Paleo's Dream: Sweets, Treats, and Other Baked Goods

We are offering paleo friendly deserts to the community, that makes grain and gluten-free easy as can be! Miss your sweets - as of July 15st 2012 you will no longer!

Paleo's Dream is just that...a soy, dairy, and gluten-free person's dream (come true!). Sweets, Treats, and Other Baked Goods that taste as good (if not at times better) than their gluten-full counterparts!!!

***Vegan Options available upon request and additional cost.

***Sample Tasting Available Occasionally with Request. All recipes are made with organic materials, and contain no GMOs. Disclaimers:

Orders must be made three weeks in advance. On very rare occasions, emergency orders can be submitted, but a "rush" fee will be put into place, and that is determined on the situation, size, and order. Allergens:
I do use products that contain nuts, eggs (soy free - truly free roaming chickens - I get them straight from the farm, and know the famers), and other possible allergens. It is the responsibility of the patron to inform me immediately of any allergies to avoid cross contamination and to see if the desired items are currently offered without noted allergens. Any orders that have allergies related MUST be addressed prior to agreement. Failure to disclose any/all allergies will result in the patron paying for the product (even if cancelled), and fee for loss of time (variable dependent on size, item, and time). Cancellation:
15 Days or More prior to order due date for a full refund of deposit or payment.
14-8 Day Cancellation, loss of 25% of deposit or payment.
7-2 Day Cancellation loss of 75% of the deposit or payment
All others: No Refund. Unsatisfied: Contact me and it will be discussed to hopefully come to a win-win scenario, refunds are not gaurenteed. I do take pictures of products. Those pictures are property of Paleo's Dream, and can be used for advertisement or any other purpose seen fit by Paleo's Dream.

[09/04/12]   Orders for the next two weeks are going out today and tomorrow - get en in via email by 4pm to gaurentee your shipment - special order request will still be taken (cakes for events ect...).

[08/29/12]   Lots and LOTS AND LOTS of stuff getting made this weekend! I have a good friend that's son's lactose allergy resurfaced =( Working on lots of stuff, will have lots of samples! Lemme know what you want via email...samples for all!!!!

[08/26/12]   Headed to the store to get a few things...WannaBEs will be made (That is the proto-type name for the wanna be hotess-esque cupcakes...I think I might keep it I kinda like it), and tonight or tomorrow I am working on pizza so we can add frozen pizza and dinners to our list of "baked things." It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!!! Eat clean =)

[08/21/12]   Gonna Make Gluten-Free Hotess-esque cupcakes this weekend =) Fingers Crossed!!!! =)

[08/19/12]   Just got done making a fresh batch of Banana extras...first come first serve for LOCAL samples, email me at [email protected] if you want some, I have about 2 dozen up for grabs and they WONT last long... Mitch is in HEAVEN!!! =)

[08/14/12]   Ok, so in Sept and Oct...if everything turns out good (still in testing mode), I will be packaging and selling Paleo's Pizza and Frozen Family Dinners as part of the "other baked goods." They would be premade and frozen for your freezer...

[08/04/12]   welp!!! We will be trying to get on board to be part of the Omaha Farmers Market Next season...prices are too bad!!! =) Still hoping there may be some openings at the Holiday Market!!! =) I am also looking into how to sell products at local small stores like Tomato Tomato!!! Next weekend...going to try some new products...WANT FREE SAMPLES? Inbox me!!! =) Have a great day everyone!!!

[07/21/12]   Two things offering pancake mixes for sale in chocolate chip and original =) SECOND...tried another Paleo bakery's chocolate muffins...yea mine taste WAAAAAYYYYY better just sayin!!! Order now!!! =)

[07/16/12]   OK so one of the hardest things to overcome is getting measurement just right...thing I miss from my gluten days the most - self rising flour! UGH! BUT I am so awesome that I have created the perfect Paleo's Dream Self Rising Flour blend...will be adding that to for sale items! =) Sweet Dreams Everyone!!! =)

[07/13/12]   Cooking up some yummy Chocolate Chunck Cookies =) I will also be working on making packages of my cookie and cake mixes, so anyone that is interested in purchasing the mixes so you can make it on your own private message me and we can work it out =) 07/06/2012

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[07/03/12]   You can start ordering as of 07/15/2012 =) Next week I am going to start trying out filled cupcakes...will post pics when they are done =) Have a happy and blessed day!!!



Currently I have:

Basic (with any fruit topping), Turtle, Hawaiian (No crust-resembles fluff deserts), Black Forrest* (either cherry or strawberry), Chocolate, and Lemon-Blueberry! (Crust can choose between a Gharam, Cookie, Pretzel, or Crust-free - all of which are completely gluten free.)

Chocolate with White Chips, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter (with or with out chocolate chips), The Glutenless Monster, Chocolate Chuck, and Chocolate Minties (think of GS cookies).

Chocolate, Double Chocolate, German Chocolate, Yellow, Strawberry, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Not-so-basic White

Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Lemon with Blueberries, Banana (with or without nuts) and Banana Nutty-Butts (PB, Choc, and Banana)

Other Treats:
Brownies, Blondies, Lemonies (Lemon bars with a brownie consistency) Carmel Sauce, Fruit Glazes, Ice Cream Cakes, Candy Coating for Ice Cream, and Pretzel Salad (Comes in vast array of flavors - whatever gelatin flavor you choose and/or fruit add ins).

Make at Home Mixes:
All of the cookie mixes (Chocolate Minties do not include the chocolate to dip them in), All the Muffins, All the Cakes/Cupcakes, Brownies and Bars, Self Rising Multi-purpose flour, and Pancake mixes (reg, choc chip, blueberry, and mixed berry).

More to come as we grow....