National Institute for Relationship Enhancement - NIRE

National Institute for Relationship Enhancement - NIRE

The National Institute for Relationship Enhancement ® (NIRE)

The National Institute for Relationship Enhancement® (NIRE) was founded in 1992 by Bernard Guerney, Jr., PhD., as a non-profit educational corporation. The goal was to improve relationships between parents and children, couples, and family members by teaching practical, evidence based interpersonal skills. NIRE is committed to the spreading the use and awareness of these skills through training of professionals, psychoeducational programs, and counseling services. See the NIRE website or other programs utilizing the skills NIRE promotes for a more in depth look at the unique and effective approach! other websites: www.

Mission: To contribute to the advancement of honesty, compassion, and understanding in relationships by developing, teaching, and disseminating relationship enhancement skills for the benefit of the individual, the family, and the workplace.

Workshop Registration - National Institute of Relationship Enhancement

NIRE will be offering it's Child Centered Play Therapy Workshop from September 11th to 12th as an "interactive webinar"! Check out the event page for more information on this powerful intervention and how to register. There is also a chance to register for both the Child Centered Play Therapy Workshop AND the Filial Family Therapy Workshop, if you want to improve your work with parents and children. Combined – Child-Centered Play Therapy Workshop – Webinar – September 11-12, 2020 and Filial Therapy Workshop – Webinar – November 13-14, 2020 September 11, 2020 | 9:00 am Webinars Ticket Type Price Cart Combined – Child-Centered Play Therapy Workshop – Webinar - September 11-12, 2020 ...

Braver Angels

In the face of many difficult social issues and high political polarization, it is understandable that we can be "emotionally hijacked" and begin to view political adversaries and those with different opinions with hatred and disdain. For those interested in changing the tone of the dialogue, there is a wonderful non-profit organization called Braver Angels that teaches core communication skills to foster understanding, respect, and appreciation between traditional "political opponents". A grassroots organization, individuals participate in small groups to develop understanding of different points of view, engage respectfully with each other to find common ground, and identify principles that bring people together rather than divide. If you are interested in learning more about them, visit their website for more information, including information about state chapters. Braver Angels is a citizens’ organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America

[03/20/20]   Hello Everyone,

Given the situation with the Coronavirus and its unpredictable course, and in order to follow recommended steps to be taken by everyone and all organizations to minimize the spread of the virus, NIRE is taking the following steps:

1. The RE/Filial Conference is being postponed to sometime in September or October, with the hope that we can proceed in person with the workshops as previously scheduled.

The reason for postponing rather than going ahead with video based conferencing that had been considered is that a number of the presenters feel that something would be lost in terms of interaction during the workshops.

Plus, many attendees look forward to meeting in person each year.

Circumstances permitting, the dates for the Fall will be determined sometime during the summer on the basis of dates that can work for the presenters.

As a fall back, since some people do rely on the conference for CE credits, we will offer some or all of the workshops via video conference if it still is deemed to not be safe to have in-person gatherings.

For anyone who already has paid to attend, you can either request a refund or wait to see what happens in the Fall.
NIRE will honor any requests for a refund.

2. The April 3-4 CCPT workshop is simply being cancelled. We had considered the possibility of rescheduling in June, but everything is too unpredictable at the moment and June is only 3 months away.

Here are the options for people who already have paid.

You can transfer your registration to the Sept. 11-12 CCPT workshop.You can request a refund. NIRE will honor any requests for a refund.

It's unfortunate that these steps need to be taken, but the circumstances require them. I hope everyone is and remains healthy, and I do hope that we are able to meet this Fall - in person, or online.

In the meantime, best wishes and regards to One and All,

Rob Scuka, PhD
Executive Director

People are getting excited about NIRE’s certification programs!!!

Flourishing Families LLC (a friend of NIRE) hosted a booth at the IL-APT Annual Play Therapy Conference and lots of people came out to ask about NIRE’s quality Certifications in Child-Centered Play Therapy and Filial Therapy! If you want to learn more about what NIRE offers for certifications do check out the website at!

[02/21/20]   check out a recent blog post from one of the clinicians who has received his certificate in Child Centered Play Therapy through NIRE! If you're interested in any of the certification programs that NIRE offers, information can be found on our website.

Annual Conference on RE and Filial Methods - National Institute of Relationship Enhancement

registration for the annual NIRE workshops is now open on our website! This is a great event for learning more about CCPT, RE, and filial methods. Clink the link provided to see a description of the workshops and to register for them. Please share with any professional listservs or other groups and individuals you think may be interested! Special Workshops on Relationship Enhancement® and Filial Methods The 2020 Relationship Enhancement® and Filial Therapy Conference March 27-28, 2020 in Bethesda, MD Sponsored by National Institute of Relationship Enhancement® (NIRE) CE Workshops For the 2020 Relationship Enhancement® and Filial ...

Mastering the Mysteries of Love Workshops for Couples with Dr. Rob Scuka- February 22-23, 2020 - National Institute of Relationship Enhancement

NIRE has a "Mastering the Mysteries of Love" workshop coming up in February. Couples spend two days learning 10 practical relationship skills that deepen connection and empower them to resolve current and future problems on their own.Head to the link below for registration. Feel free to share with anyone who would benefit: February 22, 2020 9:00 am - February 23, 2020 4:00 pm IS LOVE SOMETIMES A MYSTERY TO YOU? WHAT MAKES LOVE LAST? WHAT MAKES LOVE DEEPEN OVER TIME? WHAT KEEPS LOVE FRESH AND NEW? Dedicate a weekend to learning the Skills of Love The 10 Relationship Enhancement® Skills can help you solve the mysteries...

Mastering the Mysteries of Love Workshops for Couples with Rob Scuka, PhD - November 16-17, 2019 - National Institute of Relationship Enhancement

If you or someone you know would benefit from developing skills that would deepen your ability to love and keep love fresh and new, consider signing up for one of the "Mastering the Mysteries of Love" weekends. These weekends are for dating, engaged, or married couples who are interested in increasing their relationship satisfaction and developing skills that facilitate greater closeness and intimacy. The link provided gives registration information- next workshop is November 16th and 17th! November 16, 2019 9:00 am - November 17, 2019 4:00 pm IS LOVE SOMETIMES A MYSTERY TO YOU? WHAT MAKES LOVE LAST? WHAT MAKES LOVE DEEPEN OVER TIME? WHAT KEEPS LOVE FRESH AND NEW? Dedicate a weekend to learning the Skills of Love The 10 Relationship Enhancement® Skills can help you solve the mysteries...

[10/18/19]   The date for the 2020 Conference on Relationship Enhancement and Filial Methods has been set! We will be meeting Friday to Saturday, March 27th to 28th. The call has gone out for proposals or suggestions for topics. Please email to [email protected] with any ideas or proposals!

Relationship Enhancement® Therapy for Couples and Families - October 25-26, 2019 - National Institute of Relationship Enhancement

another training opportunity is coming up in October on Relationship Enhancement Therapy for Couples and Families! Head to our website to register! October 25, 2019 9:00 am - October 26, 2019 5:30 pm The purpose of this two-day skills training workshop is to provide participants a comprehensive introduction to the theory and methodology underlying the Relationship Enhancement® Model and to teach participants how Relationship Enhancement® ther...

Professional Training Schedule - National Institute of Relationship Enhancement

there is still time to register for the Child Centered Play Therapy workshop September 13th and 14th. If you are looking for a research backed intervention for challenging cases involving children, this is for you! Head to our website to register! Calendar of Professional Training Workshops Attend one of our Professional Training Workshops in Bethesda, Maryland. Registration information follows the workshop schedule. Relationship Enhancement® Therapy for Couples and Families Cost: $325.00 Date Location City/State Workshop Leader October 25-2...

Bonding for Belonging — Flourishing Families

Filial Therapy with Adoptive Families provides big benefits for the whole family!

Check out this blog to learn more! Strengthening Bonds in Adoptive Families The dream has finally become a reality. After years of longing for your child, filling out ridiculous amounts of paperwork, traveling near or far, and wading through seemingly endless uncertainty, your child is finally in your home and the adoption

Home - National Institute of Relationship Enhancement

NIRE has an updated and improved website! The new website has been completely redesigned, updated and modernized.

We hope you will take a few minutes to browse the website, and we hope that you will find it to be visually appealing with more photos, as well as user friendly.

Also, check out key new features such as online pay for workshops, an online bookstore, and the new NIRE blog in addition to much more! Welcome to NIRE and the Center for Couples, Families and Children NIRE offers professional skills training workshops and certification programs for mental health professionals and lay educators, including on-site training opportunities. In addition, through its Center for Couples, Families and Child...

National Institute of Relationship Enhancement and Center for Couples, Families and Children » Registration Forms

NIRE is hosting the Advanced Child Centered Play Therapy workshop on May 18th, 2019. Take your CCPT skills deeper and head to the NIRE webpage to register: Skills for a Lifetime of Love™

[04/09/19]   It was wonderful seeing everyone who could join us at the workshops on RE and Filial methods this past weekend. Although bittersweet due to Dr. Guerney no longer being with us, it was inspiring to see the many individuals who he has impacted in such a profound way. Whether they were individuals who had known him for many years, just a few, or even professionally, it is undeniable that the work that he did shaped us all as clinicians and will continue to shape us as we seek to serve our clients with his spirit of love, empathy, and care. The lives that he has touched are as much a tribute to him as the wonderful methods which he leaves as a legacy to a world desperately in need of them. Thank you, Dr. Guerney, for your wonderful life of service.

[03/29/19]   Looking forward to seeing those of you who can join us at the NIRE workshops next weekend! It will be a great chance to grow in these methods and honor Dr. Guerney's memory.

In Memoriam: Bernard Guilbert Guerney, Jr., February 28, 1930 - March 16, 2019
Bernard Guilbert Guerney, Jr., died at age 89 from complications of cancer, under hospice care at home, and surrounded by his loving family. Dr. Guerney was Professor Emeritus of Family Studies and Counseling Psychology at Pennsylvania State University, and has been internationally recognized as one of the most prominent and innovative practitioners of marital and family therapy. His presentations and workshops have elicited high praise and great enthusiasm on four continents. Dr. Guerney is best known for his creation of Relationship Enhancement® therapy and enrichment methods, which revolutionized the fields of couple and family therapy with their explicit skills training approach. In collaboration with his wife, Dr. Louise Guerney, he created Filial Family Therapy, at the time a radical departure in therapeutic practice, but now demonstrated to be the single most effective form of play therapy with children. Alone or with others he has produced over 80 articles and chapters, four books, and numerous manuals, training tapes, and films in the areas of individual, marital, group, and family therapy. He was the recipient of numerous life-time achievement and other awards from national organizations, including the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Psychological Association, and the Association for Play Therapy. Dr. Guerney founded the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement® in Bethesda, MD to continue the advancement of his innovative therapeutic methods. Dr. Guerney’s book, Relationship Enhancement: Skill-Training Programs for Therapy, Problem Prevention, and Enrichment has been called, by Dr. Douglas Sprenkle, “a seminal and potentially revolutionary work … perhaps the best … integration of theory, research, and practice in the family intervention field.” As a human being, Dr. Guerney was a most empathetic, kind, generous and appreciative individual. And he always had a warm smile to great you. At the core, Dr. Guerney modeled what he taught. Countless hundreds, probably thousands, of people have been blessed by Dr. Guerney’s presence, wisdom and dedication as a spouse, parent and grandparent, teacher and mentor. To have met and known Dr. Guerney is to have been touched by him. Dr. Guerney is survived by his wife of 65 years, Louise Guerney, three adult children, Janis, Bruce and Robert, and three grandchildren, Aaron, Liana and Cole.

[03/08/19]   We are excited to be rolling out our new and improved website in the coming weeks, complete with some special features! Stay tuned to learn more when it opens!

National Institute of Relationship Enhancement and Center for Couples, Families and Children » Special Workshops: Relationship Enhancement® and Filial Therapy Conference

Hello Everyone! Hope everyone has been having a great start to their new year. The Special Workshops On Relationship Enhancement and Filial Enhancement methods are coming up. It's a great opportunity to connect with others interested in Play Therapy, Filial, and Relationship Enhancement methods and get CEUs while you're at it! Head to our website to check out the presentations for this year and register. Skills for a Lifetime of Love™

Dance with me in the Heart

I love this quote.
Let's choose the former option; that way the children won't spend time in their later years trying to sort out the cracks of their past.

How the Mirror Neuron System Regulates Empathy – Empathic Workplace

Mirror neurons have been the subject of much research and debate! Still, the ability to identify with a person's emotions and enter into their world can be a profound gift not only for them, but even for the person who does it, by increasing their understanding of someone with whom they were in conflict. Empathy is not just for "those with whom we agree" or "feel sorry for". Rather, it is for those with whom we have radically different experiences! The beautiful thing is that it is not just an attitude or something that some people have and some don't, but is actually a skill that can be taught!,5589,77277ed4eac8cd71fde929cb1d6edec233844dfe1150c510175e66276c1b3bd6#_scpsug=crawled,5589,77277ed4eac8cd71fde929cb1d6edec233844dfe1150c510175e66276c1b3bd6 How the Mirror Neuron System Regulates Empathy by Angela Nino Science of Empthy How do we understand others when we haven’t experienced what they’re going through? How are we able to share in the joy and sadness of those around us? Why do some people seem so adept at suspending personal judgment...

Play Therapy Is More Than Child's Play | Psych Central

A good little summary of what play therapy actually entails (No, it's not "just playing!"). Important work in the areas of growth and healing can occur for a child during their play session either with a therapist/counselor or a parent. Interested in more training opportunities for Filial Family Therapy or Child Centered Play Therapy? Check out our website or message us for more info! Play therapy is designed to elicit healthy emotional responses in a safe environment, create a sense of positive regard from therapist to client, and allow for healing and resolution of symptoms that may range from mildly distressing to devastatingly damaging.

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This group is to increase awareness about NIRE, training and continuing education opportunities, as well as new happenings and developments in the world of Filial, Child Centered Play Therapy, and Relationship Enhancement methods.
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