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Rochambeau, The French International School


Joyeux 1er mai à tous!
Do you have a press release about the deconventionement of Rochambeau?
I would like to share with you to a great opportunity for children wanting to improve their French speaking skills this summer.
Hi everyone! Join us on new international page of French philosopher Vincent Cespedes!
Is the Bradley campus for sale? I saw a sign out front.
Hi, can someone help me with my question please about admission, sent privately
Sophie introduces her little sister Julie to her "new" campus. After two years with the marvellous team at Bradley campus, Julie graduated this June and moved up to CP. Sophie starts her third school year at the Rollingwood campus and enjoys being back to her teacher from last year, Magali Giraldi, now in CE2/3rd grade.
Hi all my name ils Gabriel Eanga i'm searching of my friend school of 1986 year please if a can have some picture it's gonna ne a big pleasure
Do you know a well-traveled teen? My company ( is developing a Teen Advisory Panel. The well-traveled teens on our Teen Advisory Panel will work with our Luxury Custom Travel consultants giving tips and insights to make our guests’ next family travel experience a great one. The panelists will field occasional questions from our Luxury Custom Travel consultants concerning teen-specific hints for certain destinations and experiences. Answers will be three quick ideas from a teen perspective written out in bullet points with applicable links. Examples might include great Instagrammable spots in a certain city, a hidden spot for the best ice cream, or tips for scoring tickets to concerts or museums. We don’t imagine this taking more than an hour a month. We are looking for teenagers between the ages of 14-17 who have visited 15 or more countries on three or more continents outside of North America. If you think your teen or a teen you know qualifies and might be interested, I encourage him/her to fill out the application found here: We will be picking up to ten teens to join the panel. Participation in the panel is voluntary, but we will be offering prizes to those selected. They will receive a $50 gift card upon selection and another $250 gift card if they answer at least five questions in a year. They will also be noted on our website with their photo and first name only. Applications are due on June 24, so please have your teen act quickly if he/she is interested. Thanks for your consideration! Elisabeth, class of '96

Age 2 through 12th grade, co-educational international school located in Bethesda, MD. Multicultural. Inclusive. Bilingual. Rigorous. From age 2 through 12th Grade, 1085 students, 80+ nationalities, French curriculum in a multilingual environment.

This page is for parents, students, alumni, and prospective families interested in current news and events.

Mission: The mission of Rochambeau is to create a multicultural learning environment built on a rigorous French curriculum accredited by the French Ministry of Education. The school is part of the worldwide AEFE network of schools and provides a safe environment that welcomes students of all backgrounds and nationalities, guiding them to become confident, caring, and open-minded critical thinkers who will gain access to the best universities and thrive in a diverse competitive world.

Operating as usual

🧸🐱🐨🐺🦫 Furry friends help with grammar! These students were invited to bring a furry friend to English class in order to practice dialogue and how to phrase their questions! 💬❓ A FUN way to learn English grammar!
#RochambeauAtHome #RochamBilingues #LearningIsFun

Les marionnettes "monstres" des émotions - Maternelle

❓ What are your feelings today? Joy😊, serenity😌, sadness😢, anger😡?
We hope that this lovely video will make you feel joyful😉! Our Kindergarten students are learning to use words for their feelings and went on to create ✂️🖍️ their own puppet-monsters of emotions. 👏
#RochambeauAtHome #RochambeauMaternelle #RochambArt

[09/08/20]   👍 1 new Proviseur, 1 new Preschool Director, and 20 new teachers for 1,000 students this new school year! 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 Welcome on board and bonne rentrée ! GO Rochambeau team 🎉
#RochamBIENVENUE #WelcomeToRochambeau #NewTeachers

📣 VIVE LA RENTRÉE !!!! Happy first day of school to all of our students, teachers, staff, and families 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫👩‍💻👨‍💻! Capture this special moment and share your photos with #RochambeauBackToSchool. 📚📐🧮 We wish you an amazing school year! 💛💙

#Rentrée2020 #GORochambeau #HappyFirstDayOfSchool

Rochambeau, The French International School's cover photo

👋 The new school year, even this special one, begins with a warm WELCOME to our new students 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓! The teachers, students and parents have met online🧑‍💻with our new students for our New Family welcome event.
This year's incoming class represents 34 nationalities coming from 28 countries. 🌍🌎🌏
#WelcomeToRochambeau #RochambeauDiversity #RochambeauAtHome

It's #NationalHoneyBeeDay 🐝! Take time today to learn about honey bees and their critical role in our environment 🌳 🌷. Did you know, an average beehive can hold around 50,000 bees and they've been around for 30 million years! 🍯

Stop Germs from Spreading: Wash Your Hands | Cincinnati Children's

Washing your hands 🧴is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. To stop Germs 🦠from spreading make sure you wash your hands the right way 🧼. Check this awesome video 🎥 for a charming guide: Did you know that sometimes when people get sick, it’s bec...

The summer camp STEAM 🧪 session looked amazing! Our expert 👩‍🔬 scientists 🧑‍🔬 created wondrous experiences and made Magic Milk Rainbow 🌈, Rain in a Jar 💦and built shapes with marshmallows. How cool is that!

We kicked off our summer camps ☀️ this week with an awesome cooking class 🥣 🍽 Check out this super stellar little chef 🧑‍🍳 expertly preparing and presenting carrot fries with honey 🥕🍯. They look very appetizing! 😄
Ready for dessert? In another class, our chefs 👩‍🍳prepared a delicious looking fruit salad 🍓🍌🥝Stay tuned for more yummy content coming soon!

🇫🇷 On this Fête Nationale Française, Bastille Day, we note a key moment in the French Revolution in 1789 - now a day to celebrate national unity - Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. 🎆

And today, we could not mark this day without acknowledging the work we still have to do within our own school community to achieve true unity and respect. 🌐 Our school administration and Board of Trustees is fully committed to meaningful changes in the coming school year and work has already started - planning for professional development, s

Student workshops, and community discussions. 🗣🗣🗣
As we return to school in September, we will convene a committee of students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff for a series of conversations and to help implement action steps centered around diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.
We invite all interested in participating in our conversations and helping to develop community plans to contact our account administrator or email us at [email protected]
#BastilleDay #14juillet #fêtenationale #liberté #égalité #fraternité #CelebrateFranceAtHome #rochambeaufrenchschool #ABetterRochambeau #diversity #blacklivesmatter #blackstudentsmatter

[06/24/20]   🤹 Juggling is what we have all learned to do even more during these days of quarantine and confinement - but our students, led by PE Teacher 🤹Sébastien Perotti, really took this challenge to a new level! ✌ Check out their concentration 👀, coordination ⚙ and balance ⚖...all esstential skills no matter what you throw in the air! Bravo! 🤩💯
#RochamSports #RochambeauFUN #RochambeauSpirit

Episode 40 : Le potager dans toute sa splendeur !

🔚 It's time for the LAST episode of the series "La vie côté jardin"👋! Thanks to all of you who followed along and 👍 thanks to our "Roux" team for sharing their expertise in gardening and cooking 👨‍🌾🍽👩‍🍳 :) This 40th episode revisits the whole vegetable garden 🐞🐝☀, and finally, at the end, some highlights from our Rochambeau students in their own home gardens and kitchens 👏! Happy harvests everyone! 🌿🍓🍅🍆🥬🥒🌶🌽🥕🥔🍠
#RochambeauSeries #RochambeauCôtéJardin #DuPotagerALaCuisine #JardinageEcologique #AgricultureUrbaine #ProudOfOurTeachers

End of the school year Message 2020

📣 We share with you this message to end the school year today 🔔🔔🔔, and we wish you an excellent summer ☀! We look forward to welcome you for the back-to-school in August 🙂 BONNES VACANCES !!!! 😎
#RochambeauSpirit #LécoleEstFinie #ViveLesVacances

This is "End of the school year Message 2020" by Rochambeau on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

L'oeuf fou, le principe d'inertie - Physique - Lycée

🔝Today would have been our annual Science Fair🔬🧪⚙ !!! Though we can't share our experiments together in person, we proudly share this funny video from one of our Science & Physics Teachers 👨‍🔬, Adrien Gontier, and his 10th grade scientists. A great way to learn about inertia and movement 〰💨 and you can try this experiment for yourself, at home! Just get an egg 🥚, a cup of water 💦, a paper plate and paper towel roll. 👌✅
#RochambeauAtHome #RochambeauScience #PhysicsExperience

Mouvement et interaction, Seconde SPC. Grâce au support, la force de gravitation exercée sur l’oeuf et qui l’attire en bas est compensée par le support. Les ...

Remise des diplômes de Grande Section 2020 - Extrait

📣This morning was our time to celebrate the 🎓 Graduation for our Kindergarten students💙💛! This year was a different kind of ceremony but still a joyful spirit🎉 was here! 👏 Congratulations to all our littles ones who are off to 1st grade next year!!! ✌
And stay tuned...more videos coming soon...🎬
#RochamGrad #RochambeauMaternelle #KindergartenGraduation

Episode 39 : L'eau et le lapin

🎶"Quand il fait chaud, on a envie de l'eau💧" to quote the artist Charlélie Couture! Yes, the summer will be hot🌡, your plants will be thirsty😅! So Marc gives us his gardener's 👨‍🌾 advice on how to water 💦, at what time of day 🌅 and how to collect and reuse rain water 🌧 to help your vegetable garden grow! And there's a little surprise at the end of the video 🐇
👉 Next (and final!) video next Monday - June 22 - to showcase your work in the garden🌿🌱🍓🍅🥬🌽🥔🍠 or in the kitchen 🍽🍲🥗🥧👩‍🍳👨‍🍳, so send your photos and videos to Mr Roux! 📸
#RochambeauSeries #RochambeauCôtéJardin #DuPotagerALaCuisine #JardinageEcologique #AgricultureUrbaine #ProudOfOurTeachers

French Embassy in the U.S.

▶️ A congratulation message for all the French baccalaureate graduates in United States from the Ambassador of France to the USA! 🎉

Today, we congratulate all the French baccalaureate graduates in the United States!

L'ambassadeur Philippe Etienne adresse ses félicitations aux étudiants des lycées français aux Etats-Unis pour l'obtention de leur baccalauréat.

AEFE - Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger

#frencheducation #lycéefrançais #aefenetwork #choosefrance

News Post

📣 Congratulations to our SENIORS! The 🇫🇷 French BAC results this year are, again, outstanding! A 💯% success rate with a total of 93% with HONORS 👌, the Class of 2020 has achieved something truly remarkable! ✌ We are SO PROUD of our hard-working students and faculty! 👏🎓

Results here:

#RochamBAC #RochambeauPride #RochambeauSpirit We congratulate our Rochambeau Seniors for their extraordinary effort and truly remarkable results on the Baccalaureate exams 2020. Bravo !

Luci Care de Mozart, par les Choeurs de Rochambeau et de l'Ambassade de France

🔜 Today, while waiting the Bac results 🤞🤞, we share with you the relaxing music 🎶 of the Rochambeau & 🇫🇷 French Embassy in the U.S. Choirs, directed by one of our 🎵 own music teachers, Simon Charette! 👨‍🎤🎙👩‍🎤🎧 The 35 choristers performed a lovely interpretation of 🎼 Luci care by Mozart. A special thank you to Sabine Ocaña, 10th grader, for helping with the visual editing of this video. 🌟🎬
#RochambeauChoir #RochamMusic #MusicTherapy

Art du Mandala en Grande Section

How to learn about art 🎨 and geometry📐 with FUN?! 🤩 With a Mandala: a circle formation with radial symmetry...the design radiates out symmetrically from the center🌀. Our Kindergarten students explored 🔎 the art of Mandala by creating it with objects from everyday life and choosing a theme: natural mandala 🍃 ☘🌷, desk mandala 🖇🖌 ✏, kitchen mandala 🍓🥕🥄🍴, toy🧸 mandala... 🆒
#RochambeauAtHome #RochambeauMaternelle #MandalaProject

Episode 38 : Retour sur la plantation du Milpa

👉⏳🔙Today we return to Milpa cultivation with our gardener 👨‍🌾 Marc. As the corn 🌽 and squash 🎃 have grown so well, now it's time to plant the sprouted 🌱 beans!
#RochambeauSeries #RochambeauCôtéJardin #DuPotagerALaCuisine #JardinageEcologique #AgricultureUrbaine #ProudOfOurTeachers

Celebrating our #classof2020 !!! 👏 Thanks to @rochterms20 on Instagram for sharing where they are going next year 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸🇨🇭! Our newest Alumni will be making their mark on the world - while they study all over the world! 🌎🌍
#rochambeauexcellence #rochambeauclassof2020 #proudofourstudents

[06/08/20]   🥄 From the vegetable garden to the kitchen! " Un peu de gourmandise" 🤤 today with chard 🥬 from your garden! To inspire our young students, our Chef Florence Roux, one of our literature teachers, shares with us a simple and delicious recipe of a Chard Pie 🥧! You'll need flour and butter for the crust, and chard, garlic, olive oil, sweet peppers 🌶, eggs 🥚, cheese 🧀 and a pinch of salt 🧂. A great way to encourage our budding chefs to pick up an apron 👨🏽‍🍳👩‍🍳 and cook this delicious pie for their families, with adult supervision of course.
🍽 Bon appétit ! 😋
#RochambeauSeries #RochambeauCôtéJardin #DuPotagerALaCuisine #JardinageEcologique #AgricultureUrbaine #ProudOfOurTeachers

Episode 36 : Plantons les patates douces !

🍠🍠🍠 Remember the sweet potatoes that our gardener 👨‍🌾 Marc help us sprout🌱? Well he's going to show us how to plant them in this video! Sweet potato plants 🍠 have the advantage of making ground cover, their leaves are edible 🍽 and their beautiful flowers 🌺 will embellish your garden! 🏡
#RochambeauSeries #RochambeauCôtéJardin #DuPotagerALaCuisine #JardinageEcologique #AgricultureUrbaine #ProudOfOurTeachers

👋 Last day of school for our Senior Class of 2020 💙💛! We bid farewell to our Senior students and wish them the very best in their future endeavors! 🎓✌ We are so proud of you 👏👨‍🎓👩‍🎓! Click here to find their first college acceptances 🇺🇸🇫🇷🇨🇦🇬🇧🇳🇱🇪🇸🇮🇹:
#RochambeauExcellence #RochambeauPride #Classof2020

Episode 35 : L'edamame, soja vert

🌱 Did you know that Edamame is an unripe green soybean? Our gardener 👨‍🌾 Marc will show you how to plant it in a jardiniere💚, for a nice decoration 🏡 in addition to a food supply 🍽. Dandelion and mint "purins" will be very useful because this plant is sensitive to fungi 🍄 and aphids🐛. 👌
#RochambeauSeries #RochambeauCôtéJardin #DuPotagerALaCuisine #JardinageEcologique #AgricultureUrbaine #ProudOfOurTeachers

📣Continued success in French Mathematics competition for Rochambeau students! Seven of our 11th graders earned Highest Honors 🏆 at the 2020 French Math Olympiad - and are now included in the North America AEFE - Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger ranking! ✌ Congratulations to Adrien, Léon, Alec, Ellise, Madeleine, Jules, and Avril! Also, Bravo to Thomas, Oban and Mathéo for earning High Honors, and to Timon for his Honors.👏
This competition aims to enable students to approach mathematical problems 📐🧮📝 in a different way and to highlight the link between mathematics and other sciences 🔬🌡🤖🖥. More info:
#RochambeauExcellence #RochamSTEM #OlympiadesDeMathématiques

There is pain and protest in our streets. We see you. We hear you. We grieve with you. Black lives matter. Rochambeau is committed to our Black community and will continue to seek ways to provide support and do our part to use education to shed light on racism and injustice. #blackouttuesday

📣 Bravo to our 3e2 and 2e2 classes for earning 🥉 3rd prize in the "Mathématiques Sans Frontières" inter-class ➕➖➗✖ competition!!! 👏Congratulations for this top ranking among other 9th and 10th grade classes from French schools all over the world🌍! This French contest is well-known to promote teamwork 🤜🤛 and practice of a foreign language in mathematics🧮! ✌
#RochambeauExcellence #MathématiquesSansFrontières #LesMathsSontPartout

[06/01/20]   ✅ Today our gardener 👨‍🌾 Marc shows us how to plant 🌱 sweet peppers🌶, eggplants🍆 and basil🌿 on straw 🌾 bales. And you can make use of the dandelion "purin" 💦🍂 we prepared in our last posts to help your garden grow into healthy and beautiful items for our salads. It already smells like the Mediterranean! 🥗🤤
#RochambeauSeries #RochambeauCôtéJardin #DuPotagerALaCuisine #JardinageEcologique #AgricultureUrbaine #ProudOfOurTeachers

Confinement créatif

👋 Creativity at home! 💻Our students resume 📚 online classes today, with just 16 days before the end of the school year🔔! This animated drawing from Fatma, in 10th grade, shows the many faces of her classmates and of distance learning at Rochambeau. 👏 Good luck to all in these final weeks of school, even if the exams will be a little bit different this year!🤞🤞
#RochambeauAtHome #RochambART #ConfinementCréatif

Episode 33 : Suite du travail Purin et Paille

🔝 For your gardening this weekend, our gardener 👨‍🌾 Marc shows us more about straw 🌾 cultivation: evolution of the fermentation of dandelion "purin" 💦🍂, production of a nitrogen-rich nutrient solution from bean juice, and a mint "purin" to control greenflies🐛! Perfect topics for this ♻ #CompostingDay! 👍
#RochambeauSeries #RochambeauCôtéJardin #DuPotagerALaCuisine #JardinageEcologique #AgricultureUrbaine #ProudOfOurTeachers #JournéeDuCompost

Episode 32 : Le purin de pissenlit

💦🍂♻ Did you can turn your vegetable debris into a magic tool for your garden! Our gardener 👨‍🌾 Marc shows us his own easy method to make a rich fertilizing treatment, "purin végétal", at home using dandelion leaves. It is also a very good source of potassium for the straw cultivation. 👍
#RochambeauSeries #RochambeauCôtéJardin #DuPotagerALaCuisine #JardinageEcologique #AgricultureUrbaine #ProudOfOurTeachers

Our Story

From age 2 through 12th Grade, 1,110 students, 70 nationalities, French curriculum in a multilingual environment. This page is for parents, students, alumni, and prospective families interested in current news and events.

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Les marionnettes "monstres" des émotions - Maternelle
Episode 40 : Le potager dans toute sa splendeur !
Remise des diplômes de Grande Section 2020 - Extrait
Episode 39 : L'eau et le lapin
Luci Care de Mozart, par les Choeurs de Rochambeau et de l'Ambassade de France
Art du Mandala en Grande Section
Episode 38 : Retour sur la plantation du Milpa
Episode 36 : Plantons les patates douces !
Episode 35 :  L'edamame, soja vert
Episode 33 : Suite du travail Purin et Paille
Episode 32 : Le purin de pissenlit




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