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Showcasing innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in Texas around hemp, and CBD.

My goal here is to explore cannabis, provide product reviews, feature inspiring individuals, brands, and plants that inspire wellness and have been touched by CBD in some way in life. I want to share my experiments with edibles, different oils, innovative CBD products, people, stories, and time tested methods of cannabis consumption.

Mission: My goal here is to explore cannabis, provide product reviews, feature inspiring individuals, brands, and plants that inspire wellness and have been touched by CBD in some way in life. I share my experiments with edibles, different oils, innovative CBD products, people, stories, and time tested methods of cannabis consumption.

Finding love in the trees. 🌲

📸 Unknown
📍Luss, Scotland

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Congress considers allowing COVID-19 relief for cannabis companies Rep. Earl Blumenauer's bill would end the Small Business Administration's ban on direct and ancillary businesses.


I feel like I'm coming back online physically. And that might have to do with more so pushing myself out of the nest and back into my content routine that was in need of a good evaluation.

Long story short: I got really caught up in the idea that my content had to be perfect. Sadly, in turn, I created friction between me and what I wanted to do: create relatable cannabis content. In the process of taking it all to the next level I stopped myself because I wasn't living up to my own expectations. Which should have just been me working through the slump and getting over it.

I gotta give it up to @wildplantco for keeping me together over the past few weeks. No joke, their stuff is potent and is absolutely in my top 10 favorite hemp tinctures.

I highly recommend it if you don't mind the taste of hemp lingering in your month.

How is April closing out for you? It's almost May!

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Let 'em rip: A brief history of the best stoner sneakers ever

Stoner Sneakers, eh? Nike, Adidas, and others aren't afraid of celebrating the 4/20 holiday.

Palmetto Harmony Holy Cannacense: Powerful CBD Topical Relief Palmetto Harmony Holy Cannacense is a full-spectrum CBD topical that eased our aches while leaving behind an appealing scent of frankincense and citrus.

[04/16/20]   Join Lisa Pittman on 4/21 at 2:20 for Toke Talks! Learn about the current state of cannabis in Texas.

Do we really want to go back to how things were before?

This is something that I've been delving deeper into each passing week through COVID19.

I've never highly valued myself. I put others first but when the world feel a part I quickly realized that not valuing my option and only sharing what others had to say was putting a damper on my life. I thought I was nothing and felt i should let people with real experience lead, so i should say nothing.

That's a whole other story

I've gotten back in touch with what i want and where I want to be in life. I even visited my vision board for 2020, reorganized my process and even threw out a few things that were holding me back.

I even updated my websites to gain clarity 😂. Check them out in my link in the bio. They are so pretty.

I realized that through my content wasn't allowing myself to shine through the process. While i thought I was doing a service, I lost what made me relate to where I want to be and go and instead created unnecessary steps to get what i wanted in order to share what i wanted with my community.

At the end od the day, don't be scared of your tools, and don't under value yourself. Humility is a super power but it's also dangerous if you take a dark turn.

I don't know where I'll be in five years, but i do know what skills i want to have in a year to build out my bigger plan for the future. I can't wait to share that with you!

Sorry for the Ted talk, but I'm working to elevate my mind from social media anxiety right now. I have reviews and cool plans on the way!

How are you doing today?

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NowThis Weed

During his run for president, Andrew Yang advocated for weed and shrooms to be legalized and decriminalized

via NowThis

If you missed me, DON'T MISS MY GIRLS! Check out this Livestream

Tomorrow! We are Online! We have an amazing show lined up so stayed tuned for the watch party!
We will have guest speakers Janie Terrazas - The Mindfulness Coach, Sanja Ganja, and The Texas CBD Blog
and a special at-home performance from Jackie Venson! and more! Get your snacks and water ready! Plus your CBD:)

It's been a trip around the mountain for me this month. How are you guys doing?

Can you spare a minute to help Grace Delgado?

Hello, Austin is not allowing CBD Stores to be open during this time. Please sign and support why CBD stores ARE an essential business!! 11 signatures are still needed! Austin Should Allow CBD Stores To Remain Open

Sharing the love! Join us tomorrow for a digital party!

Join us Thursday, March 19 from 1-2 PM on Zoom for a live stream party. Click the link to join:

We have many exciting guests joining us:
- Trulevia
- Joy Organics CBD Oil Austin, TX
- Daulton Davis O'Neill from Green Light Events
- Grace Delgado from The Texas CBD Blog
- Your CBD Store

Don't worry, I'll be sharing cannabis content again in my next posts.

I've been really wrapping my brain about what is happening in the world.

There are so many amazing things to share right now. The Texas agriculture application for growing hemp released Friday and so much more other innovative practices that are coming down the pike.

However, i felt a strong sence to take a step back and let my emotions settle before moving forward.

I'm thankful to all of the business who are letting their customers know if changes are being made to daily operations and keeping their public informed of what they are doing to be proactive.

My dad is in hospice, I have friends and family who are at risk.

So thank you.

The best advice I've heard about this outbreak is to act like you are carrying the virus. What would you do then to prevent the spread of your condition?

This event has revealed and exposed a lot of issues that we as a whole will have to overcome. It's not going to be easy and it is a set back. But i believe we will coke out a better for it.

I'm limiting my networking events, staying entertained and working to catch up on a few side projects.

Stay healthy, fam.

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Anvato Universal Player

This really throws off my feed, but idc at this moment.

This #womenshistorymonth has been completely different then past years. I grew up in a conservative environment where women just aren't celebrated as individuals but instead of what they offer their family and husband.

And they should. Anddd while I understand the complex nature of that topic (oh trust me) that's not the point at this time.

Nevertheless, as a woman and an individual in society and someone who doesn't associate (not even a dime) with fundamentalism anymore, I feel like it's a responsibility of mine to be the best I can be, lift up other women around me, highlight women who are doing amazing things.

It's like a responsibility I have to point people who are coming out of restricted mindsets to examples of what it means to love yourself.

Frankly, this has definitely has been a slight hickup for me over the past few days when formating my cannabis content.

Anyway, thanks for letting me talk to you. I appreciate everyone here more then you'll know. I see you. ❤️

Photo credit: when I find it I'll tag. Not sure where it is atm.

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Sad but ultimately might be necessary considering the situation.

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After a few months of following, liking, and sharing Instagram content, I found myself standing outside of a friend yet a stranger’s door.

I was nervous. Besides, meeting strangers from the internet isn’t a new thing for me, but this was different: we are recording content for The Sanja Ganja Show.

If this is your first time getting to know her, I HIGHLY recommend you check out her Instagram page @thesanjaganjashow

My words can’t do justice for everything she has already contributed and is currently offering the cannabis community across the United States.

Now go check out my blog post about her ya filthy animals. Link in bio.

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Cannabis and coronavirus: Here’s what you need to know Maybe don't pass that joint right now: Here's how to keep yourself safe, and what to expect in coming weeks.

Texas: Enact reasonable hemp product regulations, but don't punish Texas businesses!

SIGN HERE - Texas Regulators Seek to Ban Sales of Legal CBD Vape Products and Hemp Flower! Let's be a part of the process to avoid that happening! Texas Regulators Seek to Ban Sales of Legal CBD Vape Products and Hemp Flower! Last year, both the state and federal governments legalized low-THC (.3%) cannabis, defining it as hemp. Consumable hemp is now completely legal to possess and use, including oils, edibles, hemp flower, and vape cartridge...

How do you straw, bro?

Straws are particularly prone to ending up in our waterways, and ultimately the overall the oceans, due to beach littering, wind that transports the objects from trash cans and collections.

I'm ashamed to admit but I can be really bad when it comes to using reusable staws in my daily life. But I'm always looking for ways to improve my habits.

So instead of beating myself up over it, the past couple of months I've become proactive in carrying straws in convienent for me ways.

I received this stylish rose gold @finehealinggoods straw at the @holidayhempmarket this past December and since then it's always within reaching distance.

But my absolute favorite #swag I've ever been okay with selling my email for is this clip on reusable straw from a large bank. I can't remember who right now as I type this. Haha.

I love this trend of business providing fun environmenly friendly "gifts" to their customers. It's a trend I'm 💯 okay with thr world jumping on.

Hey man, Less plastic is cool and every little bit helps. ❤️

What is your favorite reusable item? I'd love to hear about it. 👇

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Tell Congress Not To Allow Trump To Roll Back Medical Marijuana Protections - NORML - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws

Hello Canna Fam!
Check out this quick e-mail NORML sent out today. Sign This petition to protect the medical marijuana programs and bring them to Capitol Hill. Make sure you take the opportunity to add your name!

Texas Hemp Convention 2020 Observations

This is a really great summary of Mike O'Niel's observations at the Texas Hemp Convention. Check it out! He spoke about using Linkedin for Business and I had the pleasure of meeting him and then connecting over LinkedIn. I've been involved in the burgeoning hemp industry for about 5 years now. I "saw the light" through friends who were formerly in the technology industry, many of them actually.

Colorado restricts marijuana advertising, so cannabis companies are adopting highways

Love it! Currently, 51 cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers and edible producers sponsor roadways throughout the state.

Seniors Cannabis Activist ‘Mama Sue’ Taylor Opens A Dispensary

“You have to send the right messenger,” she answered, “And I’m the right messenger.” 72-year-old Sue Taylor, her son Jamaal and his partner "Kiki" recently opened "Farmacy", the first cannabis dispensary owned and operated by an African-American woman in Berkeley.

Toke and TWERK y'all 😘

Babies, y'all, I spent Toke and Twerk with not only some of the most AMAZING women in the cannabis industry, but also got to share my world with one of my best friends; it definitely was a night full of enjoying what you can do with your friends.

Love is in the air and love is sharing passions with each other.

Isn't it crazy that as Texans we are able to enjoy openly consuming cannabis products in a safe environment while mingling with other like minded people?

It's events like this that make me so proud to showcase how beautiful Texas souls are relentlessly working to break stigmas and show TEXAS with their minds, hearts, and BOOTIES, that this plant has a community that will embrace and educate you in whatever your learning style is.

Dance dance dance.

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T H A N K Y O U 🙏🏼

Guys, thank you to everyone who supported and participated in this giveaway with @smokeladyjays. All I want to do is share my love of cannabis/products with y'all and through your support I can! ❤️

If you missed the details in the last giveaway, Lady Jays believes in the power of hemp and the power of HER. If you haven't checked them out, definitely give them a follow and check out their cool projects!

Let your eyes fall in love with their V I B E

Happy Thursday!

Who else is going to @shopmaryjae Toke and Twerk tonight @thevenueatx? 🙋‍♀️

I'll see you there 🤘

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Expos and events like the Texas Hemp Convention are excellent resources to advance your knowledge and (pro tip) learn what your community is INQUIRING about.

No matter what your industry is, the Q&A portion, Imo, contains the most value overall in an educational setting.

Wherever you are a novice, deep in the community, or simply enjoy herb recreationally, education will always be a healthy approach to enjoying your hemp/cannabis consumption.

You'll learn what other professionals and new members are asking while building your knowledge base on how to answer those questions for your network.

Rad right?

I wish I could have cloned myself at The Texas Hemp Convention because I wanted to know all the things. But I did catch everything I could and will be sharing many of those resources in the up coming weeks.

Pictured above:
❤️ Marketing Panel: Q&A
❤️ @hemptours Your Blue Print for Building a Successful Business
❤️ #blockchain in Cannabis
❤️ Building your Hemp Business with LinkedIn

Not Pictured:
🤙 Sourcing and identifying quality products
🤙 7 keys to Reading Labels and COA's

Definitely exciting times to be in hemp in Texas. More coverage coming ✌️

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Behind The Texas CBD Blog

Hi there, my name is Grace and I am a San Antonio native and cat mom. By day, I work at an office, but by night and weekend I write, share stories, interview entrepreneurs, CEO’s, moms, attend events, and spend my time enjoying the world of cannabis.

My Beginning

My introduction to CBD was like most, in addition to the everyday stress of work-life balance, I am naturally an anxious person. I originally thought my anxiety was awkwardness and byproduct of being homeschooled for 18 years, growing up in a conservative family, all while suffering middle child syndrome as I am the fourth child of nine kids, but that is only a part of my story.

In November of 2018, I began to take CBD on a regular basis. Like most, I was advised to take it at night to sleep better and I did. And although slept better, I knew there was more to my stress then extra deep sleep, so I started to journal. I then decided to start taking my oil mid-morning with my coffee and, as the days went by, I started to notice I was focusing better and problem solved quicker.

That is when I had my “ah ha” moment in January.

It was all anxiety.

A flood of memories came rushing back from my youth; one from when I was five and couldn’t let go of the family station wagon (what if I left something in it?!) and another from when I was seven and approached my mom about my heart racing and breathing quickly but was quickly told I was fine and only wanted attention.

So yes, my odd personality is all natural and it’s not just from being homeschooled, thank you.

My Nows and Heros

I have been interested in the business of cannabis since 2012. In fact, before I realized what CBD was, I have been looking for any job I could find in a legal state to work in the cannabis industry to get whatever experience I could to work with hemp.

And in November of 2018, I had no idea consuming CBD daily would change my life. From the moment I stepped into my first CBD store, I knew I wanted to be involved and join an industry I was already fond of due to positive cannabis role models like Seth Rogen, who was doing great work for Alzheimer’s Research with Hilarity for Charity, Jonathan Van Ness, who is open about his use of cannabis in his youth on his Stitcher podcast Getting Curious, and Illana Gazer and Abbi Jacobson, who are my favorite best friend hero couple, who happen to smoke a lot of weed in the hit Comedy Central series Broad City.

And guess what, everyday I am learning more about the individuals who have historically voiced their love for cannabis and what awesome things are in the world and now gaining coverage due to social acceptance.

My inspiration is from these folks who I hope to highlight to society as the world enters an age of using CBD products while cannabis entrepreneurship, creativity, and counterculture becomes mainstream.

My Heart

Cannabis is a diverse organism which means there are endless possibilities and creative avenues to steam from the plant, and I want to share those stories from the wonderful people who I have interacted with through it.

Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to live in a world where cannabis products are in my home, office, and used responsibility through recreational consumption.

And this blog is making that dream a reality.

My goal here is to explore cannabis, provide product reviews, feature inspiring individuals, brands, and relaxing plants that inspire wellness and have been touched by interesting people from around the globe.

I will be sharing my experiments with edibles, different oils, innovative CBD products, people, stories, events, networking opportunities, and more, while exploring time tested methods of cannabis consumption from all around the world.

I can’t wait to get to know you and hear your stories about cannabis.

Grace Delgado, Founder of the Texas CBD Blog

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