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Do you need help resolving a workplace conflict or family dispute? Have you decided to divorce and need to finalize a settlement agreement or parenting plan?

Do you want to avoid a costly legal dispute with your employer or your ex? We can help.

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Atlantic Mediation's Erin Fisher joined Muoki Musau, Realtor this morning to help debunk urban legends about the distribution of assets when going through a separation/divorce, particularly when it comes to real property in Virginia.

Wedding Crashers - "Let's Move On"

Despite the many ways that Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) and John (Owen Wilson) are hilariously wrong in their divorce mediation practice, they do get one thing right: sometimes you just have to make the choice to move on.

Ways to watch Wedding Crashers:

Time = $$$ and we want to make sure each mediation is handled as efficiently as possible to reduce our clients' costs. We take time to study the factors in each case and review any notes we've taken in a previous session. #mediate #mediatedontlitigate #mediationskills

elPostel's Ellen Interviews Erin from Atlantic Mediation

ElPostel Coaching LLC kicked off a series events in celebration of women, Women's History Month, Women’s Health Month, Women's Small Business Month, and in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I am honored Ellen to be chosen as one of your "wonderfully wise women" in October!

We're celebrating National Work & Family Month by offering a free, half-hour consultation. Contact us for more information.

Thank you Lord Fairfax Small Business Development Center for allowing us to be a part of your directory! Atlantic Mediation is excited to offer mediation in Clarke and Frederick Counties. If you live in Berryville, Boyce, Winchester or any town in-between, we can help resolve your family and workplace conflicts.

Mediation Explained in One Minute

Do you know the benefits of mediation? We explain the advantages in 60 seconds.

Good morning! I'd like to introduce you to our office assistant, Josie Bird. She and her brother, Jasper, strictly adhere to our confidentiality policy!

Please note our updated COVID hours. We are 100% online for your safety.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Conflict during Distance Learning

Are you working from home and trying to balance distance learning too? Here are my top 5 tips for making this challenging time a little less stressful!

I'm working on a YouTube channel and I'm interested in topics that you'd like to hear about! Please comment below or DM!

Some ideas so far: workplace bullying, being ghosted by a friend, conflict with your spouse/partner, divorce/custody issues, and cyber conflict. Others?

Working from home has its perks! Happy Friday everyone and have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend!

Thanks for voting, FB friends! The next blog entry will be about the conflict between the Hatfields and the McCoys. Stay tuned and have a great week!

[07/31/20]   Happy #FlashbackFriday! We were featured by The Real Ladies of Loudoun County as members of their directory. If you have a business, we highly recommend adding yourself to this great resource! The signup link is in the comments below.

Who gets the family pet(s) in a divorce? Pet custody can be a hot topic! Do you want a court to decide? We can help!

What will you and your ex need to decide when you separate? This handy checklist will help. During divorce mediation, we will guide you through this checklist and draft/finalize your Property Settlement Agreement. The signed mediated agreement will become the biggest part of your divorce.

Please contact us for more information.

Atlantic Mediation Services is now authorized to perform work with the federal government as a woman-owned small business!

New Blog Post! As I anxiously await the premiere of "Hamilton" on Disney+ tomorrow, I figured I'd take the time to explore the deadly conflict between Burr vs. Hamilton. Could their relationship have been healed through mediation? Find out here:

Meetings look a little different these days. I hope you are safe and healthy this summer!

[06/29/20]   Poll time! It is fun to imagine how mediation may have ended celebrity or historical feuds (stay tuned for Hamilton vs. Burr later this week!)

Which "famous feud" would you like to see next the Atlantic Mediation blog? Click on poll picture below!

Any other suggestions? Comment below or DM!

Darren Soto Leads Letter Calling for Statewide Mediation Programs as Foreclosure, Eviction Moratorium Ends |

"U.S. Rep. Darren Soto, D-Fla., led a letter this week requesting Florida courts to implement statewide mediation programs to give homeowners and tenants a chance to save their homes."

Bravo! I wish more court systems across the country would consider mediation as a precursor to foreclosure or to resolve landlord/tenant disputes. I have experience negotiating these types of issues if anyone here locally in Virginia needs my help. Darren Soto Leads Letter Calling for Statewide Mediation Programs as Foreclosure, Eviction Moratorium Ends

Reviews for Atlantic Mediation Services

Thank you clients for the great reviews! Atlantic Mediation Services assists clients nationwide. Here are a few reviews from our customers in Ashburn, Herndon, and Leesburg, Virginia. Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Clarke County

[06/04/20]   🖤

Exploring Mediation in Netflix's Tiger King

My article on how mediation could've helped Joe and Carole in Netflix's Tiger King 🐅 was published this afternoon! Thank you! Netflix's ubiquitous documentary, Tiger King, is a real-life lesson in the value of mediation over litigation. Whether you're Joe Exotic battling with Carole Baskin, an employee frustrated with a co-worker, or a spouse leaving a marriage, mediation can work efficiently while preserving your sanity,....

The Real Ladies of Loudoun County

Thank you so much for featuring Atlantic Mediation this month! I enjoyed the conversation!

I sat down with Erin Fisher from Atlantic Mediation to discuss some very important topic, such as.....
How she can help you with a divorce or custody issues, conflicts in your workplace or neighborhood, or work with your child and classmates in their school.
Mediation’s primary goal is to reduce conflict and help people move forward in peace.

What is mediation?
How is a mediator different than an attorney?
What happens when you mediate?
Why would I want to hire a mediator even if I have an attorney?
Are you able to mediate during COVID-19?
Where do you meditate in Virginia?
Why did you want to be a mediator?
I've been to relationship counseling and we're staying together, but some of the same fights keep coming up. Can you help us settle our conflict once and for all?
Do you work with custody issues?

[05/10/20]   Happy Mother's Day! This is my 13th anniversary of the best title in the world. 🥰

The RLOLC - The Real Ladies of Loudoun County

Stay tuned for an upcoming episode of "Real Talk" with Atlantic Mediation and THE REAL LADIES OF LOUDOUN COUNTY!

We'll post a link to the interview here, but don't forget to subscribe to the RLOLC YouTube channel! The Real Ladies of Loudoun County is a Facebook group which was created in 2014, to provide local women a place to connect and support one another. Since the...

Why Choose Mediation?


We’ve all had to deal with interpersonal conflict at some point in our life: a bad break-up, a divorce, a workplace dispute, or a conflict with a roommate, neighbor, or classmate. It was a really tough time, wasn’t it? Or perhaps you are experiencing it now and you just want the situation to end and/or improve. It is difficult to focus on anything else and perhaps you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, trapped, and stuck. Ugh. I’ve been there.

This is when a mediator can help, especially if anger is the primary emotion for you or your ex-husband/friend/co-worker, etc. Why? Well my friends, anger is a strange beast. It can trick you into thinking that your best bet is to sue and experience your own “Law & Order” moment where you get to tell the judge how terribly you’ve been treated. However, the reality is that it never works out that way in real life, especially if you have children. Litigation is lengthy, expensive, bitter, and public. You have little control over the outcome because a settlement is imposed upon you by a judge or an arbitrator. You don’t get a choice in the matter. If you don’t like how it all turns out in court, there is very little (and sometimes nothing) you can do. This is why mediation is a much better alternative than litigation - you get to decide what right looks like. Does a judge or attorneys know what what’s best for you (and your child(ren))? Nope. They didn’t know best for me either. I chose mediation for my own divorce/custody issues years ago and I have never regretted it. In fact, I became such an advocate for #mediationoverlitigation that I became a mediator myself to help other families and individuals resolve their conflicts and move forward in peace -- while maintaining control of the outcome.

Mediation is a highly-personalized, private, caring -- oh, and it costs significantly less than going to court. You get to negotiate your own agreement with the help of a trained, highly-skilled mediator who is bound by a State Code of Ethics (Virginia, in my case). As a mediator, I act as a facilitator - not an advocate, judge, or therapist. I am required to maintain complete neutrality and use my skills to help you solve your own problems. I assist you in identifying the issues, explore alternatives, and help you reach voluntary agreements confidentially. I also draft the settlement agreements, custody and property settlement agreements, and memorandums of understanding for signature that may become legally binding.

By the way, perhaps you’re thinking that it is too late because you’re already litigating. Guess what? It’s never too late to hire a mediator. In fact, most of the individuals that I work with are feeling emotionally and financially drained and need the process to speed up or become “unstuck” without going back and forth between your attorney and the opposing counsel. I work with individuals (and their counsel as needed) at every phase of litigation. I also provide pre-litigation consultations. Bonus: the fees are typically shared equally among the parties.

Peace is possible. Contact us today or book a consultation online here:

About the Author: Erin Fisher is a certified mediator, entrepreneur, and consultant. She was recently named to the Leadership Council of the National Small Business Association. She received an executive certification in negotiation and conflict resolution from the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza School of Business and her undergraduate degree in communication from West Virginia University. Fisher was inspired by her own experiences in family mediation and works with private clients to identify and reconcile competing interests related to property distribution, custody plans, and visitation. Relying on nearly two decades supporting the Department of State, Fisher works with clients to establish peace in the workplace. She traveled extensively overseas and provided conflict resolution and mediation services related to contracts, employee dynamics, change management, and more by remaining open-minded, neutral, and unbiased to differences.

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Wedding Crashers - "Let's Move On"
elPostel's Ellen Interviews Erin from Atlantic Mediation
Mediation Explained in One Minute
Top 5 Tips to Avoid Conflict during Distance Learning




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