Anytime Fitness at Four Points

Anytime Fitness at Four Points

Anytime Fitness is the world’s largest 24 hour gym and co-ed fitness center chain

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If your hand is up, you can put it down. We're proud of you, but you might be sore. 😉💜

Looking for an easy swap in your diet that can make a big impact? Whole grains! They are a great source of nutrients and will help keep you full thanks to the extra fiber.

We're always looking for simple ways to make healthy happen, what's your favorite swap?

Way to make healthy happen! Nothing makes us happier than seeing you meet and exceed goals you've set for yourself. 💜💪🏼

Save gas ⛽️and money 💰while making healthy happen! Biking to work is a major win/win. 🚲

Pull-ups are HARD. But doing them incorrectly makes them much harder. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are making healthy happen!

1. Engage in an active hang (aka no hanging on the bar like a noodle). Keep your muscles engaged!
2. Activate your shoulder muscles to prepare your body for the work it's about to do.
3. Pull the bar down instead of pulling up on the bar. It's subtle, but it can make a big difference!

Pull-ups are HARD. But doing them incorrectly makes them much harder. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are making healthy happen!

1. Engage in an active hang (aka no hanging on the bar like a noodle). Keep your muscles engaged!
2. Activate your shoulder muscles to prepare your body for the work it's about to do.
3. Pull the bar down instead of pulling up on the bar. It's subtle, but it can make a big difference!

Kid-Friendly Banana Nutella Ice Cream

Looking for an easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your goals? We've got the perfect summertime recipe that will give ice cream the boot! The best part? There are only four simple ingredients. Head to the blog and find out how to make Banana Nutella Ice Cream.🍦🍌 Prepare to be amazed by how good whipped frozen bananas and flavoring can pretend to be ice cream! It's simple to make, delicious & leaves you guilt-free.

Some things in life can't be explained, just ask Lydia Dziubanek. To this day, she can't tell you how she found herself in an Anytime Fitness, overcome by hopelessness—but we are so thankful she did! Check out her story and you'll find out why. We 💜you, Lydia!

Try your best not to focus on what the scale says; what truly matters is making healthy happen and being proud of what your body CAN do. 💪🏼💜

💧Did you know? 💧

The "8 glasses of water" a day you've been drinking may not be enough. Calculate your body's water needs with this easy equation!

Make healthy happen while working in the garden! All those lunges and squats will be put to good use. 😉🌷

What are you planting this year?

Take it outside! Your workout, that is. 😉

These are our favorite exercises that can be done anywhere. What's your favorite way to break a sweat outdoors?🌳💜

Recipe: Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Shake

🚨Attention chocoholics🚨 Make healthy happen while celebrating #NationalChocolateChipDay! Plus, this protein shake gets an extra pinch of sweetness from a surprise ingredient. Head to the blog to find out what makes this shake extra special (and healthy, too)! This healthier protein shake contains a secret ingredient: pureed beets. Best part, you'll only taste the chocolate! Enjoy one right now!

It's #TransformationTuesday which means we have the perfect opportunity to celebrate AF Beaverdale member Julie G. After gaining weight following a car accident that landed Julie in a wheelchair, she began working with coach Tyler Smith and has lost over 45lbs. We are so proud of you, Julie! Show her some love in the comments as she continues to make healthy happen. 💜

Let's start your week off right with a quick workout that will take your Monday from 😟 to 😃.

Think you can't get enough protein with vegetarian swaps? Think again! These meatless-alternatives are great if you're looking for a veggie option that still packs the protein.

What's your fave meatless protein go-to? 🙅🏽‍♂️🥩

Make sure to celebrate every win. This one's for you! 👍🏼

Which emoji best describes the way you make healthy happen? Comment below!

How to Be Smart About Your Cardio Time

🛑STOP! 🛑 Before you get on the treadmill and zone out, check out these great tips that will take your cardio time up a notch and help you get more from your workout.

What's your favorite way to get cardio in? Tell us in the comments! You've discovered what you like to do, but are you thinking about your total cardio time and intensity? Let's break down your options and the results.

3 Killer Ways to Spice Up Your Grilling

Did you hear that? It was the sound of grills everywhere lighting up for prime-time grilling season! Don't let your grilling routine get tired and check out these amazing recipes for marinades and rubs that will kick your dinner up a notch all season long. Bon appetit! No one wants to eat bland chicken. Add major flavor to your healthy eating by making these easy spice mixes and using on the meat and veg you grill!

🌟Motivation time!🌟
Today, we are celebrating Sandy Simmers, who had the courage and determination to make her dream come true. Her greatest wish? To become a mother. Don't miss how it all happened. Sandy, we are so inspired!

Raise your hand if gym time is your "me" time. 🙋🏻‍♂️

Okay, put it down and head to the gym ASAP.

Protein ✔️
Joint relief ✔️
Improved skin ✔️

Is there anything collagen *can't* do?! Have you tried collagen powder? Share your collagen experience in the comments!

No, but seriously. Can we have them all?

Which protein bar is your must-have? Tell us below and consider the comment section your new grocery list. 😉

We are all about two things: making healthy happen and multi-tasking. When life gets busy, sometimes chores like cutting the grass double as a quick sweat-sesh. 💪🏼

What's your go-to two-for-one activity? Sound off in the comments!

Enough said.

Everything New Moms Need to Know Before Working Out After Baby

Was this year your first time celebrating Mother's Day? If you said yes, congrats! Also, you might want to check out this helpful guide to postpartum workouts before you hit the gym. Making healthy happen may feel a little different than before, but trust the process! 💜 Getting back to fitness and a pre-baby body is a delicate matter for every new mom. Take it slow and heed this important advice to prioritize your health.

Skip the Drive-Thru: Your Trainer's Guide to Snacking On-the-Go

Coach Rachel is at it again with an awesome guide to making healthy happen while eating on-the-go. If you need some ideas on how to stay on track outside your kitchen, this one is for you! 🥚🥒🍌🍎🥕

What's your favorite healthy grab-and-go snack? We love hearing your ideas, share in the comments below! 💜 The Gas Station Snack Diet When I was in college, I was low on time, money and energy. I lovingly came up with what I call “The Gas Station Snack Diet,” an

Success Story: Distressed Groomsman to Confident Groom

A picture is worth a thousand words and when you don't like what you see, those words often sound like, "it's time for a change." For Chris Allen, that was especially true. After seeing photo after photo of himself he didn't like—he knew it was time. After joining Anytime Fitness and working with a trainer, he lost an incredible 70lbs and gained a fiancé-turned-wife in the process. What a powerful life transformation! It's remarkable what can happen when you put your health first. Chris Allen found confidence, camaraderie, and a wife at Anytime Fitness!

Say hello to Monday's new mantra.💜

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Daily Stress

Relax your shoulders.
Unclench your jaw.
Take a deep breath.
Okay good, now you're ready to head to the blog for six ways to find your daily zen. ✌🏼 Stress affects everyone, but there are a few steps you can take to make your life more manageable. Check out our tips on reducing stress!

What is Collagen and Where Can You Find it?

Chances are you've come across collagen, but have you wondered what the hype is all about? We're breaking down everything you need to know about this protein-packed supplement on the blog!

Already use collagen? Tell us your experience, we want to hear from YOU! We’ve been hearing about protein a lot these days. It seems like you can’t walk down any grocery aisle without seeing a product boasting the benefits of ad

#WCW to this 🌟ROCKSTAR🌟!!!

Success Story: 365 Straight Days of Working Out With Dani

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stuck with your workout routine for an entire year? AF member Dani can tell you... BIG CHANGES. Commitment is the key to making healthy happen and Dani is living proof. Don't miss her story! Dani was always dieting until she figured out that exercising and portion control was the secret to living healthy. This is a success story you don't want to miss.

Not every workout can be the Best Workout Ever™️, but anything is better than nothing! Who made time for a little sweat sesh today?💪🏼 Way to make healthy happen!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Taco salads are a fun and delicious way to get your macros in. What are your go-to toppings on your taco salad? Share with us below! 🌮🥗

May the fourth be with you while you make healthy happen. 😉

Did you know the average adult spends more than 11 hours looking at a screen? Give your eyes a break and unplug with us while making healthy happen at the gym.

Three Things Your Coach Wants You to Remember During Quick Workouts

Fitting in a long workout can be impossible. When you're racing the clock, Coach Josh Cox wants you to remember three tips that will help you make the most out of your gym sesh. Head to the blog to find out how you can power up when you're short on time! You're busy, so let me show you how to make efficient use of your gym time.

Don’t Sweat it: Our Guide to Exercising Outside

May is here and it's time to get outside! Exercising outdoors can be a great change of pace that can energize your workout routine. Don't miss this helpful guide on the dos and don'ts of exercising outside! 🌳 Exercising outdoors is a great way to make healthy happen. We're sharing our favorite tips to help make the most of your workout in the wild.

WAIT. 🚨 Seriously, you don't want to miss the amazing story of Catherine Anderson's transformation. After finding help at Anytime Fitness, she was able to gain a new lease on life and discover true happiness. We're so proud of you, Catherine!

Everyone can use an extra power song or two in their workout playlist. Share your favorite song that pumps you up in the comments, below! 🎶

While Paleo and Keto diets have a lot in common, there are some major differences that set them apart. Have you tried either? Share with us in the comments!

Let's get it! 💪🏼

Skip the drive-thru and drive through your kitchen instead! Why?
✔️Eating at home saves money
✔️Home-cooked meals have fewer calories than their dine-out counterpart
✔️Higher quality ingredients
Need we say more? 😉

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