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Discover swimming pools, camps for kids, yoga classes, massage and more at Brambleton Sport&Health Club in Brambleton Town Center near Ashburn, Virginia.

Member Amber Zufelt is the true definition of dedication. All year long we've been witnessed her transformation and the results have been nothing short of astonishing!⁠

When others slept, she worked out.⁠

When others took a break, she kept running. ⁠

Even when we met up with her and the other models we shot with last month for dinner she respectfully declined to order and pulled out a case from her bag that contained a protein cake she baked from scratch and meticulously weighed out so it fits within her macro nutrition needs for the day. ⁠

Since January 2nd she's lost 30 pounds of fat and packed on some serious lean muscle.

Here's to you Amber and all who believe that they are truly built for more!!⁠

Don't read this quote and take it for face value-it's far deeper than that. ⁠

In every area of life, we are either at the bottom of a climb or the top of a summit. And what happens once we reach that summit? A new climb begins...⁠

In the midst of that climb, it's so easy to lose sight of the goal, but that loss of focus can cause you to lose your footing, take the wrong step, or heaven forbid, ignore the details of your equipment and cause your harness to break. ⁠

Remember why you're here today, remind yourself of why you walked into Zumba class, or why you're deciding to add 20% to your regular lift. ⁠

[07/12/19]   This week's Monday Minute workout was by far one of the toughest routines we've put our Instagram followers through, if you're looking to push your limits this summer then follow us on Instagram and get in on the action!!!

The bar doesn't always have to be heavy in order to see results, it only needs to be continually raised 😉⁠

One of the best ways to make sure your fitness results never become stagnant is to have your own personal trainer that knows your body better than you do and can incorporate the right routines to make sure you achieve your desired goals. ⁠

But in today's climate, when information is literally at the fingertips of every generation, some still find it difficult to justify the investment of a personal trainer, so we wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on personal training!⁠

If you've had a personal trainer before, would you mind sharing your experience? What was it like? What results did you see? What did you/didn't you like about the experience?⁠

If you've never hired a personal trainer before, but you've considered it what has kept you from making the commitment? ⁠

We are pleased and proud to announce that Amber Zufelt has become our next official Onelife Ambassador! 😍😍😍

With almost 15 years of active duty in the Navy, Amber knows all about the hard work and dedication it takes to become your best. She certainly embodies this month's theme of Built For More as Amber is an avid volleyball player and currently on her journey to competing in her first fitness competition this month on the 27th!

When Amber isn't getting it in at our clubs or defeating her competition in the sand she can be found traveling the world (35 countries and counting) and taking in this beautiful thing that we call life!

But you will remember the experiences you created with the ones you loved. ⁠

This summer, be adventurous and live boldly; you've built the body of your dreams, now go put it to good use!⁠

[07/05/19]   Click the link to check out our first of the month- Monday Minute Post

Balance and stability, two giant contributing factors to a leaner, stronger body; unfortunately the two are over-neglected by many fitness enthusiasts. ⁠

In fact, we asked 10 of our top trainers what are the common factors of fitness many people neglect and nine out of ten said balance...can you guess what the other trainer said?⁠

Think balance isn't that important? Check out this list of everyday things you do that require balance and you might just change your mind. ⁠

*Riding a bike⁠
*Roller skating⁠

Still hitting the gym today? Bring a friend with you for a free workout!

4th Of July Hours

Happy Independence Day!

Be sure to double check your club's holiday hours! Club holiday hours

Sweet-Chilli Pineapple & Shrimp Skewers

4th of July is only a few hours away! Make sure you read this article and try the recommended recipe. Feel free to add, take out, or substitute ingredients at your discretion. Click the link below to read our latest article and when you finish, come back to this post and let us know if you like it! summer barbecue recipe for 4th of july

Meet Jason Wood, ex-Army Vet, father, elite obstacle course racer and one of our newest Onelife Fitness ambassadors. ⁠

We are honored to have Jason as a part of our team and can't wait for him to start sharing his fitness and mindset tips of an elite level athlete with you!!! ⁠

4th Of July Hours

Don't forget to check the holiday hours for your club location! Club holiday hours

REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY FOR GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS! Call the club for more information or sign up online at

Motivational Monday

So often fear sets people back from becoming all that they can be.

Fear of failure
Fear of the past
Fear of judgement

What ever the fear is, even if justified, it never has a place in the minds of those who desire to become great. Today, set your soul on fire and burn any bridges that don't get you to the next step in your fitness journey!

We wanted to take the time to honor our amazing Social Media Director @thechristophergrate for Social Media Day.

Since joining the Onelife team he’s been paramount to helping us deliver quality content to our audience.

Thank you for all you do Chris, we are so honored to have you!

REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY FOR GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS! Call the club for more information or sign up online at

June Member Success: Jason Stone

Take one look at ex-Army Officer and elite obstacle course racer Jason Wood’s IG following, current sponsors, and his feature in Men’s Health Magazine and you wouldn’t believe for a second that he was once divorced, depressed, and 50 pounds overweight. Like Jason, so many of us have had to go through many trials and tribulations before we were able to embrace lasting moments of triumph. ⁠

If you’re in a place in life where everything seems to be against you, part one this Member Success video is a MUST for you to watch. ⁠

Visit our Instagram page by clicking the link below to view the entire interview 💪

[06/27/19]   If you aren't following us on Instagram you're really missing out!
Here's our June recap for all the Monday Minute episodes that were produced exclusively for our Instagram followers 😁

Ask any sneaker-head or fashionista and they'll tell you that no two shoes are alike, but did you know that goes for fitness activity related kicks as well?

In today's article, we break down the best shoe types for your major activities and the specs that can make a good shoe great!

From now until supplies last we are giving away a free can of Celsius energy drink to all club members who follow us on our Instagram account!

To receive your free can of Celsius, visit the front desk staff of your club at your next visit and they'll show you what to do!

#celsiusofficial #celsiuslivefit

Want to win a FREE GoPro Hero7?!?! Go to our Instagram page to find out how!

Click the link below to learn more

Your mental and emotional health are just as important as your physical health. In your pursuit of happiness be sure to take care of the mind, body, and heart. 😁

Selfie Day

Happy Selfie Day!

[06/21/19]   Going on a trip without a club in site? We've got you covered! Head to our Instagram page to check out the latest Monday Minute episode where we deliver a killer plyometric circuit workout that you can do anywhere!

Pineapple Salsa Grilled Chicken Healthy summer recipe

Congratulations to @teabags7 (Tarita Bagley) you're our grand prize winner for our Fit For Summer Giveaway!!! 🎉 🎈 🎉 🎉
Thank you to everyone that participated, we hope you are enjoying your free swag, and week of small group training. 😁

Tarita, please send us a DM as soon as possible to claim your prize of:

1 Year free membership dues
1 Free personal training session
1 Free week of small group training classes

A big shout out to our member and newest model, Kyle.

Kyle is the perfect example of, well, leading by example 😁. As a self educated yogi and avid runner, Kyle has always lived a healthy lifestyle, but when he met his girlfriend Bethany in EMS school she expressed that she didn't have the same feelings towards being active.

"Bethany wasn't much into health and fitness when we first met. She knew it was important but she just wasn't very motivated to get started."

Overtime, seeing Kyle continually workout and run every day of the week, the fitness bug bit Bethany and now she and Kyle can be seen doing trail runs together and working out at our clubs.

Who's someone who's life you've had a positive impact on through your active lifestyle? Drop a comment below and let us know a life you've changed for the better 💪

Motivational Monday

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."-Helen Keller

It's true, life is meant to be exciting, fun, adventurous, fulfilling!

We work, we parent, we build every day of our lives... and our reward?

The opportunity to create incredible experiences that we will memorialize with our loved ones for the rest of our lives.

You have one life, what experiences will create this summer?

We wanted to take a moment to highlight the beautiful photos that our Content Creator Caleb Henry has taken for Onelife Fitness and give a huge shoutout to all he’s been doing.
As an employee of Onelife Fitness and an 11 year club member, Caleb enjoys staying fit and healthy because it allows him to take daring nature and adventure photography.
Thanks again Caleb!

Our cycle instructor Tim is not only an amazing teacher, but an incredible father.

His weight loss journey began years ago when his daughter went to give him a hug and instantly became saddened that she couldn't wrap her arms around his waist.

Since then, he's gone on to build an incredible physique of strength, power, and endurance and enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals through teaching cycling classes at our clubs.

Happy Father's Day Tim and to all the fit fathers reading this we salute you! ❤️

[06/13/19]   Are you following us on Instagram? If not, you're missing out on some amazing fitness tips from our Monday Minute series.

Click the link below to check out the latest episode then follow us on Instagram and turn your posts notifications ON so you don't miss another minute 😉

You woke up with a gnawing hunger to change your health...what are you going to do about it?

Bring your friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones in for some summer fun at our next Open House event tomorrow and Wednesday!

Without new experiences something inside us sleeps.

Today, commit to awakening your inner greatness; you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Congratulations to Morgan and her amazing weight loss journey!

Not only has she lost over 30 lbs. since becoming a member and Zone 4 enthusiast, but she’s also developed a sense of community and found her tribe. 😍

“I joined Onelife and small group training a little over a year ago. I’ve lost 35 lbs! Not only is my quality of life better, I’ve gain lifelong friendships. I’m held accountable and called out when I don’t come!”

Tag a fitness friend that holds you accountable to show up and give your best and let them know how much you appreciate them!

[06/06/19]   Have you checked out our Monday Minute video series on Instagram? Each week we give you awesome fitness tips, workouts, and more packed into an easy to digest one minute video so you can quickly apply what you’ve learned to your next workout routine!

Click the link below to view our latest Monday Minute abs exercises!

Ever wondered what was the right type of workout clothes for a specific activity or the best shoes for running on asphalt as opposed to open trails? We answer these questions and more in our latest Dress For Fitness Success article!

[06/04/19]   SPA CLOSED until 6/5 at 7am. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Due to inclement weather, our outdoor pool will be closed this evening. Stay dry and we hope to see you at the club!

Pay It Forward

Together we can help make the world a better place, Onelife for all.

Squat For A Cause

Squat for a worthy cause 😍 🏋️ 😍

REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY FOR GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS! Call the club for more information or to get signed up.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Brambleton?

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