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Hollinger International is an international education management consulting and coaching firm that provides tailored, strategic assistance to establish new schools, improve education and strengthen leadership. Our services include the following: Coaching - School Leader Coaching - Executive Coaching - Governance Coaching for Board Leaders - Crisis and Change Management Coaching School Startup - Feasibility Studies - Charter and License Applications - Strategic and Business Planning - Educational Program Design - Curriculum Development - Marketing and Public Relations - Faculty and Staff Recruitment School Leadership - Leadership Training for School Leaders - Leadership Team Building - Board Training - Strategic Planning - Faculty and Staff Evaluation and Compensation Systems School Improvement - Institutional Assessment and Improvement Planning - Organizational Climate Evaluation and Improvement - Teacher Training and Professional Development - Inquiry- and Project-Based and Transdisciplinary Teaching and Learning - Team Performance Assessment - Building and Sustaining High-Performance, Collaborative Teams - Faculty Culture Assessment and Improvement - Building and Sustaining High Faculty Morale International Baccalaureate Programmes - International Baccalaureate Programme Design, Implementation and Authorization - Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Years Programmes

Mission: Our mission is to help clients create schools and improve existing schools so that students thrive intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

[07/03/12]   Conducting a feasibility study and preparing an application for a new STEM charter school in Florida.


Brainstorming Doesn’t Really Work

The most creative spaces are those which hurl us together. It is the human friction that makes the sparks.

newyorker.com One fanatical believer in the power of space to enhance the work of groups was Steve Jobs...

Project-Based Learning: The Secret to Success

Project-based learning is essential to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities in a global economy and information age. To perform successfully in meaningful and rewarding jobs today, people need critical thinking skills, creativity, interpersonal skills, understand

Creating Fabulous Schools: Faculty Collaboration is Key

One of the most important factors in school improvement and creating fabulous schools is the quality of collaboration among teachers. Certainly, there are other important factors, but faculty collaboration is an absolutely necessary condition. It is possible, with high quality te

[04/16/12]   I'm very excited about going to Kaduna, Nigeria in a few weeks for a school improvement project at an Islamic school! I'll be conducting a thorough evaluation of the school and developing a comprehensive school improvement plan - from curriculum to facilities.

[04/04/12]   I've started writing my book on creating fabulous schools - not good schools or great schools - fabulous schools! Schools where students love to learn and learn to love, where teachers are passionate about teaching and compassionate with students, and where leaders are fearless.


In designing curricula for high schools, I wonder if standard requirements restrict student learning

Here's an interesting discussion on LinkedIn, in my Education Management Professionals Group. Check it out and join the discussion.

linkedin.com For example, if a high school student has no interest in math, suffers through math classes with failing grades, and is passionate about poetry and becoming a poet, wouldn't she be much better served by a system that allows her to focus in 11th and 12th grades on her poetry ...

89% of New Hires Fail Because of Their Attitude - Forbes

Assess and improve your emotional intelligence. It could be the best investment you make in yourself and your school. Contact us for emotional intelligence and leadership coaching.


Leadership Coaching and Consulting to Build Strong Management Teams

As school leaders, we delegate many responsibilities to members of our management team and depend heavily on them to run our schools. The bigger the school, the more we delegate. Our management teams are critical to the successful functioning of our schools. While members of our

[12/20/11]   I must have been a very good boy this past year because the gifts just keep coming! I'm receiving so many requests for proposals to help start and improve schools all over the world that I'm wondering if Santa is suffering from Alzheimer's.

Leadership Coaching to Help Leaders Manage and Develop Boards

As Head of School, I sometimes felt overwhelmed by the complexities of managing my Board and the attendant relationships. While I enjoyed the support of my Board, Board relationships, development and management were ongoing challenges. I quickly discovered I was not alone. School

[11/14/11]   Celebrating the selection of Hollinger International as consultant to a group in New York to establish a new IB charter school!

School Leadership: The 8 Critical Areas

There is enough research on leadership to fill oceans. Indeed, we can easily find ourselves swimming in the leadership data and wondering where to focus our energies. Since most leadership research doesn’t focus on school leadership, how do we know what’s most important for schoo

Has a Leadership Coach Got Your Back? And Front?

School leadership is like a contact sport. You never know from where or whom the hit will come. And it can be fatal. In fact, school leaders get a fatal hit every three years, on the average. Very few have a leadership coach to help them avoid fatal blows. Yes, the average tenure

The Art of Exceptional Leadership

Are you an exceptional leader, or an average one? By now, you probably know a lot about school leadership. You’ve taken courses, received training and attended conferences on effective school leadership. If you’re like most people, much of what you studied remains in your notes a

The Key to Ridding Schools of Nasty Social Behavior and Emotional Harm

I am deeply saddened by the way some teachers and students treat each other in school. We have all observed or heard about teachers and students belittling, ridiculing, intimidating and ignoring each other much too often. This kind of mistreatment occurs in our “best” schools and


In France, a Bastion of Privilege No More

An inspiring story about championing diversity, which in my experience enriches education in schools and universities tremendously.

nytimes.com One of France’s most traditional and prestigious universities, which long prepared privileged children for privileged careers, has expanded its student body to include the underprivileged.

River as Teacher

Our world will be a much better and more peaceful place when teaching and learning is transdisciplinary and inquiry-based like that described in this article.

dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com A learning journey along the Hudson River forges links among disciplines and schools.

Payal Majahan Joins Hollinger International as an Associate Consultant

Payal is an educationist with over 15 years of experience in the field of education. She has worked in numerous capacities (teacher, administrator, adviser, consultant) in schools offering national and international curricula and has been instrumental in incubating and nurturing

Sidney Rose Joins Hollinger International

Hollinger International is thrilled to announce that Sidney Rose has joined Hollinger International as an affiliate consultant. Sidney Rose is a senior education administrator, consultant and entrepreneur who has been working internationally for more than 30 years. He has lived a

Dawn Martin Joins Hollinger International

Hollinger International is thrilled to announce that Dawn Martin has joined Hollinger International as an Associate Consultant. Dawn brings exceptional knowledge, extensive expertise and unparalleled skill in organizational development, facilitation and team building. Dawn is an

Do Your School’s Teachers Play Alone Or On A Team – And What To Do About It

When I was conducting a feasibility study to add a middle school to my international school in Washington, DC, I met with nearly all the middle school heads of private schools in the DC metropolitan area. That’s a lot of heads. I asked many questions and got a plethora of answers

Education Is All About Teamwork

Linda hated the prospect of not teaching her unit about the Pilgrims in November. She’d been teaching it for 30 years – in November, of course. Our school improvement efforts took a back seat to her Pilgrim unit. Come hell or high water, as far as I could tell, Roger was going to

Improve Your School With International Baccalaureate Programmes

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) for prekindergarten through fifth grade, Middle Years Programme (MYP) for sixth through tenth grade, and Diploma Programme (DP) for eleventh and twelfth grades are arguably among the best, if not the best, educational

Our Children Deserve An Education, Not Testucation

At education conferences on school improvement, meetings and workshops everywhere, educators decry the debilitating effects of the current obsession with testing. Education is supposed to be about bringing out the best in children – helping them to develop their minds, bodies and


H2H: A Quick Guide to Leading Educators and Making a Difference - Download free podcast episodes

Sharing my thoughts on the importance of a global perspective in education with Holly Elissa Bruno on BAM Radio.

itunes.apple.com Download or subscribe to free podcast episodes from H2H: A Quick Guide to Leading Educators and Making a Difference by BAM Radio Network on iTunes.

School Leader Coaching to Build Trust and Collaborative Faculty and Staff Teams

The nature of relationships among adults in schools is one of the greatest determinants of student learning and school success. Unfortunately, adult relationships in schools are often characterized by mistrust. Teachers frequently don’t trust their colleagues, much less their lea

School Leadership Coaching and the Keys to the Kingdom

It is not uncommon for school leaders to be sabotaged by parents, students, teachers and board members. In fact, it’s inevitable if one is truly leading. People in school communities sabotage their leaders for all kinds of reasons, from the petty to the serious. Sabotage by a Boa

7 Reasons for Schools to Conduct a Feasibility Study

Schools that are considering starting a school division, such as an upper school, middle school or lower school should conduct a feasibility study before proceeding. Although schools may believe there is a market for additional grades, an objective analysis is critical to avoid p

Exceptional School Leaders Are Emotionally Intelligent

Are you an exceptional school leader? Do you know any? Exceptional school leaders are engaging, accountable, convincing and impressive. They’re the kind of person you like to be around. They listen carefully and connect with you. In short, they’re emotionally intelligent. Teacher

Building High-Performing, Collaborative Teams in Schools

High-performing, collaborative faculty and staff teams are essential to school improvement and high quality education. In my view, a high quality education is inquiry-based, project-based and transdisciplinary. Students in top-notch schools are engaged in meaningful and relevant

Emotional Intelligence for School Leaders: Five Keys to Success

Emotional intelligence is probably more important than cognitive intelligence for success in life and leadership, especially school leadership. Schools are highly emotional places. The ability to lead in an emotionally intelligent way is critical to your success as a school leade

[02/16/11]   Executive Coaching for School Leaders: Three Reasons to Get a Coach

[11/04/10]   I had a great trip to Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. I'm looking forward to continuing work on school startup projects and to some new school improvement projects.

[11/04/10]   School Startup: A Clear, Compelling Vision is Critical to Success

[10/12/10]   I am attending the Annual Educators' Conference of the Tri-Association: Association of American Schools of Central America, Columbia-Caribbean and Mexico in Monterrey, Mexico this week. If you know anyone you would like me to meet, just let me know.

[08/28/10]   Delighted to announce that Hollinger International designed a new K-12 school for a client in Abu Dhabi and that the application to the Abu Dhabi Education Council to establish the school was approved. The school will offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.

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