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Come Participate in a Child Brain Study at USC! We are researchers at the University of Southern California who are conducting a study to look at brain functioning and how it relates to coordination and social skills in children using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Using this safe brain imaging technique, we can take pictures of children’s brains while they observe, think about, and do different motor tasks. We are looking for children who are ages 8-16 who fit into any of the following categories: ● Clumsy or struggling with handwriting or sports (they may also bump into objects, struggle with balance, posture, tying shoes, riding a bike, etc.) ● Diagnosed with Dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder ● Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Your child can earn $150 and get a picture of their brain! For more information and to contact us, please visit our website at:

Welcome to The Floortime Center on Facebook! Visit our Website:

Since 2004 The Floortime Center, formerly known as DIR Support Services, has been dedicated to providing DIR/Floortime services to families affected with Autism and ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder, learning challenges, and behavior challenges.

The Caterpillar Kids social group gifted Floortime with a pet fish! We now need a name for the little guy! Our center is holding a contest for clients to draw/create a name for our new friend and we would love to open it up to our Floortime Community. If your child would like to participate, they can draw a picture and create a name for it then post it and tag us. We will pick winners July 3rd!

Greenspan Floortime Events | The Floortime Center

New, FREE, lecture series at The Floortime Center Alexandria. Registration is limited. Events at The Floortime Center

SLP's and OT's: Certification Programs Just for You

Check out the new certification programs for OT's and SLPs. We now have a way for those of you near and far to access our Greenspan Floortime certification programs. Email [email protected] or [email protected] for more information. Therapy Specific Certification Program Starting January 22nd 2018 Applicaitons due by January 15th Click here for more information, pricing, and applications The Greenspan Floortime Approach® understands that Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Educators and Mental Health Pro...

The Greenspan Floortime Approach

FREE #Floortime Manual with conference registration … #stanleygreenspan

[07/31/17]   Greenspan Floortime International conference coming to Miami Beach this October.
Is there a better way to learn about Dr. Greenspan's developmental model than in an oceanfront conference space in Miami? Check out the event brite page or email [email protected] for more information.

Greenspan Floortime 2017 Conference: Miami

Friends, check out this YouTube video detailing The Greenspan Floortime International Conference coming in October. Special rates are being offered to our Facebook friends and for groups of 5 or more. Email [email protected] for more information. Looking forward to seeing you there! Share with your friends and colleagues.

The Floortime Center is hosting the Greenspan Floortime International Conference in Miami FL Oct 21st and 22nd 2017. Go to greenspanfloortime2017.eventbrite....

[06/19/17]   Summer social groups start this week at The Floortime Center. We are looking forward to seeing our Caterpillar Kids and Bumble Bees grow this summer! Check back for group updates :)

Greenspan Floortime International Conference: Dr. Greenspan’s Vision- A Fully Integrated Program

The Floortime Center is excited to announce an international conference coming in October of 2017 to Miami, FL:

Dr. Greenspan’s Vision: A Fully Integrated Program.
How to Integrate the Learning Tree (DIR) Model and The Greenspan Floortime Approach® into Center-based and School-based programs the way Dr. Greenspan envisioned.

Check out the eventbrite page and feel free to email or message on here for more information! October 21st - 22nd 2017 in Miami FL. Please stand by for more information, or email [email protected]. ASHA and AOTA CEU's will be available Dr. Greenspan’s Vision: A Fully Integrated Program How to Integrate the Learning Tree (DIR) Model and The Greenspan Floortime Approach® into Cent...

We have just a few spots open for our Free Sensory Saturday event this weekend 3/25)! Check out the flyer and email/call us today if you are interested!

We are excited to host another Sensory Saturday on March 25th. Give us a call to RSVP soon as we have limited available spots open.

The Floortime Center is excited to be hosting another Greenspan Floortime Approach training. Check out the flyer or call us 301-657-1130 for more information!

[01/02/17]   Happy New Year to our friends and families near and far! We wish you a wonderful and exciting 2017. Love, The Floortime Center Team

‘Lets face it, keeping children sedentary for most of their waking hours is causing harm’

Great article about the importance of keeping kids moving A pediatric occupational therapist says the restrictions being put on young children's play is hurting their growth.

We have branched out to Alexandria VA! Check us out, our therapists love the new space and the kiddos do too! Call us today if you are interested in checking out the new location or want to schedule services.

We have officially branched out into our second location, we are now located in Bethesda Maryland and Alexandria Virginia. Thank you to our families and friends for the support and shared excitement!

Happy Halloween!
The Floortime Center's Halloween Spooktacular was a big success on Friday! Thank you to all of our friends and families that came out, it's hard to pick a best costume or best sensory room experience... We had ghost slime, witches brew ring toss, dance party with spooky hits, ghost bowling, obstacle courses, and spider hunts! #halloween #costumes #floortime #specialkids

The Floortime Center

We are so excited and proud to announce the opening of our second location! In early November, we will have The Floortime Center® Alexandria and are currently accepting families who would like to pursue therapy services there! The space will be similar to our original and long standing center in Bethesda, complete with dynamic sensory gyms and therapy spaces, and will allow us to serve a greater range of families in the D-M-V area. The new location is on North Pitt street. We will have occupational therapy, speech language therapy, feeding therapy, social dyads and vision therapy as well as parent and caregiver coaching. Please give us a call if you would like more information 301-657-1130.
Share this post to help us spread the word! We are opening a Northern VA office in early November! more info... Complete Programs for Every Child Since 2004 thousands of families, from all over the world, have benefited from our comprehensive programs. We recognize that to truly help a child succeed it's necessary to provide programs that...

Taste of Bethesda Comes to Downtown This Saturday

Who is excited for Taste of Bethesda this weekend? They say rain or shine, we are hoping it shines but will be there either way!
Bethesda Magazine Bethesda, Maryland
Hope to see you there! After last year’s weather-related cancellation, the event will take place “rain or shine”

The Floortime Center

We have some big, exciting news to share with our Floortime Family soon! Check back for updates :)

[09/26/16]   On FOLLOWING THE LEAD, excerpt from Engaging Autism: Following a child's lead is only the starting point. Drawing a child into a shared world involves creatively figuring out a maneuver that captures the child's attention, learning what makes her tick, and then challenging her to make a small step into the shared world.

The Floortime Center

We have very limited available spots in our fall social groups and would love to add just a few more children to make this group the best yet! Give us a call if you would like more information about the program and please share this with friends and family who may be interested! Great for those who need just a bit more support before going to school! 2-1 adult to child ratio and daily therapies provided. 301-657-1130 #floortime #socialgroups #speechtherapy #occupationaltherapy #fun

[08/22/16]   Don't be afraid to experiment. Whatever works, works: if the child is taking the initiative and you're getting the continuous flow going, you're doing it right. Practice. The only mistake you can make is getting discouraged and giving up. -Dr. Stanley Greenspan #motivationalMonday #Floortime

[08/18/16]   Jake Greenspan is heading down to Ecuador today to work with a school in establishing the Greenspan Social Emotional Curriculum he and his father worked together closely on. Good Luck Jake, safe travels!

#motivationalmonday We had a wonderful in-service training today @thefloortimecenter for our therapists and staff and really explored the developmental milestones and specific goals first hand with our directors Tim Bleecker and Jake Greenspan. It's exciting to be an OT and SLP in a clinic with such a strong multidisciplinary focus. Here's a great quote from Dr. Greenspan. Happy Monday everyone! #floortime #greatkids #summertime

[08/01/16]   The summer is flying by and the back to school countdown has begun! We are looking for families interested in after school social groups for boys and/or girls at all developmental levels with start dates in the end of August/early September. Please give us a call at 301-657-1130 or email Tim at [email protected]. Spread the word! Let's make this fall the best one yet so kids will have a successful start to the school year. #socialskills #Floortime #DCkids #backtoschool

We're a family at Floortime

[07/28/16]   Here in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, it is the middle of summer and HOT! Try some of these fun outdoor activities with your kiddos to beat the heat! In our social groups, we love the activities that get messy, silly, and allow kiddos to be creative while engaging with each other!

[07/28/16]   The Floortime Manual is an interactive and systematic guide to Floortime for both parents and professionals. It includes audio by Dr. Greenspan and video models, descriptions, practice evaluations, and instructions for setting up your own Floortime sessions. It is being used by professionals and parents worldwide. Check it out!
For parents:
For professionals:

[07/27/16]   The Floortime Center page is back in action! We are excited to use this as a platform to share news, stories, activities, and to connect Floortime friends and family!

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The Floortime Center

The Floortime Center

Autism Spectrum Disorder, through my eyes.

Simon Says Don't Use Flashcards

Research is beginning to find what we already know... play time changes and improves children's brain and overall functioning! Is play the key to academic success? A growing body of research suggests that playing certain kinds of childhood games may be the best way to increase a child's ability to do well in school.

Floortime is a way of being together, wherever you are. | The Floortime Center

Floortime is a way of being together, wherever you are.
(Dr. Stanley Greenspan, 2010)
How can you use this principle in your life today? Floortime has two goals: To enter a child's world and to support a higher level of thinking in your child.

Autism Spectrum Disorder, through my eyes.

Always say 'I love you', even if they don't say it back. Say it while they're sleeping. Say it when they walk through the room. Say it when they wake up. Say it whenever you can. Let them KNOW you love them. And know that they love you back - even if they never say it.

Floortime is a way of being together, wherever you are. | The Floortime Center

Read on, like, or share. If we can all learn to build relationships with each other, what kind of world could we make? Floortime has two goals: To enter a child's world and to support a higher level of thinking in your child.

Fall 2012 Floortime Therapies–limited spots available | The Floortime Center

Call today to reserve a timeslot for fall 2012 therapies! Floortime therapies available including occupational therapy, yoga therapy, speech therapy, art therapy, early education groups, parent coaching and more

Autism Spectrum Disorder, through my eyes.

[08/23/12]   Speech therapy at The Floortime Center has fall openings! Call 301-657-3130 to schedule an appointment!

[08/22/12]   Get ready... The Floortime Center will be holding a training seminar on October 13, 2012. Mark your calendars! More info to follow.....

Stop discrimination against special needs


[08/21/12]   Yoga at floortime! Individuals and small group sessions starting this fall with all instruction by a certified child yoga therapist. Call 301-657-1130 or email christine at to reserve your timeslot.
Yoga for children with special needs has been proven effective in strengthening concentration, attention, mood stability, balance, coordination, and more.

[08/20/12]   Limited Fall availability! Sign up now for Koala Social group for children ages 2-4 Mondays through Thursdays 10am-12:30pm. Call 301-657-1130 or email tim at to reserve your spot.

The Learning Tree: Overcoming Learning Disabilities from the Ground Up (A Merloyd Lawrence Book)

Floortime is “…a special kind of play. In Floortime, the play excites your child’s interests, draws her to connect to you, and challenges her to be creative, curious, and spontaneous—all of which move her forward intellectually and emotionally.”

How can you excite and challenge your child today? The Learning Tree offers a new understanding of learning problems. Rather than looking just at symptoms, this new approach describes how to find the missing developmental steps that cause these symptoms. The best solution to the problem comes from knowing what essential skills to stre...

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General information

Challenges Addressed: Autism, ASD, PDD-NOS, Behavioral Challenges, ADD, ADHD, Feeding difficulties, Social Challenges, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Bi-Polar Tendencies, Dyspraxia, Apraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Fragile X Syndrome, Rett Syndrome. Unique Services at The Floortime Center: Each child will receive a comprehensive assessment and receive a complete developmental profile and intervention program. The program is based on a unique Floortime curriculum developed by Stanley Greenspan MD in collaboration with program co-directors Jake Greenspan and Tim Bleecker. DIR Evaluation (Developmental Profile) and Program Floortime Coaching/Training Occupational Therapy Speech Language Therapy Social Groups Feeding Therapy Vision Therapy To learn more about what is Floortime visit our site at

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 18:00
Thursday 09:00 - 18:00
Friday 09:00 - 18:00
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