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Perspective | A home school plan that’s realistic, not sadistic

"To all parents out there, my main piece of advice is to practice self-compassion and lower your expectations of yourself. And please set aside all of the ambitious 'suggested home schooling schedules' going around social media."

Ned Johnson's latest for The Washington Post. Yes, a routine of sorts is important for all of our sanity, especially our kids’, but instead of cramming in science, math, history, language arts and personal enrichment, take a broader, saner approach.

Today at 4:10 pm, we're offering a make-up session of our #PMTV ACT / SAT test prep webinar with Ned Johnson!
Grab your seat early at the link below.>.

Live now! Pre-Calc hosted by Ryan Warren. Follow the link below to grab your seat and see this face.

PMTV - Pre-Calculus: Relationships Among Distances: Trigonometry & Conics


Tomorrow, we're live!

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25th, PrepMatters tutors and counselors will host a series of free online classes to support kids in academics, test prep, and college counseling.

With more schools closing for the year yet #APexams still going forward, we're here to help via #ZoomTeaching - fully utilizing our #distancelearning resources.

Sign up using our awesome PMtv guide! A couple clicks and boom! You're registered. Follow the link here:
See you tomorrow!

Here's some #stpatricksday spirit while we stay safe inside.

We have a few webinars premiering soon. Stay up-to-date here so you'll see when we post!

To the tune of "oh, my darling", we're handling #Covid19 like champs.

We've created a page at detailing our distance learning resources so no one has to choose between safety and education.
Check it out in our bio.


PrepMatters COVID-19 Response | PrepMatters

How we're handling Covid-19 As events unfold and our communities respond to the emerging situation surrounding COVID-19, PrepMatters is committed to keeping our students and families safe while continuing to provide excellent educational assistance.

Perspective | How we can help kids increase their sense of control as the coronavirus approaches

As I anticipate the approach of the #coronavirus, I find myself vacillating between thoughts of “I can handle this,” and a voice imploring me to run for the hills. With the sense that others are watching me, I am aiming for prudent caution and measured calm. Stress is contagious, and I’m keenly aware that there are things beyond viruses we can infect one another with. Here's how to help reassure kids through this health scare, while maybe building some strength along the way.

A message from Ned sharing on our concerns about #Covid19 and the actions we're taking to remain safe and diligent.

Our first and most important priority is the safety of our students. We do not want to put parents or families in the tough position of choosing between safety and education.

As a means of added security, we have the ability to Skype/Zoom/FaceTime sessions if and when the time calls for it, such as schools closing or sickness.

Keeping our students and tutors safe as we learn more about this disease remains our chief focus.

Some love from students and colleagues always gets the feels going.
The abstract vibe is a nice touch, too.

New year, new us!

Yes, technically it's March but it's a brand-new start for our Ed Planning department. What's Ed Planning we hear you say? So glad you asked. Check us out at @ Tenleytown

Testing our #tiktok skills.
Follow us at @prepmatters for vids on math, vocab, test prep and more!

Last night's webinar with Jeff & Katy was all about making the best of your college visit. Didn't get the memo? Sign up for every webinar and seminar we're hosting this year at


5 Things for Waiting Seniors (& Other Teens) To Do Around Washington, DC (winter 2020 ed.)

There's always something to do in and around D.C. Here, we narrowed down the list.
#Winter2020 Waiting to hear about your college applications? Here's a bunch of things for high school students to enjoy in & around DC this winter & spring!

What Netflix's Cheer Teaches Us about College Admissions

In the admissions process, we often fool ourselves with the same kinds of misleading cues. We think that the college process, and indeed ALL of high school, only exists for that one college acceptance, those two minutes on the mat. But if we let ourselves focus on the end, we lose sight of the incredible gifts along the journey. In the admissions process, we often fool ourselves with the same kinds of misleading cues. We think that the college process, and indeed ALL of high school, only exists for that one college acceptance, those two minutes on the mat. But if we let ourselves focus on the end, we lose sight of the incre...

AP Classes: How Many are Enough?

In the spirit of more is better, some students believe LOTS more must be MUCH better. It's not. Read why by clicking the link. If you are excited about the content and able to manage the workload sanely, take a bunch of APs! But don’t burn yourself out overdoing it.

Your #extracurriculars will begin to demand more of your time as you assume positions of responsibility within them, so now is the time to consider which activities are worth your time and which are not. Read below and let's get to pruning!

Why Do I Hate Math?

Not being a math person in a sea of math people is intimidating. Check out this convo with Ryan and Joi about shutting down whenever math comes around.

Are you not a "math person?" Neither is Joi. Creative Director Ryan Warren attempts to help Communications Associate Joi Donaldson get over her fear and hatr...

Sophomore SAT? Maybe if it’s a Subject Test

Unless you’re a heavily recruited five-star athlete or you’re heading off to Spain for the entirety of junior'll have plenty of time. Read up more at the jump. Are you a high school sophomore and thinking about taking an SAT subject test? Here's your guide to help you figure out if you should take one, and if so, which test is right for you!

Happy New Year from your friends at PrepMatters!

The Five-Paragraph Essay

Some people call it “the Hamburger Essay,” because the meat of the essay—the body paragraphs—is sandwiched between two more general paragraphs, the introduction and conclusion. The Five-Paragraph Essay is the essay structure you will use for almost every piece of writing in high school—from term papers to standardized tests. Learn how to master this form of writing now, and you will excel at academic writing in the years to come.

Effective SSAT & ISEE Homework Habits

While breezing through half a box of flashcards in a week may give you a fleeting sense of accomplishment, try remembering those words in two weeks. Now, try remembering them in two months, when it’s time to sit for your first official test. SSAT and ISEE homework is critical to student success. A few simple approaches can help SSAT homework be worth the time.

Merry Christmas 🎄 & Happy Holidays 🎅 from all of us at PrepMatters! We hope you got everything you wanted and then some. Stay safe and see you in the new year!

Stress and Strategies for Balance

How much stress is too much? Or, how much is too little? The response may be annoying, but the truth of the matter is this: it depends. The right amount of stress is determined by what a good balance is for you. Some stress is good and necesssary for growth, as long as it is not traumatic or overwhelming, and it is important to have healthy, effective strategies for recovery after stressful times.

How to Speak Up for Yourself

Learning how to advocate for yourself, especially during the holiday season, will make it easier to speak up in everyday life. Middle school is the ground on which your identity begins to be built. Your likes begin to solidify, your interests wax and wane, your voice lowers or raises, and what you may have thought was set in stone is now growing more fluid.

Get More Sleep: How and Why We Recharge Our Brains

Get some rest! In between holiday parties and engagements, remember the importance of alone time and good sleep. Sleep is our brain’s opportunity to recharge. So much of our cognitive, executive, and emotional functioning rests (no pun intended) on getting good sleep. One of the principal functions of sleep is to help our brains with memory consolidation – the process of transferring the things we recently...

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! What are your favorite holiday traditions?

The best time to wear an ugly sweater vest is all the time.
Our colleague James rocking the vest for the holidays!

We had a great time with @sidwellfriends & @connectdmv! It felt great to share ideas and space with our youth at the center. Thanks for having us and allowing us to partner with you in this work. @ PrepMatters

The PSAT is Done – Now it’s Time to Check Out the ACT

While rocking the #PSAT won’t get you any closer to getting into the college of your choice, rocking the #SAT or #ACT most certainly will. While you wait for your PSAT scores to come out in December, spend some time now checking out the ACT and taking a practice test so that once December arrives, you can sit down with both sets of scores and decide which road you’re heading down.

What Role Do Scores Play in High School Admissions?

Fun fact: while appropriate standardized #testscores are a part of the #application package, they are, surprisingly, not the most important part. While private middle schools often require standardized test scores as part of the application process, these scores are nowhere near as significant a factor in admissions decisions as one might expect. Jeff Knox and John Jones explain why and how to keep those scores in context.

Listen. No one wants to have a line of questions thrown at them during the holidays, especially students just looking to eat their stuffing in peace.

What are some phrases you use to redirect tricky questions during the holidays?

Selective High School Summer Programs

Too early to talk about #summer activities? Never. A productive summer means that you can pursue your #interests at a deeper level, learn something new, explore a career, or just get better at an activity that you really love. Students often miss competitive summer opportunities because deadlines are in the fall. The summer after junior year is a great time to step up and out because, with two months free, you can get a job, volunteer, work as an intern, study abroad, take a pre-college course on campus, volunteer, or des...

Let's talk about it.
What #questions from family members drive you nuts?

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