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We communicate visually through animation and interactives. We are for hire.

We communicate visually so you don't have to : We create content and deliver as animation and interactives.

Mission: To do what we love, for money.

The Video Chat That Existed In The 1870s | How Sci-fi Inspired Science

Science Fiction Science, a show we worked on with the fine folks at National Geographic Digital is getting rebroadcast into short episode. It's a really fun show.

Since the invention of the telephone and even before we had it in real life, video chatting has appeared in science fiction. See how this once elusive techno...

The Gene Explained: Super Gene

Another'un from the Gene Animated series.

The Gene Explained: What the Gene Is That?

Another one from the recent Gene series. This is how aliens really sound.

The Gene Explained: Gene Whiz, It’s a Boy!

One in an animated series we just wrapped up for the fine folks at WETA and the PBS/Ken Burns Gene project with National Institutes of Health.

If you’re curious about the origin of boys, look no further than the Y chromosome and how it contributes not only to making a boy in utero, but regulates brain…

The Franklin Institute

We teamed up with Franklin Institute to create a series of bad science animations. Here's one of em!

Think your housefly guests are only around for a quick visit? We have some bad news. #badscience

The Franklin Institute

Misconception: 'peanuts are nuts'. They are actually legumes! If you didn't know that, you are not alone. #thatsbs #badscience

James Austin at Crosstown in Memphis #jamesaustinjr #crosstownconcourse #crosstownarts

Working on some illustration styles for the inside of a cell. Even after doing this stuff as long as we have been, it’s still surprising how difficult it can be making a script or concept look as good as it is imagined. (Not sure how close we are getting here, but apparently close enough to want to share it.) @ Germantown, Tennessee

Working on some illustration styles for the inside of a cell. We’ve been doing this kind of thing for a good while and it’s still surprising how hard it can be to make a script or concept look as good as it’s imagined. #animation #illustrations @ Germantown, Tennessee

A few sketches from the James Austin Sextet show at Smalls in Greenwich. These guys are coming this Friday to Crosstown in Memphis. See’um!
#smallsjazzclub #crosstownjazz #crosstownjazzseries #crosstown #crosstownconcourse #jamesaustinjr @ Smalls Jazz Club

Why some designs look messy, and others don’t
(Thanks Brian Cordyack for the article!) Use this incredibly simple rule that is, somehow, never taught in school or design courses

Stinky Drink

After a sweaty workout, these gym rats rehydrate with a "Weird But True!" recycled refresher. Check out this week's #WeirdButTrue video we did for @nationalgeographickids #WeirdButTrueWednesday

An episode from National Geographic’s “Weird But True!” series

What does the water you drink have in common with the water ancient people, mammoths, and dinosaurs drank? Find out in this "Weird But True!" video. @nationalgeographickids #WeirdButTrue #WeirdButTrueWednesday

What’s the valuable treasure this supercrook is after in this "Weird But True!" clip? Check out the video we did for @nationalgeographickids to find out. #WeirdButTrue #WeirdButTrueWednesday

Find out how four generations of hens lay eggs in this @nationalgeographickids Weird But True! video we did. #WeirdButTrueWednesday #WeirdButTrue

Welp, it's Wednesday again! One woman loses sleep over this #WeirdButTrue noise that lyrebirds make.
@nationalgeographickids #WeirdButTrueWednesday

Natural creepy light shot. A Sunday late afternoon view with a cell phone - no touch ups. Looks like an opening for a suburban Nosferatu.

Recently we worked on developing a character for an educational show and this concept came out of the effort. It wasn't chosen, but now we want to create our own educational show with it. Maybe putting it here will remind us to do it some day.

A buddy and colleague of ours, Casey Sattler, just finished this music video for Hilton Valentine, original guitarist for The Animals!

How do you think a house fly can help you carry a tune? Check out the "buzz on flies" in this @nationalgeographickids #WeirdButTrue video - #WeirdButTrueWednesday

Did you know that the first edition of @Photoshop (Photoshop 1.0) was released in February 1990? It was created in 1988 by American brothers Thomas and John Knoll. Today there's Photoshop 20! How many "Now That's What I Call Music" albums are there again? #FunFactFriday #FactFriday #design

What's the difference between drawing and design?

A minute on the difference between drawing and design.

Bad Design: Face up or face down?

Bad Design: Front Side Up or Up Side Down?
Sure, I am in a hurry, but then I just need to know whether I put my document up or down to copy. Man, I must be in a real hurry because I can't focus enough to read this stuff -- oh wait -- it's camouflaged with bad design.

Bad Design: How many do I take?

Bad Design - How many do I take?
At first I feel stupid when I can't find how many pain relievers to take and then I realize, while I am often stupid - this time that's not the problem. It's bad design.

Youth In Government 2019

Sketch from photo of this year's Youth In Government in Nashville, TN.

Just launched this site and interactive with WETA/PBS. The show airs tonight!

Baker & Hill making new graphics out of old things.
A two minute example on how we make new graphics out of old inspirations.

Using old visuals to create new graphics (that look old).

How to Make Digital Paintings Look Traditional

A video worth watching on how to paint digitally with traditional results...

Digital painting is really versatile. You can make anything and work in any style, but what if you want your digital paintings to look like traditional paint...

Titles and graphics for an upcoming show!

Designing an icon.
A short video of us designing an illustrating an icon from a series for St. Patrick Church.

Designing an icon and finishing it in a sloppy screenprint style.

A behind-the-scenes on how we designed and illustrated a series of icons for St. Patrick Presbyterian Church in Collierville. And here's a video of the process with another icon from the series:

For our friends (both furry and non-furry) over at the Piperton Pet Hospital!

Way back in 2003 when we were all of about 4 years old, we worked on a good bit of Animal Planet projects, including quite a few for Steve Irwin's show. Thanks to all the folks at Animal Planet for including us on your team and all those great Crocodile Hunter projects!

Today, office doubles as band practice. So, if you call 'It Might Get Loud'.

We got a little carried away yesterday art directing one of our illustrators and figured we might as well just turn this into a share. Here's a visual conversation on the nuances of controlling style in terms of whether it communicates old, young or funny.

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The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) was created in January of 1999 to serve as a national resource for programs and professionals assisting young people beleaguered by emotional and behavioral difficulties.

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The Student Interest Group (SIG) focuses on the interests of student members in the American Society for Nutrition (ASN).

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Catch This! is a podcast designed to provide core operational military medicine knowledge and updates for developing military medical officers.

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