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Beautiful and thoughtful books about people, countries and cultures of the world, for kids ages 0-18.

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27th Annual Children’s Africana Book Awards

Great new books with an Africa focus for kids, teens, and young adult readers.

Books are windows that open wide to let us see the whole world!

africaaccessreview.org BEST BOOK FOR YOUNG CHILDREN Uganda Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl and Sandra van Doorn, illus. London, Lantana Publishing, 2018 / Minneapolis, Lerner (U. S. distributor) HONOR BOOKS FOR YOUNG CHI…

Ha ha ha let's laugh

The Little Bookroom


Untold Arizona: How The Country's Largest Collection Of Global Children's Books Grew In Tucson

What a wonderful article for #WorldBookDay !

kjzz.org The gray plastic crate in front of me just arrived in Tucson from Basel, Switzerland.Inside there are dozens of picture books from around the world.Kathy G. Short pulls out one with an orange and yellow cover. It’s from Egypt and there’s an image of a sun tucked into the Arabic title.

We Need Diverse Books

Hawi is described as a historical fantasy that is set in modern-day Ethiopia and draws from the mysteries of the kingdoms and queendoms of Ethiopia’s rich past. https://thisisafrica.me/hawi-ethiopias-female-superhero-comic/?fbclid=IwAR3VDrLH9jxsJUyWgx32ltU2otO2nzNnH6ID5FKIhQwrp6BGH5LlEDsdU4c

We Need Diverse Books

Hawi is described as a historical fantasy that is set in modern-day Ethiopia and draws from the mysteries of the kingdoms and queendoms of Ethiopia’s rich past. https://thisisafrica.me/hawi-ethiopias-female-superhero-comic/?fbclid=IwAR3VDrLH9jxsJUyWgx32ltU2otO2nzNnH6ID5FKIhQwrp6BGH5LlEDsdU4c


The world’s oldest medieval map

Amazing! “In many ways, [the map] serves as a sort of visual encyclopaedia of the period, with drawings inspired by Biblical times through the Middle Ages. In addition to illustrating events marking the history of humankind and 420 cities and geographical features, the map shows plants, animals, birds and strange or unknown creatures, and people.”

For a modern, and delightful, version of the same style, try “Maps,” by Alexandra Dobrynska and Daniel Linsky. Click on our website link to read more or to purchase: https://www.whereintheworld-books.com/product/maps/

bbc.com Created around 1300, it is the largest surviving map from the Middle Ages and offers a glimpse into the mindset of the ancient Christian world.

The New York Times

Rick Steves is right about cross-cultural exposure. And not everyone can travel, but every one of us can read books about the world!

The prolific travel guru Rick Steves believes the tiniest exposure to other cultures will change Americans’ entire lives.

Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC)

This looks amazing! Great for map-lovers of all ages.

The University of Chicago has made the "most ambitious overview of map making ever" freely available online. From Open Culture via Americas Research Network. #mapmaking #cartography

We Need Diverse Books

Lovely initiative from these two girls!

"Mena and Zena were concerned that as young Muslim women, they were not seeing enough nuanced and varied narratives in books and media that featured positive representations of Muslim women and girls."

Center for the Study of Multicultural Children's Literature

Beautiful poster by Yuyi Morales commemorating Children's Book Week. Enjoy!
Interested in receiving copies of the poster to display and give to kids? Bookstores, schools, and libraries can sign up here to become official event locations for Children’s Book Week! Email [email protected] with questions.

The Children's Book Guild of Washington, DC

Great resource!

The University of Connecticut Thomas J. Dodd Research Center now features a digital exhibition of children's literature that highlights core tenets of the U.N. Declaration of the Rights of the Child: the rights to education, food, health, participation, safety and shelter. Guild author-illustrator Susan L. Roth is featured as are past Guild Nonfiction Award winners and speakers.

It is an illuminating and thought-provoking exhibit. There is also a new Malka Penn Award for Human Rights in Children's Literature with submissions open for the third year of the award http://bit.ly/2StaVFA (Lulu Delacre's US IN PROGRESS: Short Stories about Young Latinos was a 2017 Honor Book)


Nursery Tales Around the World - Where In The World Books

Today is World Read-Aloud Day -- and a great chance to highlight one of our most entertaining collections of stories. Fast-paced, lively folktales are told in language that's pure fun to listen to.

Click below to see more or to purchase!

whereintheworld-books.com An international collection of 18 nursery tales for young children, grouped by theme, such as “Runaway Cookies,” “Slowpokes and Speedsters,” and “Chain Tales,” and brillantly illustrated with full-color borders. Eighteen nursery tales from many cultures are presented in carefully-crafted...

Love this image!

The Children's Book Council

Newbery, Caldecott and other ALA awards announced this morning - and there are some fabulous books here!

Not as global as in some recent years (we are definitely looking inward as a nation right now) but there are a few gems especially in the Batchelder award category.

The day we've all been waiting for! Many Congratulations to all of the winners and honorees of the ALA Youth Media Awards today! We’re thrilled that some of the winners and honorees are creating art for the 100th anniversary of Children’s Book Week this year—SO exciting!!

Check out the full list of winners and honorees of the different awards here:


American Library Association


Outstanding International Books List

Fantastic list! These are the best books "published or distributed in the United States that originated or were first published in a country other than the U.S."

Am so happy to see some of our real favorites here: Auntie Luce's Talking Paintings (Haiti), Farmer Falgu Goes to Market (India), Marwan's Journey, and From the Heart of Africa. Can't wait to check out the rest!



Intriguing online course for 13-17 year olds:

This course aims to discuss and analyze maps that show the world from a different angle- strange maps that are delightfully obscure, shockingly partisan, blatantly incorrect, and more, all the while exploring the topics of human & political world geography.

This is a live online class for kids aged 13-17. Click the link for details.

Each map tells a story, but the stories told by your standard atlas for school or reference are limited and literal: they show only the most practical side of the world, its geography, and its political divisions.

This is an 8-week course that is designed to increase student's ability to:
-Demonstrate the importance of understanding cultu...


Maps, Atlases, and Travel Encyclopedias: Great Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family! - Where In The World Books

Maps, atlases and similar books make great holiday gifts, so I'm happy to re-run this perennial post. With just a few shopping days until Christmas, you still have time to get one or more of these under the tree!

(Click below to browse and maybe purchase.)


What a wonderful, space science-y way to describe a book!

Carl Sagan.

BBC Culture

"Books are essential. Without a book, so often the child is alone," says Antonio La Cava, who transformed his three-wheeler to transport books to children in rural Italy.

Globe Trottin' Kids

Explore #ChristmasAroundTheWorld with this fun website.
Discover and compare Christmas preparations, names of the gift givers, meals, traditions and more!

We’ll be at this fun family event on Wednesday, with great gift books and calendars. Hope to see you there!


Children’s Books: Best of 2018

Can't say we're true devotees of the Wall Street Journal, but their children's book reviewer is excellent! From this list, "Drawn Together" is a wonderful picture book for children age 5-9 that focuses on Thai culture. Nice to see, also, that all three books in the teen readers category are set abroad - in Australia, post-WWII Germany, and Iran. Of these, "Darius The Great Is Not Okay" sounds especially good!

wsj.com Meghan Cox Gurdon picks her favorite board books, picture books, and books for young readers and teens.


Our Longlist for the 2018 Golden Baobab Prize

Awarded every two years, the Golden Baobab identifies some of the best rising children’s authors and illustrators on the African continent. Take note!

goldenbaobab.org This year, the Golden Baobab Prize received over 300 new and original stories and illustrations from 17 African countries. Our 2018 Jury, made up of prominent international publishing and literary professionals, went through a rigorous process to evaluate this year’s entries.Our Longlist for the 2...


Mirage: A Novel

Great new teen / YA novel, with roots in Moroccan culture! This from the Africa Access review by Suzanne Moyer Baazet: "Mirage is a fictional novel that not only draws the reader into its story and prose, but challenges the reader to observe futurism and science fiction in a unique cultural context where it is not commonly used. Readers familiar with Moroccan culture find themselves constantly encountering values and traditions that are clearly Moroccan, while at the same time navigating the author’s magically engaging futuristic kingdom. The names of characters, foods, dress, cultural customs, and even places in the kingdom are obviously drawn from Moroccan culture and Moroccan geography, and yet the author has used these elements abstractly and contextually to envision a fantasy world that is as intriguing as any science fiction novel rooted in a different cultural context. The protagonist, Amani, grows throughout the book from a victim into a heroine and it is her culture and tradition that give her the strength to transform herself and to overcome the challenges laid in her path. For a generation of young readers who are faced with ever-accelerating globalization and pressures to disregard tradition, this novel tells a story of how holding on to your identity, traditions, and even language can be a source of strength in overcoming adversity." Full review at:http://africaaccessreview.org/2018/06/mirage/?utm_source=Review+of+Mirage&utm_campaign=Blood+Ties&utm_medium=email

amazon.com “A refreshing and unique coming-of-age story...a beautiful and necessary meditation on finding strength in one’s culture.” ―Entertainment Weekly, Top Pick of the Month“A YA marvel that will shock breath into your lungs. If you loved The Wrath and the Dawn and Children of Blood and Bone, Mi...

Every Child a Reader

Would you read a book out loud to your older child? Brightly thinks you should and has a great set of reasons why!


IBBY Canada

Terrific new online resource!

ibby-canada.org Indigenous Picture Book Collection IBBY Canada is pleased to present From Sea to Sea to Sea: Celebrating Indigenous Picture Books, a digital catalogue of 100 picture books by First Nations, Métis and Inuit authors and illustrators. The catalogue is available for download here. Includes 100 recommen...

The Atlantic

Interesting discussion - and the comments too!

It turns out that fantasy—the established domain of British children’s literature—is critical to childhood development. (from 2016)

Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to readers of global children's books everywhere!

For those of you in the DC area, we found some fabulous 2019 calendars -- great holiday gifts for the whole family.
To browse the calendars or our great selection of kids' books, please stop by the Bethesda Farm Women's Market on November 24 or December 8, or find us at the "Around the World Holiday Bazaar" on December 12 (evening) at the Silver Spring Civic Center.

The Middle East Outreach Council announced today its 2018 children's & youth book awards. The winner in the picture book category is Tata's Earrings, a truly lovely story - told whimsically, with beautiful illustrations, but with a strong underlying emphasis on both compassion and the diversity of the human family.

In the PICTURE BOOK category, our WINNER is TATA'S EARRINGS by Desirée Calderón de Falaz (Yogi Impressions, 2017).

When Maya discovers that her grandma, Tata (the most unusual granny around town), is concealing a pair of magical earrings under her headscarf, she immediately wants to find out how she got them and what makes them so special. This story and its illustrations allow readers to embark on a colorful trip around the world with Tata as she retells the story of how these magical earrings were created due to grandpa’s acts of compassion and his constant quest for social justice for all people, across all faiths and cultures.

Globe Trottin' Kids

Teaching tolerance is so important - but kids who have a broad understanding of the cultural variety in the world are already on the road to being more than tolerant - to embracing the differences. Read a global book with your kids on November 16 - and every day! www.whereintheworld-books.com

The International Day for Tolerance (November 16) is an annual observance day to generate public awareness of the dangers of intolerance.
The Teaching Tolerance website provides free K-12 resources for building inclusive school communities where all children are respected and valued.

Check it out, bookmark it, and #teachtolerance all year long!


We love this book!

Congratulations to Haitian-American writer, editor and Wee the People co-founder Francie Latour and Dominican-Canadian artist Ken Daley on the recent publication of AUNTIE LUCE'S TALKING PAINTINGS, which draws inspiration from the art and life of Luce Turnier, considered Haiti's best-known woman painter!

Every winter, a young girl flies to Haiti to visit her Auntie Luce, a painter. The girl has always loved Auntie Luce’s paintings ― the houses tucked into the hillside, colorful fishing boats by the water, heroes who fought for and won the country’s independence. Through Haiti’s colors, the girl comes to understand this place her family calls home.

Where In The World ... in DC!

Can't wait for the Annual Bazaar of the Americas -- tomorrow and Friday. Open to the public, so anyone working in downtown DC should stop by (just bring a photo ID). See you there!


9 Of Lebanon's Most Relaxing Reading Spots

”Read in Public Day” is an idea started in Beirut, Lebanon. And today is the day! I think the rest of us should adopt it too.

Here are some great places to read in public in Lebanon. Feel free to post pictures of your favorite reading spot where you live : )

beirut.com In this small chaotic country, its hard to imagine that there exist places where one can go to enjoy a relaxing, quiet setting, perfect for reading a book. The good news is that such places do exist around Lebanon, and here they are. 1. Kalei A post shared by Kalei Coffee Co. (@kaleicoffee.co) on Ap...

The Atlantic

Libraries big and small, new and old, from across the globe

IBBY International Board on Books for Young People

A wonderful resource!

Watch and share the 2018 IBBY Honour List film presented during the IBBY Congress in Athens, Greece. Enjoy!



The 2018 IBBY Honour List Congress Presentation: 191 nominations in 50 different languages from 61 countries.

-IBBY International Board on Books for Young People

We're so delighted to be participating in the annual Art and Craft Fair of the Woman's Club of Chevy Chase! Find us there tomorrow: Saturday, October 13, 10 am - 5 pm, with a great selection -- including global Hanukkah and Christmas books!



New this fall!

"The collective ArabKidLitNow is dedicated to the discovery, promotion, and translation of Arabic literature for young readers, helping Arabic children’s literature find audiences in new languages around the world."

arabkidlitnow.com A fresh view on contemporary Arabic children's literature, in Arabic and in translation

What a wonderful source for ideas and understanding!


The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) presents a collection by scholars of children's literature about outstanding story and picture books that explore issues of identity, belonging and empathy in many parts of the world. The books discussed are as original and exciting in form as they are in content, developing children's literacies while widening their horizons.

The Foreword is by Wally De Doncker, former IBBY President, and the book features Cao Wenxuan's acceptance speech for the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2016, in which he likens children's books to 'another form of housebuilding'.

Foreword, by Wally De Doncker;
1. Introduction, by Libby Limbrick and Nicola Daly;
2. 2016 Hans Christian Andersen Award Address: ‘Literature: Another form of house building’, by Cao Wenxuan; PART 1: The ways in which children’s literature can enhance intercultural understanding; 3. Australian picture books: Homes in the world for some or all? by Robin Morrow; 4. Within and beyond the blue horizon: Creating local and global identity through reading: A perspective from Samoa in the South Pacific, by Emma Kruse Vaai;
5. Complicated identities: A consideration of Allen Say’s picture books, by Patricia Bloem and Rika Hanamitsu;
6. Navigation to safety: Exploring a human rights focus in the curriculum as a pedagogical tool for developing empathy and validating refugee children’s experiences, by Trish Brooking;
7. ‘I know that you think that I feel …’: Theory of mind, empathy and picture books, by Joanne M. Purcell; PART 2: How is children’s literature being used to enhance intercultural understanding? 8.Emotional literacy through meta Fictive picture books: A cognitive exploration with emerging bilingual readers reading Emily Gravett, by Soumi Dey;
9. Tū ana, tau ana! Māori literacies in the modern age, by Elisa Duder;
10. Encouraging intercultural understanding through talk and play: Children’s engagement with global literature, by María V. Acevedo and Kathy G. Short;
11. ‘I can read this, Miss! it’s my language!’: Reflections on a multilingual reading programme in Flanders, by Eva Devos;
12. Story by story: Nurturing multilingual reading and writing in South Africa, by Carole Bloch; Index.

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