Kristen Miciotto LPC at Whole Heart Counseling

Kristen Miciotto LPC at Whole Heart Counseling


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Kristen Miciotto is a LPC, Psychotherapist @ ~Specializing in helping you or your child work through "Big Emotions" (Anxiety, sadness, heartbreak, life transitions, trauma & grief) ***I work with both kids and adults***

Hi! I wanted a place where I could bring together all of the great articles, blogs and inspirational images that I come across. I feel like we are all striving for self discovery and sometimes exactly what we need to see magically shows up on our feed. I hope this page sparks interest, healing and growth.

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We are all in the same storm on this sea of life, but we are absolutely not all in the same boat. These days, I am constantly reminded that there is a full spectrum of human experiences being endured on a daily basis.

It is easy for me to sit in my white privileged boat, where skin color, education and stability have created some sense of security during one of the harder times of my/our lives. Where the fire that burns is generational, confronting and immediate.

The lights have been turned on and there is no turning back.

My heart has been torn apart and my urge to be of service feels so overwhelming

Today, I want to use my voice to bring awareness to the reality of our country that is f**ked up. This dismissing and abuse of humans for staking their claim to just be alive and the hopes to thrive, feels so unholy and immoral that It’s hard to compute. I hesitate to go into detail of all that fuels this fire, but I am angry, heartbroken and embarrassed on so many levels that at times it feels paralyzing.

All I know is that we are divided .

SO what is my call to action?
It is not my way to physically protest, to meet anger against anger in a way that could possibly fuel violence (I am aware this a privilege of my color) SO I have decided to stop muddling in the anxiety of not knowing what to do and decided to do something.

MY CALL TO ACTION: I have been donating money to non profits that I KNOW are on the frontlines right now and that money and resources are essential. I wrote a thoughtful email to a police department asking for justice (even if they never read it, let my name be one of thousands that reminds them the WORLD IS WATCHING). I am praying, listening and staying as aware as I can of what is happening right now. And I m lighting candle after candle in prayer for our children and for the life that is here and for the life that I believe we can create for them. I am praying for parents too, especially black parents

What is your call to action ? Reach out if you need ideas. #somethingisbetterthannothing #blacklivesmatter #whatisyourposture #theworldiswatching #wecandobetter

Hello from the otherside, been here for a couple of weeks and I must say this side feels so much better!

Other side of what you ask. The other side of living ungrounded and easily swayed by anxiety and fear.

I have been committed to doing my own work, especially for the first weeks of this pandemic, allowing this to force me into retreat where I allowed all the emotions, thoughts and feelings to have their place and in a lot of ways take me over. (It was f**king uncomfortable, by the way, and I was not so easy to be around)

Like the breath it all comes in and with every exhale what isn't real, I let out.
So here I am, feeling pretty damn grounded, in still what often feels like the storm.

My meditations these days look a little like this:
I imagine myself standing in the chaos of uncertainty (my big trigger!). With my feet planted to the ground as the storm moves around and through me. Big breath, resilient, steady, unwavering and trusting. I let all that I do not know clash with all that I do know and again I breathe into stillness. The storm eventually passes and there I still stand, feeling confident and ready for the next gust of intensity. And that's all I can do these days, because as much as I want to believe the worst is over, everyday I am reminded that it is not over. Uncertainty is still alive, Nature is still making a rowdy impact, I am witness to so much grief and still I am working to not let my mind and nervous system fall back into anxiety and fear.

Note, I am not 100% or even 75% at this, I still fall hostage to gust of big emotions at times. This is a practice of awareness and intention. It is not a bypass or a distraction. Every cell in my being is aware how real this all is.

I read a Nelson Mandela quote that said “may your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears” and that is what my posture feels like today. So I leave you with this seed of inspiration too. You get to make choices which lens you take your life in, choose hope, resilience and groundedness.
#choosehope #resilience #otherside

have been wondering how you guys are doing these days. So many days...

And as the level of uncertainty rises, there is a push to move forward. And still we are unclear of what “forward” is. A lot of my clients are struggling with having LOTS of big emotions. Completely normal, especially these days. Here is a way to work with emotions as the arise.

If you have worked with me before or heard me talk, let this be a reminder with a new twist. When we have a big emotion come up, which we do, always, the brain and the body view it as real. The emotion triggers all the things in us that a healthy mind and body do to protect us. Neuroscience now shows us that a big emotion takes about 90 seconds to run through our bodies and our minds. All appropriate signals are fired and then the system is ready for a reset. However, most people, when unconscious of this cycle, fuel the cycle by adding more thoughts that trigger similar emotions to the cycle, so what could take 90 seconds to move through, now takes 9 mins, 90 mins, 9 hours or more..

So here is the thing, like when we focus on our breath, there is an inhale, a pause, an exhale, a pause. A constant cycle that filters through what we take in, stores what we need and sends out what we don't need. This can be true with our emotions when we bring attention to the experience. Letting a big or small emotion arise, take it in, pause and hold it for a min, then let go of the part you do not need. If it is still there, repeat. Try not to continue to add more to it. Do not find more evidence to make you anxious, do not find more past experiences of resentment to make you feel the rush of anger again. Just be with what is current and work with it till it is manageable and let the system reset and move on.

I know this is easier said than done, especially if this is new information or if putting focus on your breath is not normal. This is mindfulness in action, letting your inner self drive and control the way your mind processes your emotion. If you practice this process, over time the brain grows a new muscle and, like the breath, it becomes natural. #justbreathe #thistooshallpass #dontoverthinkit

What I have learned this past month is that WE can do hard things! Really hard things. Every damn day.

Yet through it all, people are showing up for each other. I mean, we have all created a world wide physical disconnect in an attempt to save lives, mostly for people we don’t know. That’s pretty amazing and profound if you really think about.

Shout out to my friends, family and community at large for showing up and making a difference, even though what’s being asked is really hard at times. 🙌🏼

I’m witnessing babies being born & birthdays celebrated in the most thoughtful ways, loss of loved ones and pets being morned through shared messages and prayers. Relationships growing and some falling apart. weddings and major life events being postponed and/or redesigned. I’m watching people openly break down in virtual chat room because they need to be witnessed and so many having break through that will shift their ever after. Oh and the hours of laughs on happy hour zoom calls.

I see you parents trying to ‘do it all’, work, keep grounded in the uncertainty, maintain some rhythm for your kids... & homeschool! I see you teachers and others like me, working to shift how we naturally work with people. I see the ebbs and flows of those riding this out solo, those fearful of trusting others & those who are struggling with those within their homes. I see lovers, friends and families nooking into what’s most important and finding new openings for deeper relating. I see people rising up and Champian causes and fundraisers that support those in need. And I see the beautiful global rally behind those of you who are on the front lines.

I hear you and I see you. This is humanity at large, the leveled out platform we all stand on. Connection is the fuel we all desire and creativity is the channel that’s making this happen. If you are feeling uncertain, lonely, scared, peaceful or tender, I hear You and I see you and I’m hear if you want to talk. We could go for a remote walk and talk or FaceTime or zoom or even be pin pals. I am not willing to collude in politics & don’t have a ton of answers or solutions these days, just a space to share in human connection ✨❤

Hi social media friends, been thinking about you and what message I want to send you. To be honest I have been residing in A LOT of emotions these days, ranging from complete peace all the way to some deep grief. And that’s ok! All of it! We are all just trying to be ok, whatever that looks like & there is a connection within that.

I feel like have been in training for the past decade to be mindful of myself, spiritual warrior of sorts. I have spent more hours than I can count over the years in silence, Nobel silence at that, quite and internal, navigating my innermost self to find a sense of peace and to rest in the beautiful mess of my humanity, if just for moments. Parceling out my anxious mind to trust my self energy, the Truth behind my thoughts, in hopes to befriend my strategic ways of keeping me safe. I have intentionally put my self in experiences that challenge my entire perspective of reality. I have grown stronger and bern humbled time after time.
All on purpose. All in training to find my true self, to find connection to Source (or God) & to be completely open to the break down of all my conditioning.

And still I crumble and forget it all at times.

I have learned that in these moments of melt down, I am safe to melt down and safe to let it move through. I have learned that my tears are signs that I am feeling, deeply feeling and that even if I can not pinpoint the source of them, they are a purge of something important. I have learned that when joy is fluid and present, I can be in that as long as it last with out feeling responsible to remember the grief.

I have learned that the only way to the other side is through it. There is freedom on the other side.

I share this in a declaration for myself and the posture I wake to meet, even though the end is uncertain. We are all in training to be warriors on this path and you too get to choose your posture. You too get to embrace the fullness of all the emotions that can’t help but show up. You too get to befriend yourself on this journey. We will all come out of this stronger, more humble and more appreciative of each other. #warriorsonthepath #thisfeelslikeretreat #didntreallysignupforit

Hi friends, can we talk about connection, real human connection and how f**king important it is. Gah!! It’s the edge of my existence these days. Feeling incredibly grateful for what is being offered during this crazy time of uncertainty and social distancing. And so aware of the mind’s pings around this that spins me out multiple times a day.

As someone who thrives in connection, who has spent their life balancing, accepting, embracing & creating a vocation in intuitively holding the ebb and flows of humanity’s joys and suffering.. this time in our lives and what’s being asked can be f**king hard.

We are being challenged to really take inventory of who we truly are, on a core level, when honestly it feels like the bottom has fallen out. Who is the navigator of your mind and your heart when there is not a road map or certainty ahead? Who are your ‘ride or dies’, those people you can lean into a tell the truth and trust will do their best to not let you down, even when their feet lie on rocky grounds?

What I do know is that this will end, that our world of human connection has been altered, repatterned, and subtly redesigned to shed light on what is truly important. The divides that somehow create separation have been leveled in some ways, and by default we are all being asked to take inventory & level up

We, as a collective world, we are as I like to say ‘in the fire 🔥’, a painful and uncomfortable time where most of what we know burns away. Yet, as nature teaches us, from the ashes new growth arises, as Greek mythology teaches us from the ashes the Phoenix rises, and as spiritual teachings teach us the burning of the ego brings us closer to what is true and holy.

I continue to return to what I know is true, I trust Source, God, Nature and it’s plan, today and always, even though my introverted extravert self is in the fire. Luckily I have been in the fire more times than I can count, and each time emerged stronger, more humble and shiner than before. ✨✨🔥✨✨

We are ALL going to be ok...
Focus on what’s important within you today ❤️K. #inthistogether #connection #slowandsteady #reachouttothoseyoulove #youareimportant #♥️

So here we are, Day 10 (or maybe it’s 12) of my outer world gone inward. Not sure of days counted, what day of week it is or even what month we are in anymore. I’ll get on my computer soon to figure out reality, I know my first session of the day is at 12.

This is my roll right now, each day completely different but the same, each morning starting pretty slow and intentional, each day a mix bag of calls and half done projects, each day an effort to get outside and move my body.

I’m trying to make some sense of time and find a new normal, even though I am deeply aware this is not normal. I toggle between my need to have a plan and my underlying desire to slow down. I juggle my anxiety of my own health and finances, my beloveds, my friends, family & clients health & livelihoods and try to lean into my trust in Source and my awareness there are lots of things I can not control.

And I know I am not alone. I know most of you are in this same (ish) boat with me. Trying to create order in an order less world.

Be gentle and kind to yourself and those around you, especially your kids. Slow down, we obviously have some time here. It’s ok if ALL the projects don’t get done, if your new job as a full time homeschooling teacher, referee, contender of the ‘I’m bored’ repeated statements (either from your own mind or the beings trapped in your house) don’t all get handled perfectly today.

We are all going to be ok.

Slow and steady friends, this is a marathon not a sprint. 🐢❤️✨. #slowandsteady #newnorms #notgoingtodothisperfect #trust #inthistogether

FYI. Social distancing does not mean social isolating!

This is not the best time to withdraw from your community. If you’re self quarantining or in tiny or large quarantined bubbles, you can reach out further than your house. Especially those who feel really lonely & those who feel really isolated in their bubbles. I know there are a lot of people who don’t feel comfortable or safe with the people in their homes. It’s good information if that’s you. This is all temporary and opportunities for something different do exist.

Modern technology is saving the day for so many, including me, making connection easier than ever. Having ongoing dialogues with the people you’re closest to, helps you not feel like we are in this alone. Text, calls and FaceTime work well. Video conferencing dates with a group can be really fun too! (* Picture from Friday night HH with sone of girlfriends).

There are group meditations, process groups, exercise classes and a lot more being created everyday that are bringing people together in healthy ways. As a therapist I’m doing phone & video sessions, remote walk & talks currently and putting together groups in coming weeks

PS... Scrolling social media all day is not creating connection! Put limits on your phone or remove the apps all together. We are all looking at it, just create some self discipline. I mean, isn’t this whole experience a practice of self discipline in regards to both your body and your mind.
You get to make choices.

I’m planting a seed that this becomes a revolution in the way we view connection to each other, respect for Nature, and the realization of how it feels when we slow down.

Please take care of yourself & those you love, listen to your bodies and your heart, and phone a friend. We are all in this together.
✨Slow and steady! ✨. #slowandsteady #controlwhatyoucan #connection #peopleneedpeople ♥️ #cocooning

I have been trying to think about what it is I want to put out to the social media world. What posture I want to take during these times.

I’m trying to Trust in the flow of nature, of the movements of Source, the power of humanity and most of all love. ❤️

What is working for me right now is
backing away from too much social media scrolling and from friends who are treating the pulse of fear like gossip... protecting what comes Into our minds and bodies is going to be really important over the next couple months. You get to make choices, so treat yourself well.

Yes, I’m staying informed. Yes, I’m making proactive choices. Yes, I’m doing my best to support my beloveds, clients and community. Yes, I have waves of fear or uncertainty. Yes, I’m trying to stay busy with productive movements. Yes, I’m a bit overwhelmed with what this all means. Yes, I am reaching out to my loved ones, checking in, trying to not collude. Yes, I’m taking more supplements and vitamins and walks than usual.

And yes, I’m working (like a ninja) to practice what I teach. Guiding my mind in a gentle way out of anxiety into presence, remembering there are things I can control and things I can’t. And most importantly remembering to breathe.... this is my loop that runs about 50x/day. The fact that I have a general idea of how many times I have to return to my breath means I’m doing this good enough. And honestly friends, good enough is all we can ask for right.

Take care of each other... from afar.

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