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Wow! I've never read a more powerful collection of raw stories from people dealing with mental illness than Barb's "If You Only Knew". It's deeply honest, heartfelt, and helpful. I love how the stories share how the illness feels like from their perspective. How they've struggled, and continue to struggle, yet have found hope - even in just sharing their feelings. Beautifully written with equally beautiful photographs that convey the same emotion. Thank you for creating this and to all who gave you a peek inside their minds so that others have a better understanding.
I was thinking it was about time to write my own story....thanks for opening the door Barb Kellogg! Your snapshot of my heart helped me find my voice! Proud to be a part of your story! Thanks for waiting for me! Thanks for your 20/20 vision, and for reminding me what is truly beautiful!! It will the best 64th birthday ever! With gratitude, I say thank you! Just maybe, it's time for me and 14 others to tell our story...tentatively titled "Off the Wall"~may I do you proud!🗽🗽🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🎉🎉👑👑🧩🧩💝💝💝💝

I'm a nature photographer who creates elegant and timeless images of flowers and intimate landscapes. I am also the author of a recently published book "If You Only Knew: Revealing the Humanity of Mental Illness."

Visit my website for more. :) Barb Kellogg Photography encompasses what I love about photography, and what I want to be able to share with you—images of nature to bring the beauty of the outside world inside your home. Artwork can be purchased on my website, or at art events I participate in. I'll occasionally accept portrait commissions of individuals, or families up to four people.

Operating as usual

The book "If You Only Knew" was many years in the making. I doubt it would have ever come to be without the death of a friend of mine by suicide. That event provided the seed from which this became a reality.

I also needed to fuel my creativity and expand my photography in some way. This project did that. And more.

From the very beginning I knew I had to find a way to humanize the experience of mental illness.

The basic idea in the beginning was me wondering if I could be a bridge of understanding between people with and without mental illness, using my photography in some way. If I could be the curious one and ask the questions to help me understand (and therefore others) the experiences of a fellow human. Then share those stories in two ways. The first, sharing real stories of mental illness based on about a dozen or so questions I asked as we talked one on one. And then second, through my photographic conceptual interpretation of their response to one of the questions, "what does your mental illness feel like?"

In the beginning the end goal was to display the project as an art exhibit. Which through a grant and self-funding became a well-attended local exhibit that made an positive impact on a community. As a human, I was humbled by that impact. As an artist and photographer, I was thrilled to make a difference.

Even prior to the exhibit, there was a fair amount of interest in what I was doing, so I kept interviewing people. I thought, "well, maybe I'll turn this into a book."

If You Only Knew: Revealing the Humanity of Mental Illness was published in late 2019 by @fuzionpress . Followed by a book launch in January of 2020 that showed me how important this book is to so very many people.

My hope for you is that through the book's evocative photography and personal stories of validation, perseverance, and sometimes heartbreak, that it will encourage you to see beyond mental illness diagnoses and definitions and instead understand a bit more about how it actually feels. I know from people who have read the book who live with mental illness themselves that they felt validated and understood.

And if you read this unusually long post, I sincerely thank you. A lot more about and buying the book can be found on my website. Just follow the link in my bio or visit

~ Barb Kellogg

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I still have AUTHOR-SIGNED BOOKS available!!! Buy from The Gathering Grounds coffee shop in Avon or shop at my own website.

The Gathering Grounds in Avon -- they also have some of my 🌳🍂🌷 prints too! 🍂

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First snow. It was actually quite pretty. And relatively warm. 😉 Just softly falling flakes. There were still a few leaves on the branches too. 🍁 In the first image I wanted to convey the sense of movement and light associated with the gentle snowfall. Like little sparkles of light. ❄️ Swipe right to see traditional photographs of this same tree. . #fujixh1 #fujifilmx_us #Fujifilm_Xseries #fujifilmusa #barbkelloggphotography #naturephotography #intentionalcameramovement #intentionalblur #ICM #ICMphotography #abstractICM #fallphotography #firstsnow2020

Barb Kellogg Photography - Fine Art Nature Photography

Did you miss my artist interview? -- Read More at You can return to our homepage by clicking here, or you can try searching for the content you are seeking by clicking here.

Want to learn about my photography and how I work? And laugh a little at me too? 🙃

If you missed my interview that was a part of Millstream Arts Festival in September, check it out!!

My interview starts at 28:39.

Want to see how much longer my hair is? The last time my stylist saw me was the end of February. My attitude is “ how long can it get?” And I have plenty of headbands and hair clips to wrangle it. 🤩

Then. And now. (Also an outdoor temp difference of about 70 degrees. Australia heatwave vs Minnesota 20 degrees below average at 25*.)

It's good to have artist friends who unintentionally kick you in the butt when you need it. Yah I'm looking at you Kelly from Messy Ever After ! 😎

I still struggle defining and describing what I create. Like she said "it's pretty" just isn't digging deep enough. So guess who has some homework not do? (Which I'll do the "work smarter not harder" thing and probably turn this homework in to a blog or video post, or both.)

Calendar Features International Photography! - Barb Kellogg Photography

Calendar Features International Photography! , Read More at When I select my photographs for my annual Nature’s Beauty calendar for 2021 I try to curate images that you’ll find beautiful, and would like to stare at for an entire month. I’m never think about the variety being INTERNATIONAL though! But it dawned on me today that this is a VERY internatio...

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You Might Be Surprised at What You've Accomplished - Barb Kellogg Photography

You Might Be Surprised at What You've Accomplished -- Read More at : I believe that we need to broaden our definition of personal accomplishment. I think we all can agree 2020 has been a strange year. And a very hard year for many. And while it may seem like you’ve accomplished nothing this year, I challenge you to make a list. I think you’ll be surprised.

In A Tropical Garden - Australia photography - Barb Kellogg Photography

FOR A LIMITED TIME -- 20% off this newly added photograph to my online shop. No code needed. 😀 In a Tropical Garden - photographed in a beautifully lush botanic garden in Tamborine Mountain in Queensland Australia.

Need to get through some tough stuff? Put pencil to paper. - TPT Originals

This article is for all of you who consider yourselves non- artists.

There are real mental health benefits to drawing, doodling, writing, etc. And the point isn’t to be good at it. But just do it. Can you believe it: The world has spent more than eight months in this pandemic. Whether you've been stricken with the virus, lost a job or find yourself

Through the Lens . . . and Other Stories (and images, too!)

Through the Lens . . . and Other Stories (and images, too!) - Art Events - where to see or buy my photography (and now the book, too!), and events where you can talk to me in-person Shop - just window shop or look around for that perfect image for you. If You Only Knew", Now Available to Purchase! Revealing what mental illness feels like through interviews and...

New Photography Added! - Barb Kellogg Photography

I just put up a blog post featuring some of my new photography!

New photographs have been added to the Shop! Plus the blog features a little background on each one. And I’m revealing some new abstract work that is really energizing me creatively. ICM photography is expanding my visual vocabulary and I’m loving it! New photographs added to the Shop! Plus the blog features a little background on each one. And I’m revealing some new abstract work that is really energizing me creatively. ICM photography is expanding my visual vocabulary and I’m loving it!

It’s that time again to order your calendar! Visit my website and look under the Shop heading. 🌷

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Buy the Book -- If You Only Knew: Revealing the humanity of mental illness by Barb Kellogg - Barb Kellogg Photography


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I think more than ever this year you'll find this book insightful and empowering, without sugar coating reality. One of my favorite quotes in the book was said by Jenna, "When I have bad days, it can be hard. But I redefine what success looks like." A book containing a powerful collection of interviews & photographs depicting what mental illness feels like that encourages you to see beyond the illness. Photographed and written by Minnesota fine art photographer and author Barb Kellogg. In the book, Barb features interviews and portraits of

Direct link to order and for all the details!



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Ways to Display 2021 Nature's Beauty Calendar - Barb Kellogg Photography

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(I should have captioned this: Things I So When Husband Watches Vikings. 😎)

It’s time to read this book again. The title alone is inspiring!

I know being yourself can be challenging at times. But we need more you. ❤️

Millstream Arts Festival

"If it's good enough for Menards, it's good enough for me." 🤣

I even cracked myself up listening to my own interview.

🍁(BTW - 11% SAVINGS on my website through Oct 12th!!!! Good on about everything. Discount automatically applied.) 🍁

If you didn't get a chance to watch my interview yesterday, I wanted to share it with you today!

Glass Mosaic artist Laura Laura Liz Ruprecht is the first half of the video, and I'm in the second half. Each interview is about 30 minutes, so you can fast forward ahead if you like. (But do come back to catch more about Laura's beautiful mosaics. I have no idea how she turns broken glass into such beautiful pieces of art, but WOW!!!)

This hour is brought to you by The Ballentine Company
2:00 Mosaic Artist Laura Ruprecht
You can purchase and view her work at also on Facebook at Laura Liz Mosaic Biz and on Instagram @lauralizmosaicbiz
Email her directly at [email protected]
2:30 Photographer Barb Kellogg
You can purchase and view her work at also on Facebook at Barb Kellogg Photography and on Instagram @barb_Kellogg

Remember my video recorded for Millstream Arts Festival starts in an hour at 230pm central time !!! (click on Millstream's page to watch it) -- I'll be online live to answer your questions in the chat.

I talk about the book and the creation of a couple of the images, my nature photography as well!!!

Let's see how tongue-tied I got!

(And if you miss it, it will be available to viewing later. I'll be able to share it to my page here I believe.)

[09/26/20]   I was going through my IG feed this morning deleting a few posts that don’t reflect what I create now.

I did NOT delete this one. 😎

I just added several new photographs this afternoon and last week to my website. Here's they are!!!

There's a new shop section called Essence of Nature, which will contain my new abstract work. The other photographs are in the All Photographs section.

I'm also writing up a soon-to-be published blog post about the images, including a little about the technique used in the abstract photographs. - If you need to order a different size than what is offered online, just contact me for more info.

JUST A REMINDER to watch the artists this weekend, starting soon, over on the Millstream Arts Festival FB page! Check out that page for the complete schedule, starting tonight at 5pm! Chat live with the artists during the video premiere!!! 🌹

Thought I'd share the times of some of my favorite artists! I've included either their FB pages or direct websites. But remember the videos will be airing on Millstream's FB page! 😃 You can always catch the videos later, too. And be sure to check out the full schedule, cause I'm only listing a few here. ;)

° Tonight at 530pm - David Barthel of David Barthel Photography - stunning landscape photography
° Tonight at 7pm - Sarah Drake of Herarts in Action, she'll be talking about her children's book and the collage artwork in it.

° Saturday at 2pm - Anita Jacobson - of Nita's Knots, a fiber artist who makes a lot of cool things - including hats!
° Saturday at 230pm - Bruce Jacobson - , who creates sculpture and jewelry with wood. (It's really amazing! He made the necklace I'm wearing in the Millstream video.)

° Sunday at 12pm - Mary Gohman, a gold and silver jewelry designer/maker (
° Sunday at 1pm - Kat Patton, creates cool drawings with pencil and digitally,
° Sunday 2pm - Laura Ruprecht, glass mosaic (
° Sunday 230pm - ME! :) :)
° Sunday 330pm - Lou of Loulure - Lou Lou's Art Business (painting, jewelry - just an all 'round cool human being!)


ART EVENTS Visit my website for up-to-date information.

ABOUT BARB KELLOGG I specialize in beautiful, timeless photography that will look great today and in the future … Discover flowers, trees, travel, abstract. And more!

My journey is to create photography that is about something, not of something. Whether consciously or not, I ask myself, what do I want this image to feel like?

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About the Image: "Contraint" The image is part of my book If You Only Knew: Revealing the Humanity of Mental Illness.
Behind the scenes shooting with film, with Barb Kellogg
Author Chat with Sarah Drake and Barb Kellogg
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Book Talk and Interview 4/18/20
Book Talk and Interview



General information

I'm Barb Kellogg, a photographer who creates beautiful images of nature and people. In addition to selling my nature photography on my website and at art fairs and local exhibitions, I occasionally accept portrait commissions for individuals and families under four people. (If you have an offbeat sense of humor and you're a fellow introvert, we'll get along just fine. Special note, I won't make you smile. Many of my favorite photographs have intent, serious expressions.) I also create conceptual photography available for licensing at Note, for 2018, I'm not offering mentoring.Need help with your photography or your camera? I can help. Mentoring information at
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