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Influencer Marketing for Social Business

Want to spread the word about your product or service? Influencer marketing might be the way to go! Take a look at our article about ways to get this spurring!

www.rapidadvance.com Influencer marketing is becoming more and more prevalent in our tech-savvy, social media-loving society. It is something that companies and brands simply cannot ignore or they risk getting left behind. In this article, we will take a closer look at what influencer marketing is, why it is important, ...


Is Hiring a Virtual Assistant Right for You?

Many of our clients are looking to ramp up their staff for the holidays. Here is an alternative to hiring team members!

www.rapidadvance.com What if it isn't feasible for you to hire a physical assistant? Say you're working out of your home-based office and there just isn't space to accommodate another employee. Perhaps your labor costs are through the roof and you cannot afford to hire additional personnel.


Be Our Guest: 6 Amazing Ways to Promote Your Catering Services

Have a catering service? Looking to expand your business? Here's an article that has 10 cool tips that will help you promote your catering company! Comment below with your favorite tip.

www.rapidadvance.com Your catering business' success rises and falls according to the number of customers, both new and returning, who book contracts. Because of that, you should consider promoting your services. Promotion attracts customers, increases referrals and produces steady, consistent growth. You can promote ca...


What Is Loan Stacking and Why Should You Avoid It?

Have you applied for a loan before? Ever received funds and now you're looking for more? Maybe you should read this article first: http://spr.ly/61848GLxg

www.rapidadvance.com As a small business owner, taking out a business loan can certainly help you grow your business. The problem, however, comes if you as an owner fall into the trap of taking out multiple loans at the same time (also known as "loan stacking").


Marketing Tips for Small Business Saturday

Are you ready for Small Business Saturday? Here are some tips to help you make the most of the day. Comment below with your favorite tip!

www.rapidadvance.com According to the results from the 2015 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey, released by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and American Express, over 95 million customers shopped at small businesses at last year's Small Business Saturday, which is eight percent more ...


Amazing Small Business Tax Deductions You Need to Know

If you're a small business, you're probably thinking about taxes. If you want to know about some amazing tax deductions, you probably want to click on the link.

www.rapidadvance.com As a small business owner, you need every tax break you can get. Unfortunately, many owners simply don't know the areas where they can receive tax deductions. Of course, some are more obvious than others, but knowing them all can lead to massive savings when it comes to paying taxes.


How to Qualify for Working Capital Financing

Looking to get a business loan but don't know what you need? Read this article! Comment below with any inquiries you have for me.

www.rapidadvance.com Qualifying for a small business loan is based on a couple of factors: your personal credit history; how long you've been in business; the type of business you run; and business revenue. Because many alternative loans are uncollateralized, lenders who back them will be especially interested in your f...


How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan with an Alternative Lender

Have you tried to get a loan from your local bank with no luck? Are you looking for alternative lenders? Are you still weighing your options for your next lender? If you answered yes to any of these questions, try reading this article before you proceed.

www.rapidadvance.com Small businesses are the lifeblood of the United States economy. Recent data from the Small Business Administration ( SBA) finds that these companies represent 99 percent of U.S. companies and 54 percent of total sales. They're also a large source of employment.


Opening a New Restaurant Without a Hitch

Looking to open a restaurant, but worried about running into some issues? Maybe you have already run into some of them. Check out this article to see how to open your new restaurant without a hitch. What other businesses can you run using this advice? Comment below!

www.rapidadvance.com Are you wondering how to open a restaurant? If you are, there are many things to consider from the costs associated to what type of restaurant to open, so an "open a restaurant" checklist is a great place to start. Let's take a closer look at all the things you need to consider before starting this ...


Starting Your Small Business Checklist

Looking to start a business? Don't know where to start? Take a look at this article! Then comment below with a day you're going to start!

www.rapidadvance.com There are so many steps needed to get your business off the ground - everything from a business plan to the legal requirements. Check out this useful list for starting your small business without a hitch! Steps to starting a business Does the business suit you?


How to Manage Your Books: Tricks for Keeping Your Income, Takes and Expenses in Order

Looking to get a better handle on your books? Try these 3 tips!

www.rapidadvance.com You might not have started a small business to get into accounting, but your business' health, wealth and overall wellbeing depend upon it. Accurate bookkeeping makes the company more effective and gives you a solid platform from which to market and sell products or services.


Tips for Saving Money When You're in the Hole

Finding it hard to save money while in debt? Take a look at this article.

www.rapidadvance.com Saving money is never an easy thing, even when your finances are in relatively good shape. Doing so when you're in debt is even more difficult, but the good news is it's not impossible. Read on to learn what you need to do to start saving, and how to save money each month on your expenses.


How to Grow Flower Sales for a Labor Day Weekend Wedding

This article is for all of my flower shops out there! Need a little Labor Day Weekend boost to your sales? Try working with weddings for last minute needs! Here's how:

www.rapidadvance.com Labor Day remains a peak period for wedding celebrations for the most unromantic reasons: logistics and expenses. Guests of the bride and groom are more likely to attend the wedding and reception since they have an extra travel day. In addition, many brides hold their wedding on Sunday because of de...


5 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for the Labor Day Weekend

Looking to gear up for Labor Day? Try these 6 quick tricks to super-charge your business!

www.rapidadvance.com For small businesses, the Labor Day weekend can be a great opportunity for you and your customers. This is the time of the year when consumers look for the biggest and best deals, which means that businesses can expect to see an increase in traffic and sales opportunities.


How to Know Whether You're Giving Your Team Needless Work

Finding yourself giving directions but it's not being done? How about disgruntled employees? It might be you. Read this article I found about how to avoid giving your employees needless work.

hbr.org Research shows that low-value tasks hurt employee well-being.


Can student loans hurt your credit? | Investopedia

Student loans. Something we don't really like to talk about. But I'm here to help you with some simple tips... pay your student loans and know your options.

www.investopedia.com Paying student loans on time helps build credit; failure to do so, hurts it.


Attract Customers to Your Business Blog With These 5 Writing Tips

Looking to get your clients to your blog site? Try these 5 techniques!

www.rapidadvance.com Discover five simple tips to bring readers - and potential customers - to your business's blog today.


The Dough to Grow: How Much Money Can My Small Business Qualify For?

I know that looking for how much money you qualify for is a major question for most business owners. We've put together this quick tutorial on how to determine what that might be. Enjoy!

www.rapidadvance.com Wondering how much financing your small business qualifies for? Take some of the guesswork out with these tips.


1 Simple Change to Make Your One-on-One Meetings Instantly More Productive

We live in a world of multi-tasking. Though we hear plenty of research advising against it, here is one article that's defying the research. Oh, and it's a good way to have your one-on-ones as well. Comment below with your thoughts!

www.inc.com The key to build a healthy, engaged team starts with getting up out of your chair.


How to Outsource Work: 2 Tips for Business Owners | Investopedia

Are you finding yourself working a mountain of hours, but the business isn't going anywhere? Try these two tips.

www.investopedia.com Small business owner can increase efficiency and profits by outsourcing routine functions such as bookkeeping and payroll.


Enhance Work Ethic Among Employees in 5 Easy Steps

Want to increase work ethic among your employees? Try establishing clear goals. Try focusing on the reward. In fact, give this blog post a once over.

www.rapidadvance.com Take these 5 easy steps toward boosting employee work ethic for your small business.


Lure Customers to Your Small Business With Pokemon Go

Looking to cash in on the Pokemon Go craze? Follow these 3 steps to getting more people off their phones and into your business!

www.rapidadvance.com Learn three ways you can make Pokémon Go work for marketing your small business now.


Lure Customers to Your Small Business With Pokemon Go

Looking to cash in on the Pokemon Go craze? Follow these 3 steps to getting more people off their phones and into your business! http://spr.ly/6187BITQS

www.rapidadvance.com Learn three ways you can make Pokémon Go work for marketing your small business now.


Retailers Are Licking Their Chops at Wandering Pokémon Hunters

So you're seeing people walk around your business on their phones picking capturing Pikachu and Charizard, but don't know how to get them in! Don't worry, I found an article that will help you realize the great potential you have. Comment below with some ideas you've implemented.

fortune.com Pokémon Go craze could be boon for small businesses.


6 Common Myths (Busted) About Social Media Marketing for Startups

Looking to add social media to your marketing strategy? Here's an article I found that you should take a look at before starting. Comment below with the one that surprised you the most.

www.entrepreneur.com One passionate, dedicated follower is worth more than 10 or even 100 apathetic ones. Don't get lost in raw numbers.


The 7 Best Freelance Sites to Find Work

Want to find some income to help you bridge the gap? I found this neat article that will help you freelance like a pro! How do you plan on using this information?

entrepreneur.com Searching for the so-called 'gig' economy? Here's where to find it.


Two Roads: Debt Or Financial Independence? | Investopedia

What do you believe will help you get towards financial independence? I found this great article about achieving that milestone needed to get you there. Comment below with your thoughts.

investopedia.com A higher income won't make you richer - unless you learn to live on less.


Getting On Your Customer's Radar | The Story of Telling

Are you finding yourself promoting your company, but still haven't found any uptick in sales? Maybe you should check this article out I found online.

thestoryoftelling.com The brands that have thrived and become important to us in recent times remain relevant because they see us, not because they made us more aware of...


How to Break the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle | MintLife Blog

We hear, "Save 2-3 months for a rainy day!" How do you get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck vicious cycle? Well, I've found this little gem from Mint. They're not talking about budgeting or the boring stuff, just ways to help you grow! Comment below on what you think.

blog.mint.com 62% of Americans have no emergency savings. 47% of households don’t save anything at all. And 76% of Americans rely on the next pay period, living...


Successful Small Business Owners Share These 6 Traits

In school, we're taught that if we work with each other to get a good grade, then we're cheating. I like to think of it as collaboration. Which, coincidentally, looks like one of the traits successful entrepreneurs have. What do you think?

rapidadvance.com Find out what the most successful small business owners all have in common.


Hire The Best Talent and Avoid a $50,000 Mistake

What processes are you using to hire your next team member? Follow these 4 quick steps to make the most out of your next hire!

rapidadvance.com Hiring mistakes can cost employers up to $50,000. Find out how to hire and keep the best talent for your small business.


RapidAdvance Named a 2016 Washington Post Top Workplace

RapidAdvance is named to #TopWorkPlacesDC from Washington Post. Another reason I love working with such a dynamic company! Check it out here!

rapidadvance.com RapidAdvance is now a 2016 Washington Post Top Workplace Winner! Find out how we got awarded this honor.


How To Scale Your Small Business

So you started your business and now have some revenue? Great! Now it's time to scale! Here's an article to get you started!

rapidadvance.com Find out if your small business is scalable with our checklist, and then learn how to scale your business effectively to optimize resources and...


Check out this link

Looking to create your business plan? Maybe you're looking to update your plan. I found this great article on Zing.com.



This is the One Perk People Want Most at Work

What's the one perk that you feel your keeps your team members happy?

www.inc.com This in-office perk wins over office design, food and on-site amenities.


4 Unexpected Things That Lower Your Credit | Investopedia

Comment below with the one that surprised you the most.

investopedia.com It's important to maintain a good credit score. Discover what could be lowering it, without your knowledge.


Do certificates of deposit help build credit? | Investopedia

A lot of my clients are looking for a way to build their credit. I thought this might be interesting. Comment below with your thoughts.

investopedia.com Learn about certificates of deposit, including if these securities are a useful tool to help build your credit score.


6 Ways to Hire the Talent You Need to Scale Quickly

Looking to scale your business quickly? Hire the right talent! I found an article that'll show you how!

entrepreneur.com Your product is not innovative; it's the people behind it who are. Here's how to build an innovative organization by scaling with the best employees.


7 Implications Of A Customer-Centric Strategy

I love number 6. Placing my clients first is the thing I believe seperates those who are successful from those who aren't. What's your strongest trait?7 Implications Of A Customer-Centric Strategy http://ow.ly/NsYJ300QuwZ

cmo.com Many organizations are considering a shift to a more customer-centric strategy. They know that in this world, the ability to effectively deliver a...


Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization

In the spirit of Get Caught Reading month, I wanted to recommend a book that I've enjoyed: Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden. #FridayReads http://ow.ly/QUsj300atX7

amazon.com A Wall Street Journal Bestseller A compelling look inside the mind and powerful leadership methods of America’s coaching legend, John Wooden


How Shared Leadership Changes Our Relationships at Work

What are your thoughts on shared leadership? Comment below with your thoughts!

hbr.org Distributed authority improves performance but is hard to pull off.


7 Free Events and Webinars Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of During...

Happy National Small Business Week! To start off, here are 7 free events and webinars entrepreneurs can take advantage of during National Small Business Week! Comment below with some other ways you can take advantage of #NSBW!

entrepreneur.com Here's how you can get involved in the Small Business Administration's week-long celebration of the American entrepreneur.


Is Green the New Black? UPS Appoints Tamara Barker Chief Sustainability...

How important is going green for your business? UPS places a high emphasis on staying green by appointing Tamara Barker as the Chief Sustainability Officer. Comment below on your thoughts about going green as a company.

smallbiztrends.com United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS), the global package delivery company headquartered in Sandy Sp...


12 Ways B2B Companies Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage

Struggling to justify creating a social profile. I found 12 ways B2B companies can use social media to their advantage!

smallbiztrends.com Sites like Twitter and LinkedIn's communication features aren't only beneficial for small busine...

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