Providing affordable access to community members with local, sustainable goods and services.

We are local cooperative business dedicated to its Members. We are committed to developing more sustainable communities by encouraging people to use local, sustainable goods and services through Member discounts. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for sustainable goods and services. Aside from earning savings up to 20% on major expenses such as an electric bill and discounts on minor purchases such as food or bike rentals, you will also be supporting the local economy and helping to protect the environment. You can trust us to bring in Maryland-based, environmentally responsible suppliers, which will allow you to know you’re purchasing goods and services from suppliers that have the same goals values that you do. Whether you’re interested in discounts, the environment, or local businesses, GreenSavings.Coop has numerous benefits to suit your needs. Save money while doing good; it’s a win-win situation. Check out this link for a list of our eco-friendly suppliers: Follow this link to sign up and start earning instant discounts:

Mission: Our mission is simple: to serve you (in the best way possible) in your goals of going green, reducing energy, building your community, and respecting your wallet! We have a passion for treating our environment with care and helping our community to join that effort. We also believe that our standard of living is important, and work hard to get you the information and resources to maintain- or increase- your standard of living as you go green. Our goal is to eventually become a national, collaborative organization encompassing localized sustainability co-ops. The Maryland Energy & Sustainability Co-op is the foundation of this effort.

Natural capital: we need leadership, trust and room for dissenting voices

"[...] there is something deeply perverse about a world that throws away over a third of the food it buys to eat and then worries about how we will feel a third more people." Important thoughts on the World Forum on Natural Capital. Collaboration, a redefinition of consumption and space for the criticism are all vital - Richard Spencer reflects on the World Forum on Natural Capital

Key agreement in South-Eastern Europe puts natural capital at the heart of economic development

Exiting news from South-East Europe ths morning, the Adria countries formally commit to strengthen regional cooperation in conservation and sustainable development. Eight countries endorse the protection of the Adria region

Here's Proof That Climate Change Is Unfair, Doesn't Care Who's At Fault

About a month after it was struck by one of the largest storms ever recorded, the Philippines is scrambling to get aid to hundreds of thousands of typhoon victims and may be looking at billions in damage repair. We should be asking whether it's fair to have the country bear the brunt of the cost of this devastating storm : Six days after it was struck by one of the largest storms ever recorded, the Philippines is scrambling to get aid to hundreds of thousands of typhoon victims and may be looking at billions in damage repair. In the wake of the disaster, perhaps we should be asking whether it's fair to have the countr...

Taking out the rivers' trash, one piece at a time

Here is the story about the guy who is dedicated to cleaning the Mississippi River and other U.S. waterways. His message is about much more than cleaning rivers. He believes his story is proof that anyone can make a difference: "Change is slow, like a barge or train, (but) once it builds momentum, it's hard to stop." In the past 15 years, Chad Pregracke has helped pull more than 67,000 tires from the Mississippi River and other waterways across the United States.

Greenbuild International Expo

Last week, There was 2013 Greenbuild International Expo in philadelphia! As the largest green building conference and expo in the world, Greenbuild focuses on topics that are generally a good indicator of where the green building industry is headed. In addition, this year's Greenbuild conference, which just wrapped up in Philadelphia, was a milestone on the path to safer chemicals and building materials. Greenbuild features the world's largest expo hall devoted to green building showcasing the latest in innovative products and services, exemplifying the idea of utilizing green to grow business to attendees from around the world.

14 Ways to Green Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day is coming. Take these small steps to make your Thanksgiving celebration more environmentally friendly. Happy Thanksgiving Day!! Take these small steps to make your Thanksgiving celebration more environmentally friendly

Amazon Deforestation Increases 28 Percent in One Year

Amazon's deforestation rate increases sharply. Last week, the Brazilian government released annual figures for deforestation in the Amazon and It is not so good. we should think again about the 'growth-at-all-costs' model. We can't no longer hide behind the celebrated decrease in deforestation! Last week, the Brazilian government released annual figures for deforestation in the Amazon

Cyclists who seek slower pace start slow-bike clubs to get in shape

Slow foods, slow fashion.. This time, slow biking is the newest movement!! Bicycle can be the way to see your world up close and personal. Some cyclists who want a slow pace start slow-bike clubs as an alternative to the speedy set who ride on skinny seats in Spandex

Solar Light Improves Lives of India’s Urban Poor

This is a great exmple of small change that makes the world different. Small solar panal made the lives of India's urban poor stay healthy and be improved. And it is the way to make an immense environmental benefits. Pollinate Energy sells small, efficient solar panels to illuminate tent communities in India

Butterfly farmers help protect threatened forests

Innovative measures taken to reduce deforestation by providing alternative livelihoods for farmers in Tanzania. Farmers in Tanzania are helping to conserve threatened forests by cultivating an unlikely crop: butterflies.

Guide to Buying Energy Efficient Light Bulbs as Daylight Savings Time Ends

As Fall and winter go on, the days are getting shorter and require more lighting in our home. According to National Resources Defense Council, CFL and LED lights use 75 percent less energy and last 10 and 25 times longer, respectively, than incandescent bulbs. These bulbs provide you with numerous ways to save energy and money!! CFLs and LEDs lights use 75 percent less energy and last 10 and 25 times longer, respectively, than incandescent bulbs

Sunrise solar eclipse: one stunning time-lapse, five golden images

Did you miss the Partial Solar Eclipse on sudnay morning? Check out this amazing time-lpase of the eclipse! Streaks of clouds made viewing Sunday morning's partial solar eclipse challenging, but photographers around the region still managed to capture fantastic views.

How Your Vacation To A National Park Helps Pump $45 Billion Into The Economy

"It’s difficult to quantify the value of protecting our nation’s hunting or ranching heritage, the benefits of healthy watersheds and air quality, or the power of ensuring our treasured landscapes and historic places will be accessible to the next generation." Report: public lands and waters create 372,000 jobs and $45 billion in economic development.

Happy National Cat Day!

Today is the National Cat Day. Cat lovers join together to celebrate this day and hope to find 10,000 shelter animals new homes. Celebrate National Cat Day with your kitten!! Happy National Cat Day! Every October 29, cat-lovers join together to celebrate our feline pals and encourage their adoption.

Coral Reefs Are Fighting Back Against Global Warming

Coral Reefs are fighting back against the Global Warming!! New research has found that Coral Reefs produce DMSP that helps them engineer their environment and stave off global warming. When they get stressed by the heat, coral make their own shade by releasing a chemical that helps clouds form

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Fair Trade

This is the reason why we should buy Fair Trade!! It encourages eco-friendly production methods and protects humane working conditions! Read this article: The label means that the business selling the product has purchased a certification license

Food waste harms climate, water, land and biodiversity - new FAO report - UNEP

Have you given any thought to how food waste affects the climate? Roughly one-third of food produced for human consumption gets lost or wasted globally.. Direct Economic Costs of $750 billion Annually Better Policies Required, and "Success Stories" Need to be Scaled Up and Replicated

Meatless Monday -- Bite into Real Food For Food Day

Food Day is coming!!
When is the last time you ate the "real food"? Try real, fresh food on thursday Meatless Monday -- Bite into Real Food For Food Day - The Huffington Post

PHOTO: Here's 'Simba' And 'Mufasa' In Real Life

Look at this beautiful picture of two lions!
Lion currently classifed as a "vulnerable" species. The major threat to them is indiscriminate killing by hunters. It is so sad to see that many species are threatend. Who knew Disney movies could mimic real life so perfectly? Photographer Neil Agate captured this scene, reminiscent of "The Lion King," during a 2008 safari in Tanzania, though it's only now starting to gain popularity on the internet.

What An Orangutan Says To This Little Girl Is A Message We All Need To Know About

Let's think a message we all need to know about!! Her message is pretty frightening.

Study links warmer water temperatures to greater levels of mercury in fish

Climate change threatens our food security. Now we can add fish to the list. Warming waters make killifish hungrier, Then these bitty fish at the bottom of the food chain eat more mercury-tainted food than usual. Here is the New Research : A study links warmer water temperatures to greater levels of the toxic substance in fish.

Protect Rainforests and Wildlife With Palm-Oil-Free Halloween Candy

Halloween is upon us again! But do you know holloween candy made with palm oil? Palm oil companies clear tropical rainforests to plant their oil palm trees, which obliterates the homes of endangered animals. How about giving out alternatives to the traditional Halloween treats such as organic juice boxes or veggie chips? Companies clear tropical rainforests to plant oil palm trees, which obliterates the homes of endangered animals ...

Pavan Sukhdev: Put a value on nature! | Video on

What if we had to pay the true value of earth? Pavan Sukhdev is assessing the value of the Earth's assets and might make you think differently about the cost of air, water and trees. Every day, we use materials from the earth without thinking, for free. But what if we had to pay for their true value: would it make us more careful about what we use and what we waste? Think of Pavan Sukhdev as nature's banker -- assessing the value of the Earth's assets. Eye-opening charts will ma...

National Walk to School Day Gets Kids Off The Bus, Reduces Pollution

National Walk to School Day is tomorrow!!
How about walking or riding a bicycle with your family and neighbors. You can creat precious moment with them Organizers of the one-day event, now in its 16th year, say walking or bicycling to school results in a number of positive consequences ...

Native tribes' traditional knowledge can help US adapt to climate change

Native Tribes’ knowledge about sustainable farming, forestry, hunting and land & water management can help the US adapt to climate change! New England's Native tribes, whose sustainable ways of farming, forestry, hunting and land and water management were devastated by European colonists four centuries ago, can help modern America adapt to climate change.

What happened to biofuels?

“Ethanol production consumes 40% of America’s maize (corn) harvest and a single new ethanol plant in Hull is about to become Britain’s largest buyer of wheat, using 1.1m tonnes a year.” All made from what could otherwise be eaten by people and livestock. Interesting article on the “first generation” biofuels. SCIENTISTS have long known how to convert various kinds of organic material into liquid fuel. Trees, shrubs, grasses, seeds, fungi, seaweed, algae and animal fats...

Yasuni National Park - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine

A beautiful depiction of the Yasuni National Park and its unknown future. Ecuador’s Yasuní Park has it all--treetop orchids, prowling jaguars, nearly 600 species of birds ... and oil craved by developers.

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard :: Dickerson, MD

Just a reminder: Our Supplier Member Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard’s annual Grape Stomp Festival is coming up this weekend! MHB with Matthew BaronShane GambleMidnite Bluegrass BoysTed GarberJB SeafoodJazzy's Sweet TreatsLinda's LuncheonetteGourmet SteveBatty BatchesM.Reed Designs/Creative Renaissance

Energy Drips - How To Save Money And Energy In Your Home

"A little drip means a big waste." Little energy drips are happening a lot in your house. This is the way how to save energy and money.

Your home may be full of little energy drips - and they can really add up! Here are some simple, practical ways to reduce energy drips in your home and stop ...

What's Wrong with Jeremy Seifert's 'OMG GMO'

Genetically Modified Organism(GMO) is contribute to the environment damage. And we are still out on the safety of G.M. foods. Seifert explained his research process: “I didn’t really dig too deep into the scientific aspect.’’

US Sets First Limits On Power Plant Carbon Emissions

This is great news for the environment. US Sets First Limits On Power Plant Carbon Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency has made history by issuing the first ever carbon dioxide emissions standards that all future power plants built in the U...


Check out our new blog: Our intern Janbek from Turkey tells about the intern’s first week at GreenSavings.

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard :: Dickerson, MD

Our Supplier Member Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard’s annual Grape Stomp Festival is coming up soon!
You can also check them out on facebook: MHB with Matthew BaronShane GambleMidnite Bluegrass BoysTed GarberJB SeafoodJazzy's Sweet TreatsLinda's LuncheonetteGourmet SteveBatty BatchesM.Reed Designs/Creative Renaissance

Meat's Not Green! Vegetarianism and Global Warming

Thought provoking video:

To help the environment, cut meat from your plate! The United Nations has concluded that factory farming is one of the biggest contributors to the most serio...

Washington DC VegFest

Don’t miss out on the DCVegFest this weekend! Inspiring food, speakers and exhibits: Washington DC VegFest September 28, 2013

Shocking Before And After Pictures Of How Climate Change Is Destroying The Earth

We all know that humans are contributing to climate change. What does that really mean? What consequences can we actually see? What has changed over the last decades?
On the “Business Insider Science”, we could found a series of before and after pictures to show how dramatically the world has changed.
Look at these shocking pictures: Man-made climate change is ruining the planet, and here are the before and after pictures that prove it.

What Is Organic Food? [Epipheo.TV]

Organic food is becoming an essential part of our local food system. But do we actually know what organic food really means?
We associate healthy and nutritious food with it, although organic doesn`t necessarily mean healthy. Organic describes how the food is grown. Farmers try to avoid pollutants and avoid the use of chemicals and antibiotics.
Organic food should always be labeled with the USDA Organic seal. To use the term USDA Organic, the food has to be at least 95% organic.
If you want to be healthy, you still have to take care what food you buy, whether it`s organic or not. If you care to keep your planet healthy and clean, organic food is definitely the right choice!

A lot of people think that organic food must be more healthy for you, but don't really understand what organic good really is or what it means for food to be...


Our Supplier Member Bethesda Systems has expanded their Commercial LED Lighting into Residential LED Lighting and they can show you how “Going Green” is now more affordable for individual homes.
Bethesda Systems is offering three different packages of their “LED Diet”, with which you can lower your electric bills and not have to change light bulbs.
The first package is the most popular one: SLOW-N-EASY.
SLOW-N-EASY is based on a monthly one time fee of $29,95. The Bethesda Systems consultants will meet with you to demonstrate the best solutions for LED Lighting in your home. Bethesda Systems will support you from the consultation to the installation and a Follow-up. If you choose to purchase bulbs your $29,95 applies as a credit. If you don`t like your new lighting, Bethesda Systems takes care of removing and installing your old lighting again.
The second package is: ALL-IN.
ALL-IN is the perfect option for people who already know that they want LED Lighting in their home. These people know that they can reduce their electricity usage, their carbon footprint and their maintenance. They know that the average LED lifetime is 50.000 hours. Bethesda Systems will also offer you the best financial plan for your installation.
The third package is: LED-OF-THE-MONTH.
LED-OF-THE-MONTH gives you one LED a month shipped to your door for a low monthly fee, when you sign up. This could be a great opportunity for you to get to know LED Lighting on your own.

Bethesda Systems guarantees superior light quality from the best LED brands, substantial energy savings, compliance with new federal efficiency standards and much more. Go to
and find out what package fits you the best. Starting at $29.95 a month, the SLOW-N-EASY package includes a monthly visit from one of our friendly LED Dietitians, plus free labor to demonstrate & install your new energy efficient LED lighting solutions. LEARN MORE

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