Dassy Maisel Psychotherapy

Dassy Maisel Psychotherapy

I help women and couples find peace within themselves and their relationships and sexual pleasure and freedom they didn’t know was possible.

[06/04/19]   A question I love to help people with that actually comes up a lot in my work is “Am I normal?” With such a lack of sex education, how are we supposed to know?! It’s an honor to be the person who gives reassurance around this very real question. And I love watching relief happen in front of my eyes.

Also, happy pride month! 🌈

[04/03/19]   I’m happy to announce that in addition to my traditional therapy practice, I now am offering therapeutic relationship and sexuality coaching via video sessions to people in every state and all over the world! In our work together, women and couples acquire relationship skills they never learned in school (or in their families). This includes how to best be in relationship with themselves, too. And it’s amazing to watch clients discover sexual freedom they didn’t know was possible. All while chatting from the comfort of the coziest spot in their home.

A friend of mine shared this the other day, and it’s stayed with me. It’s pretty genius. I love it so much from the perspective of both of these characters. It demonstrates giving yourself permission to feel all the feelings, different ways to offer support, and how to negotiate for what’s needed. So much potential for healing with permission to express big feelings, and how liberating to know exactly how you can best be there for someone!

Feeling love for my sisters and touched by these words from the *beyond* radiant Alicia Keys on International Women’s Day. Let’s shine, y’all. 💫

[03/06/19]   Just landed in Austin after a beautiful few days with my Georgia clients whom I SO admire. I’m already looking forward to my April trip to Atlanta where I’ll see my dear clients and also begin training in Psychomotor work. This technique, sometimes called “the therapist’s therapy” helps clients create “new memories” that heal the effects of past traumas. I’m very excited to use this with clients, as this technique has been so effective in my life. Stay tuned for when I start offering group therapy!

...here for ALL of it.

[03/03/19]   I’m grateful to be working in Atlanta for a few days with clients who are incredibly brave and willing to show up for themselves and their relationships, even when it’s not easy. It’s so cool to get through the challenging emotions together and find that the feeling of relief is just on the other side.

Love Ballad To Your Therapist with Kristen Bell & Yvette Nicole Brown

A little over the top therapy humor from actress Kristen Bell who advocates for and supports the destigmatization of therapy. It's easy and fun to joke about how much you loooove your therapist, but did you know that your connection with your therapist really is a key factor in your transformation? Research tells us that the therapeutic relationship itself is more important for positive change than the degrees/certifications of the therapist or methods used. Ok, enough about research, here's the video. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co3-PZ8vs-8

Kristen Bell sings a love ballad to the most important person in her life, her therapist Jan Gray PhD (Yvette Nicole Brown). Subscribe now: https://www.youtu...

[02/25/19]   Everyone is talking about self-care these days, right? Is that a fancy spa trip or a shopping spree? Maybe for some. But self-care doesn’t have to be and likely shouldn’t be something expensive. It wouldn’t be caring for yourself to spend beyond your means! It’s in choosing to wear something you like, spending time with a pet, or in writing in your journal. It’s taking an extra deep breath or stretching for a little while. It’s reminding yourself that you’re ok, however you are. Yes, even in this very moment. And smiling on yourself.

[02/22/19]   It's Friday. This makes me excited! I'm planning to rest and be cozy this weekend and also to live big, dancing and playing! And if you know me, ice cream will likely be involved at some point. What are you excited for, and how do you want to show up for yourself and your relationships this weekend?

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Sex That Doesn’t End In Orgasm Can Be Just As Good (Or Better), According To Experts

This beautifully articulates my philosophical orientation and some of the ways I work with clients. What happens when sex isn’t so goal-focused but pleasure-focused instead? Stepping outside the box (pun intended!) of working toward orgasm, you’re now playing for pleasure...the world opens up!

bustle.com Spend a couple of minutes on sex positive feminist Instagram, and you'll see post after post extolling the virtues of female orgasm. We talk extensively about the orgasm gap, share memes about "orgasm achieved," and rock shirts that say "Feminists…

Grateful for the sunshine coming into the office space today 😊

Lyla and I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day from our therapy couch! 💝

[02/12/19]   I’m thinking about what an honor it is to be someone’s therapist. About 10 years ago, I was working with a client struggling with depression. After several sessions of helping her safely confront the pain and witnessing her healing, I remember seeing her smile. I realized I had *never* seen her smile before! Her smile had been gone for quite some time, and it had resurfaced. Many sessions after that, after I’d known her joyful smile, I remember joking with her that for the longest time I didn’t even know she had teeth! 😂 And we’d laugh together and focus on the joy she was starting to experience again. I can still see her smiling and laughing, and I have enormous gratitude for being a part of that transformative time in her life. Sending out a big thank you to her for allowing me to be there.

[02/10/19]   Sometimes when we are in a yucky feeling moment, we may be able to soothe in some way just by making a physical adjustment. Listening in...what does your body say?Would some water, hot tea, or some food feel good? Or a walk, bath, or even a trip to the toilet? Hell, it's Sunday...you can cozy back up in your robe and slippies! Or maybe take a great, deep, stretchy breath with an audible sigh. Or get up and dance like the wild child you are! I see you, wild child ;) Attending to your body's needs is not only necessary for survival but a way to communicate to your psyche and very being that you are there for you.


Lauren (Dassy) Maisel, Marriage & Family Therapist, Austin, TX, 78723 | Psychology Today

In addition to my work with clients in Atlanta, I now have a location in East Austin, and I'm accepting new clients! And yes, I'm doing all that I can to keep Austin weird. I still have availability to work with new Georgia clients on video/phone, and I have a short waiting list for in-person sessions in Atlanta each month. Check out my Psychology Today profile if you're curious to learn more or know someone who might need some help.

psychologytoday.com Lauren (Dassy) Maisel, Marriage & Family Therapist, Austin, TX, 78723, (404) 996-1051, Are you a woman or couple struggling with sexual concerns or communication issues? Your friends and colleagues think you're the perfect couple. But inside you're filled with frustration and confusion. You'd think....

[02/05/19]   I'm grateful to be in Atlanta working with clients for a few days! It's been amazing to witness how mindfulness, compassion, and even (maybe, especially!) humor can lead to hope and transformation for sex therapy clients. I'm totally humbled by this work. Just a few more sessions, then I'll be back in Austin!

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