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How a psychedelic trip could land you in prison for the rest of your life

Individuals should not be imprisoned for possessing a plant or fungus that grows naturally in our environment. Psilocybin is a holistic medicine and should be decriminalized.

Numerous studies have shown that even one dose of the compound can have profound beneficial effects on people suffering from resistant forms of depression, PTSD, and anxiety from a terminal illness diagnosis.

“It’s really unprecedented in medical history to see effects for depression that are caused by a single medication,” Matthew Johnson, who has studied psychedelics at Johns Hopkins University for more than a decade

According to the CDC, in 2017, nearly 50,000 people died from a drug overdose involving prescription pills or illicit opioids. That makes it the #1 cause of injury related death in the United States. How many pharmaceutical executives are facing life in prison for the nation's opiod crisis? ZERO.

Meanwhile, there has never been a recorded death from an overdose of psilocybin.

If you or a loved one are arrested for possession of psilocybin, then call my office. We are here to help.

512-537-1237 They may seem like a harmless trip, but law enforcement still considers them illegal. Shrooms are produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms not found in your local grocery store. But even if they seem harmless and hard to test dirty for them, psylocibin mushrooms are very much against the law a...

Thousands of Texts at Center of Case Against Woman Charged in Boyfriend’s Suicide

Absolutely reprehensible behavior by this young lady. No doubt her actions could be considered a form of domestic/dating violence.

However, I believe charging her with manslaughter goes too far and sets a dangerous precedent.

In the digital age, society should have an interest in criminalizing repeated abuse through text messages. Which is why legislatures should create new laws that address this specific type of modern criminal behavior; similar to laws addressing modern criminal acts like “revenge porn” or “fertility fraud.”

We shouldn’t try to use criminal laws that were written well before the advent of technology that creates this novel form of domestic violence/abuse.

I bet if she wrote those heinous words with handwritten letters or email, she would not have been prosecuted. Inyoung You, 21, pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of her Boston College boyfriend.

No one believed him when he said he hadn't been drinking. Then researchers found his body was producing alcohol

Watch your carb intake, friends

Researchers finds man’s stomach converting carbohydrates to alcohol The man, whose case was reported in a recent study, had a rarely diagnosed medical condition called auto-brewery system, also known as gut fermentation syndrome.

FOX 7 Austin

The dangers of driving while intoxicated are undeniable.

However this proposed legislation is ridiculous! I have an issue with the government requiring the monitoring of someone’s alcohol intake.

Some estimates say alcohol was a contributing factor in 40% of violent offenses. That’s MILLIONS of cases every year. Why not put alcohol monitors on guns then?

What about speeding? Why not make every car ONLY go the highest legal speed limit?

“This technology is a game-changer in the fight to stop the horrible tragedies caused by drunk driving — the leading killer on our nation’s roads." said Helen Witty, Mothers Against Drunk Driving National President.

Austin police make 83 DWI-related arrests during no-refusal period with ACL Festival

Told ya’ll to be careful! APD wasn’t messing around during the ACL festival.

Call my office if you or a loved got picked up during the no refusal weekend. We are here to help.

512-537-1237 Of the 83 arrests, Austin police say 32 were consent breath samples, 17 were consent blood samples and 34 required a blood search warrant.

Be careful, Austin! For the next two weeks, Austin Police Dept. will run a No-Refusal Initiative. This means they will get a search warrant to draw your blood if you are pulled over on suspicion of Driving While Intoxicated.

Have a fun and safe ACL! Party hard but get a ride share if you drink.

If you or a friend are arrested for DWI, then call my office. We are here to help.


Nasa 'probing first allegation of space crime'

Where is the venue of the prosecution?

Nasa said to be investigating first allegation of a crime in space The space agency is reportedly looking into an allegation against astronaut Anne McClain.

Stay nimble. Don't want to pull a hammy.

Policy changes coming to Williamson County with the legalization of hemp

Will drug sniffing dogs in Texas need new jobs after the passage of the new Hemp laws? It may be the case!

Interesting article. I strongly disagree with the Williamson County Sheriffs policy of seizing CBD/Hemp products “until they can prove” it’s not marijuana. Should officers also be able to seize your prescription medication “until they prove” it’s actually what’s labeled on the bottle? A recent trip to the Williamson County Jail turned a hypothetical issue into hard time reality for Sheriff Robert Chody. "I’ve given the full discretion to officers, let me give you an example; we had an incident where there was a young lady who had CBD Oil who was claiming that it was a le....

Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸 Have a fun and safe weekend! Remember, that Austin Police Department and Travis County Sheriff's Office routinely implement “No Refusal” weekends during the holiday and into the weekend.

This means police will obtain a search warrant to draw your blood if they suspect you are driving while intoxicated (DWI). That includes driving a BOAT!!

So have a designated driver/captain! And if you get arrested for DWI, then call my office immediately! We are here to help ✌🏼


If you have a pending marijuana charge, call the Law Office of Jorge Vela, PLLC to discuss the new Texas hemp law now # 512-537-1237

DA Ogg announces hemp/marijuana case filing policy | Harris County District Attorney's Office

A new Texas law legalizing hemp may help get your marijuana charges dismissed! Contact my office to discuss.


July 2, 2019 House Bill 1325 was signed into law by the Governor last month and became immediately effective. The House Bill creates a State of Texas Hemp Production Plan, and now allows farmers to grow hemp as a crop. The new definition of hemp necessarily changes the definition of marijuana. From....

Most Texas labs cannot test for marijuana, hemp under new laws, jeopardizing arrests

10 years from now, we will shake our heads at the fact that people once sat in jail for possessing flowers of a plant.

Until then, call my office if you have been arrested for possession of marijuana. We can discuss how the information in this article may affect your charges.

512-537-1237 Because of changes in the laws, many Texas labs will need 4-12 months before they can test for legal hemp and illegal marijuana. Until then, prosecutors may have to wait before bringing those cases to court.

Austin police at odds with feds over body cams, putting partnerships at risk

I applaud Chief Manley’s insistence on the use of body cams for Austin police officers.

There is no doubt that the use of body cameras curbs potential misconduct by police officers. As a former prosecutor, I can tell you those cameras also provide valuable evidence for the state to use during criminal trials. On the issue of fairness, it’s a win for both prosecutors and defense attorneys. The feds should listen to Chief Manley; the use of body cams “boils down to common sense.” The Austin Police Department is one of several from across the country that's considering pulling out of federal task forces because the feds' objections

Everyone have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

KEEP IN MIND it’s a no refusal weekend in Austin, Texas. This means officers will obtain a warrant to draw your blood if you are arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Always make sure you have a designated driver or hail a ride share service.

But if you or a loved one are arrested on suspicion of DWI this weekend, then call my office. We are here to help.

Travis DA making new rules for small-amount drug cases

As a former Assistant District Attorney in Travis County, I can tell you that trace amount narcotic cases were a large drain on our offices’ limited resources. Additionally, these minor drug offenses clogged up the county jails and disproportionately affected Austin’s homeless population.

I fully support Ms. Moore’s decision. Glad to see her prioritizing violent crimes to make our city safer. Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore is developing new protocols for how felony prosecutors evaluate drug cases involving the smallest amounts

Laredo Morning Times

All those with experience lighting up, see important job posting below

Any workers who take this job have to pass a drug test and background check.

Austin police data show Hispanics, blacks more likely to be searched in traffic stops

Black and Hispanic drivers who were pulled over in traffic stops in Austin last year were more than twice as likely to be searched than their white counterparts, according to the latest racial profiling report released by the Austin Police Department.

Police need PROBABLE CAUSE to search your vehicle without your consent. If police don’t have probable cause or consent, the search could be considered illegal.

If you feel you have been the subject of an illegal search or detention, make sure you hire an attorney who knows how to fight your case in court.

Call my office for a free consultation.
512-537-1237 Black and Hispanic drivers who were pulled over in traffic stops in Austin last year were more than twice as likely to be searched than their white

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law

Acabo de hablar con la abogada Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch sobre cuáles son tus derechos cuando tienes contacto con la policía en la calle, en tu casa o en el carro.

Live! Para preguntas de inmigracion llame o mande mensaje de texto al 512 361 5885.

Para comunicarse con el abogado criminal, Jorge, siga este link:

Tema: Hoy estará el abogado criminal Jorge Vela hablando sobre cuáles son tus derechos cuando tienes contacto con la policía en la calle, en tu casa o en el carro.

Rams or Pats?

Regardless of who you cheer for this Super Bowl Sunday, enjoy the game and be safe. Please know officers are on the roads this Sunday looking for suspected drunk drivers.

If you or a loved one are pulled over for DWI, know that your lawyer is just a phone call away.


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At the El Chapo Trial, a Son Betrays His Father, and the Cartel

Is anyone else keeping up with the trial? Reads like a movie. Would be interesting to serve as a lawyer for either side. Vicente Zambada Niebla was groomed to run his father’s empire. Now he is a witness at El Chapo’s drug conspiracy trial.

After spending seven years as both a federal and state prosecutor in Texas, Jorge Vela is now serving as a criminal defense attorney in the central Texas area.

If you or a loved one ever need the services of a criminal defense attorney, you need to hire someone you can trust. Jorge Vela understands the criminal justice system and will fight to defend you. Contact the Law Office of Jorge Vela for a free consultation.


In court fight over pay, Paxton prosecutors go on the attack

Complicated case with high powered attorneys on both sides. They should be paid a reasonable wage. The special prosecutors in the securities fraud case against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton are asking the state’s highest criminal court to

The Law Office of Jorge Vela is located at 1012 Rio Grande St. in downtown Austin, Texas. We are just one block away from the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Courthouse. Come visit!

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