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Here are to the amazing women who have mentored me, encouraged me, called me out, and whom I know God has connected me with for reason. Celebrate womanhood!! You’re doing an amazing job, and you’re not alone beloved. #happywomensday #womensday #womensupportingwomen #smallbusiness #skincare #beauty #froufrouskin #froufrouskinatx #proverbs31woman #aesthetic


#6 brow lamination in the books 🙌🏼!! These will Iast the month on our model. I think it’s time to add to our menu 😏. What do you think? Be on the lookout for announcements next week for pricing 👏🏼!! #froufrouskinatx #froufrou #lamination #laminationbrows #brows #browshaping #brow #skincare #froufrouskin #beauty #esthetic


💫 Talk about a beautiful model for lamination and tint! It’s so fun to work with a full brow too. We had to balance the shape because like everyone, we are asymmetrical in our features. Life would be so boring otherwise! This is after a hydra facial and extractions too!🪄 #browlamination #brow #browtinting #browshaping #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #froufrou #spa #smallbusiness #womensupportingwomen #beauty #spaday


I’ve got some major expectations for this year 😂. Hang tight and don’t give up, breakthrough in this season is on the way!! In the meantime we offer home peel kits for aging and pigmented skin, along with acne/rosacea/ and sensitive skin. It’s a 9 step treatment with 6 peels per kit and retails for $199. Email us through the bio in link for curbside!! #rhondaallison #peels #homecare #skincare #organicskincare #antiagingskincare #facials #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #froufrouskincare #healthyskin #kits


Before and after 1st lamination model practice which will make perfect! Ideally a fuller brow will have more of the effect, but it turned out great with a tint added! This beauty also enjoyed a Hydra Facial with extractions too ✨. #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #brows #browtint #browdye #browlamination #laminationbrows #lashlift #hydrafacials #facials #healthyskin #skinceuticals


Snow in Texas makes the headlines!! Hydrate skin up with your face creams such as SC Triple Lipid Restore along with B 5 or RA grapeseed 🍇 hydrating serum and Eye and Lip Serum no doubt @rhondaallison. Be sure to play in the snow for we know 😉 it could be gone tomorrow. #snowday #facials #froufrouskin #froufrouskinatx #healthyskin #moisturizer #serum #skinceuticals #rhondaallison #winter #winterwonderland


✨ BROW lamination. I just had my first treatment @heygorgeousaustin by Stephanie and she took great care of me! A client brought it to my attention and I’m thinking I need to add this service here at Frou Frou! If you have finer or just unruly brows, lamination will sculpt them into place and give a fuller look. I don’t have them filled in with my typical IT Cosmetics brow powder, until they fully process!✨ #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #brow #brows #browlamination #drtemt #heygorgeousaustin #beauty #cosmetics #skincare #healthyskin


Did we not persevere 2020 🎉 during this pandemic as a community, small business owners , teachers, first responders and more?! Never have we seen people come together in such a time as this. Well look out 2021 🥂! With what we’ve endured, we are ready for breakthrough and new beginnings. God bless and good health to us all and see you beloved soon! #froufrouskin #froufrouakinatx #spalife #womenoffaith #smallbusiness #smallbusinesssupport #womensupportingwomen #skincare #spalife #healthyskin #newyear #2021 #2021goals


From our family to you and yours friends!! We hope you have the best Christmas in the midst of pandemic. Because when peace and joy collides, it creates hope! Merry Christmas!
Love, The Catos #froufrouakinatx #christmas2020 #skincare #facials #healthyskin #holidays2020 #merrychristmas #austinbusiness #familybusiness #smallbusinessowner #womensupportingwomen #joytotheworld #joy


A Mandelic TransFIRMation Kit by @rhondaallison might be the way to go for 2021 for an improved firm and brightened layer of skin along with plenty of nourishing vitamins and peptides for winter hydration! Opt for curbside or email is for drop ship. #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #rhondaallison #homeskincare #skinsystem #facials #skincare #spa #holidays #2021 #happynewyear


Wanna stay Merry and Bright”? Keep your skin aglow by coming into Frou Frou for a lunchtime progressive, no downtime holiday enzyme facial or spice it up with a layer of apple 🍎 wine peel. We also are taking orders for home peels for those who are hibernating this season 🐻 😷. Just book or email us through the link on our bio for a drop ship or curbside! #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #healthyskin #holidays #holidayseason #skincare #sugaring #peels #rhondaallison 12/09/2020

Christmas is coming!

Save on Revitalash, buy gift cards online for facials and massages! Nicole K. Cato Want those lashes long and thick peeking over those masks? Grab a holiday gift set with bonus double-ended volume mascara and micellar lash wash with a large Revitalash Advance lash conditioning serum. This trio set is an already wrapped gift for yourself or loved ones. All for the price of one at $...


Another saavy gift has arrived from Revitalash! This trio holiday package included u Revitalash Advanced, Micellular Water lash wash and the Double-Ended Volume mascara. Get those lashes peeping long and thick over those masks 😍 👁 👁 this Christmas and into 2021. Click our bio to set up for curbside! #lashes #revitalash #longlashes #micellarwater #mascara #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #beauty #giftideas #christmas2020 #austinskincare


Small businesses are great for our economy and they help support families not just big corps. Click on our site for gift cards or email us product requests via curbside! Buy a gift card for a friend and receive $25 towards product purchase!! Happy Shopping on this small business Saturday! 🛍


Our holiday sets from Skin Ceuticals have arrived exclusively at Frou Frou and are available in house or curbside! Choose from the Plump Kit featuring a full HA Intensifier and AGE Eye Cream to keep skin plump and pliable. The Restore Kit will regenerate and hydrate skin this winter including a bonus 15 ml Vitamin CE Ferulic 😱! Pick up all of our products safely outside contactless while we send a cyber invoice or buy during your appointment. Happy Black Friday shopping 😊.


We have all kinds of gifts convenient for you and your loved ones online gift cards or curbside products! Not sure what products to gift? Try a home facial kit from Rhonda Allison, exclusively at Frou Frou. Teen facial packages of 4 are on special for $240 and Hydra Facials $200 off for 4 treatments💥!


I laugh at myself because what was I thinking buying a chair in Covid season 😂 🤷🏻‍♀️?? I spent a few hours with my Skin Ceuticals Physical Matte 50 finishing the tightening of bolts and screws in a sweat. This egg macrame chair will sit out in the sunshine ☀️ getting clean and be great for us practitioners to sit on between clients when in deep creative thought, and we are always in need of daily vitamin D to help our immunity from this virus. Maybe set out a little champagne table such as @superkizer_skin suggested 😍 🍾! #froufrouskinatx #eggchair #manuallabor #summerdecor #overstock #outdoors #outdoorfurniture


Here is the issue that runs deep in my heart and today is a reminder to stir the real ness of modern day slavery that effects millions of every race, s*x, nation, age and the majority (10 million) are children y’all 😭! Today is World Day Against Trafficking. Texas is the 2nd highest number of victims being trafficked. A lot has to do with our borders. Kids are dumped off to be sold and traded, along with a child being kidnapped every 40 seconds in the world. Let’s be the generation to expose and annihilate this! Breaking free from an abduction at 9 in Omaha Nebraska 1989, this has to stop! Enough is enough. #worlddayagainsthantrafficking #savethechildren #riseup #enoughisenough #stopslavery


One hot summer....this was the week our a/c at Frou Frou decided to act out by not cooking the premise below 77!! And it’s first month of me (Nicole you’re friendly esthetician)leasing the whole house occupied with 2 other boss babes and businesses. However, after praying 🙏🏼 for a resolution one night, I woke to a call that our A/C was spitting out oil 🙉 and just stopped completely 😱! But God, HE reassured me, HE had to do this to bless me and make it better than I could imagine. And HE did!! We got a spanking 💥 new A/C within a day! And it’s a Lennox 😏 👊🏼. God bless our quick responding landlord as well. We now have great crisp cool air to serve you Austin! #lennox #froufrouskinatx #airconditioning #healthyskin #austintexas #blessedbeyondmeasure


When I think of the freedoms we had a year ago, what a difference it makes and how carefree we were. I’ve always tried to live by faith, not by sight, and live in the moment. Everyday is different, but our freedoms remain the same!! I encourage you to indulge in Small Business Tuesday July 7th. So many local businesses offer online gift cards, curbside and more! God bless America and you and yours friends!! Stay safe and prayers for great health! ✌🏼 🇺🇸 💥 🛍 #julyfourth #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #healthyskin #independence #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #skincare #hydrafacials #facialspa


This has been a tough one for us all as we witnessed an innocent man murdered on a video and a lot of needs and cries are being heard coming from oppression that shouldn’t be ignored. The best thing I feel I can do is pray, teach our boys truth and how to love, and carry peace with me no matter what. #love #peace #hope #georgefloyd #organic #skincare #froufrouskinatx


The greatest love is giving up self to give life. #memorialdayweekend #remember #skincare #healthyskin #skin #facials #estheticianblogger


I love these boys so much and GET to celebrate the blessing of their life everyday as a Mum! This season was a curse that became a blessing because I finally experienced homeschooling and what it’s like to be a SAHM, what a gift and a job like none other. But now it’s back to business to help support my family, such a gift too. Happy Mother’s Day!! 💐 #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #skincareroutines #spa #healthyskincare #facials #brows #hydrafacialnation #sugaringwax #lashlift #browsonfleek 05/07/2020

Abbott announces we can open!

**Frou Frou is opening this Friday, May 8th!** Online booking is active along with purchase for Gift Cards and Home Facial gift sets for Mother’s Day 💝! All the proper sanitation measures are up on TDLR site which we will be honoring. Please read below for more info 👇🏼. Nicole K. Cato That’s right, Frou Frou will open its doors this Friday May 8th and online scheduling is active. Because Covit-19 still exists sanitary measures and procedures must take place. This includes a clear clean waiting area. I will be scheduling with enough time for clean up in between clients and wa.....


Boohoo 😭. I miss your beautiful faces, but excited to meet you all in MAY🤸‍♂️ we hope for all of your skincare and hair removal maintenance needs. As of May 18th, Phase 2 will begin. If you need a Home Facial Kit or any refill on your products, email me or text. Mother’s Day gift cards 💝 or pre-paid services can be purchase online(Link in bio). Until then friends praying for everyone during this season, including [email protected] business owners, and we are believing for goodness to prevail! Nicole K. Cato 04/15/2020

Quarantine TLC

We can’t wait to see everyone beginning May 8th God willing! Send a gift card to a first responder, healthcare worker, or Mama for Mother’s Day along with some great home facial and hand care kits! Quarantine TLC - Nicole K. Cato 04/15/2020

Quarantine TLC

Quarantine TLC -


Meet me in May!


As you’ve heard our city has extended our closures to stay safe until May 1 🙏🏼. I’m so grateful for the first responders, medical workers, the grocery industry, and postal services for continuing to serve. We will send out our home facial kits by early next week! Stay safe with your loved ones, we will be back in action soon! God bless. #froufrouskinatx #froufrouskin #austinesthetician #rhondaallison #healthyskin #skincare #corona #smallbusinessowner 03/30/2020

Home Facial Kits

Home Facial Kits - 03/30/2020

Home Facial Kits

Home Facial Kits -


My Movie 13

My last day before the in home shelter took place at Frou Frou!! Check out day 2 of my “Melanin Lift Peel” by Rhonda Allison. I’m missing you friends.

Frou Frou Melanin Lift Day 2


Skin Peels by Nicole Cato (Aesthetician in Austin, TX) FrouFrou Skincare

2 weeks homebound calls for a good mid-depth ✨ Melanin Lift Peel, by Rhonda Allison ✨. Here is part 1 of the skin peel process if you think it’s something you are interested in. You can book online at:


Skin Peels by Nicole Cato (Aesthetician in Austin, TX) FrouFrou Skincare

2 weeks of downtime is the perfect formula for a ✨ Melanin Lift Peel, by Rhonda Allison ✨


City orders to say home and stand still, knowing all is well Austin! Frou Frou Skincare will be open again we hope and pray by April 14th! Please email me through our web (link in bio) for product orders to be shipped, schedule future appointments, or purchase pre-paid gift cards ahead online: God bless you and your family’s health during this time 🙏🏼 ! - Nicole K. Cato
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Aesthetician Nicole Kristine Cato brings her 18+ years of experience to the heart of Texas with a foundation of knowledge based on European skincare technique. Nicole is skilled in deep pore cleansing extractions helping those with acne. Frou Frou also offers diamond tip microdermabrasion, Rhonda Allison chemical peels, hydra facials, sugaring, dermaplaning, waxing, and tinting.

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