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[04/16/12]   We will be doing the MX trip video/recap this Wednesday at OneEighty @7pm! Parents, Families, Friends are all welcome to come, it should take about 15min. ALSO, all passports and birth certificates (for all of 157 students) will be given back on SUNDAY when we meet again for 157.

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Jimmy Needham's Grace Amazing Tour with Trip Lee and special guest Andy Cherry at Crossroads Church in Portland, OR 2/11/12

[04/16/12]   And now, your mission continues...

[04/15/12]   Mommies and daddies: We will be arriving at 5:30 in the church parking lot (shepherding center).

[04/15/12]   On the road once again. We will be contacting all the parents when we are an hour away.

[04/15/12]   We made it safe across the boarder!! We had a short wait and didn't get stopped. Staying the night again at the church in San Diego and will be hitting the road bright and early.

[04/12/12]   Pictures from Tuesday & Wednesday are up! We will be posting a short recap "so-far" video with all the students tmrw morning so be on the look out for that!!

[04/11/12]   We made it across the border! (not without a short speed bump...but God is Sovereign and Almighty and proved faithful once again) we're settled into the Spectrum dorm waiting to eat dinner and debrief the day.

[04/10/12]   Tues 2:00pm - hey everyone, our schedule shifted just a little so we're preparing to go across the border now. Please be praying for the Lord's will to be unignorable and overwhelming over the next hour. #solideogloria

[04/10/12]   Well...Day 1 is complete. Today was great, not the most exciting compared to the rest of the week, but God has definitely used the situations, encounters, and opportunities (some used & missed) to begin stirring in the hearts of these students. We're looking forward to tmrw, working in the Spectrum warehouse for the day with Ron & Diane, and then crossing the border in the afternoon to meet up with Armando, Ernesto, and the rest of the Spectrum gang. Thanks for all your prayers and support! (we'll have pics and updates tmrw, didn't take any today)

[04/10/12]   We made it to San Diego! Currently eating dinner with the Aaron and Christine Passmore. Praising God for traveling mercies and for the huge hospitality & fellowship with the Passmores. Tonight we'll be settling in to North Park Christian Church. Keep prayin CRASH!

[03/28/12]   Heads up! SF Team, we're doin a recap tonight for OneEighty right in the beginning from 7-7:10pm so please be there. Your parents should already know, but they're invited too!

[03/24/12]   Friday Update from Jack
(this morning) we had quiet time then worship and after we went to our stations and I went to the kitchen dinner than helped the rescue mission health fair setup and after we did night ministries. God taught me that I obviously wasn't perfect but showed me what I needed work on in my faith. Please pray that we have a safe trip home.

[03/23/12]   Thursday Update from Joshua
Today we help out in the kitchen because the chef was not there. Also we served the kids for the science fair. After that we went out to do street ministry. It was really fun!! God taught to me how to use my testimony to share Jesus Christ with the people that was there. It was difficult & nervous but, really fun. We need prayer request for to finish strong and to really make an impact on the people we meet.

[03/22/12]   Wednesday Update from Kaylee -
Yesterday we Split up into teams. I was in the thrift store. We did more adopt a building than other days. Also instead of doing street ministry last night we had a worship session it was cool to see how some people worship and pray because it was definitely different from how we are use to. After we did that we went outside and worshipped and that was amazing. What I learned yesterday is that even though it may be a job you may not enjoy doing or is exhausting you should still do it to the best of your ability. We ask for prayer for safety. Also,for a good night sleep for all of and that God can stretch us farther than we have already been stretched.

[03/21/12]   Tuesday Update from Kelton -
today we rotated jobs again. I was on school duty. Tonight, Instead of taking only a half hour on debreifing we took a little over an hour, meaning we got deeper in the conversation. God opened my eyes to see that just because we are younger doesn't mean we can't make an impact on people's lives. We also learned that there will be trials ahead of us and we need to face them. And some of them we need to face together. Kinda like a test. Please pray that we can all have confidence in our abilities and that that will lead us to better out on the streets. And that god can use us to get his word across to the homeless.

(Justin) The students are doing fantastic. Today was definitely another long, tiring day...but they stuck it out and did a great job all thru it. Tonight's street evangelism was extremely impactful and eye opening for the students, and we're praying that it continues to mold and shape us as a team, as a crash, and as children of God. I will be giving the prayer team more specific prayer requests (meeting Wednesday at 6:00-6:30pm in the HS, if anyone would like to join), but one thing that you can definitely continuing lifting up is BOLDNESS. Our students are finding it difficult sometimes to take the initiative and be the first ones on the scene/in the door/or with a prayer, and it's been a constant struggle for us as adult leaders to appropriately empower & prompt the students to action. Thanks CRASH! We love you & we're prayin for you too!!
- J

[03/20/12]   Monday Update
Wow! So our first full day is complete and most of us are exhausted, both physically & spiritually. God did some awesome things today thru the students and the teams they worked on. As Emily said earlier, they were divided up into a few different teams that got to assist different areas of ministry for City Impact. In the kitchen, they did TONS of dishes and food prep all day; at City Academy, they served as teachers aides in grades 1-4 with Mrs. Chea and LoLo (if you remember them from last year!); at the thrift store, they sorted clothes, helped customers, and talked with anyone God brought in front of them; in the rescue mission, which is kinda like a COC, they cleaned/setup/served/teardown/dishes then did it all again. As stated earlier, Emily got the chance to co-lead a bible study and Kaylee O'Neill, literally within an hour of arriving to be an adult leader for the trip, was asked to lead worship for the 85 homeless people there for the meal (and i might add...she blew it up!). Then tonight, we got a chance to do some street evangelism and mobile worship throughout some of the surrounding streets, bringing some snackie-poos and the love of Jesus to anyone they met. There are tons of other stories that I wish I could keep sharing but I'll let the students do that when they get back, lol. Thank you all for continuing to cover us with the mighty power of prayer!

[03/16/12]   SF2012 Leaves this Sunday! Pre-Pack at 8:30am, Commissioning at 11am, Departure at 11:30am. FOLLOW THIS PAGE FOR UPDATES ALL WEEK.

[04/23/11]   We are passing through Santa Ana area now. We will stop for lunch and when we get into town we will get the cars washed and head home. Parents be expecting calls from students later this afternoon/evening! Thank you for your prayers and encouraging comments...see you all soon!

[04/23/11]   Friday Update: Went to the ranch with the Casa and headed to 5 homes to deliver food for the families. After that we headed to the dorms to clean and crossed the border with ease. It really was a great day. Please pray for our trip home tomorrow! Please continue to pray for the Spectrum staff as well as those we interacted with while there. Thanks!

[04/23/11]   We're back in the US. The border crossing was super easy....point God. On our way back to North Park church, we'll shoot you a more thorough update tonight!

[04/22/11]   Thursday Update #3: Tomorrow is our last full day of the trip...pray that the Lord would continue working in the students. Pray for the people we have been interacting with and will be interacting with. When you look through our pictures, pray for those people that you see. We plan on crossing the border tomorrow evening. Pray for a safe, easy, uneventful, quick trip across the border, please =) Thanks for praying

[04/22/11]   Thursday Update #2: Tomorrow we will be heading to the same ranch as Tuesday, but with a different orphanage. This time we will be there with "the Casa" orphanage. We're excited to spend the day at the ranch with more kids =)

[04/22/11]   Thursday Update #1: We had a great day at the bath house/shower day at La Bola today. We were able to end our time there with some great worship there. After that, we headed to Faustos to do carnival games and play with some kids. We handed out candy & fruit and were able to see a very impoverished area of Tijuana. The students were moved.

[04/21/11]   Wednesday Update #2: Please pray the our students would show every person they come in contact with the love of Jesus. We have a bath house/shower day tomorrow at La Bola and will be interacting with a lot of kids. Please pray for our team to show God's love and to be open to learning from the Lord tomorrow. Thanks for praying!!

[04/21/11]   Wednesday Update #1: We poured cement for the foundation of a house, shoveled dirt & rocks & rubbish, helped to make ceviche, prayed with people, played with kids, went shopping for supplies for the next couple days, and ate a delicious dinner at Ernesto's. Today was a great day.

[04/20/11]   Tuesday Update #3: Tomorrow we'll be pouring concrete for the foundation of a house. Be praying for the team to not be so task oriented that they forget to minister to the people who we are working with and around. Please be praying for the Spectrum staff. Especially Armando & Ernesto. Pray for the work they do to share the love of the Lord all the time. Pray for them every day. Thanks for praying!!!

[04/20/11]   Tuesday Update #2: Ernesto (one of the spectrum guys) was mentioning that this is the first time these kids have had a chance to leave the orphanage. Can you imagine that for these 70 kids that we picked up?? Pray for the Tribe of Jesus orphanage. Although the name of their orphanage has Jesus in it, these kids don't know our Lord. Pray for the staff and kids there.

[04/20/11]   Tuesday Update #1: We woke up at the early hour of 6am this morning, ready to start our day chopping up onions and cilantro then heading to one of the orphanages. We played a little with the kids then caravanned to a local ranch. The ranch was a lot of fun with the swimming pool and large yard to play in....

[04/19/11]   Monday Update #3: Tomorrow we will be picking up kids from the Tribe of Jesus orphanage and taking them to a local ranch where we will have a picnic & barbeque. Pray for our day! Pray that the students would be able to see God working throughout the day and that we would all be open to His leading! Pray for the children at the Tribe of Jesus as well!

[04/19/11]   Monday Update #2: We crossed the border in the afternoon and headed straight to costco to buy our groceries for the week. After that we headed to the market for a quick minute and then to the dorms. Some students went to the meat market and others stayed back to cook mac-n-cheese and hot dogs =)

[04/19/11]   Monday Update #1: We had a great day today! We spent the morning and afternoon at the Spectrum Warehouse helping out with Ron & Diann with lots of tasks. We sorted lots of clothes, vitamins, medicine, and of course helped out with some cleaning. It was great being able to minister to them....

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