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I offer private and corporate yoga & meditation training, healing energywork and wellness coaching to address your whole being and enhance your well-being. Breathe deeply, practice often, be well.


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New Classes and a Gift for you from Dana Wyss Healing Arts

Updates on new classes (including Chair Yoga) and a gift for you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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The Virus Is a Reminder of Something Lost Long Ago

"But there is something more to be regained, something more subtle, more delicate, almost impossible even to name. That is the restoration of our inner selves. By inner self, I mean that part of me that imagines, that dreams, that explores, that is constantly questioning who I am and what is important to me. My inner self is my true freedom. My inner self roots me to me, and to the ground beneath me. The sunlight and soil that nourish my inner self are solitude and personal reflection. When I listen to my inner self, I hear the breathing of my spirit. Those breaths are so tiny and delicate, I need stillness to hear them, I need slowness to hear them. I need vast silent spaces in my mind. I need privacy. Without the breathing and the voice of my inner self, I am a prisoner of the frenzied world around me. I am a prisoner of my job, my money, the clothes in my closet. What am I? I need slowness and quiet to ponder that question."

theatlantic.com In rebuilding a broken world, we will have the chance to choose a less hurried life.


All Of Us


danawyss.com Image / ๏ปฟ Varvara Gorbash When we enter the unknown of our houses, go inside the given up dark and sheltering walls alone and turn out the lamps we fall bone to bone in bed. Neighbors, the old...

Adrienne Clements, LMFT



With everything going on in the world with COVID-19, I can deeply empathize with all the suffering, grief, overwhelm, and fear of the unknown. This is a strange new world and yet it feels slightly familiar in some ways to me (I'm sure many other #invisiblewarriors can relate!). Why? Because for 4 years my life and world were upended by an infectious disease.

An infectious disease of any kind is not something that I would wish upon anyone. Through this uninvited experience of illness and through supporting so many others going through crisis as a therapist, there are some things I have learned over the years about what helps us to be resilient in the most trying of times.

Therefore, in this first official vlog is going to be a little bit longer and I'm going to get more personal as I shared the top 6 things I have learned about resilience from surviving an infectious disease. It's never comfortable to be vulnerable, but I know we are all feeling that way right now and my hopes are these perspectives will be of service and helpful to some of you out there during this incredibly trying time for the world. Please feel free to take what works for you and leave what does not.

May all beings be at peace, may all beings be free of suffering!


Group Yoga Classes via Zoom Begin Tomorrow at Noon!



Dana Wyss Healing Arts

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Breathwork for Beginners Workshop

Learn simple, time-tested practices to create balance in mind and body - without any equipment or adverse side-effects! Join me later this month in the first of many monthly life-skills development workshops from Dana Wyss Healing Arts!

Breathe deeply, practice often, be well.



The Invitation

danawyss.com Image / Vaclav Volrab In moments where we're seeing the unbelievable, the very challenging, the depressing, there is always an invitation. How will we use the challenge and our response to it to...


Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why.

Fiber does much more than provide bulk to move waste through our systems speedily - it indirectly provides us with an additional source of fuel, after feeding a host of others in our guts! Read the full article to learn more:

"But our bodies make a limited range of enzymes, so that we cannot break down many of the tough compounds in plants. The term โ€œdietary fiberโ€ refers to those indigestible molecules.

But they are indigestible only to us. The gut is coated with a layer of mucus, atop which sits a carpet of hundreds of species of bacteria, part of the human microbiome. Some of these microbes carry the enzymes needed to break down various kinds of dietary fiber.

The ability of these bacteria to survive on fiber we canโ€™t digest ourselves has led many experts to wonder if the microbes are somehow involved in the benefits of the fruits-and-vegetables diet. Two detailed studies published recently in the journal Cell Host and Microbe provide compelling evidence that the answer is yes."

Breathe deeply, practice often, be well.

nytimes.com A series of unusual experiments in mice finds that dietary fiber fine-tunes the immune system and may help prevent chronic inflammation.



soundcloud.com When is the last time you closed your eyes and told yourself that you are loved, that you are heard? When was the last time you took the time to give to yourself, what you endeavor to give others? Se


What sugar does to your brain

A little support for your 2018 healthy eating goals ;) Breathe deeply, practice often, be well.

"The first person to confirm that effect in humans was Professor Richard Stevenson, leading a team at Macquarie University, earlier this year.

He had volunteers spend a week eating a high-fat, high-sugar breakfast. After just four days, their performance on memory tests fell dramatically.

โ€œSugar seems to adversely impact the hippocampus and longer-term brain structures that are involved in decision-making and pleasure,โ€ he says.

The University of Sydneyโ€™s Dr Kieron Rooney once did a quick study โ€“ largely for a lark โ€“ on a small group of people who signed up to a popular quit sugar diet. He was surprised to find that their memories had significantly improved by the end of the diet.

Professor Morris has spent more than 20 years putting rats on high-sugar diets. She says the results are consistent and repeatable. โ€œWeight gain and a cognitive decline - itโ€™s quite a large effect,โ€ she says.

So, what can you do to protect your brain from sugar?

Beyond trying to eat less of it, not much, experts say.

To deal with the addictive powers of sugar, Professor Selena Bartlett suggests meditation exercises to build focus and willpower."

theage.com.au Why sugar could be to blame for your bad memory โ€“ and can it get you hooked?


20+ Science Facts We Didn't Know at The Start of 2017

Here's some of the more interesting findings of 2017. Here's to asking useful questions, paying attention, and learning from the answers that come. Happy New Year, everyone!! Breathe deeply, practice often, be well.

sciencealert.com 1. The speed of gravity is pretty much identical to the speed of light!ย This year, for the first time ever, scientists were able to photograph a collision between two neutron stars. By conducting simultaneous optical and gravitational wave ob


Texas is Leading the Country in Flu Cases

Often over the holidays we're out of our normal routine: less or different sleep, more sugar (!), maybe a little less hydrated than we normally aim to be. The flu is hitting Austin pretty hard already, and apparently this is one of those many things that Texas is doing bigger than everyone else ;) Here's a friendly reminder to get your rest, drink your water, watch your intake of sweets and please please please STAY HOME AND REST if you feel unwell, dear ones. Better for you, better for everyone. Wishing you all a very healthy and happy weekend!

sacurrent.com Texas is currently home to the largest flu outbreaks in the country, according to data collected by Walgreens. Not only is it the state with...


#111 โ€” The Science of Meditation

samharris.org In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson about the current scientific understanding of meditation practice. They speak about the original stigma associated with meditation, theโ€ฆ


A Loving Look at Fat: Tell Me I'm Fat

Few things promote deep understanding better than a well-told story - or several! Today's post in the blog series might challenge your assumptions, touch your heart, and expand your mind to include some social and personal experiences around fat that may differ from your own. Breathe deeply, practice often, be well.

danawyss.com Image / Jarungthip Jarin Welcome back! This brief series has explored the history of fat , some varied ways of viewing bodyfat, including appreciating the information and support we receive from...


A Loving Look at Fat: A Brief History of Fat

Why do we carry bodyfat? How much bodyfat is ideal for humans to have? How have bodyfat ideals changed over time? What good does bodyfat do for us, anyway? How might we relate healthily to our own bodies around fat, and what might that look like? Check out today's post in the mini-series to find out! Breathe deeply, practice often, be well.

danawyss.com Pause Breathe fully Create balance Be nourished Practice often Be well I offer private yoga instruction, meditation training, energywork and bodywork to address your whole being and enhance your...


A Loving Look at Fat

I haven't done a blog post series in quite awhile, but this topic is alive right now in the hearts and minds of my clients and friends, so I thought I'd share a new view or two. Hope you enjoy!

danawyss.com The way we view ourselves and speak about ourselves matters a great deal, and the lens through which we view our own incredible bodies is invariably clouded with cultural messaging that does not...



soundcloud.com Underneath the knots, and noise sits a loving, unaffected presence and universal heartbeat leading us each, to this same place. Even in our greatest despair, even in our most gutted places we are not

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I offer private and corporate yoga & meditation training, healing energywork and wellness coaching to address your whole being and enhance your well-being. Breathe deeply, practice often, be well.

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