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TFW your professor catches you with your phone out

TFW your professor asks you to cite the tree your paper is printed on.
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TFW someone who hasn't been to class in two weeks asks for your notes...

Seeing your midterm exam grade for your hardest class like

Monday Morning Feels


Starting your applications essays like...

What Do MBA Programs Look For?

What do they want?? As it turns out, they want something pretty simple. Click the link to find out what MBA programs are really looking for... Before we dive into the personality trait MBA programs are really looking for, it’s story time...
When Apple confirmed the fears of many customers that the iPhone 7 series would not include a 3.5mm headphone jack, Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller...

When your friend says they don't need any help on their applications...

Optional Essays: To Write or Not to Write?

Why do schools ever offer an optional essay? Is it a trick?? Is this so-called "optional" essay really an unstated requirement? Or is it simply the perfect opportunity to fine tune your application? Click the link to find out. Optional essays are an opportunity to provide the admissions committee with insight you weren't able to include elsewhere in the application.

TFW someone asks if you're enjoying grad school

When Should I Re-take the GMAT?

When to retake is a big question. Read this article to see whether you're right on the money... or miles off target 😱 One of the top 5 questions we get at is whether the applicant should re-take the GMAT (or in some cases, the GRE). While the GMAT score can’t get you into a school, it could certainly be a compelling reason to keep you out of being accepted.

Save yourself from the Sunday Scaries by getting at least one thing done today. Sign up for and boost your chances of admission! #MBA #SundayScaries #gradadmissions

A wise man once said, "If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up."

Find yourself working late? Check out Forbes' advice for achieving better work-life balance 🌃 👉

Advice for Non-Traditional MBA Applicants

A successful MBA application isn't as far away as it seems. Use this obvious yet elusive strategy to improve your chances 🌟 If you're a career changer or are coming from a background that doesn't typically require an MBA, then you're considered a non-traditional applicant. But don't worry -- here's how to get in.

Go for the GOLD, not the GMAT

Who's ready for a weekend study sesh? 🤓 👉👉 I love the Olympics. It’s not so much about the medals or the amazing shows and pageantry, rather it’s about the personal stories….the stories of triumph, resilience, hard work, humility, faith, and teamwork. We hear the stories of our country’s athletes...

Is an Online MBA Worth It? How to Decide.

The future is connected. Find out where online graduate school is headed and whether it's right for you here ➡️ Online business degrees from accredited universities prove to be tough competitive against their on-campus counterparts. So how do you decide?

Your MBA Applications Are Submitted — What's Next?

So your applications are in and it's finally time to sit back and admire your handiwork. These are the top 9 things you should do post-submission 👉 Submitting your MBA applications can feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders — and it has! Here's what to do now that the hardest part is over.

Leaving the office on Friday like ✌️

TFW you don't understand and the professor explains it again... the exact same way. #gradschool #MBA

If this is you, check out our guide for non-traditional applicants! ➡️

TFW your recommendation still hasn't been submitted...
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How Much Time Does It Take to Apply to Business School?

With Round 2 behind us and Round 3 coming to an end, this is what you need to know about timing ⏱ 👀 How much time does it take to apply to business school? An average application takes a minimum of 10 weeks — and that’s just one.

When it's *almost* time for the weekend

Quote of the Week: “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." - Albert Einstein

All great intellects share one common trait: their propensity to never stop learning!

#QuoteOfTheWeek #MBA #Einstein

[03/27/19]   Calling all MBA and graduate school applicants, do you need help with a specific portion of your application? Are you feeling unsure or stuck? Comment or DM us with your questions, and our experts will get back to you! 😀✔️
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MBA vs MS — The Pros and Cons of a Master of Science Degree

Attempting to choose between an MBA or a specialized master's degree can be an overwhelming career decision.

The bottom line is that neither program is objectively "better", and in order to determine your best program fit you will need to carefully weigh a handful of factors.

With that being said, we encourage you to read our in-depth breakdown of the pros and cons of pursuing a specialized master's degree. Check it out below! 👇

#MBA #GetAdmitted #CareerGoals How to decide between MBA vs. MS -- what to think about and the pros and cons of an MS degree. Make sure you're making the right choice!

Choosing an MBA Program: Where to Apply

Know you want to pursue an MBA, but aren't sure where to apply? Don't just make a list of the MBA programs you've heard of, and call it a day.

Take a moment to reflect on key factors that will most affect your MBA experience, such as class size, location, and teaching style. Then, conduct your own research on schools to find out which programs are best suited to your preferences.

This is the first step for creating a winning strategy when applying to MBA programs. For additional insight, check out our guide below!

#MBA #GetAdmitted Choosing which MBA programs to apply to should be a breeze...right?
If making the decision to get an MBA was difficult for you, you better buckle up. Knowing...

The 5 Elements of Social Media Leadership

Worried about social media playing a negative role in your application process?

Don't be.

Check out these critical tips to ensure that your profile enhances your leadership traits 👇 We have all been distracted by the news of how colleges and businesses are increasingly viewing social media to assess their applicants. Yet the true rationale underlying this practice often gets drowned out by dramatic mistakes and negative outcomes...

Please make sure to check out these tips *before* drafting your application essay - you'll thank us later! 😎✔️

#MBA #GradSchool #EssayHelp #GetAdmitted

TV actresses among 50 people charged in college exam cheating plot

Incase you didn't hear... 😶😑

#CollegeScandal by NBCNews The scam's ringleader, William Rick Singer, pleaded guilty Tuesday afternoon. "I am absolutely responsible for it," Singer told a judge.

Getting an MBA Right Out of Undergrad

We want to set the record straight... Most times, pursuing an MBA fresh out of undergrad just doesn't make sense in the long run.

If you are on the fence, here's some sound advice from our admission experts. 👇

#GetAdmitted #MBA #UndergradStruggles If you’re planning to get an MBA you’re likely wondering if it makes sense to head to business school straight after undergrad. While there isn’t a simple answer to this quandary, we can tell you this: Getting an MBA right out of undergrad is not the...

[03/22/19]   #FlashBackFriday Where were you 5 years ago, today? Additionally, how have your career goals changed (or evolved) since then? We'd love to hear your stories!

#GetAdmitted #SuccessStories

"The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them" - Michelle Obama

Dream hard, and work harder! You got this!

#WednesdayMotivation #HumpDay #GetAdmitted

MBA Hopefuls: Do You Qualify for the Consortium Fellowship?

Never heard of the Consortium? It's a hidden gem for many prospective grad students, and it offers great benefits for applicants who qualify!

#TheConsortium #MBA #GetAdmitted Outside of admissions help, the question I get asked the most is about college affordability. It still surprises me that some MBA applicants don’t know about the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (
When I applied to business...

3 Common MBA Essay Questions and How to Answer Them

MBA Essay Questions - Love em' or hate em', they're going to play a pivotal role in your admissions process.

They can be overwhelming, confusing, repetitive, or all the above. But fear not, you CAN write a great MBA essay, and we can help 😎 The secret to effectively answering MBA essay questions is understanding what information the admissions committee is looking for and knowing how to give it to them.

Remember: A successful application is like a marathon, not a sprint. Stay patient and determined, and you will be satisfied with the end result!

Plus, we're always here to help 😉🐶

#GetAdmitted #MBA #HumpDay

6 Tips for Extroverts to Kill it at the MBA Tour

Interested in an MBA? Also happen to be a social butterfly? If you're an extrovert who's looking to attend an MBA Tour, check out our tips 👇 As extroverts, we are outgoing and great in social situations, but can sometimes be perceived as over-expressive or totally flaky. Fear not, though: when it comes to the MBA Tour, this could be an extroverts time to shine! Here's how: Tip #1: Don’t wing...

4 Tips for Your Post-Grad Job Interview

It's not a test; it's a conversation. 👔 🤝 👔
Get your interview facts straight with this powerful how-to... Acing your post-grad job interview is a lot like the process for applying to school -- you want to be authentic, do your research, ask questions, and be confident.

6 Post-MBA Career Paths You Should Consider

So, you've got your #MBA. Now what?
Consider these unconventional paths... If you decide to take the road less traveled after you graduate, be sure to use your unique future goals as a selling point. Present yourself as the one-of-a-kind individual that you are and explain why an MBA is a necessary next step in achieving your dreams.

[03/14/19]   Being online is about more than applying for jobs and building a reputation. Take advantage of these awesome sites to compare salaries, learn new skills, and make the best #careermoves!
1. LinkedIn
2. Glassdoor
4. Forbes
5. Code Academy

Does an MBA Make You a Better Manager?

What are the real skills you'll learn in an #MBA program? Although there are many managers and other business leaders that reach success without the degree, there are many ways the decision to pursue an MBA can help individuals become better managers.
An MBA degree is more than just another credential to...

TFW you realize you attached the wrong version of your resume to an email
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What are the top 5 most important websites for advancing your career in 2019? Comment your guesses and stay tuned to find out ours on March 14th!
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