HPRC - Human Performance Resources by CHAMP

HPRC - Human Performance Resources by CHAMP


Hello, I was excited to use the Combat Rations Database, but disappointed to find that it does not list ingredients. Is there a barrier to presenting this information as well?

HPRC is a DoD initiative that promotes all aspects of human performance - exercise, nutrition, mental fitness, dietary supplements, environment - through evidence-based tips and information focused on military members and families.

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30 ways to raise a resilient military kid

Check out these 30 ways to raise a resilient #milkid!

hprc-online.org Print out the calendar below and follow the tips to foster resilience and total fitness in your military kids all month long. Each day offers new ways to nurture your kids’ physical, nutritional, social, and emotional growth. Click on each tip to link to articles and other helpful resources too. |...


Resources for Healthcare Workers

Check out our resources for the military community that could be useful for healthcare workers during the #COVID19 pandemic.

hprc-online.org In fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline healthcare workers—medical and hospital staff—and emergency responders are working beyond the call of duty to care for the ill and protect the health of others, while still trying to care for their families. The Consortium for Health and Military Perf...


3 sneaky relationship-damaging habits to avoid

Check out these 3 sneaky relationship-damaging habits to avoid. #mentalfitness

hprc-online.org Imagine your battle buddy comes to you and says, “Hey, can we talk for a minute? I have a problem.” You would probably stop everything and give him your full attention because you know it’s an important moment in your relationship. Now imagine the same battle buddy comes to you and says, “I ...

Uniformed Services University

USU's HPRC - Human Performance Resources by CHAMP offers ‘HOPE’ during the COVID-19 pandemic with articles, resources and tools for staying mentally and physically healthy during this global health emergency: bit.ly/2VaQ8XZ


Practice mindfulness through everyday activities

Practice mindfulness through everyday activities (like household and showering) to help lower cope with stress, lower your blood pressure, and get better sleep. #wellnesswednesday

hprc-online.org Everyday mindfulness is something you can practice at almost any time—including right now! Mindfulness is simply the act of being present. It’s being fully aware of what you’re experiencing in the moment without judgement. It takes practice to get the full benefits of mindfulness. As you start...

Today is #PurpleUp! Show your support for #MilKids and the sacrifices they make by wearing purple today!


Quick and Easy Meal and Snack Ideas

Try these quick and easy snack ideas—using only the microwave and your fridge!

hprc-online.org |Quick and Easy Meal and Snack Ideas

Mountain Climber

There's always a clever way to workout. Try this mountain climber home-exercise hack! #MondayMotivation


Army Public Health Center experts offer tips for staying at home without feeling isolated

Health and nutrition experts at U.S. Army Public Health Center have a number of recommendations to help keep you and your family on track during the #COVID19 crisis.

dvidshub.net Following mandated stay-at-home and social distancing rules during the COVID-19 crisis is creating unique challenges for many individuals who are managing work, family and personal needs while still trying to stay healthy and not stress out or get too stir crazy. Health and nutrition experts at the....


DIY High Performance Snack Mix Infographic

Need a new, healthy snack recipe? Try this DIY high performance snack mix! #performancenutrition

hprc-online.org |DIY High Performance Snack Mix Infographic


Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness after workouts

#FitnessFriday: Learn how to manage delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) to maintain peak performance.

hprc-online.org Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a minor muscle injury that has symptoms of muscle stiffness, pain, tenderness, and sometimes swelling. Though DOMS symptoms are similar to a muscle strain (also known as a pulled muscle), there are some key differences between the two. First is what actually h...


Human Performance Optimized: Go for Green® SNACKOs: Improving food environments one bite at a time!

Read about Col Deb Robinson's experience improving snack bars to boost Airmen performance—one bite at a time! #milhealth

hprc-online.blogspot.com Go For Green Go for Green® SNACKOs: Improving food environments one bite at a time! March 30, 2020 By: Deb Robinson, COL, USAF, BSC* Walk by any breakroom or visit a work center and what will you find? You guessed it—donuts, chips, candy, sugary drinks, and other highly processed items that are q...

Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS)

Kombucha is a fermented beverage consumed worldwide. Learn about the benefits and risks of this popular drink!


Human Performance Optimized: Your Total Force Fitness Guide to Social Isolation

#COVID19 and #socialdistancing are affecting how we live, work, exercise, and more. Learn how to stay connected, productive, and resilient during this time.

hprc-online.blogspot.com COVID-19 Your Total Force Fitness Guide to Social Isolation April 06, 2020 By: CHAMP staff* COVID-19 has caused us all to change many things about our daily lives. It’s created a lot of confusion and anxiety as we’re all uncertain about what’s next and when we’ll be able to move on from all ...


Military kids and mindfulness

Children can boost their mental wellness by learning mindfulness. Find ways to practice mindfulness with your family. #militarykids

hprc-online.org Children can boost their mental wellness by learning and practicing mindfulness. It helps them be more aware of their thoughts and feelings “in the moment” and enables them to better manage their emotions and reactions. When children and teens accept their emotions, they can avoid becoming overw...


Azimuth check: Are you living your values?

Staying true to your values takes effort every day. Do an “azimuth check” to determine whether your time and energy are aligned with your values. #mentalfitness

hprc-online.org Duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage, loyalty: You know what these words mean, but how do they look in your daily life? As a Warfighter, you were taught a value system in basic training that you’re expected to uphold, and you have your own personal values too. Staying true to your values takes ...

Assisted 1-Leg Squat

Don't let #socialdistancing stop your fitness routine! You can use items in your house to create fun workouts, like this assisted one-leg squat. #MondayMotivation


Human Performance Optimized: Optimizing spiritual fitness for the COVID-19 response

Read USU Chaplain David Alexander's 3 spirit-strengthening messages for healthcare workers during the #COVID19 response.

hprc-online.blogspot.com COVID-19 Optimizing spiritual fitness for the COVID-19 response April 03, 2020 By: Chaplain David Alexander Ph.D., D.Min. Pandemic responses are often morally and spiritually exhausting for healthcare workers, who face a wide variety of both predictable and unpredictable pressures. The effects of th...


For richer or poorer: How your money habits can influence your relationship

Financial issues are a top source of stress for military couples. Plan for your future by learning to understand your beliefs and expectations around money. #militaryfamilies

hprc-online.org Financial issues are one of the leading topics couples argue about and a top source of stress for military couples. Bills can add up quickly between paying for monthly costs, travel, and unexpected expenses—which means stress can add up too. To help keep your relationship on track despite financia...


Human Performance Optimized: Fitness trackers: 4 things you should know

Need some reading material while your staying home? Check out our blog where a former USU Sports Medicine Fellow discusses using fitness trackers to be more active. #socialdistancing

hprc-online.blogspot.com fitness Fitness trackers: 4 things you should know March 16, 2020 By: R. Max Lystrup, MD* Fitness trackers are fun tools that can help you be more active. Here are some things to know before you invest in one.  What’s the best fitness tracker out there?  This is like asking what kind of car you ...

Watch the USU Virtual Graduation today at 1:00pm. Congratulations graduates!

**IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Watch Party will not be starting until 1:30 p.m., but you can view the livestream of the graduation ceremony on YouTube at 1 p.m. ET here: youtu.be/vol3fJuumXc**

Join us for a Watch Party featuring a virtual graduation ceremony TODAY at 1 p.m. ET! Over 200 USU students will graduate early so they can join the ranks of military doctors and nurses fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are thrilled that Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen and U.S. Army Chief of Staff GEN James C. McConville will both be special guests! #USUgrad2020


How do I improve my quality of life?

Are you living your life or a to-do list? Find out how to improve your quality of life by optimizing your list of things to do.

hprc-online.org Quality of life is your overall perception of how well you’re able to satisfy your personal goals and values. It’s also a major concern for over 30% of Warfighters and their partners. While military life might present some challenges that can impact things that you have little control over (for ...

HPRC - Human Performance Resources by CHAMP's cover photo


Human Performance Optimized: What you should know about service animals

DYK that one service dog can help over 60 Military Service Members coping with injuries or other health challenges?

We sat down with CDR René S. Hernández, USN (Ret) to get her take on what everyone should know about service dogs.

hprc-online.blogspot.com service animal What you should know about service animals March 23, 2020  By: Sarah Steward, MS* One service dog can help over 60 Military Service Members coping with injuries or other health challenges. CDR René S. Hernández, USN (Ret) discusses her experience volunteering with a nonprofit that ...

Glute Bridge and Leg Curl

Ever used a towel to workout? Try this glute bridge and leg curl towel exercise as part of your next at-home workout. #MondayMotivation #WorkoutTips


Avoid argument traps

Arguments are bound to happen, especially while social distancing and staying at home. Avoid argument traps by addressing conflict with kindness and respect.

hprc-online.org Arguments are bound to happen in your intimate relationships. To build and maintain close connections, it’s essential you’re able to work through your differences in a respectful manner. Falling into destructive conflict patterns can have serious impacts on the stability of your relationship. Th...


Is vaping safe? Just say no!

Is vaping safe? Learn about the risks, regulations, and potential for severe lung injury.

hprc-online.org Vaping is a method to inhale nicotine or just about anything else that can be vaporized. Research into its effects on human health has been going on for as long as vaping has existed. This body of research, combined with clinical reports, is now making it very clear that vaping is not safe—with or...


“Under-the-weather” rules for your next workout

Is it safe to exercise when you’re sick? Check out these "under-the-weather" rules for your next workout.

hprc-online.org Is it safe to exercise when you’re sick? The answer depends on your symptoms and how sick you’re actually feeling. You can figure this out by using the “neck rule.” If you have symptoms above the neck—such as a sore throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, or (seasonal) allergy-like symptoms—...


Escape the downward spiral of anxiety

Have you heard of catastrophic thinking? Find out what it means and learn strategies for preventing it. #mindtactics

hprc-online.org Imagine your battle buddy is upset, calls you, and says, “I’m going to die alone” because they failed to report one time. You might think they’re being ridiculous and want to tell them to snap out of it, but what’s really happening is they’re catastrophizing—or magnifying a situation a...


How to use a hunger scale for healthier habits

It can be tempting to overeat due to stress, boredom, and easy access to fully stocked pantry. Use this hunger scale to recognize your signs of hunger and satisfaction. #workfromhome

hprc-online.org People eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full, right? Not always. It’s easy to eat when you’re stressed, happy, or sad. Outside influences can affect your eating choices too. Something tastes good or smells good, so you keep eating. Certain eating behaviors—such as eating too f...


Is your family optimized?

Use this guide to make sure your family is flexible and resilient when things don't go as planned!

hprc-online.org |Is your family optimized?

Decline Push-up

If you're stuck at home, get creative with your workouts by using common household items to pump up your routine. Try this decline push-up!


“Coming out” in the military

Coming out can be tough when you’re in the military. Learn more to make it easier—for you or a friend.

hprc-online.org “Coming out” means openly expressing your sexual orientation or gender identity—as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning (LGBTQ). It can be a difficult process, but it also can be an important step toward improving one’s health and well-being. Coming out is an individual ...


Relaxation response: How to deal with unhealthy stress

Unexpected events can cause unhealthy #stress, which can have a negative impact on your health. Try these relaxation techniques to stay positive in difficult situations!

hprc-online.org Unhealthy stress—when you’re stressed too often or for too long—can have a negative impact on your health and weight-loss goals. When your stress response is on overdrive, your metabolism can slow down and you might find it harder to burn fat through exercise. You might also find it harder to ...


Fueling for road or foot marches: The basics

Providing your body with the right amount of fuel at the right time might be the difference between success and failure on your road or foot march. Use these tips to perform at your peak. #MHSTFF #NutritionMonth

hprc-online.org Gear packed? Check. Training completed? Check. So, how does your fueling plan for food and drinks stack up? Nutrition is critical for warriors, especially before, during, and after physically and mentally intense training such as road or foot marches. Providing your body with the right amount of fue...


Human Performance Optimized: From a military career to the civilian workforce: Build a resume for success

Don't rely on luck! If you're getting ready to transition out of a military career into the civilian workforce, there are resources to help. Build a resume for success. #HappyStPatricksDay

hprc-online.blogspot.com Career From a military career to the civilian workforce: Build a resume for success March 04, 2020 By: Lindsay P. Conn Pekar, military spouse* My father served in the Navy from 1960–1964. Since he left the Navy three years before I was born, I didn’t grow up particularly familiar with the milita...


Avoid the quick-cash pitfall of payday loans

Payday loans can be tempting when you’re short on cash, but the cost of borrowing is usually much more than you think!

hprc-online.org If you find yourself in need of some quick cash, you might be considering a payday loan. Think again before you sign on the dotted line because you could end up owing 10–30% or more than the loan itself—and be on the hook for even more if you fail to pay it back on time. You probably have access...


How to set up “smart” spaces for fueling

Did you know that what you see influences your food choices? Set up "smart" spaces for fueling to keep your diet in check. #NutritionMonth

hprc-online.org You probably know what you eat has an effect on your weight, performance, and health. But did you know what you see influences your food choices as well? People eat twice as much food when it’s easy to see and simple to get to. Military life sometimes limits your ability to change or choose what.....


What is overtraining?

What is overtraining? Check out this guide to find out and learn how to perform better. #PeakPerformance

hprc-online.org There’s a fine line between “overload” and “overtraining.” Overload occurs when you train at higher levels than your normal daily physical activity levels. It’s necessary to improve your physical performance. Overtraining happens when the stress from exercise and training workloads is gr...


Guide to Nutrient Timing: In-depth

WHEN you eat is just as important as WHAT and HOW MUCH you eat. Use this guide to time your nutrients for proper fueling. #NutrientTiming

hprc-online.org When you eat is just as important as what and how much you eat for peak performance. Proper fueling helps you push through high-intensity activities, training, and extended operations. By timing certain nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and water) to match activity phase (before, during, and after....


Use social support to combat military burnout

The demands of military life create the perfect storm for burnout. But strong relationships at work and home can help prevent burnout and keep you at the top of your game!

hprc-online.org “Burnout” is the mental strain and emotional distress that accompanies chronic work stress. It’s a risk in any job but can be practically common among Military Service Members because of the nature of their duties and the challenges of military life for Warfighters and their families. When Mil...

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Mountain Climber
Assisted 1-Leg Squat
Glute Bridge and Leg Curl
Decline Push-up
Interpersonal Leadership Skill: Adaptability
#GotMySix 2019
CHAMP Thanks All Veterans
Relieve pain and breathe.
The Financial Impact of Divorce on Special Operations Families




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