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Bloomington's Pre-Law Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International. More info at and follow us on Social Media at @PAD_IUB!

Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity is a pre-professional organization whose goal is to help undergraduate students make an informed decision about law school by performing service to the student, the school, the profession, and the community. Opportunities and resources provided by PAD to its members include internship opportunities, free practice LSATs, LSAT prep discounts, guest speakers, court visits, and more! Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @PAD_IUB. Email [email protected] with any questions you may have!

Happy to donate to Indiana Legal Services from our yearly Gala. Make sure to check out ILS and the great work they do. We're looking forward to our next fundraising Gala coming up in April! Stay tuned for details! 🤗

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[04/11/18]   Now that we are reveling in the success of our 3rd Annual Benefit Gala for Indiana Legal Services, it is time for me to announce that on April 3rd, 2018 the Executive Board of 2018-2019 was sworn in. I have the utmost respect and faith in the new board, which will be championed by President Ryan Cortopassi, Vice President Tyler Combs, Treasurer Zach Fischer, and Secretary Claribell Quinones.

So, in my last update as your outgoing President, I want to thank all of our PAD Hoosiers for an amazing year, and also my amazing Executive Board of 2017-2018 for all of their help planning and executing an amazing year of PAD activities!!!

Ryan Maloney | President, 2017-2018

Our 3rd Annual Benefit Gala supporting Indiana Legal Services had an amazing turn out, and featured two excellent keynote speakers: Jamie Andree of Indiana Legal Services, and Professor Fred H. Cate of the Maurer School of Law!!! The Executive Board of 2017-2018 thanks all of those who have given so generously this year!!!

[04/10/18]   Shine your shoes, iron those shirts and blouses, and lint roll your favorite suits, Hoosiers! The 3rd Annual Benefit Gala is only four hours away! Doors open promptly at 6:30pm! #PADatIUB #IndianaLegalServices

[04/09/18]   The 3rd Annual Benefit Gala for Indiana Legal Services is less than 24 hours away! We’re looking so forward to seeing everyone!

Happy #MemberMonday! Today the spotlight is on Peyton Lindley, a junior from Mooresville, Indiana majoring in Anthropology and Criminal Justice. A fun fact is that she interns with the William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Lab. She also volunteered in Nicaragua with Global Water Brigades last Spring Break (2017). She is a student ambassador at Indiana University for her study abroad program, College Year in Athens (CYA). She studied abroad in Athens, Greece last semester (Fall 2017). Her interests include jogging, swimming, hiking, and scrapbooking. Her favorite food is chocolate, especially when ice cream is involved.
Her favorite music group is a duo called the Weepies (kinda folksy). She is passionate about natural and cultural resource conservation. She hopes to work with Antiquity laws for archaeological research and museum studies.

[03/26/18]   Tomorrow night is ELECTION NIGHT y’all! Come on down to the IMU Persimmon Room at 7pm and run for an Executive position! If you’re planning to run, please prepare a short stump speech as to why you are the perfect person for the position, and make sure to wear business professional attire!

Positions available: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Professional Development Chair, Social Chair, Fundraising Chair, Philanthropy Chair, and Mock Trial Chair!

Come join us and our partners, Kappa Delta Rho, at the Woodburn clock tower tomorrow to play with puppies for a good cause!

Happy #MemberMonday! Today we will be highlighting Anya Johnson, a freshman from Chicago majoring in sociology and psychology (trying to add philosophy) with a minor in marketing. At the moment, she is only involved in Black Student Union, but she definitely plans to be involved in more. Anya wants to become an attorney that specializes in civil rights, criminal defense, immigration, and family law. Her hobbies consist of painting, drawing, watching documentaries, and fashion hunting. Her favorite food switches up every now and then. As of right now, her favorite food is tamales, but next week this could change. Her favorite musicians are Miles Davis, Prince, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Boys II Men. She is strongly passionate about political discussions (especially recent history), education reform, and old tv sitcoms.

Happy #MemberMonday! Meet Claribell Quinones, a sophomore from Merrillville, Indiana majoring in liberal studies with a concentration in law and a minor in Spanish. She works at CBTL (coffee bean and tea leaf). Claribell knows how to play the violin, and she aspires to be a lawyer! (not sure what kind yet). Her favorite food is tacos. She doesn’t have a single favorite musician, for she listens to all music. Claribell is passionate about making others happy and always being a good support system for her loved ones.

Next Thursday, IU PAD will be hosting its etiquette dinner! All are welcome, and we encourage both returning members and new faces to invite friends! It will be a wonderful night full of delicious food, networking, and, of course, etiquette!

Happy #MemberMonday everyone! Today we will be introducing our brother Zach Fischer, a freshman from Indianapolis majoring in Political Science. He is involved in Big Brother/ Big Sister, Political Science Club, and the Legal Studies Club. Fun fact? He was a former college athlete. He strives to become a successful lawyer in a field not yet determined. His favorite food is a turkey sandwich, his favorite music group is Alabama, and his interests include law, international affairs, politics, bettering himself, and bettering others around him.

Join us for a fundraiser at Chipotle

Today is the day, Hoosiers!!! Let's pack Chipotle on Kirkwood between 4pm and 8pm!!! Make sure you show them the flyer on the link below!!! Our chapter will be getting 50% of the profits, so if there was ever a time to get both double meat AND guac, it's today! #PADatIUB #GoHoosiers 02.24.2018, 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Join us for a fundraiser at Chipotle

Just THREE days until our Chipotle Dine and Donate! We're receiving 50% of the profits from any purchases between 4pm and 8pm this Saturday the 24th, provided you show them this flyer on your phone! See you all then, Hoosiers! 02.24.2018, 4:00pm - 8:00pm

[02/21/18]   Big thanks to Mr. Vikram Kapoor of Leagle BaseCamp for chatting with us via video chat tonight! #PADatIUB #SpringSpeakerSeries

Join us for a fundraiser at Chipotle

Come join us at Chipotle on Kirkwood for a Dine and Donate THIS SATURDAY (2/24/2018) between 4pm and 8pm!!! #PADatIUB #GoHoosiers #IUPrelaw 02.24.2018, 4:00pm - 8:00pm

3rd Annual Benefit Gala for Indiana Legal Services | IU Greek Life

We're very excited to announce that our Keynote Speakers at the Third Annual Benefit Gala will be Jamie Andree of Indiana Legal Services and Fred H. Cate, C. Ben Dutton Professor of Law and Vice President of Research for Indiana University!

Buy your tickets today! Indiana Legal Services is a non-profit law firm that provides legal aid to low-income individuals in the state of Indiana. Phi Alpha Delta is pleased to aid their cause again this year with our 3rd Annual Phi Alpha Delta Benefit Gala. We hope to raise a goal of $2000 for ILS.

Happy #MemberMonday! Today we will be introducing one of our newest members, Andrew Hennessey. Andrew was raised in St. James, New York but currently resides in Fort Wayne, IN as of 2014. He is a junior pursuing dual-majors in Sociology and Gender Studies through the College of Arts and Sciences and a minor in Counseling through the School of Education. He is a Cox Engagement Scholar, a Hudson and Holland Scholar, a brother of Pi Kappa Alpha, and is also involved with Planned Parenthood Generation Action and the Department of Sociology Undergraduate Affairs Committee. A fun fact about Andrew is that he has lived in a total of four states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Indiana. He plans to attend law school immediately following his undergraduate career to pursue his goal of becoming a divorce attorney. His favorite hobbies include anything related to cars, cooking, traveling, and listening to music. His favorite cuisine of food is Italian, (the real kind on the East Coast). He has too many favorite artists to pick just one, but lately he has been listening to a lot of SZA and Maluma. Lastly, Andrew is passionate about civic engagement, racial equality, gender equality, and economic development.

So excited to have initiated our newest brothers and sisters into Phi Alpha Delta! Looking forward to working with these wonderful individuals, and I look forward to all that we can accomplish henceforth!

[02/06/18]   As we’re prepping for initiation next week, there’s no chapter tonight! Next week (2/13): INITIATION! All attendees must be dressed in business professional clothing! We’re also offering free HEADSHOTS for your LinkedIn account and other social media accounts after initiation, so dress up, come participate in welcoming out new members, and get your updated headshot!!! Initiation starts at 7pm sharp in State Room West!!!

[01/16/18]   UPDATE: In light of current weather conditions, and it being sorority bid night, President Ryan Maloney and Vice President Kaylee Candelario have decided to delay our Call Out Meeting to next week, and to cancel tonight’s chapter meeting. Next Tuesday, January 23rd, at 6:30pm will be a Call Out Meeting, which will follow with a Welcome Back Social and an opportunity for you to Meet the Brothers of Indiana University Bloomington’s PAD Chapter. We apologize for any inconvenience this last minute change may have caused you.

[01/16/18]   Hey Prospective PAD Hoosiers! We’re having our first Call Out Meeting of the year tonight in the IMU Persimmon Room at 6:30pm! Come on over and meet some of the crew, and find out all about Indiana’s PAD Chapter! #PhiAlphaDelta #PADatIUB #CallOut #GoHoosiers

[01/09/18]   Welcome back, Hoosiers! We’re not hosting Chapter this week, so that you can adjust to your new schedules! (But let’s face it, you were going to #IUBB anyway!)

See you next Tuesday, the 16th, on which we’ll be hosting the first Call Out Meeting of the year in the IMU Persimmon Room at 6:30pm!

[12/05/17]   Hey everyone!!! Tonight at 7 we’re going to have our annual holiday social! There will be free pizza and an ugly christmas sweater contest! Come by and take a break from studying for finals, you know you want to. See you tonight! We look forward to spending our last chapter of the semester celebrating the holiday season!

Happy last week of classes! Another week, another #MemberMonday! The member of the week is Zoe Shir, a sophomore from Cooper City, Florida majoring in Law and Public Policy with a certificate in Political and Civic Engagement. She is part of Sigma Delta Tau, The Legal Studies Club, and IUDM. She aspires to be either an attorney or judge. Her favorite food is sushi, her favorite artist is Beyonce, and she is passionate about traveling.

Happy #MemberMonday everyone! We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Today, we will be introducing Sarah Fishel, a senior from Delray Beach, Florida majoring in Law and Public Policy and minoring in Environmental Science. Sarah is also involved in an autism mentoring program, and she is also an undergraduate teaching assistant. She can sing, and she used to do plays and dramas. She aspires to be either a Senator, a prosecutor, or to work for the FBI/NSA/CIA. Sarah loves doing puzzles, going to the movies, working out, cooking, and politics. Her favorite food is sushi, her favorite artists are Adele and Lady Gaga, and she is passionate about making an impact on her community, empowering women, politics, and government.

[11/17/17]   President Ryan, Treasurer Drew, and Social Chair Ian are playing as “Legally Bombed” (Purely for pun purposes, of course!) #ChallengeEntertainmentTrivia

[11/15/17]   Buffa Louie's Trivia Night with Phi Alpha Delta is tomorrow at 8pm!

Happy #MemberMonday everybody! Today we will be introducing PAD Secretary Brooke O’Connor, a sophomore from Chicago double majoring in International Studies and East Asian Languages & Cultures: Accelerated Chinese, with concentrations in Diplomacy, Security, & Governance, and China. She is also heavily involved in the Chinese Flagship Program, College Democrats, and her jobs at the SRSC, the WIC, and the Tennis Center. Fun fact? She was adopted from Jiangxi Province, China when she was two. Her career goals include becoming a DO Language Officer or working for a nuclear foreign policy think tank. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants (she’s a huge foodie), going to karaoke at Japonee, shopping, getting bubble tea at Zero Degrees, and going to the gym. Her favorite food is japchae, a Korean glass noodle stir fry. Her favorite band to listen to is BTS. She is passionate about learning about other cultures, history, music, and helping other people.

[11/08/17]   Thanks to all who came to our Resume Workshop tonight! Next week we're going to Buffa Louie's Trivia Night on Thursday at 8pm, so come down, grab some wings, and have a good time! #PADatIUB #IUHoosiers #PreLaw

Happy #MemberMonday! Meet your fellow PAD sister Morgan Brockman, a Political Science major and Informatics minor from Shelbyville, IN. Morgan is also involved in the CEWiT Research Program and the Feminism Club. Fun fact? She loves koalas. She hopes to become a lawyer, possibly involved in cybersecurity. Her favorite food is any type of bread. She loves listening to the Chainsmokers, and she’s passionate about the law, politics, and the way technology plays into both of those.

Congratulations to Past President Lindsey Fleischman for winning the Frank McCown Outstanding Pre-Law President Award at the 2017 Phi Alpha Delta National Pre-Law Conference! We appreciate all you did for us during your tenure, Lindsey!

[11/02/17]   Good luck to our #PADatIUB Mock Trial team as they begin their competition at the National Pre-Law Conference today!

[10/30/17]   Hey Hoosiers! No Chapter this week! Have a great Halloween!

Happy #MemberMonday! This week, we will be introducing our brother Bradly Cline, a junior from Fairland, Indiana majoring in Law and Public Policy. He’s also involved in IU Model United Nations. Fun fact? He’s actually already engaged! He hopes to become a prosecutor and go on to work in DC for the State Department. His hobbies include PC Gaming, cooking, and going to Kentucky with his in-laws to boat in Lake Cumberland. His favorite food is sushi, he likes any type of “funky” music, and his passion is helping other people!

Remember members, no chapter this week. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

[10/23/17]   Hey Hoosiers, Phi Alpha Delta is having a Mock Trial Presentation during Chapter tomorrow at 7pm in the Walnut Room! Come watch Mock Trial Chair Tyler Combs, and our Mock Trial Team of Chelsea Du, Sarah Fishel, and Kyra Staley present the case they'll be arguing at the National Pre-Law Conference in Washington, DC next week! #PADatIUB #PhiAlphaDelta #MockTrial #PreLaw #GoHoosiers

Happy #MemberMonday! This week, we will be introducing Rachel Hershorin, a sophomore from Orange County, California with a major in Law and Public Policy and a certificate in business foundations. She is also involved with Women in Business, Hoosier Hills Food Bank, and Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. Fun Fact? She also runs 3 miles five days a week! She hopes to become a business law lawyer and graduate college in three years. Her hobbies include running, reading, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite food is fries and pasta and her favorite musician is Beyonce. She is passionate about volunteering in the community and law.

A shoutout to our newest members of Phi Alpha Delta! Though the number of new brothers and sisters for our second induction is smaller than our last, I’m sure they will add immensely to our chapter. We are very excited to welcome them to the IU PAD Family!

[10/17/17]   The Second Initiation of new members for Fall Semester is tonight at 7pm in the Walnut Room! Business Professional Attire is mandatory for all participants!

Happy #MemberMonday! Today’s member is Mock Trial Chair Tyler Combs. Tyler is a sophomore from Greenfield, IN with majors in
Political Science, Economics, and Russian Studies, and a minor is History. He is involved in Young Americans for Liberty and Model UN. He has traveled to Australia and New Zealand, his goals are to practice constitutional law and then become a professor. He likes to play strategy games and pull pranks with his friends. Favorite food? Barbecue wings. He loves the band Queen (good one!), and he is passionate about ancient history.

[10/10/17]   No Call Out Meeting or Chapter tonight (10/10/17)! Good luck on midterms everyone!

Happy #MemberMonday! Today we will be introducing Professional Development Chair Chelsea (Zhuoying) Du! She is a senior from Zhejiang, China studying Law and Public Policy. Her other organizations include: Monroe Circuit Court (as court interpreter); Indiana Legal Services, Inc(as legal assistant); Undergraduate Teacher Assistant for Negotiation class and Government Finance and Budget class at SPEA; Equipment Operation at SRSC and WIC. She is an aspiring attorney and wants to start a law firm herself. After retirement, she wants to hold vocal and piano concerts over the world.
Her hobbies include singing, playing the piano, recomposition of melody, and playing logic games with friends (one smart cookie!). Her fave food is New Orleans Chicken Wings! Chelsea is passionate about exploring the individualization of people.

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