Kristen Miciotto LPC at Whole Heart Counseling

Kristen Miciotto LPC at Whole Heart Counseling

Kristen Miciotto is a LPC, Psychotherapist @ ~Specializing in helping you or your child work through "Big Emotions" (Anxiety, sadness, heartbreak, life transitions, trauma & grief) ***I work with both kids and adults***

Hi! I wanted a place where I could bring together all of the great articles, blogs and inspirational images that I come across. I feel like we are all striving for self discovery and sometimes exactly what we need to see magically shows up on our feed. I hope this page sparks interest, healing and growth.

COURAGE DAY 30: courage to live my best life and finish what I started, even if it was an unpredictable & messy road to get there #finishwhatyoustart #bestlife #liveyourbestlife #courage #donefornow

COURAGE DAY 29: courage to do my own work; to figure how to shine, be resilient and be the calm in the storm. #courage #resilience #doyourownwork

I have partnered with Wendy Colonna to create exciting new offerings for Austin moms! Join us for our first Whole Mama RETREAT in Austin, March 31 (link in bio) Treat yourself to an opportunity to connect, sustain & replenish. We'll be focusing on simple, effective self-care practices, realistic goal-setting & will have yummy, nourishing food & chair massage during lunch. We have created a wonderful day for you & we're so excited! Answer the survey & get 10% off any 2019 Retreat! #putonyouroxygenmaskfirst #austinmoms #austinmom #selfcare #austinmentalhealth #mindfulfamily #austinwellness

COURAGE DAY 28: courage to be slow and steady, even my world feels full on. #slowandsteady #courage #hopscotchatx

COURAGE DAY 26: to be resilient and soft. 🌱#courage #resilience #growth

COURAGE DAY 26: courage to become the fire🔥 I am learning more and more with age, that the fire is the catalyst to growth and change. I see the fire as a beautiful invitation for one more Phoenix story, I try not to fear it but become it. #becomethefire #women #phoenixstory

COURAGE DAY 25: to make mistakes #takerisks #makemistakes #bebrave

COURAGE DAY 24: courage to become real. #velveteenrabbit #bereal #becoming

COURAGE DAY 23: courage to believe that love is everything. Whether it’s from another person, from your self, from the God or Source of your understanding or from your pet, love is the fuel that helps us grow, be brave, trust, fail & get up and try again. You get what you put out there so #doeverythingfromlove #loveiseverything #courage

COURAGE DAY 21: courage to trust the process. 🙏#trusttheprocess #courage #courage

COURAGE DAY 21: the courage to accept and to be both wild & holy. For so long I thought it had to be one or the other, that both expressions of my humanity contradicted each other. Actually allowing all of it and some times at the same time, gives me permission to be me. #wildandholy #permission #youdoyou #yesand

COURAGE DAY 20: courage to admit when I drop the ball.. realized I have dropped off social media for a bit but I’m back and ready to finish out my 30 post challenge #courage #imback #finishwhatyoustarted

COURAGE DAY 19: to break down so you can break through. I used be afraid of having breakdowns, feeling scared to lose control or to let go of my norms. Then I realized that I only have breakdowns when something in my life isn’t working. The resistance is a sign that you are not in the flow. My mind used to be so stubborn that it would hold on to patterns or people even when it didn’t feel good until I/it would just fall apart.. I have realized that there is freedom on the other side of the discomfort and my soul is not stubborn and now it makes since. #breakdowntobreakthrough #flow #ichooseme #freedomontheotherside #imnotafraid

COURAGE DAY 17: courage to let the other people go. The older I get, the more I realize that I am a reflection of the people I surround myself with. If your not proud of me and inspiring me to grow and love, I’m not interested. #beamazing #surroundyourselfwithpositivepeople #surroundyourselfwithgoodpeople #surroundyourselfwithlove

I have partnered with Wendy Colonna to create exciting new offerings for Austin moms! Join us for our first Whole Mama RETREAT in Austin, Feb 24th.

Treat yourself to an opportunity to connect, sustain & replenish. We'll be focusing on simple, effective self-care practices, realistic goal-setting & will have yummy, nourishing food & chair massage during lunch. We have created a wonderful day for you & we're so excited! Answer the survey & get 10% off any 2019 Retreat!

COURAGE DAY 17: courage to be patient

A Bit on BREATHING: Your #1 Self-Care Friend:

I am curious how many of you know that the art of breathing is probably the most important self care technique you can have. Yes, I know we all are breathing, otherwise we would not be here, but are we really breathing? Check in and see if you are taking deep breaths in and out. See if you notice what happens when you draw your attention to the simplest thing you do. From a neurobiology perspective (yes, brain science is my jam), the brain and the body rely on the breath to let it know if its ok.

Shallow breathing keeps the brain thinking we might be in danger, thus the body responds as such. Deep breaths, which looks and feels more like, "exhale count of 5, hold, inhale count of 4, pause, repeat," tells the brain we are safe. Because I am always paying attention to my clients' breathing patterns, I can assure you that many of you may be shallowing breathing and thus your brain and body are in a constant evaluation of if you are really ok. I call this "revving" and by default the slightest spark of big emotion sends our brain in to fight, flight, freeze or freak out.

There is so much more to this, to be short and sweet and to give you a little take away, PRACTICE BREATHING. Try to really focus on your breath for a couple mins, a few times a day. Over time, the brain begins to repattern to what a good breath feels like and it will start to do it automatically. I know this might seem so basic, and at its core it is, but being able to at least regulate whats is happening on autopilot is a game changer and the best self care practice you can have. #remembertobreathe #remembertobreathe❤️ #selfcare #selfcaretips

COURAGE DAY 16: courage to forgive #forgiveeasy #courage #forgiveness #lifeistooshort

COURAGE DAY 15: to be honest & vulnerable even if it’s messy! #vulnerabilityisstrength #brenebrown #brenebrownquotes

COURAGE DAY 12: the courage to get out of your own way #courage #getoutofyourownway

COURAGE DAY 11: to break down the walls that protect your heart, even if there is a chance it could get broken.

COURAGE DAY 11: to believe you are beautiful #youarebeautiful

COURAGE DAY 10: the courage to lean in and ask for help when I need it. (Grateful that I have a couple of last min proofreaders on speed dial) #cantdoitall

COURAGE DAY 9: the courage to make the commitment to be in therapy, whether for yourself, your child or your relationship. I absolutely honor this choice in every person I work with everyday & for myself.

COURAGE DAY 8: to tell the truth & to have hard conversations, especially when the person and relationship deserves that type of vulnerability.

COURAGE DAY 8: courage to be the change you want to see. Sometimes it is harder to to create change for the better in the closest parts to ourselves, be the change in your community and thus the world but be the change in your relationships & families first, we have to start at our foundation.

COURAGE DAY 7: courage to let things & people go, especially if they are not in support of you being the best you, most of the time.

COURAGE DAY 6: courage to rest, not quite and the wisdom to know the difference

COURAGE DAY 5: to be the girl on the right!

COURAGE DAY 4: the courage I see in moms & ALL that comes with that

COURAGE DAY 3: to start over

COURAGE DAY 2: courage to say yes

COURAGE DAY 1: courage to start something new. I have missed the practice that the 30 days of gratitude brought to my life. I want more, but from a different lens. So my next challenge is to find all the ways that I see courage in everyday life and do 30 posts. By default of the work I do, I witness courage often. My hope is to shine light on some of the big & subtle ways I notice. I encourage you to try with me. Feel free to post in comments when you feel inspired by my post or when you notice courage in your life. Open the lens of perspective = open the lens to life.

Kristen Miciotto LPC at Whole Heart Counseling

GRATITUDE DAY 30: for the reinstated practice of noticing gratitude in each day & for all the people and stops along the way. ❤️🙏

GRATITUDE DAY 29: for reminders moving into new year

GRATITUDE DAY 28: strong growth game

GRATITUDE DAY 27: # dream->goal->plan->action ->->✨reality✨

GRATITUDE DAY 26: getting my sh*t together for a new year. ie. purging ALL the things I no longer need.

GRATITUDE DAY 25: hidden gems

GRATITUDE DAY 24: helping kids & adults love themselves

GRATITUDE DAY 23: long road trips and great audio books #shantarambook

GRATITUDE DAY 22: Snapchat + beautiful family = post dinner fun 😊

GRATITUDE DAY 21: my family/my people ❤️#inourfamily

GRATITUDE DAY 20: spending a beautiful afternoon with my dad #catchandrelease

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