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MADabolic Austin


Hey MAD family. Some friends and I are going to do an ornament exchange at the 8:30am Christmas Eve class (tomorrow). Would love for anyone else coming to join. We did a $10 limit on the ornaments or homemade. Funny, pretty, strange, whatever you want, anything goes. Just bring it wrapped and we’ll exchange after class. Going to grab a coffee near by as well. Tis the season!
How MADabolic Austin does Halloween

A new standard in strength & conditioning for the high performing fitness enthusiast.

In a culture saturated with “the next big fitness trend”, consider us renegades. No fads or gimmicks, we simply execute what works : our signature intervals are designed to increase strength, torch body fat, and promote lean athletic muscle. Come channel your inner athlete and see what it’s like to train at the industry’s premier strength and conditioning gym!

MADabolic Inc. is an innovative interval driven strength and endurance program. Everything we do is predetermined, carefully structured, and built to compliment any active lifestyle.

Fear of strength seems to be VERY real in the running world.
“What will the added mass do to my times? Won’t it slow me down? To get better at running, it seems like I should just run more, right?!”
For starters, whether you’re brand new to running or a mileage master, attacking any distance that is challenging for you will require putting in the miles. But, this doesn’t need to come with the sacrifice of cross training.
Here’s WHY strength training may favorably impact your running goals:
✅Heightened balance and coordination (important for stride efficiency)
✅Improved speed and power (consider this in relation to varying terrains and hills)
✅Improved VO2 max
✅Lessened muscular fatigue over long distances
✅Injury prevention and improved recovery through stronger muscles and connective tissue
✅Improved bone health and joint protection

10 days for $10!!!

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Do your workouts consist of always going 100mph with minimal rest for 60mins+?
Neat-o, Karen.

Why not try pumping the brakes, focusing on what matters, and start playing the long game.
Overtraining is real. If you're always going full tilt, it's only a matter of time until that ride comes to a hard stop.

Enter: Durability Days
Expect a gritty selection of weighted carries, primal mobility and unilateral stability work that will force a slow, methodical grind to match a lengthier 3:1 work to rest period.

Don't be like Karen... Train smarter.

New Clients: 10 days for $10!
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"Any workout can make you tired.
Any workout can make you sore.
Any workout can make you sweat.
But not every workout can make you better.
Stop chasing a feeling and start chasing a result.
Harder isn't better.
BETTER is better."
- @syattfitness

#BetterIsBetter #MADabolic

Ok, ok... We hear you. "More bear crawls! Give us more bear crawls!"
FINE already. We'll give you what you want. Sheesh!

#MADabolic #MADlifestyle #thesweatlife

The next two weeks will allow you to get your grind on via a couple of Durability-focused weeks.

Appearing on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday in the coming weeks, here's what you can expect:

DURABILITY (80% effort) – a slower pace that challenges you to maintain proper mechanics
through a longer, sustained effort. A 3:1 work to [COMPLETE] rest ratio.

If you're new to the program, or if you've yet to start, these days set us apart from the pack. Be sure to clock some time in here!

New Clients: 10 days for $10!!!
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You don't need all the bands, balls, bells, and whistles. More often than not, the simplest of movements prove to be the most humbling.

Leave the gimmicks and false promises for the 3am infomercials.
Come start training with a purpose.

New Clients: 10 days for $10!
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NO fads, NO theories, NO gimmicks, and certainly NO cheerleaders. Our program and amazing training staff are here to help you become the absolute best athletic version of yourself.

Stop waiting.
New clients: 10 days for $10!
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It’s time to look into your MADabolic app and check your attendance. Give yourself a reality check. Are you REALLY hitting your targeted number if sessions per week?!? We can’t emphasize how important it is to be consistent!! It will drastically impact your results missing that class or two per week.

Some other top priorities to see the best results:

➡️Nutrition!!!! Find something you can stick with that properly fuels your body.

➡️Perfecting your form. It’s imperative you do this. Otherwise you will put a ceiling in your results. You might need to stay a little lighter in the beginning to get the skills down.

➡️After you’ve perfected your form, safely progress yourself up in weights. If you impose greater demands on your body it will adapt. #facts

➡️Get your splits down on the Ergs. Again, to get your splits as low as possible, you have to perfect your form. Know your damper settings, know your stroke rates and push to get better each time. -You have to find it in yourself to go 100%. If you are coming off a cardio machine after pushing 100% and you're not doubled over, it wasn’t your 100%. #MoreFacts

➡️WORK FOR THE FULL TIME!!!! We are completely based off work to rest ratios. They are 1:1, 2:1, 3:1. If you take just 5 seconds off it can throw these numbers off in a big way.


"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat. "We’re all MAD here. I’m MAD. You’re MAD."
“How do you know I’m MAD?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
- Alice and The Cheshire Cat
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Gotta love Momentum Mondays!

#Athleticism #Endurance #Agility #Pace

Sunday's humbling movement brought to you by... Overhead Plate Step-Ups.


Life is not a marathon. It’s a series of peaks and valleys. It can be both an uphill climb and a downhill sprint. Life is an interval. Train accordingly!

Strength is our No. 1 priority.

Come learn how to build strength and how to do it safely.

10 days for 10!

"The full squat is not only safe for the knees, it is the best exercise for knee health you can do. Furthermore, the “deep” squat (hips below the level of the knees) is an anatomically normal position for the human body. It is used as a resting position for millions of people everywhere, and they squat into it and squat out of it every time.
If you look at the knees and hips for a second, you’ll notice that they seem suspiciously well-adapted to doing this very thing. Infants and children squat down below parallel all the time, and this should indicate to the thinking person that there is nothing inherently harmful in assuming this anatomically-normal position.
The fact that you haven't been squatting is no reason to seek justification for not having done so." - Mark Rippetoe

In other words, the only way to get better at squatting is to squat well and squat often. Good news... You'll find plenty of squatting in the MADhouse!!! 👍👍

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New two-week cycle starts today with the theme of...(M)omentum.
A contagious fusion of Athleticism & Endurance.

Mon/Tues/Fri: Momentum
Wed/Sat: Anaerobic
Thurs/Sun: Durability

When University of Michigan Football players throw down in the MADhouse, you know it's gonna be a hell of a ride!

Ready to start training like an elite-level athlete?
10 days for $10!

Got a big Anaerobic Friday ahead of us!

Reserve your spot now... just a few openings left!!!


Did you make it the full 5 minutes on the ropes without stopping?


>>Time Under Tension

"Difficult is not bad. Difficult is not impossible. Difficult is just difficult, and you can do difficult things." - @justinsua

A little something to keep in your back pocket for when you're tempted to quit early.

#GrindOn #MADlifestyle

Gear up to get down!

Another heavy duty Anaerobic-focused week comin' at ya!

M,Tu - Anaerobic
W - Durability
Th - Momentum
F - Anaerobic
Sa - Durability
Su - Momentum

Texas... Don't mess with it.

10 days for $10.
Come show us what you're made of!


It takes a hell of a lot of focus & determination to hit your max target numbers for 60 seconds.

Were you able to do it?

Yup. Still sore.

The path to results is pretty easy as long as you're consistent. That’s it.

Some keys to even better results:
- listen to your trainers' cues
- work for the entire time
- prioritize quality of movement vs quantity
- fuel your body with the FREE nutritional blueprint (available on our website)

It ain't rocket surgery.

Body Saws for the win, amirite??!!

Let’s talk about flexible macro tracking!

This is when you focus ONLY on hitting your overall calorie and protein goals, and allowing your carbs and fats to shake out more flexibly (within the scope of your calorie goal).
With this strategy, the two most important components of your macros are managed (total energy balance + muscle-supporting protein), and you can enjoy a little more breathing room with your fats and carbs.

This can be a very beneficial approach for those of you who may be newer to macro-tracking and feel a little overwhelmed with all the moving parts of the Blueprint.

If this is you, we recommend starting out with this flexible tracking strategy until you feel comfortable nailing your calorie and protein targets. Once you’re a pro in those areas, you can easily upgrade your focus to include the specific carb and fat goals that your blueprint suggests!
#NutritionBlueprint #MADlifestyle

Strength-driven interval training that unleashes your inner MADass.

Newbies can enjoy a 10 consecutive day trial for just $10!!!

Tag a friend who needs some MADness in their life!

Not this year MADones..DON’T QUIT 🚫 ⁣⁣
Research conducted by @strava determined that today, January 19th, is the day you are most likely to drop your New Year’s resolutions. Here are some trends @strava found to help you stay strong past “Quitter’s Day."

✔️ Club members (like those at @madaustintx) are 46% more active

✔️ Working out with friends leads to 22% more activity ⁣⁣

✔️ Among athletes who set goals (I.e. sticking to our MAD Protocol), 92% were still active 10 months later ⁣⁣
So, stick with us, workout with friends, and set goals. 2020 is your year!

MADabolic Austin

The Nutrition Blueprint encourages macro-tracking…but WTF is a macro?
“Macros” refers to the 3 macronutrients that comprise everything we eat:
🥩 PROTEIN - the primary component of pretty much everything. Adequate protein consumption is vital in preserving muscle, organ, and all-around cellular health. When training regularly at MAD, maintaining a high and steady protein intake in both repairing your muscle tissue and building upon it.
🥨 CARBOHYDRATES - we need ‘em. MAD’s signature intervals are a glycolytic exercise modality (translation: a training style that demands glycogen - aka carbs that are stored in your muscles and liver and serve as the primary source of fuel while we train). In addition to enabling a well-balanced diet, eating enough carbs is necessary so you can preserve and build muscle/strength.
🥑 FAT - dietary fat plays an important role in nutrient absorption, hormonal balance, brain health, and a hell of a lot more. It’s also the most energy-dense macronutrient, coming in at 9 calories per gram (whereas protein and carbs each carry 4 calories per gram).

Slow it down & Grind out.

Who out there is a die-hard Durability fan?


3 New Work Intervals this week!
Mon, Weds, & Fri

Book your slots early! Remember, classes fill up fast.
Don't miss out!

"If you're going to set high goals for yourself, you have to consider the lifestyle it's going to require to achieve that goal. You can't commit to the destination if you're not willing to commit to the process required to get you there." - @justinsua


NEW CLIENT SPECIAL: 10 days for $10.

Because all you need is 10 days to want more😈

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Day 1 of our 2020 52-Week Program kicks off today!

If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out the year's layout on the poster in our lobby. It's gonna be a wild ride!

And don't forget, you can earn $30 per referral who hits 4+ visits during their 10 for $10! Just make sure they sign the sheet on the desk.

2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ can be a "new you" or it can be the same old you. If you're serious about making the change then set your goals and put processes in place to achieve them.
Hold yourself accountable.
Make your goals your priority and don’t let things get in your way.
Make hitting the 4x per week a mandatory thing.
Set goals for moving up in color or getting to the next tier.
Give yourself an attainable time line, hit the goal and then set a new one. LFG!!!

Remember, all January long: refer a friend... They come 4+times during their "10 days for $10," you get $30 off your next Auto-Pay per referral!

If you’re planning on leveraging our FREE Nutrition Blueprint in 2020 to zero in on your body composition goals, there are a few tools you’ll want to get your hands on before getting started:

MyFitnessPal, Cronometer, or MyMacros+ are good options. Deactivate any exercise-tracking features (as the Blueprint already accounts for your activity).

Helps gauge portions and is the best way to ensure accuracy when prepping food/meals yourself. We prefer weighing vs. measuring (grams/ounces vs. cups) to eliminate margins of error and tracking under-estimations.

These include: bi-weekly or monthly photos; body composition assessments (ex: InBody, BodPod, DEXA); and biofeedback (pay attention to sleep, energy, mood, and performance). 4. FACEBOOK GROUP

Join our MAD Nutrition Blueprint Facebook Group! Throughout the year, it’ll be where we actively discuss, ask/answer questions, share recipes, and provide support!

💰January Referral Bonus!💰

$30 off your auto-pay for each person you refer that comes in at least 4 times during their 10 days for $10 New Client Special!!!

•They must put your name on the referral sheet at the front desk on their first day.

•Their first visit must be in January (we'll honor their 10 days into Feb.)

•They must be an Austin resident.
(*ahem* the 10 for $10 is not intended for friends & family visiting from out of town... *ahem*)

After February 9th, all earned referral $ will be applied to your next Auto-Pay!


Who’s ready to move weight again?!

Don’t forget - our “Best of 2019” mashup week starts Monday!
We can’t wait to resurface some of our absolute favorite workouts of the year!

Any guesses as to what’s coming your way? 😈

#MADabolic #MADlifestyle #WorkRestRepeat

We have your NYE and New Year’s Day plans covered! The MADhouse is open all week 👊⁣

Limited class schedules 12/31 and 1/1.

New Clients: 10 Days for $10!!!
Don’t wait any’s time to grab that deal & see what the MADness is all about! ⁣

Before we kick off our 52-week programming for 2020 (wk1 starts January 6th), we’ve sourced our favorite combinations of intervals and movements from the past year to bring you an amazing “Best of 2019” week starting Monday. ⁣

Don’t overthink the structure. Just stick to your 4x/week MAD routine and enjoy this dose of nostalgia before we bust 2020 open with some fresh programming!⁣

Here’s to enjoying a guilt-free holiday! ⁣

Eat some veggies and protein where you can...but don’t skip out on your favorite dishes and treats.

⁣Enjoy some wine..and maybe consider mixing in a few glasses of water.⁣

Workout if it makes you feel good...not as punishment for food.⁣

But most importantly, don’t let your diet get in the way of enjoying your time with your loved ones. ⁣

Happy holidays, MADones!⁣

#Nutritionblueprint #MADlifestyle #WorkRestRepeat⁣

Foresight is "2020."

Visualize yourself being your best you in the New Year.
Fly in solo or grab a friend to take the first step together!

10 days of Unlimited MADness for just $10!!!

Our Story

Everyday Strength & Athleticism

At last, a new standard for the highly dedicated fitness enthusiast. MADabolic Inc. delivers unparalleled Strength and Conditioning to an oversaturated cardio-focused market. Backed by science and years of athletic experience, Protocol M.A.D.’s signature combination of fat-torching intervals will enable you to unleash your inner MADass and carve a lean, athletic physique.


Designed to sharpen everyday athletic movement, our strength-driven conditioning program feeds the high performer's appetite to excel. From fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, the MADness fuels your passion with the athletic foundation to thrive.


Our distinctive interval system, Protocol M.A.D., is crafted entirely around work-to-rest ratios. This presents a challenging yet accessible environment unique to each client. Rooted in science, MADabolic’s exclusive interpretation of pace and intensity is unrivaled in our market.


Your body is a physical reflection of the style of training to which you subject yourself.So if you want to look and perform like a badass athlete, then you’ll want to train like one. The result: a strong, lean & athletic physique.

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In a culture saturated with “the next big fitness trend”, consider us renegades. No fads or gimmicks, we simply execute what works : our signature intervals are designed to increase strength, torch body fat, and promote lean athletic muscle. Come channel your inner athlete and see what it’s like to train at the industry’s premier strength and conditioning gym!
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