Georgetown Valet Cleaners

Georgetown Valet Cleaners

Georgetown Valet Cleaners is a local dry cleaner.

Georgetown Valet Cleaners is a local dry cleaning company that specializes in Garment Dry Cleaning, professional finishing dress shirts, laundry wash and fold, professional shoe repair, cleaning and alterations for luxury handbags, professional & experienced leather caring, household cleaning items, special care for wedding gowns and luxury garments, same day dry cleaning, eco-friendly solvents only.

[01/15/15]   Why is it so important to inform dry cleaning technicians of any stains – even those which have been recently removed – on clothes? Because some stains, including those caused by cosmetic products and sugary liquids, need to be treated before dry cleaning to avoid further staining.

[01/13/15]   Did you know garments that are soiled for long time begin to absorb dirt in their texture? The longer a garment is soiled without being cleaned leads to a greater chance of the stain being unable to be removed.

[01/08/15]   A tie can be a spill magnet. It's the perfect target for that wayward drop of taco sauce. A good tie can be expensive, so protect your investment by leaning toward your plate while keeping your tie a safe distance from your meal.

[01/06/15]   While it is easy to forget about them, your drapes need to be dry-cleaned at least once a year. Having them cleaned when you change them out and before you put them into storage will prevent them from deteriorating or being damaged by mold or mildew.

[01/01/15]   Did you know that both sweat and the chemicals found in antiperspirants can end up damaging your clothing? If you wear silk or other expensive shirts, it’s recommended that you wear underarm shields to prevent staining.

[12/30/14]   Have a comfortable pair of well worn shoes that you just can't bear to part with? Consider having them professionally repaired. Not only will you keep them out of the landfill (which is much better for the environment), but you can keep your feet comfortable as well.

[12/25/14]   One of the problems with using home remedies to remove spots from clothing is that many of the products contain alcohol. While it may remove the stain, it can also pull color from the fabric, acting like a bleaching agent and permanently damaging the fabric.

[12/23/14]   While men and women both wore extremely decorative high heels in the 17th century, heels made for women and men did have some distinctions. Generally, large block heels were on men’s footwear while slimmer and small heels were fashioned on women’s footwear.

[12/18/14]   Dry cleaning is most effective when spots and stains are treated immediately. If there's a water spot on your silk scarf or a ketchup stain on your slacks, take care of it right away. The longer you wait, the more fixed the spot will become, and the harder it will be to get it out.

[12/16/14]   Do you know how big the dry cleaning industry? The mean average market is $7.5 billion, 22,000 businesses, and employed around 150,000.

[12/11/14]   Can club soda really help to remove stains on dry clean-only clothes? No, in fact this is a common myth about stain removal and dry clean-only clothes. If a stain occurs, remove as much as possible through blotting and then consult your dry cleaner.

[12/09/14]   To keep dust and dirt out of your home, it’s important that household textiles receive a regular professional cleaning. Dry cleaning is an excellent cleaning process for everything from blankets and comforters to decorative pillows, rugs, upholstery, and draperies.

[12/04/14]   Water stains on drapes pose a unique problem, and expert care is needed to treat them. To protect the drapes, close the windows when it rains. If condensation accumulates on your windows and sills, take steps to correct the problem.

[12/02/14]   Did you know modern day dry cleaning was an accident? A maid spilled kerosene on her employer’s tablecloth, her employer Jean Baptiste Jolly, noticed that rather than looking soiled the tablecloth looked cleaner!

[11/27/14]   Although there have been occasional concerns raised about the chemicals used in dry cleaning, the Environmental Protection Agency states that it is extremely unlikely to be hazardous to the health of humans. The chemicals are removed from the clothes as part of the dry cleaning process.

[11/25/14]   Did you know that dry cleaning can extend the life of your clothing? Not only is it gentler than other cleaning methods, but it better removes food and beverage spills that are not only unsightly but can attract insect damage.

[11/20/14]   According to dry cleaning experts, acetate or acetate polyester should be dry cleaned to avoid shrinking. Most linen and rayon clothes also do best when dry cleaned.

[11/18/14]   If you own a matching set of white clothing, we recommend that you always have them cleaned at the same time, whether or not they appear to be soiled. Dyes and fabric finishes tend to change over time, and this will keep both articles looking the same.

[11/13/14]   During the 10th century, women in Chinese palaces began having their feet bound in bandages to make their feet appear smaller and fit into embroidered slippers called lotus shoes.

[11/06/14]   Did you know that one way to extend the life of your wardrobe is to get matching pieces cleaned at the same time? Even if you wear one piece more often than the other, having them both cleaned simultaneously will ensure that one does not age faster than the other.

[11/04/14]   Did you know plimsoll style shoes get their name from the plimsoll line (or water line) on a ship's hull? These shoes feature a rubber sole with a marking that is reminiscent of the line on a ship.

Georgetown Valet

Georgetown Valet

[10/30/14]   Wear the correct socks when trying on shoes and boots. If you are trying on boots wear heavy socks; if you are trying on dress shoes (either gender), wear a thin pair of socks or hose.

Georgetown Valet Cleaners

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[09/24/14]   It's official! Georgetown Valet Cleaners is now on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you!

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Monday 07:00 - 19:00
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