals: The bill creates a program under which Americans will receive cash payments directly from the Treasury. The amount of the payment is $1,200 per person ($2,400 for a married couple) with income under $75,000/year ($150,000 for a married couple or $112,500 for a head of household). An additional $500 will be paid for each dependent child. People with incomes above these levels will receive a reduced payment. The reduction is at the rate of $5 for every $100 by which their incomes exceed the limits. Payments are fully phased out at incomes of $99,000/single and $198,000/married. Any individual with a valid Social Security number is eligible for the payment. The payments will be by direct deposit for taxpayers who receive their tax refunds/Social Security payments via direct deposit. Others will get either checks or debit cards, a decision the government has not yet made.

And more.

Our Story

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For important disclosure information, please visit modern-woodmen.org. *Securities offered through MWA Financial Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Modern Woodmen of America. Member: FINRA, SIPC. www.finra.org www.sipc.org Investment Adviser Representative offering advisory services through MWA Financial Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser. Products are available in most states. Individual representatives may not be licensed to sell all products.

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