Marisa A. Taormina, Esq., LLC

Marisa A. Taormina, Esq., LLC

Assisting parents/guardians of special needs children navigate through the process of obtaining a free appropriate public education for their children.

Experienced in Due Process hearings, formal resolution sessions, mediation, advocacy at IEP Meeting and informal dispute resolution relating to provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)

Mission: The firm's philosophy is that all families should be equipped with the knowledge and the legal backing to obtain the best possible education for their special needs child as is allowed under the law.

‘He’s not being educated’: For students with autism and severe disabilities, the pandemic is a disaster. What comes next? The patchwork of all-virtual or hybrid learning plans offered by schools and districts is inadequate to meet their needs and could bring negative long-term consequences, parents and advocates say.

Remote learning continues in N.J., but students with disabilities still falling behind

Remote learning continues in N.J., but students with disabilities still falling behind Experts, teachers and caregivers contend special education students stand to lose the most in remote education.

Remote learning: NJ parents worry that special-needs students will be left behind

Check out: Remote learning: NJ parents worry that special-needs students will be left behind A lack of therapies and in some cases, communication, are top issues for parents trying to balance COVID-19 with IEPs.

How Schools Struggle to Serve Gifted Students with Disabilities “Twice exceptional,” or 2e students — believed to make up at least 6 percent of all students who have a disability — possess high academic aptitude but struggle with ADHD, mild autism, dyslexia or other learning and behavioral challenges. Parents say it’s often impossible to find schools t...

Free Handout: Get a Grip on Tough Emotions You’re not imagining things — ADHD really is linked to more powerful and unruly emotions. Use these strategies to understand the cause of your feelings, and learn what you can do to get them …

DOL Declares That Parent Attendance at School IEP Meetings Are Covered by the FMLA | FMLA Insights If I gave you a million tries, you'd never guess that the next Department of Labor FMLA opinion letter would answer the question : Is an employee's

“Don’t Let Your Child Be Saddled with Band-Aid Accommodations” Are your child’s IEP accommodations really helping him grow as a student?

“It’s a Spectrum” Doesn’t Mean What You Think | The Aspergian | A Neurodivergent Collective What you believe the "autism spectrum" means is not what it actually means. It's more like...

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Tax changes make "ABLE" savings accounts even more valuable for people with disabilities Tax changes give eligible people with disabilities several ways to put additional money into these special accounts

Daily Mail Try Not To Cry

This barista with Down's syndrome got a promotion at work and he cannot stop smiling! 😍

Disability:IN - Your business partner for disability inclusion Disability:IN is a national non-profit that helps business drive performance by leveraging disability inclusion in the workplace, supply chain and marketplace.

Autism NJ » Behavior Analyst Licensing Bill Introduced News » Behavior Analyst Licensing Bill Introduced Behavior Analyst Licensing Bill Introduced Oct 23, 2018 Organizations Seek Licensure Requirements to Protect Children and Adults with Autism The New Jersey Association for Behavior Analysis (NJABA) and Autism New Jersey are pleased to announce their...

What to do if your child's school isn't teaching reading right? After our recent examination of why American kids aren't being taught to read well, we received a ton of questions, mostly from parents. So we went to the experts to get answers.

Understanding the spectrum – a comic strip explanation By Rebecca Burgess For version in Spanish click here.. French version click here. For printable PDF version click here. This is a great handout for Autism Aw

Illusions of Inclusion in Special Education for Autism Educational inclusion needs to be treated like a method, not a civil right

Autism NJ » More than Merely De Minimus Articles » More than Merely De Minimus More than Merely De Minimus Apr 20, 2018 It has been just over a year since the special education case Endrew v. Douglas County School District was decided by the Supreme Court in favor of the petitioner, Endrew F. The decision marked a victory for families of...

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It’s time that we stop thinking about conditions like ADHD and autism as ‘disabilities’ and recognize them as valuable pieces of humanity’s neurodiversity

Special Books by Special Kids

Garrett is diagnosed with autism and just wants to fit in.

He hopes others will understand that he needs a little bit of positive attention.

Is Asperger's syndrome the next stage of human evolution? - Australian Story

Professor Tony Attwood believes the "out of the box" thought processes of people on the autism spectrum will solve the world's big problems. He is credited w...

A timely reminder as kids go back to school.

Inclusion Alone Not Enough to Boost Special Education Results, Expert Says Allison Gilmour, a professor at Temple University, argues that schools need to look more at what services are provided to students with disabilities, not just the setting where those students are educated.

One Year After Landmark Special Education Decision, Gaps Remain Endrew (or Drew), a young boy with autism, received special education services in Douglas County, Colorado. After watching Drew’s progress stall in fourth

The Advocacy Institute

Check out this piece by Laura Schifter "One Year After Landmark Special Education Decision, Gaps Remain"

Our take: Poor, unacceptable performance of students with disabilities will persist, despite Endrew F., until parents - en masse - begin rejecting the paltry amount of progress offered up by schools year after year.

We Need This

These deaf business owners are about to create a ton of jobs for deaf people nationwide.

BEST Autism Therapy

New York Expo Event for People with Disabilities Just wait for the array of assistive tech for the disability community at Abilities Expo.

Apple Just Proposed 13 New Emojis With Disabilities Get ready for emoji hearing aids, service animals, and prosthetic limbs.

School Kids Law

Average time in NJ for decision in special ed case = 261 days. Federal law requires = 45 days. "Gross denial of justice" #sped #law #NJ #education #disability #school #kids #IDEA #IEP #DueProcess #hearing #nojustice #NJSEP #KnowYourRights PLEASE RETWEET

Chapter Books for Young Dyslexics, Early & Reluctant Readers You can return to our homepage by clicking here, or you can try searching for the content you are seeking by clicking here.

The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute

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Population One Facebook-Book Buy | Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed Thanks for taking a minute to learn about my book. A big reason why I wrote my book was to help people understand what it's like to have autism. I believe that most people don't realize that individuals with autism have a tremendous gift to give. I am 19 and I've been blessed to have autism my entir...


This mom wrote a letter to the New York City Ballet on behalf of her special needs daughter. It resulted in the most beautiful program.

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