Austin Holistic Fitness and Nutrition

Austin Holistic Fitness and Nutrition

Anti inflammation lifestyle, weight loss, posture. We will guide you to weight loss and a balanced lifestyle using our award winning 8 week program!

8 week program focusing on anti inflammation, weight loss, posture and core strength from week to week meetings.

Exercise and Nutrition Specialists Online Help Available Now - Affordable Nutritional Support things to expect at facility in Austin, TX – Medical history and screening – Optional Consulting with any medical professionals that you work with – An exercise program specific to your goals and condition -- Nutrition plan geared toward your fitness goals Online – Educating you on proper form and program design so you can feel confident working out on your own – Monthly progress reports to your medical provider (if appropriate) – Nutrition consulting and accountability -Meal plans and direction to success

Vegan food guide for Austin, TX

Check out this super cool way to get the most from your mangos safely!

Full video

Pro tips to cutting mangos, pitting an avocado and using oats in your green smoothie! 💚

Live at Studio 512 in Austin, TX

Mexican scientist cures the Human Papilloma Virus

Good news! Eva Ramón Gallegos, a researcher from Mexico National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) was able to completely eradicate the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in 29 patients.  This scientific achi...

Another successful Zoom conference! Get a free overview of the program even if you live out of state!

Send us a message and we will get you setup

Tomorrow we go live on zoom! 7 pm (cst)

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A Totally New Type of Blood Vessel Has Been Discovered Hidden in Human Bones

🤩 We often think of bone as something that is structurally solid, especially its hard outer layer, called cortical bone.

Looking to sort out stress? Check a higher fibre diet, say scientists

Bacteria in the gut produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which are the main source of nutrition for cells in this region of the body. Foods such as grains, legumes and vegetables contain high levels of fibre and stimulate the production of these SCFAs Healthier diet lowers anxiety and reduced stress levels can aid ‘leaky’ gut problems

Fun fact from the infographics!

New Research Suggests That Food Really Does Affect How We Think Nutritional biomarkers in the blood correlated with brain function and cognitive function.

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Happy holidays and Merry Christmas Eve. Tag us in your healthy activities today!

Yay Jannell!

That Vegan chili

Love these stories!!

8 week program mindset

Great work Sole Symphony Ashiatsu Massage

That event i mentioned last week ... it was AMAZING!! Loved every minute of it. 💖 Big thanks to my lovely model receiver, Cavin, from ... Standing Ashiatsu pics taken by Scott Brunson, Artist

It’s not just about the food here. It’s about the energy

Drink your H2O

Austin Holistic Fitness and Nutrition

45lbs lost but most of all feeling amazing. 10 months ago I made the best decision of my life: I decided to get serious about my health. I did some research and stumbled upon Jeremy with Austin Holistic Fitness and Nutrition. He crafted an 8 week program that reset my metabolism and lessened all the inflammation years of stress and poor diet had taken on my body...

Alan Adelberg

14 days of healthy eating. The results of letting the body naturally heal itself eating foods that are anti inflammatory

This is the 8 week plan

Read this - Be inspired by the 8 week program and 20 lbs weight loss then give us a Call.

Instagram and Tv Commercial. Sharing for the fun of it

Promo Video for a commercial spot on the big TV. Thought you might find it fun to watch.

Video and thanks to Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio

Do This for More Open Shoulders

Open Your Shoulders! You've all heard it, but what to do about it?

Even at work this is great because chairs are everywhere.

This is a great start to getting your arm pits unglued!

This is in response to our Shoulder clinic Feb 13th as the most common area stopping the overhead press, handstands and more from happening.

PIcture from

ATTN: Video

The message that I will be sharing until I am 6 feet under. My 8 week program is so full of lifestyle changes based around eating well for this reason. Though I don't appreciate them showing the man eating like a rabbit is good show of how eating healthy is suppose to look.

A healthy thought "A healthy body holds a healthy weight"

What you eat is way more important than exercise to lose weight.

David Phillips Testimonial from Broken shoulder to Handstands

"I'd heard/seen good reports about Jeremy's knowledge and creativity, so I was prompted to give him a try, and I've been with him two and a half months now. ...

Success Stories ~ Austin Holistic Fitness

See just a few videos and results from our programs! “I’d heard/seen good reports about Jeremy’s knowledge and creativity, so I was prompted to give him a try, and I’ve been with him two and a half months now. I came with a couple of problems and a specific interest. I had a recent shoulder injury, as well as a chronic nerve pinch affecting the same s...

60 days and he lost 20lbs to start

6 months and safely losing 50lbs that will never come back.

Click bio link to learn more about the program!

Take care of your feet and calf

Some ways to take care of your plantar fascia and calf cramps. (drink more water first off)

Take care of your feet and calf

Some ways to take care of your plantar fascia and calf cramps. (drink more water first off)

3 easy power meals when not feeling well

Here is a riddle, It feels like the flu but isn't a virus. Pretty easy to answer when you live in the heart of Texas. Cedar plants cover the skies in clouds of cedar spores that the human body just can't seem to handle. So how do combat this illness? Like any other illness which is to eat well giving our body the immune boost it needs to feel great. [ 426 more words ] Here is a riddle, It feels like the flu but isn’t a virus. Pretty easy to answer when you live in the heart of Texas. Cedar plants cover the skies in clouds of cedar spores that the human body just can’t seem to handle. So how do combat this illness? Like any other illness which […]

Austin Holistic Fitness - Nutrition Program - Give anonymous feedback

We are looking to increase value to our 8 week programs and services. If you have Good or Bad feedback please submit Anonymously here! Anonymous and honest feedback for Austin Holistic Fitness - Nutrition Program

Statins can be ruining your metabolism Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are unfavored by many doctors and holistic coaches worldwide. The proof of these drugs working is dismal, whereas a holistic lifestyle change towards a more vegetable-based diet, has a more profound impact on health improvement. The impact of statin drugs on your b...

[01/18/17]   The only health coaching program in Austin, TX that gives money back guarantee!

Austin Holistic Fitness and Nutrition - West Lake Hills, TX Specialties: 3 choices 1) Personal Training and Corrective Exercise Therapy -Muscle Balance -Old injuries Fixed -Chronic pain relief 2) Nutrition - 8 week program -Metabolism Testing Machine -60 day lifestyle program (weight loss or…

4 charts for goal setting every Trainer knows and you should too

Personal Trainers, fitness gurus or anyone staying healthy in general look to charts and graphs to see where he/she shape up. Using these charts to create an intelligent program with realistic goals equals a more successful and healthy life. Note* I do not use the BMI as an intelligent way create goals so it won't be in here. Body Fat Percentage… [ 595 more words ]

Weight loss for life

6 months and safely losing 50lbs that will never come back.

Click bio link to learn more about the program!

[12/30/16]   Epic Q/A from Dave Rascoe and Ben House

How do you explain Chronically High Blood Sugar in athletes as a sign they are not fueling their bodies correctly?

"The word athlete was used in the question, so let’s break that down by what are they actually doing…

An endurance athlete really doesn’t need glucose. If they stay under 60 to 65% VO2 max they can just utilize fat and this has worked well for a lot of athletes. However, they made need some glucose on a hill or a sprint to the finish. This is why I really do like Ben Greenfield’s higher fat, but not ketogenic approach with this population. Also, trying to fuel endurance exercise primarily on carbohydrates is a trainwreck and leads to some really weird eating patterns, insulin resistance, and maybe even full blown diabetes – I’ve seen it in Triathletes who live on stress and cookies. Hormones tank and it’s just bad. I do not know if staying on a lower carb diet with high endurance workloads would stave off the lowering of testosterone, my guess is it would not, but I would be very curious to see an RCT on this.

I will however assume you are talking about an athlete who needs to use both fat and glucose for fuel.

The key here is context dependent on goals and who they are.

If you are using the term athlete loosely and this person is a general population male who is +15% body fat, then if they have chronically elevated blood sugar they are likely insulin resistant. Does this really affect their ability to “properly fuel their body”? Yes, because they are metabolically inflexible AKA they can’t use fat or glucose very well and that must be worked on. How do we work on that? Exercise, stress management, sleep, lean body mass, fasting, not blowing through cupcakes etc…

If you are talking about a real life mixed energy systems athlete, the circumstance you are asking about would be very rare if they are trained and lean, you would look at their diet and sleep and maybe even get some markers for type 1 diabetes.

Now let’s take a professional or aspiring bodybuilder for example who is on a gain phase, in my opinion having chronically high blood sugar from a func med standpoint wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world (it would probably be rare – given their LBM). But, it is a cost benefit situation that they need to assess. Pre-diabetes (that will likely go away in a cut phase) and f**king ginormous. Now any trained person probably isn’t going to benefit from a caloric surplus past 1000 kcals so I would just monitor that and maybe look at if timing of carbohydrates is way off. I would honestly rather have overfueling over underfueling if they were trying to gain.

CT Fletcher got gigantic on Big Macs and McDonald's apple pies (and likely supraphysiologic doses of another compound). But he also had a heart attack relatively early in life. Cost/Benefit and also his choice.

People are smarter than we give them credit for. I may or may not go with an analogy here - there are many my favorite being - a little kid is selling cookies and comes knocking on your door, the first time it is cute and you buy some. But, this isn't a very socially aware child so they come back every two hours trying to sell you these damn cookies and eventually you rip the f**king doorbell off the wall, call neighborhood watch, and buy ear plugs and extra deadbolts.

This may get a laugh but does it produce an action, maybe, maybe not. Thus, I would more likely go with being blunt in this situation and I learned this from Mario Levi Mendias, the best cold salesman I have ever been around. Sometimes what motivates people is the truth. If this was a gen pop client my analogy would be - You are too fat and you have blown through your ability to move sugar into your cells. Therefore, you are not going to get a lot of sugar or anything that looks like it. Sorry. It’s your bed. You have to sleep in it. NOW the cool thing is we can turn this ship around really fast if we take these actions and create these habits. Now let’s get to work.

You don’t really get insulin resistant without being fat, it kind of predicates the situation. You just have to assess where they are on this continuum and the cost to benefit ratio"

Start defining your age by how much willpower you have not by the number on a clock.

More 5 minute meals!!! Week 1 detox week! Thanks @lizosting for the picture and awesome week 1 results.

5 minute meals ! Thanks @lizosting for the picture

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Instagram and Tv Commercial. Sharing for the fun of it
60 days and he lost 20lbs to start
Take care of your feet and calf
Take care of your feet and calf
Weight loss for life
Julia S. Balance Training Success
Holistic Fitness is about variety. We do yoga, pilate, and mob...
Test your Metabolism rate for optimal weight loss
Carpal Tunnel Relief - Forearm Trigger Points
How to Remove Avocado Seed



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