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SuperMedia Content Disclaimer: For over 50 Years Bethesda Custom Tailors has provided Washington DC Area with a broad array of classic men's designer clothing and formal attire.

Our clothing is chosen from the product lines of the world's best designers, and is made from the most exquisite materials.

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[02/20/13]   Have you ever noticed that not all tuxedo trousers have the same number of strips? Jackets with tails get two stripes, while other tuxedo jackets go best with trousers with a single stripe.

[02/17/13]   Are you searching for an affordable wedding dress? Consider purchasing a used wedding dress, or wearing a dress which belongs to a member of your family. If the dress doesn't fit it can be altered much more affordably than buying a new dress.

[02/14/13]   If you are searching for an affordable wool winter coat, consider looking for a vintage wool coat. If you love the coat, but it doesn't quite fit right, the coat can be easily altered or tailored.

[02/11/13]   If your bride has her heart set on you wearing a certain tuxedo style you aren't sure about, bring her with you to try on a few. No matter how much she likes a style, she won't want you to wear a tuxedo that looks wrong with your body type.

[02/08/13]   When selecting the right tuxedo for your needs, don't forget that only the most formal affairs require tails. For a nice evening at a fancy restaurant, you can usually get by with a nice suit.

[02/05/13]   If you want to maintain the look of your garments for many years, it is a good idea to consult with a professional who can provide alterations and tailoring services. A professional tailor can repair tears and snags, as well as replace zippers and buttons, so you can get more life out of your clothes.

[02/02/13]   If a zipper becomes stuck, or seems to be getting a little stiff, try rubbing a bit of wax on the zipper until you can get it replaced. Rub a little beeswax along the seam of the zipper or in a pinch use a wax candle.

[01/30/13]   When you buy or rent a tuxedo, don't go crazy with accessories that take away from the understated elegance of the tuxedo. For example, black shoes should always be worn with black pants.

[01/27/13]   GQ Magazine says tuxedos that include white dinner jackets are fine for most occasions. They must always be worn with black pants - never midnight blue - and it's best not to wear this outfit during winter months.

[01/24/13]   For men's dress shirts, the collar should fit loosely around the neck and one or two fingers should be able to slip easily within the closed collar. However, if you find that more fingers fit, then the collar is too large and needs to be altered.

[01/21/13]   Ever gotten dressed for a fancy event only to discover that your suit is a lot tighter than you remember? Don't risk a tuxedo that doesn't fit because you aren't exactly the same size you were when you purchased the tux.

[01/18/13]   Did you know that most wedding dresses are made for women who are 5'10? Thus, it's not surprising that the most common alteration for a wedding dress is adjusting the length of the skirt. Another common fix is adjusting the bust area.

[01/15/13]   Flat-front trousers aren't always known for providing the same room and comfort as their pleated counterparts. If your goal is comfort during your events, go with pleated tuxedo trousers.

[01/12/13]   If you're leaving for your honeymoon immediately from your wedding reception, make sure you assign returning your tux to a reliable friend or family member.

[01/09/13]   Do you have an allergy to elastic? If you experience allergies to elastic bands in your clothes, in many cases the elastic can be removed through a professional alteration job and a comfortable cloth tie can be used to replace the elastic.

[01/06/13]   The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor. He takes my measurements anew every time he sees me, while all the rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them. - George Bernard Shaw

[01/03/13]   If you'll be moving around a great deal during the event - especially from sitting to standing - consider a single-breasted tuxedo jacket. When wearing a double-breasted jacket, you'll have to button or unbutton it every time you stand or sit.

[12/31/12]   Even though a tails tuxedo is the most common type of formal tuxedo to wear in a wedding, you can choose a different style that's better suited for your body type if needed.

[12/28/12]   Although some skirts are harder to alter (particularly if the material is thin or clingy), chances are that your tailor has a solution. If the skirt seems like it's going to bulge or have rippled seams, then he or she may simply add a lining to hide any imperfections.

[12/25/12]   To get the most mileage out of your new tuxedo, stick to the basics with black or navy blue material. These colors will be appropriate for most formal events year round.

[12/22/12]   Check with your tuxedo store for different colored shirts to go along with the rest of the outfit. According to GQ Magazine, subtle shade changes from white, such as soft pink or grayish-blue, are perfectly fine.

[12/19/12]   If you want to add a little something special to the clothes you purchased from a retail store, consider visiting a custom tailor. He or she can design embroidery such as unique linings, buttonholes, rolled collars, and hand cuts for your suits or shirts.

[12/16/12]   Did you know that a garment-care specialist can bring your personal style to any garment with custom fittings? This is a great way to ensure your garments look exactly the way you want them to look on you.

[12/13/12]   If you bring in photos when selecting what tuxedo you're interested in renting. It will make the selection process more streamlined and ensure the tux you select matches with what you have in mind.

[12/10/12]   Did you know tuxedo is derived from an Algonquin tribe's name that originally lived near Tuxedo Lake? The tribe's name actually means crooked river.

[12/07/12]   If you have recently purchased some clothing that does not fit you properly-especially if your body shape has changed-visiting an alteration and tailoring professional is a great choice. Such a professional can do everything from taking in or letting out the waist of some of your pants to changing the sizes of your clothing entirely.

[12/04/12]   A fine suit isn't just about fabric and quality workmanship. Suits also rely on interfacings, canvases, pads, interlinings, meltons, silk threads, buttons, hooks, felts, and zippers to create a superior product. You may not see every detail, but the details are important when tailoring or altering a garment.

[12/01/12]   A bespoke or handmade suit will have a precise fit around the armhole. Called the scye in tailoring parlance, precision fitted armholes distinguish quality garment assembly by creating a stable framework for a jacket that will keep it from riding up in the back.

[11/28/12]   If you have a favorite pair of pants that does not have quite as many pockets as you would like them to, visiting a professional tailor is an excellent option. He or she can make one or more new pockets for your pants so they look and feel the way you want them to.

[11/25/12]   Did you know that Italy was the first country to become the center for fashionable dress? In the years following, Spain and France adopted the art of tailoring clothing to fit a certain style, and tailoring was widespread by the 17th century.

[11/22/12]   For years, the only acceptable color for a tuxedo was black. The Prince of Wales introduced the color of midnight blue, which he described at the time as blacker than black.

[11/19/12]   Did you know that the birth of tailoring was also that of fashion? What was once a loose robe became a shortened and tightened piece of clothing that accentuated the contours of the human form and gave rise to the concept of fashion.

[11/16/12]   During the Renaissance, more people began to enjoy the beauty of clothes that accented each person's curves, which caused tailors to take over weavers' role as the producers of clothing.

[11/13/12]   Did you know that the zipper was not created until the early 1900s, and the zipper did not become widely used until the 1930s? The zipper's road to fame also started in clothing for kids, and then quickly moved on to pants.

[11/10/12]   There are many different issues that go into the decision of buying or renting a tuxedo. Many experts say the rule of thumb is to purchase a tuxedo if you believe it will be worn at least three times in the next few years.

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