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how close are we to B.O.W's?
Here are photos from the 2018 ASBMB Award Lectures. Enjoy! You can listen to the winners' award lectures on SoundCloud — https://bit.ly/2JuiozV — and read more about their work in this ASBMB Today Collection: http://ht.ly/xYLF30kf2Jk.
Dear biologists, could you verify this information? Please find at the bottom a link containing 2 videos and a summary about this research. Hereafter you’ll find the translation of the first video: I want to reveal this, ok. Santiago, if you could do me a favor. Let’s begin to switch to full screen and I want that people understand what I am going to explain here, ok. This thing we are watching there, that thing we are watching over there is an embryonic development, all right, of an in vitro fertilization, an artificial fertilization. It is the development of embryos seen through blastocysts cultivar, that is to say, from its cultivation till it becomes a blastocyst. Today I ask biologists for help in order to confirm that everything I am going to say is true, to the planet’s biologists. And we do this with a purpose, to help mankind to wake up, to confirm this is truth and that I do not lie to anyone, all right? This is an embryonic development, in approximately a five days term of an in vitro fertilized embryo and it is a blastocysts cultivar, it can be perfectly seen, can’t it? Then, there are an archaeological ruins archaeologists don’t know what they are and nobody knows what they are. Then, I am going to explain what it is about. I have already told it. Santiago, can you switch to full-screen? Said ruins are in Jordan, in Jordan’s Black desert. I would therefore call all the planet’s biologists to confirm what I am going to say: Those ruins are maps of embryos in development of several species. These ruins you are looking at there can only be seen from outer space, ok? All what compounds the complex of embryonic maps. However, if biologists listen to me and follow what I am saying and pay attention to me, they will realize they are embryos in development, ok. And we have the result of two species: the first one, in a red circle, is one of the human genetic experiments they made. If you realize it, within the red circle of this embryo’s development the human baby can be perfectly seen, ok? In the blue circle, all the other branch of circles, it is the development of another embryo, reptile, with the difference that it is supposed reptiles do reproduce through eggs, don’t they? They reproduce through eggs. However, it was a genetic experiment to reproduce it in an identical manner as humans reproduce, because they were obsessed with our genetics. The greatest treasure we have here in this planet is genetics, the quantity of species existing in this world. Then, we are watching maps there, which can only be seen from outer space, of embryonic development systems of genetic experiments. And if possible, I would like all high authorities of the Kingdom of Jordan to contact me because I can only explain this at the moment. I can’t explain anymore now. There is much more there, more than you can imagine, including the reason of the desert’s black color, but I can’t explain more than what it is. And I would like that biologists verify whether what I am saying is true or false. And I want my friends to defend me, my followers and that they protect this information and don’t let anybody plagiarize it and don’t let anyone to stand to benefit therefrom, because it is for humankind. And I ask those people who only plagiarize for money to look for other information because they have much and to leave me alone because I know which aim I am doing this for, for the sake of mankind, because I don’t want to make a killing, all right? Therefore, if the biologists’ help really – we will later show an e-mail, apart from the e-mail [email protected] which all biologist watching this program can write to -, I ask for your help to share it. I will also show my e-mail in order that the authorities of Jordan, the high authorities of Jordan, contact me because I have something important to tell them, ok, but, above all, they shall talk to the biologists of their country, with the best biologists of their country in order to verify whether what I am saying is true or false, because when these people came down, they made a whole bunch of beings with human hybridizations. I have already told you about it, they made many. They even made the reptilians, ok. Many people say reptilians came from outside. No at all. These beings are angelical, they are energies and when they were trapped here, because they couldn’t go up – please, read the Book of Enoch, it explains it -, then they decided to do bodies in order to be able to live underground, as they are bound… And those bodies, all those things you are watching over there, are maps of embryonic genetic experiments they made, and they made bodies for themselves, both the reptilians and the Nephilim; they created the Nephilim. There will be there some types of embryos they won’t know; they won’t recognize what they are but I will tell to them what they are… And they created all sorts of mutants, those who are mentioned in mythology and legend, ok, all sorts of beings, mutants, monsters and everything which existed before were that. And they have continued doing genetic experiments so far. For this reason, I ask the government of Jordan to verify what I am saying and to contact me, because I can extend the information to them, ok. Then, we will show the e-mail. The biologists watching this program can write as well to: [email protected], they can write to my e-mail as well and confirm the veracity of what I am saying. I am explaining all this in order that it can be more clearly understood. For this purpose, with the aim that the government of Jordan verifies the ruins existing there and talks with the best biologists of Jordan, with the planet’s best biologists. I kindly ask them to contact me if they check it up and realize the certainty of what I am saying and that I don’t lie. Then… This truth can stop wars, this truth can stop stupidity in humanity, I am telling this truth to avoid pain and in order that it is done as soon as possible and that good tv programs are filmed as soon as possible and everything comes out, so we get out of this “cloud” of ignorance and falsehood where humanity is lying on, because we are not lying and this represents the evidence to show there is no evolution theory. We were all created here and they envied what human beings are, because we are generators of creation. We are generators of creation and they envied us, because we have a physical body. They didn’t have a physical body as our body. Then, I would like again to point out to the top leaders of Jordan, please contact me and verify the information to ascertain that we don’t lie about this subject. Then, I will enlarge the information for them of everything existing behind this over there and they can also verify whether I lie or not. And I have had to do this in this manner before contacting them to avoid the same problems as the problems Alberto had, because he contacted the Israeli government and just look what happened: they covered everything up and didn’t say anything. And he contacted the Spanish government and look what happened with the Cave of Hercules, as well as with other things, with the giants. And I don’t want the same fate to befall me. Therefore, first we check it, when you will realize it is true, please contact me, because it is only a very, very, very, very tiny part of what I can say and I can assure we can avoid much pain to humanity by revealing the truths, we are doing all this with this aim; and those who watch these programs, please, defend us at once and don’t permit plagiarism and don’t let people enrich at our expense when we are defending all of us, which is the least one could do here.
Hello smart people! I’m the owner of Werewolf American Pub in the Gaslamp. Heard the Experimental Biology Convention is coming to San Diego! As a person who’s watched multiple science related 80’s movies I can say with at least 99% certainty I know nothing about Experimental Biology. BUT, I do know how to serve great food and drinks. Check us out! Werewolf. We're also top rated on Yelp. 4.5 Stars, 2500 reviews.

Experimental Biology (EB) is an annual meeting comprised of over 12,000 scientists and exhibitors. It is a multidisciplinary, scientific meeting featuring plenary and award lectures, pre-meeting workshops, oral and poster sessions, on-site career service.

This multidisciplinary, scientific meeting features plenary and award lectures, pre-meeting workshops, oral and posters sessions, on-site career services and exhibits of an array of equipment, supplies and publications required for research labs and experimental study. Experimental Biology (EB) is an annual meeting comprised of over 12,000 scientists and exhibitors representing five host societies and multiple guest societies. General fields of study include anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. EB is open to all members of the host and guest societies and nonmembers with interest in research and life sciences. The majority of scientists represent university and academic institutions as well as government agencies, non-profit organizations and private corporations.

Mission: This multidisciplinary, scientific meeting features plenary and award lectures, pre-meeting workshops, oral and posters sessions, on-site career services and exhibits of an exhibit floor with an array of equipment, supplies and publications required for research labs and experimental study.

Operating as usual

Did you miss your chance to submit an abstract to Experimental Biology 2021? No worries! Last-chance abstracts will be accepted today through February 4. Start here: https://bit.ly/35GAkBc

Time is running out! Abstracts for Experimental Biology 2021 are due Thursday, January 7. Determine your abstract topic and submit your abstract for an oral or poster presentation today. https://bit.ly/3pPYXTB

Submitting an Abstract

Want to make an awesome virtual poster presentation at Experimental Biology 2021? Start here — https://bit.ly/3ovC7jt — then follow these 4 easy steps!

Want to be part of a virtual experience like no other? Submit an abstract to Experimental Biology 2021 on your cutting-edge research in anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. https://bit.ly/3ePgLdm

Get ready for an amazing virtual learning experience! Experimental Biology 2021 is coming to you April 27–30. Make plans now to build connections through video chats and group discussions, attend engaging educational sessions, review and discuss posters, and more. Save the date and look for more details later.

The 2020 Tang Prize in Biopharmaceutical Science is jointly awarded to Drs. Charles Dinarello, Marc Feldmann, and Tadamitsu Kishimoto for developing cytokine-targeting biological therapies for treatment of inflammatory diseases. Watch the livestream of their forum, “Targeting the Hyperactive Immune System, from Autoimmune Disease to Cytokine Storms,” to keep abreast of the latest development in biomedical science in the age of coronavirus. https://bit.ly/2GOZYu0

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Experimental Biology has been forced to cancel our in-person meeting in Indianapolis, May 1-4, 2021. However, we will offer Experimental Biology in a virtual format, which will bring you the latest research in anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology, and physiology in an interactive, engaging format. The 2021 dates will be announced soon.

Explore the many components of life sciences from home with the new Experimental Biology e-posters. Nearly 500 (and counting) of the abstracts scheduled for presentation at Experimental Biology 2020 are online, offering you a convenient way to gain cutting-edge insight on many areas of life sciences. Some of the abstracts include author contact information so you can ask questions and build new connections. https://bit.ly/3buj3eo

Plus, nearly 6,500 abstracts will be available in The FASEB Journal.

New research finds nicotine-filled e-cigarettes increased heart rate and blood pressure in healthy, 20-year-old nonsmokers. The new study was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020. https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-04/eb-snt042320.php


What's the best way to identify male hemp seedlings?

Surging CBD popularity has led to commercial tests for early determination of hemp plant sex, which is important for increasing CBD production. A study that was scheduled for #ExpBio 2020 finds these tests may not all be accurate. https://bit.ly/2KB9Eab

eurekalert.org A new study has found that tests used for early determination of hemp sex may not all produce accurate results.

[04/30/20]   Obesity has been shown to place physical stress on the body, but new research suggests that excess weight may also cause mental fatigue. The study was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020. https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-04/eb-hdc042320.php

Researchers created brain-region specific spheroids that can be maintained for years, allowing the direct investigation of various neuropsychiatric diseases. This research was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020. https://bit.ly/2KEJBii


Scientists uncover how Zika virus can spread through sexual contact

Although typically spread by mosquitoes, Zika sometimes spreads person-to-person by sexual transmission. New findings that were scheduled to be presented at #ExpBio 2020 provide the first molecular-level insights into how the virus can move through sexual contact. https://bit.ly/2YcDDxg

eurekalert.org Zika virus is capable of replicating and spreading infectious particles within the outermost cells lining the vaginal tract, according to new research. The findings provide the first molecular-level insights into how the virus can move from person to person through sexual contact.


Blood test offers early warning of chemotherapy-related heart problems

Heart problems are a side effect of several cancer therapies. In work that was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020, researchers identify biomarkers that could provide early warning of cardiovascular problems with a simple blood test.https://bit.ly/2SdKsuo

eurekalert.org Scientists have identified a collection of biomarkers that together signal that a person's cancer treatment may be harming their heart.

A new study that was scheduled to be presented at #ExpBio 2020 used salt-tolerant bacteria to enhance salt tolerance in plants. This approach could help increase crop yield in areas dealing with increasing soil salinity. https://bit.ly/2SeeNZY


Reducing early brain inflammation could slow Alzheimer's progression

A new mouse study, originally scheduled for #ExpBio 2020, found that reducing brain inflammation before disease symptoms appear might help slow Alzheimer’s disease progression. https://bit.ly/3aEM3jv

eurekalert.org In a new animal study examining Alzheimer's disease, researchers found that disease progression could be slowed by decreasing neuroinflammation in the brain before memory problems and cognitive impairment were apparent.


Scientists trace path from PTSD to heart disease

Research that was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020 reveals blood vessel changes in young adults with PTSD, potentially helping to explain their higher risk for heart disease. https://bit.ly/3eYn3Xx

eurekalert.org A new study helps explain why people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) face a higher risk of heart disease at an earlier age than people without PTSD.


CBD shows promise for fighting aggressive brain cancer

CBD could be a useful therapy for glioblastoma brain cancer, suggests a new study that was scheduled for #ExpBio 2020. Even with major advancements in treatment, survival rates for this cancer have not significantly improved. https://bit.ly/2YfafGr

eurekalert.org Findings from a new study examining human and canine brain cancer cells suggest that cannabidiol, or CBD, could be a useful therapy for a difficult-to-treat brain cancer.

A new study showed that vagus nerve stimulation with a small earbud-like device helped modulate the stomach’s response in people with indigestion. The research was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020. https://bit.ly/3cQpY2O


Light helps arthritis treatments target joints

Rheumatoid arthritis treatments often come with serious side effects. A mouse study that was scheduled for #ExpBio 2020 shows that a new light-activated drug delivery method helps confine treatments to the joints, which could reduce whole-body side effects. https://bit.ly/2VKhapE

eurekalert.org Results from a new mouse study suggest that a new light-activated drug delivery method helps confine treatments to the joints, which could reduce whole-body side effects.


Researchers weave human tissue into new blood vessels

Researchers weave blood vessels that could one day be used to repair diseased or damaged vessels in the body. This research was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020 https://bit.ly/2VF3Jae

eurekalert.org Researchers have used threads made of engineered human tissue to weave blood vessels that could one day help repair diseased or damaged blood vessels.

Can loud noises actually harm your health? Two mouse studies that were scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020 provide new insight into how exposure to high levels of noise can lead to high blood pressure and cancer-related DNA damage. https://bit.ly/2yNkS8U


Can vaping scar your lungs? New insights and a possible remedy

A study that was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020 finds evidence that compounds in e-cigarette liquid could lead to lung scarring. The research also suggests that inhibiting a nicotine receptor could help slow scar formation in affected people. https://bit.ly/2zyNi6N

eurekalert.org Researchers report evidence that the compounds in e-cigarette liquid could potentially cause the body's tissue repair process to go haywire and lead to scarring inside the lungs. The new study, conducted in cell cultures, also suggests that inhibiting a certain nicotinic receptor could help promote....

Molecular battery

Research that was scheduled for #ExpBio 2020 found that a tube worm’s slime emits long-lasting blue light thanks to an iron storage protein called ferritin that acts like a molecular battery. https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-04/eb-tws042220.php

Clean” mice raised in conditions free of certain bacteria and viruses are typically used to study how the immune system responds to diseases and vaccines. A new study that was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020 suggests standard laboratory mice may lead scientists to overestimate vaccine efficacy: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-04/eb-mc042320.php

Although both men and women have the capacity for phenomenal athletic achievements, new research finds that women, on average, must work harder to breathe during strenuous exercise compared to men. The study was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-04/eb-bde042320.php

New research that was scheduled for #ExpBio 2020 suggests that FDA-approved drugs used to treat other disorders could help halt preterm labor: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-04/eb-rid042220.php


EurekAlert! - Page missing | EurekAlert! Science News

Findings from a new animal study that was scheduled for presentation at #ExpBio 2020 suggest that vaping during breastfeeding could be linked to problems with skull and face development. https://bit.ly/2W46nW2

eurekalert.org EurekAlert! is an online science news service featuring health, medicine, science and technology news from leading research institutions and universities. Sponsored by AAAS, the science society.

Experimental Biology's cover photo

Following recent reports from WHO and the CDC, EB Management has cancelled Experimental Biology 2020. More information is available here: http://bit.ly/2TrrYHQ We thank you for understanding the extreme difficulty of this decision and for your commitment to EB2020.

Review a wide range of poster sessions on cutting-edge science and translational research at Experimental Biology 2020. http://bit.ly/2HsziNh

Take the next step in your career with the help of Experimental Biology 2020's Career Central. Practice your presentation skills, view job listings, have your resume critiqued, and attend micro-learning sessions on professional development topics: http://bit.ly/2sHSH8M

Unleash your potential at Career Central at Experimental Biology 2020. Practice your presentation skills, take part in short discussions on professional development topics, explore specialized topics in our career workshops, and more! http://bit.ly/2sHSH8M

Edward Dennis, a distinguished professor at the University of California, San Diego, won the Bert and Natalie Vallee Award in Biomedical Science. He will present his lecture, "Enzyme Hydrophobic Sites and Allosteric Membrane Interactions Regulate Signaling and Mediators of Inflammation," on April 7. #ExpBio

NIH Common Fund Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC) Program Overview

Heard about the Common Fund's SPARC program at the National Institutes of Health? Explore how SPARC is improving public health. http://bit.ly/2PafXUM Make plans to visit the SPARC booth in the Exhibit Hall at Experimental Biology 2020.

The SPARC program is a trans-NIH effort managed by the NIH Common Fund in the Office of the Director and supported by NIBIB, NINDS, NIDDK, and NCATS. Learn a...

Experimental Biology

Experimental Biology (EB) is the annual meeting of five societies bringing together more than 12,000 scientists and 25 guest societies in one interdisciplinary community. This annual meeting is your place to explore the latest cutting-edge science in anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. EB welcomes everyone with interest in advancing the latest research impacting life sciences. Attendees represent scientists from academic institutions, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and industry.

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