Family Support Center

Family Support Center

Family Support Center is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help youth, school communities, and families reach their full potential.

FSC is a full-service agency that provides services to over 80 schools in the Washington metropolitan area. As our core services, FSC offers a full range of social and mental health services to support healthy emotional growth and development through educational and preventative programs; consultation; and professional, skilled, mental health intervention. In addition to our core services, FSC also implements a number of specialized programs dedicated to supporting positive youth development among pre-adolescent and adolescent youth in the community, including those who reside in at-risk communities or who are culturally or linguistically diverse. FSC understands that assisting all young people in achieving their full potential is the best way to prevent them from engaging in destructive risk-taking behaviors. Family Support Center also recognizes the struggles of parenting and provides parenting workshops, divorced parents workshops, prevention workshops and has countless amounts of resources to distribute to parents and children in need. A new program that has been implemented is our bus-bullying prevention workshops. This provides parents and bus-drivers access on how to help children on buses that are victims of bullying and how to become aware of signs of bullying on the school buses.

Family Support Center has 20 years of extensive training with our highly qualified Psy.D, Couselors, Social Workers, and Ph.D professionals running the workshops, school - counseling positions at Virginia, DC, and Maryland schools.

Mission: Family Support Center (FSC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to help youth, school communities, and families reach their full potential through educational and preventative programs, afterschool programs, counseling, professional, skilled, mental health services and crisis intervention.

Bullying Prevention Program for Pre K to Grade 3

Bullying Prevention Program for Pre K to Grade 3 We also offer additional follow-up roundtable discussion with faculty and staff about creating bully free classrooms, based on the curriculum.

How To Help Kids Adjust When A Parent Moves Out

The Huffington Post has a great article about how to help kids adjust to a change of a parent moving out. Read below and get the full article! It's right up there with telling your children about the split -- another anxiety-producing, watershed moment in your life as a divorcing parent.

New federal rules require healthier school snacks

The article below by CNN has an interesting outlook on keeping schools healthier by changing the school's vending machine options and lunch options! Please click below to get the full article. Candy bars, doughnuts and regular potato chips will become scarce in schools under new federal rules.

What Really Happens When Your Child Turns 18

Read the article by the Huffington Post to get more information on what to expect when your kid grows up and reaches 18 years of age. Kids don't come with instructions, yet we figure out pretty quickly how to nurture, teach, and protect them. I just didn't expect that we had only 17 years and 364 days to accomplish everything we set out to do, before the start of a whole new ballgame.

Cyber Parents, Accessing Perhaps, TMI

Please click the link below on this NY Times article about how knowing too much as a parent can be harmful to the relationship between the parent and child. Parents, in an attempt to keep their children safe, access social media, but at the end of the day, is it really too much information?

Why Vaguely Defining Bullying Can Be A Problem : NPR

Below is an interview with NPR on how the lack of definition and policy of bullying in school's today has made a negative impact. Please listen to this interesting and informative interview. Bullying has become a hot topic for schools and the media following several highly publicized incidents. But some worry that in our enthusiasm to tackle this social problem, we are creating new problems. David Greene talks to Slate writer Emily Bazelon about her new book on bullying called Sticks an...

Youth Today

The article below by Youth Today describes the tremendous efforts and growth of the organization Children Exposed to Violence. Please click and read about the research and policy that they have implemented to bring this issue alive. WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Immediate and decisive action is essential to help heal the wounds of millions of American children who have suffered from exposure to violence, concluded a report, released last December, of the Attorney General Eric Holder’s National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence.

Youth Today

Get informed by clicking the article below on President Barack Obama's 2013 budget and how it has been incorporated in the school's education and juvenile justice. President Barack Obama introduced his 2014 budget proposal on Wednesday, highlighting new efforts to increase funding for education and juvenile justice. Although the president described his proposal as “not optimal,” but necessary for compromise, agencies such as Health and Human Services and the D...

Youth Today

Click on the article, "Background Checks, School Security Bills Advance in U.S. Senate," to learn about the process of expanding into a stronger bill for gun control and school security. WASHINGTON, D.C. – A bill expanding the use of background checks for gun sales was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday despite unanimous Republican opposition, and now heads to the full Senate for a vote. The committee also gave bipartisan approval to a bill authorizing an increase of...

Youth Today

Click the link below to read the article, "Half of US Teens Do Most Online Activities Through Smartphones." This article gives facts on teens and their cellular devices. A new Pew Internet & American Life Project survey found nearly half of America’s teens own smartphones, with nearly a quarter describing themselves as “cell-mostly” Internet users who do most of their online activities via their phones as opposed to using desktop or laptop computers.The Pew Research...

Gazette.Net Gazette

Please click on the link to read an article on planning for your child's college in Maryland. College Savings Plans of Maryland, a state agency whose goal is to provide flexible and affordable plans to help families save for college expenses, has announced the dates and locations for its 2013 “College Savings Starts Here” tour.

Youth Today

The article below published by Youth Today explores the need for reform for kids with mental illness. Pat Milam’s son Matthew began showing signs of severe schizophrenia in spring 2011. At various points, he told his doctors he was under CIA surveillance and living inside of a computer program.

Gazette.Net Gazette

Read the article below on the Tacoma Park organization, M.A.N.U.P. and their amazing community outreach for kids and adolescents. Boys — and girls — turning to M.A.N.U.P.

Parents vent over fake pot dangers

Click below on the article posted by cnn about the dangers of synthetic marijuana! Teenager Emily Bauer's harrowing experience with fake pot set off warning bells for parents across U.S.

Schools Failing To Support Pregnant Teens, Study Says

Check out Huffington Post's article on schools and pregnant teens! MIAMI -- When 15-year-old Kali Gonzalez became pregnant, the honors student considered transferring to an alternative school. She worried teachers would harass her for missing class because of doctor's appointments and morning sickness.

Gazette.Net Gazette

Click below to read about the national program watch DOGS. A program that dedicates their service to bringing positive male influences into the schools. National program grew from Jonesboro, Ark., school shooting

Youth Today

Check out this article from Youth Today about President Obama's State of Union Address and how it can impact our children. While the president’s opening salvo consisted mostly of deficit reduction strategies and calls for comprehensive tax reform, the earlier portions of his fifth State of the Union address largely steered clear of youth-related issues.

Youth Today

Read the article below from Youth Today on how music choice and educational grown are connected. Musical tastes of children in early adolescence may be a predictor of delinquency behaviors when the juveniles become older teenagers, according to a recent study published in the journal “Pediatrics.”

Why telling bullying victims to 'just fight back' doesn't work

Click below and read this article cnn posted on bullying! Why telling bullying victims to "just fight back" doesn't work.

Teenagers value the simple things in life

take time to read this article on how teenagers find happiness! Having friends to tea or going swimming are more important than money, research finds

Family Support Center's cover photo

One in Three Teen Girls Say They Set Up In-person Meetings with Online Acquaintances

Click on the link to read about the facts of teens meeting with online acquaintances. One in three teen girls says they have set up in-person meetings with people they met online. Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital studied over two hundred girls between the ages of fourteen and seventeen. Half the girls had been physically or sexually abused in the past year. Thirty percen...

Youth Today

Click on the link below to read this article about trainings and services for sexual abuse prevention. Missouri’s Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children recently released its “2012 Final Report”, which includes more than 20 recommendations for professional training, mental health services and community-based sexual abuse prevention.

Youth Today

Interesting read on suicidal adolescents!
Click the link and read this article by James Swift in Youth Today. More than half of suicidal adolescents have already received some mental health treatment, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

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FSC has expanded and serves many schools in the Maryland, DC, Virginia and is in the process of expanding nationally and internationally.
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