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Your one stop insurance agency for Commercial, Farm, Home, Auto, Crop, and Hail. Stop in or call for a no hassle free quote!

Merry Christmas to all our current and future clients. May the holiday season bring you all peace, health, and happiness!

We are excited to announce that we are moving our offices this week to our new Agri Insurance location at 6 South Main Street in Baker. Stop in and see us anytime. (right next door to Mom's Laundry)


Pretty sure the band is back together. Road trip! 🎶🚍

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[07/03/18]   The Agri Insurance office will be open on Thursday, July 5, regular office hours 8:00 - Noon, 1:00 - 5:00 Have a great Fourth of July!

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Agri Insurance, Inc.

Looks like we are in for a crazy night of storms! Call to see how you can cover your crops from hail and wind for a reasonable price! We have different deductibles available to tailor your coverage to your own yield potential. #farm #crops #insurance #protectwhatsyours

Make sure your protecting the things that mean the most to you. Get a free quote with America’s #1 farm insurer. #nationwide

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Hopefully it was your insurance premium bill....maybe it is time for a new quote.

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[12/23/17]   Merry Christmas from Agri Insurance. Wishing each and every one of you many blessings in the new year!

Give us a call today!!!

Your farm is your livelihood—protect it for generations to come with Nationwide, the #1 farm insurer. Learn more or contact your local agent:

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[06/14/17]   With the less than ideal weather we have been experiencing make sure to call us and turn in a notice of loss before turning livestock into forage, haying or grazing crops, etc. That way we can get an adjuster to you in a timely manner. Thank you


Remembering our fallen today. #MemorialDay

Get Farm Insurance from Nationwide

We can take care of all your insurance needs. Stop in or give us a call today. Protect your farm or ranch from the unexpected with Farm Insurance from Nationwide. Get a farm insurance quote today!


There are several factors that play a role in the cost of auto insurance, including the amount of drivers on the road and the kinds of cars they’re driving. Here’s a breakdown of what can cause rates to increase.

If you have any hay or pasture land that you would like to insure against drought, please give us a call today for your FREE consultation. (406) 778-2240

The deadline for signing up for the Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) insurance program is quickly approaching on November 15 for the 2017 crop year.

This is a highly effective program for farmers and ranchers in this area.

This program is based on average precipitation amounts and provides protection for farmers and ranchers from reduced rainfall throughout the year which may result in decreased hay production, increased costs for feed, and other NEGATIVE actions to your haying/livestock operation. We can tailor this insurance program to fit your operation and budget. Once you have entered your acres and land locations into your policy there is no production records to worry about!

We would love the opportunity to EARN your business, so please give us a call today to see how this program can benefit YOU!

[10/06/16]   We are excited to announce our next photo contest. Post your favorite old time photo and we will vote on the best two, to give away two pairs of tickets to the Fallon County Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture 2016 Calcutta. We will give away these tickets Friday afternoon. Share Away!!I

[09/23/16]   🌻🌾Just a reminder to all you farmers and ranchers, Sept 30 is the final day to change or add anything to forage and wheat policies. We can help with any of your insurance questions and needs. Now is the best time to make sure all of your Multi Peril Crop Insurance is in correct order....before the disaster strikes. 🌻🌾

Glad you all enjoyed yourselves!!


The auto industry may change drastically by 2025 – here’s what you can expect to see:

Nationwide 88

Stop in today for a quote

Watch Brad Paisley put a whole new spin on the jingle and learn how Nationwide Insurance is there for your many sides.

They are all pretty darn cute!!!

They are all pretty darn cute!!!

[08/05/16]   Check each post to see if you have won. Stop in anytime mon-fri to pick up your tickets. Thanks to everyone for participating.

[08/05/16]   Drawing names and adding up likes this morning for the rodeo tickets and the rest of the night show've got about 15 minutes to like your favorite photos.......

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[08/02/16]   As our photo contest goes on....we are going to give away 2 meet and greet tickets to the Eli Young Band Concert....comment in this post your biggest fear about insurance in general....we will randomly draw for more concert tickets also.....

[08/01/16]   Our next contest will be a photo contest..... Criteria is:

Must have already liked our page and submit a photo to Baker AGRI Insurance page involving farm/ranch life. Can be anything food related, kids with animals, family farm/ranch photos, country scenery, etc. Pictures with the most likes will win tickets to the Fallon County Fair Rodeo!!!

Will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

We decided since tickets go on sale today for Eli Young Band, we would do the drawing this morning. Your winners are as follows. Each person listed will receive two reserved seat tickets.
Kathy Sikorski
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You may pickup your tickets at our office anytime after can call or message us with any questions.

Next up for a fun giveaway will be rodeo tickets....stay tuned to hear what you have to do to have a chance at these...

[07/30/16]   Since everyone is so excited about our free ticket giveaway, we will be giving away the first four tickets on Monday instead of Friday, there will also be an additional 6 tickets drawn after will have to stay tuned to see how to win those. Share away!!! The tickets will be given away as a pair in case anyone is wondering.

[07/29/16]   First drawing will be for 4 reserved seat tickets for the Eli Young Band Concert at the Fallon County Fair. You will be able to pick up tickets at our office, 115 N Main St in baker. Right across from Spiffey's. We will be giving away more tickets up until the fair. Like and share our page for your name to go in the hat. First Drawing is next Friday.

[07/29/16]   7 Tips to Buying and Getting the Most Out of Home Insurance

Many people think of home insurance as a necessary evil. The truth is that it might feel like that, but only until you need it. At that point, it will feel like a savior. You'll definitely be very glad you have home insurance when you get your financial life back.

Home insurance is meant to protect what's very likely your biggest and most valuable asset.

You've worked hard for what you have. You put in much time to be able to afford your home, and you now put in much time and effort in keeping up with that home. Therefore, it only makes sense that you you need to protect it from the myriad of things that can cause it harm.

The big problem is that most people are confused when it comes to insurance in general, much less something as important (and sometimes complicated) as home insurance. There are things that you need to understand about home insurance ahead of time, before an instance occurs where you end up needing it.

So in this post, we're going to give you...

7 Tips to Buying Home Insurance, Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck, and Being Ready to Use It If Needed...

Tip #1 – Know the Exact Value of Your Home and How Much Home Insurance You Need...

One of the most important things to understand from the very beginning is how much insurance you'll need. First you'll need to know the actual value of your home. If your home is damaged or destroyed, you're going to need to know what it will cost to replace the entire structure... or that portion of the structure which is damaged.

A home builder or assessment company should be able to give you the truest value.

This is not a time to guess. Establishing your home's value is not a do-it-yourself project. Nor is it a good idea to allow your insurance agent to be the one to solely establish that value. Again, this is your biggest asset and you'll want to be sure you've got the fairest value.

Tip #2 – Understand the Risk Factors That Your Premium Will Be Based Upon...

It's important that you realize your premium is based around the risk that the insurance company is taking by selling you the policy. In other words, the higher the risk that something will happen and they'll have to pay you for damage, the higher the premium will be.

Things like the crime rate in your neighborhood, your living habits, where on the block your home is located, how close you are to highways and busy areas, trees around or near your home...

everything that you can think of will be assessed and will take part in the factoring of your premium.

Going into it with this knowledge will actually help you and we’ll better explain how in Tip #3...

Tip #3 – Know and Utilize All of the Things That Can Actually Save You Money on Your Premium...

While there are tons of risk factors that can drive up the cost of your home insurance premium, there are also many factors that can save you money on your policy, too. It's important to know this so that you get all the discounts available to you.

For instance some things that might earn you a discount include:

• A home burglary alarm system
• Dead bolt locks
• Fire alarms and sprinklers
• Updated heating systems
• Updated wiring and electrical system for the home
• A home near a fire hydrant or fire department
• A home located near a police department
• Well-structured and maintained stairs, sidewalks, driveways, and entrances (less chance of injury),

Basically... anything you can think of that might make your home safer, and less likely to catch fire or injure a guest or passerby can give you a discount on your premium. Furthermore, having good credit can save you money as well.

Tip #4 – Take Inventory Of Your Possessions and the Dollar Amounts...

Your homeowner’s insurance covers the structure and dwelling of the home, as well as the home owner's possessions.

This also is not a time to guess. You likely have about $20,000 worth of personal possessions in your home at any given time. Looking around your home you may not realize that, but it's absolutely true.

So make a list of all your belongings and the value of those belongings based on receipts and purchase dates. This way if you ever need it you'll have a concrete list, and not something constructed from memory, where things could get forgotten or undervalued because you have no proof.

You may even want to take photographs of the items on your list, and definitely keep receipts for all new items purchased.

Tip #5 – Keep Your Inventory List Safe...

One thing you don't want to do is take the time to create an inventory list and then not have that list available when you need it.

If you leave it laying in a filing cabinet or shoebox inside the home, chances are in the case of a fire or some other tragedy you will no longer have that list. That’s why it is recommended to keep the list inside a fire-proof safe (along with your insurance policy, copy of your mortgage, and important papers for family members)...

Or you can keep it in your bank's safety deposit box.

Tip #6 – Know Exactly What Your Covered For...

and If You'll Need Extra Insurance...

Something that happens much more often than it should is that people don't understand their coverage. Of course it's not always that simple to understand. People don't read their policy because a) it's boring as heck and b) it can be very complicated.

However, it's crucial that you know what you're covered for so that when it comes to filing a claim you're absolutely prepared.

Understand that you you'll likely not be covered for things like floods or earthquakes. These will be things that you'll have to decide on getting extra insurance for.

If you don't understand your policy take it to someone who does and have them look it over and explain it to you. A real estate lawyer, an attorney or accountant, anybody who can read and comprehend it better than you would be a good choice. If anything, simply write down the things that you don't understand and bring those questions to the types of people who will.

Tip #7 – Get Exact Instructions on How to File a Claim, Including Numbers to Call and Who to Speak To...

The last thing that you'll want to be doing in the face of a tragedy is scrambling to get the right people on the phone, and instructions on how to do things. You'll want to move fast and get the ball rolling on your claim right away, so that you can more quickly be compensated for your losses and/or get funds to pay for any displacement you may experience.

So there you go. While there are plenty more tips we may cover in more detail in a later blog post, these are some basic things that you'll want to think about when it comes to home insurance.

[07/29/16]   Just getting a page up and running, like and share our page for some free give away's in the next 3 weeks....

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