Cherian Design

Cherian Design

Fabric art designs that could be licensed for home decor, stationery, giftware, children's merchandise or textiles. © 1995-2016 Leela Cherian

Cherian Design is a one-woman fabric art enterprise. Fabric artist, Leela Cherian, creates vibrant one-of-a-kind art pieces that exploit the potential of her chosen medium. Her work uses a wide range of fabrics – hand dyed cottons, silks, velvets, brocades, laces, organzas, chiffons, etc., that are further embellished with embroidery, fabric manipulation, dimensional work and other surface design techniques.

45" x 36"
© 2020 Leela Cherian

When I asked my granddaughter Rahael for the subject of her choice she said "Tide pools" without hesitation. She had so many joyous memories of picnics on the California coast, of wading in tide pools, of having her finger gently nipped by a sea anemone. I started reading up on the subject and looking at images. All were rather brown and dreary looking and not my kind of colors. But the rocks were encrusted, (lovely word for a textile artist) barnacled, algaed, and the life which had evolved in these so amazingly suited for the vagaries of tide and environment. I started with the rocks - handmade, embroidered, felted, beaded and stuffed and each one became a miniature landscape. Hardly like a real rock but I was hooked. A whole bag of rocks needed many pools and so my scene became a series of interlinked pools. Rahael's only request was the inclusion of a sea lion and so he sits surveying the scene. Loved working on this piece and again I learnt a lot. Thank you Rahael.

Vegetable Vendor Meets Picasso

9" x12"

© 2020 Leela Cherian

Free style canvas embroidery. Embroidery on canvas (inspired by Sue Dove's inimitable style). Takes me a lot of time to do so I started out with a familiar Picasso painting as the inspiration but then the vegetable vendor took over with her basket perched on it's rest of twisted cloth, her hair in a bun and her jimki earring.

But she is still eyeing Picasso!

Whirlpool Galaxy
43” x 36”
© 2020 Leela Cherian

My grandson Rahul's quilt request was "a galaxy or a vintage car!" I was in a fix, not really knowing much about either. Then I started looking up galaxies and was blown away by the images, the facts, the figures. Also the challenge of representing this whirlpool of swirling energy in a soft fabric quilt. I chose a cotton commercial fabric for the background and arranged spirals of organza onto it. I heat gunned the organza to create the effect of swirling, bubbling gas. Many materials formed the arms of the galaxy -- yarn, metallic laces, strokes of metallic paint. I finished the piece with a fistful of sequins and crystals.

The Whirlpool Galaxy was first discovered by Charles Messier in 1773. It is 23.16 million light years from earth and has a diameter of 60,000 light years. "It is made of long lanes of stars and gas laced with dust. The arms of the galaxy are star formation factories compressing hydrogen gas and creating clusters of new stars." Fascinating. Thank you, Rahul.

Rainforest. 43" x 34"
Made for my beloved eldest granddaughter and her fiancé.
Fabric collage, beads and charms.
Fused and raw edge appliqué.
© 2020 Leela Cherian

Under the Sea
Made for my grandson. He is an avid diver and has just moved into his own apartment. I immersed myself in sea photos, articles, documentaries before starting out on this quilt. I decided that I would try for the "feeling" rather than an actual realistic depiction of the myriad forms of sea life - beautiful, bizarre, textured beyond belief. I have used many textile techniques for this piece - a heat gun to bubble acrylic fabrics, a soldering iron to cut out intricate forms, crochet, hand and machine embroidery, beading. I've also used a wide range of fabrics - from my own dye painted background to layered organza and lace, sequined fabric, hand dyed laces, "rescued" crochet, etc. etc. And, as always, I have tried to include as many "surprises" as I could so that the viewer will always find something new. The range and possibilities of the textile medium continues to amaze me.
© 2019 Leela Cherian

Fringed, graded, hand-dyed cotton squares, each one embellished with beads, crystals, yarns, lace trims, sketches, appliqués. A segue from earth to sky, from indoors to outdoors and meant for my daughter's breakfast room overlooking her garden.
© 2019 Leela Cherian

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Embellished denim jackets and Teesha Moore-style bag

Embellished denim jackets and Teesha Moore-style bag

Cayman Island Series. © 1995-2018 Leela Cherian.

Crazy Silk Squares. © 1995-2018 Leela Cherian.

Vegetable Vendor and Family - Hand dyed and commercial cottons, machine appliqué, quilting, embellishments and embroidery. © 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Wonky Town - A free cut town of hand dyed and commercial cottons.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Dawn to Dusk - Hand dyed cotton banners, beads, hand made dolls. © 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Overall Bling - Bling decorated child's overalls.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Indian Gothic - Hand dyed cottons, fused applique, wooden bird.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Royal Trappings - Pieced silk banners heavily embellished. The arch is decorated with bead framed miniature paintings.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

The Light Beyond - Hand dyed cottons, dimensional flowers and foliage.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Silk Road - Hand dyed and commercial fabrics – cotton, silk, lace, novelty fabrics, soft edge and fused appliqué, machine quilting.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

[02/25/16]   A big thank you to all of you who liked or commented on the page. Really appreciate it.

Amethyst Moon - Hand dyed cottons, braids, laces, organdy overlays, free machine quilting and embroidery. © 1995-2016 Leela Cherian

Arrangements - Hand dyed and commercial cottons, machine appliqué, extensive machine quilting.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Faces of the World - Hand dyed and commercial fabrics, beads, buttons, embellishments, machine appliqué and quilting. © 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Tree of Life - Hand dyed and commercial cottons, fused machined appliqué, machine embroidery.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Party Bird (Inspired by the Ocellated Turkey of the Yucatán Peninsula) - Hand dyed cottons, layered fused appliqué, machine quilting, sequin embellishment.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Carnival Bird - hand dyed and commercial fabrics, crystals, soft edge appliqué, hand and machine quilting.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Blue Vase
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Far Pavilions - Hand dyed cottons, silks, laces, Angelina Fibers, soft edge appliqué, machine embroidery and quilting.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Cherian Design

Exotic Garden - Commercial and hand dyed cottons, soft edge collage appliqué, fabric painting. © 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Far Pavilions - fused applique, machine embroidery.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Rainforest - fused applique.
© 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

Seahorse - Hand dyed fabrics, laces, handmade paper, stuffed appliqué, machine embroidery on soluble fabric, beading. © 1995-2016 Leela Cherian.

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