Family Therapy Center of Bethesda

Family Therapy Center of Bethesda

Family Therapy Center of Bethesda provides therapy for adolescents, families and couples. Family Therapy Center of Bethesda, LLC (FTCB) provides therapy to children, families, couples, and individuals.

FTCB therapists strive to provide safe, supportive, and collaborative services to help our clients find balance, enrichment, and connection in their lives.

Operating as usual

💕Introducing Allison 💕

Allison was my first associate that I brought on back in 2016.

she brings such a unique approach and passion to the practice. Her love of play therapy and sand tray therapy has been incredibly beneficial for so many of our clients, especially the young ones. 👧

✨Allison has an incredible warmth that makes her clients feel at ease and safe to discuss difficult topics. She is patient, validating and has a fantastic energy.

Reach out today to schedule with Allison ❤️

📧 [email protected]

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Finding joy with these two 💕

Time flies, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. So important to hold on to these moments.

The world looks so much brighter through their eyes. 😍

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💭Thoughts are powerful 💭

Our thoughts have a significant impact on how we feel and the actions we take.

When our thoughts are negative or unhelpful, we can make choices that can ultimately have a negative impact on ourselves and/or our relationships. 🤦🏼‍♀️

If you catch yourself having unhelpful negative thoughts, there are things you can do.

💭 Zoom out and look at the bigger picture

💭 Challenge negative thoughts

💭Assess for evidence for and against the thought

💭 Think of alternatives

Use this helpful diagram to help you check your negative thoughts before they cause you problems. ✨

✨Share it
✨Like it
✨ Use it

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💕 introducing Pam 💕

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have Pam at Family Therapy Center Bethesda.

Her passion and experience makes clients feel confident about the possibility of change. 🛋

She is kind, supportive, and purposeful in her work. She is dedicated to her clients and provides them with the insight, tools, and support necessary to reach their goals. ✨

💻If you want to learn more about Pam, feel free to check out our website:

Or call (240) 883-6074 to set up an appointment. 📞

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I have been meaning to share these photos for a while because I am so proud of our space.

🛋 When I started my private practice I was in a shared office that I was unable to make my own. While that was a necessary stepping stone, I always dreamed about having my own office space one day and making it my own.

💕 More importantly, making it reflective of who I am as well as a comfortable place for my clients to come and do the hard work of therapy.

Mind you, I am no decorator. So while I could imagine it in my head, I had no idea where to begin in terms of putting it all together.

I am so grateful for @darabeitlerinteriors for capturing exactly what I wanted in our space. 💕💕

🏡 Ultimately, I wanted my clients to feel like they were walking into a home. I wanted them to feel comfortable and at ease. Dara so perfectly captured this in the furniture, colors, and in the smallest of accessories. And mind you, it was no easy task given the size of the space and all the things I wanted to include.

And here we are a year and a half later and I absolutely love going to work. Every time I walk in I feel like I’m at home and it brings such peace and happiness. And, I hope our clients feel the same way.

And, I can’t forget to thank @caden_cole_photography for capturing the space so beautifully so that I could share these photos on our website and social media. 📸

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💕 Introducing Zoe!

Zoe is the newest addition to our FTCB family and we are so excited to have her!

Zoe is an LMSW who came to us with lots of experience working with children, teens, and families. 👨‍👩‍👧

✨She has great energy and is passionate about the work she does.

Your child and/or teen will feel safe and comfortable with her and as a parent you can feel confident that they are in good hands.

Zoe specializes in anxiety and trauma.

📞 Zoe has openings now, so reach out today!

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Introducing Gaby! ❤️

Gaby is such a valuable part of the FTCB team. She is passionate about her work and dedicated to her clients. ✨

She sees a wide range of clients and brings a unique specialty to our practice - infertility and postpartum challenges.

📞 Call today or email to set up an appointment with Gaby!

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🧘 I am sure you have heard about mindfulness. It is all the rage right now. Would you really know what mindfulness means? Or how to be mindful?

I didn’t until more recently. I always assumed it was some form of meditation. I thought I would have to sit really still and be one with my thoughts for an hour. I thought, absolutely not. I just don’t have that in me.

❌ But I was wrong.

After doing a lot of reading about the value of mindfulness, I came to understand it is something really valuable. ✨

Mindfulness is the ability to drop the struggle with our thoughts.

It is about being open and curious about the thoughts that pop into our head without judgment and without trying to push them away. Because the act of trying to push them away often keep some more present in our mind.

🛀 While relaxation might be a byproduct, it is not the goal of mindfulness. The goal is to be able to help you act calmly while excepting even the most difficult emotions.

It is about being able to acknowledge our thoughts while actively turning our attention to what is important to us. That might be enjoying time with our friends, studying for a test, doing work, or just watching our favorite show. 💭

Mindfulness helps put us in charge of our thoughts and lets us turn down the volume on those pesky, not so helpful thoughts when we need to. ❤️

So give mindfulness a try. It is super simple and you can do a little bit every day. I love the mindful routine exercise. I practice when I am walking my dog.

What can you do while practicing mindfulness?

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I love my Friday morning rides. Though I don’t always feel like getting all bundled up to go, I am always glad that I did. 🐴

I love the smell of the barn, the sight of expansive fields, and the feel of the horse on my hand. It brings back so many good memories and centers and grounds me like nothing else. ❤️

I know this, and yet sometimes it’s hard to get myself going. I’d rather be warm and comfy in my house, or checking off my massive to do list.

But when I get the urge to cancel, I remind myself of all the positive feelings I get from my time at the barn. I know that if I don’t maintain my self-care - depression, anxiety, and fatigue can creep in.

So I go, and I am always glad that I do. ⭐️

And this reminds me of my clients, who do struggle regularly with depression, anxiety, and low energy. I want you to know that those moments when it is hardest to do the things that fill your bucket, it is really the most important.

Sometimes the activity may be small or short. But even five minutes of doing something that brings you joy, peace, or calm is worth it. ☮️ And those moments build on each other.

Depression will tell you not to engage in the world. And it will be really convincing. So picture yourself doing the activities that you love and the feelings that you have while doing them. And choose to get up and live life. ✨

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There’s so much information coming at us all the time nowadays. We have social media, we have the news, we have our friends, we have our family, we have our own inner voice. ℹ️

We are constantly getting messages from these sources. Some good, some not good, some helpful, and some unhelpful. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Sometimes it is really hard to know what to do with all of the information. We can get flooded. 🙅🏽‍♂️

We can feel like we aren’t doing enough or are doing too much. We can feel like we’re doing all the right things or all the wrong things. 💔

How do we decide what information we want to hold onto and what information we want to let go of?

It is so important that we learn to filter all of this information for ourselves. It’s important that we ultimately decide what it is that we need and want based on what we want for ourselves and our future. ✨

So next time you are flooded by the shoulds, musts, don’ts, and dos, remember to ask yourself, how does this fit with what my own personal goals are? How does this fit with what I need in my life right now? If it fits, fantastic. If it doesn’t, remind yourself that it’s OK to let it go. 💕

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✨Welcome Kelly✨

🛋 Introducing Kelly, FTCB’s newest addition.

Kelly is our referral coordinator. She is your first point of contact and will listen to your needs and match you with an FTCB therapist that will be the best fit.

❤️ She is empathic, responsive, and knowledgeable and is ready to help you get started on your therapy journey today!

To reach Kelly:
📧 [email protected]
📱 (240) 883-6074

6 Tips for Introducing Therapy to Your Teen

Want to start your child/teen in therapy but not sure how to introduce it? Check out my 6 simple tips. ✨

Family activities may have to look different right now, but who says they can’t be fun and educational. Had so much fun at the Glen Echo Aquarium today 🐡

Have you been struggling lately? Feeling anxious, stressed, irritable?

if so, I can be hopeful to take a moment and think about what you’re focusing on. Are you focusing on things that are outside of your control? Or are you focusing on the things that are within your control?

A lot of the time, our stress, anxiety, and frustration stems from focusing on what is outside of our control. We focus on how others are treating us, past events, mistakes that we have made, world events (Covid anyone?), and especially others words and/or feelings.

when we focus on these things that are outside of our control we can feel really helpless to them. It often leads to us staying stuck and feeling upset because there is nothing we can do to change them.

But you can do something. 👏🏼

You can choose to focus on what is within your control. You can focus on your words, your actions, how you take care of yourself, how you respond in others, and what you do with the situations that are presented to you.

Taking action and control in our lives creates hope. ✨

so if you feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle of unhappiness, grab a piece of paper, draw two circles, and remind yourself what is outside of your control and what’s inside of your control. Choose to take action.

As a parent, it is really important to me that my girls experience the gift of Giving. This is especially important during this time of year when it often is a lot about getting.

So, I decided to try out a little twist to the traditional advent calendar and created a 25 Days of Giving calendar.

My girls are young, so our random acts of kindness include calling the ones we love, picking up our toys, making sure we throw away trash and donating to the wildlife fund.

I have been pleasantly surprised how much my girls have gotten into this. This will definitely be a tradition that continues.

DM me if you need some ideas on how to help your little ones learn to give this year.

4 Tips for Creating Connection With Your Teen - Therapy Blog

Raise your hand if you feel like you have seen enough of your teens for a lifetime during this pandemic? Many of us, although we love our kids, are feeling overwhelmed by the togetherness during this time and can't wait to get back to "normal" life and time apart. And while I am right there with you all, I also know that this pandemic has given us an opportunity, one that we might not want to take for granted. So, I offer this blog as a chance to find ways to connect with your teen while they have nothing better to do, literally.

4 Tips for Creating Connection with Your Teen Though we want our teens to grow in independence, these years are the most important time for us as parents to maintain connection with your teen.

Such a powerful reminder, especially right now. There’s so much in this world that we can’t control and we can become overwhelmed and paralyzed by all of it.

Instead, choose to focus on what you can control. And, remember that no matter the circumstances, you have the power to choose what you do with the circumstances each and every day.

So, decide how you want to live your life today and go out and live it!ďżźďżź

For many of us, we believe that we should feel happy all of the time and if we don’t, we’ll then there must be something wrong.

The reality is that life is full of a wide range of emotions that flow in and out of us all day every day. Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes sad, sometimes anxious, and sometimes just content.

Expecting that we will feel happy most if not all of the time sets us up for disappointment and suffering as we become critical of ourselves and our lives trying to figure out why we don’t look like all of those happy people we see on social media every day.

So, notice how different feelings come and go throughout the day. Don’t push them away or be [email protected] them. Instead, allow and accept your feelings, all of them.

#happiness #happinesstrap #fulllife #feelings #selfcare #selflove

Thoughts are powerful things.

Learning to harness them and use them to create a positive mindset can help shield you from stress and negativity.

Monday Morning Musings



Our New Home

Family Therapy Center of Bethesda Welcomes Zoe Nasios, MSW, LMSW!

I am thrilled to welcome Zoe Nasios, LMSW as a new member of the Family Therapy Center of Bethesda (FTCB) team. Zoe is a graduate of the University of Maryland's School of Social Work and where she specialized in behavioral health.

Zoe has background providing counseling support to elementary and middle school students. She also worked in an outpatient mental health clinic with a diverse population and clients ranging from 4 to 70 years old. Zoe’s Greek background influences her desire to maintain cultural competence and tailor therapy to best support one’s beliefs and values. Zoe commonly works to treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, adolescent issues, trauma, and PTSD, among others. She works with children, teens, and adults in an individual, couple, or family capacity.

Zoe emphasizes a strength-based approach and client centered therapy to help clients progress toward their treatment goal. She also wants to help be a supportive bridge for clients who have experienced trauma and are adjusting to life changes on their path to recovery.

Zoe is now accepting new clients! Contact her today at [email protected] or (301) 284-0508.

Our Story

Family Therapy Center of Bethesda, LLC opened its doors in November 2016 with the goal of providing safe, supportive, and collaborative counseling services to children, families, individuals, and couples in Bethesda, MD.

As Marriage and Family Therapists, we are dedicated to helping our clients find balance, enrichment, and connection in their lives. We do this in a way that is open, caring, and sensitive to the unique needs of each and every client. Because traditional talk therapy is not a good fit for everyone, our therapists also offer play, art, and sand tray therapy in our Bethesda, MD office. We find that these therapies are especially powerful in our work with children and for creating movement when progress in therapy has plateaued.

We know that having a strong therapeutic relationship is one of the most important factors in helping you to create the lasting change and growth you are looking for. Therefore, finding a therapist that is the right fit is essential. While both of the therapists at FTCB are passionate, experienced, and caring, they each bring their own individual strengths, styles, and techniques to the therapy room. Please read our therapist bios to see which therapist might be the right fit for you.

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6 Tips for Introducing Therapy to Your Teen



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