ARX FIT - adaptive resistance exercise

ARX FIT - adaptive resistance exercise

ARX | adaptive resistance exercise = Strength and conditioning technology upgrading the way the world exercises.

ARX, or Adaptive Resistance Exercise, provides the next evolution of exercise technology utilizing motorized resistance and quantifying computer software to provide perfect, trackable resistance for all of your workouts. ARX equipment matches your force output instantly and automatically using a computer-driven, motorized drive chain system. No dangerous weights to drop and no adjustments to make; just perfect resistance. Find out more about how ARX is upgrading the way the world exercises at

Mission: Advancing the human body through life-improving innovations.

Therapeutic potential of eccentric exercises for age-related muscle atrophy

From the conclusion of this study: "There is a need to develop exercises that can be performed easily and utilize eccentric strength, which is relatively spared during the aging process, to improve both force and velocity in people with age-related muscle atrophy."

Huh. Well hell, if only there were some tool or technology that allowed for exercises that could be performed easily and utilize eccentric strength πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ Recent studies have focused on evidence-based interventions to prevent mobility decline and enhance physical performance in older adults. Several modalities, in addition to traditional strengthening programs, have been designed to manage age-related functional ...

Inside the Bulletproof Coffee Guy’s New Body-Hacking Gym

πŸ‘€! We are extremely gratified to be included in this WIRED magazine article exploring Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Upgrade Labs facilities and conference.

Our very own Jason DeBruler has some great quotes describing the ins and outs of the ARX machines that are at the core of these high-tech facilities.

Give this a quick read, and if you're near Santa Monica or Beverly Hills be sure to stop by sometime and check out the future of health and wellness! Dave Asprey is sharing his high-tech workout secrets with the public at Upgrade Labs.

Personal trainers find loyal customers in baby boomers

There is a giant market available to those who will make strength training available to the fifty-and-up crowd. And that only accounts for those fifty-and-ups who are willing to go to a weight room.

There are additional millions of Boomers who desperately need strength training (and know it) yet are unwilling to go to a weight room to get it.

Imagine the ready market for someone who is able to provide convenient, safe, effective, efficient, and quantifiable strength training to the very group that has disposable income and values their time...without making them drag themselves to weight room!

If only there were a technology perfectly-suited to serve this new, lucrative demographic...πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” The 50-and-over set tends to be more comfortable in a one-on-one situation than in a class, and has more disposable income than someone just starting out in a career.

ARX | Interview w/ Dr. Doug McGuff | 10 year Anniversary of Body By Science

Throwback! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Pour yourself a cup of something nice and settle in for this wide-ranging, hour-long discussion the ARX team had with Dr. Doug McGuff, coauthor of Body by Science.

We discuss his reflections on Body by Science ten years later, the state of the industry, current thinking around exercise prescription/protocol, and how ARX is leading the strength training world into the twenty-first century.

Please enjoy!

The ARX Team sat down with Dr. Doug McGuff, emergency room physician and co-author of "Body By Science," a book that continues to have great popularity even ...

Jim Keen - ARX Training | High Intensity Business

Check out ARX's Director of Fun on this recent High Intensity Business podcast! Jim Keen describes how to lose 100 lbs, atomic health hacks, and how to manage ARX frequency and recovery for maximum results.

Day 3 of the #upgradelabsconference and the tech playground is poppin'!

Check out the tech playground at the #upgradelabsconference!

Day 1 of the @upgradelabs show in Beverly Hills! #arxfit #futureofexercise #arxstrong #iamarxfit

That's a wrap at the 2019 #resistanceexerciseconference! It was great to see some of our customers (@regenesis360, @liveoakstrength/@everstrongsf,@johnzarbock) as well as connect with tons of amazing people working hard to continue to push the resistance training industry forward! Special thanks to everyone at @discoverstrength for putting on a top-notch event! πŸ™πŸ’ͺ

Next up... @upgradelabs biohacking show April 5th-7th!

Day 2 at the #resistanceexerciseconference and the crowd's loving the @arxfit Alpha! πŸ‘€πŸ’ͺ😍

#arxstrong #futureofexercise #iamarxfit #arxfit

Customers like Hackd Fitness
and @pamelapgold are what get us up in the morning to continue our journey to change the way the world exercises. If you're in NYC, Hackd Fitness is a must stop! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

#iamarxfit #futureofexercise
#arxfit #arxstrong

#Repost Hackd Fitness (@get_repost)
Thx Prime for the visit and the video πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #GETHACKD #SmarterFasterFitness #biohacking #fitness #nycfit #fitfam #recovery #fitnessfinatic #fitnesstech

10 Health Benefits of Strength Training That Are Backed by Science

This is another great evidence-based rundown of why we strength train, and why strength training gives you the best return on your investments of time, energy, and money.

How many hours per week of free time do you have to allocate towards fitness? If you're like most people, the answer is "out of my way, I'm running late."

When most people read this article they think "well that's great, but I don't have 2-5 hours per week to spend in the gym. I also don't know what routine to do, which weights to use, and how to do the moves without hurting myself. And how do I track progress?"

But you, the astute follower of the ARX page, know a better way! A way that takes minutes per week, makes routine selection easy, selects the perfect resistance FOR you every second of every set, and is far less dangerous than gravity-based tools like weights. Oh, and it also tracks everything for you and saves it in the cloud.

SMART πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ The health benefits of strength training extend far beyond weight management and aesthetics. Here are 10 health benefits of strength training that are backed by science!

9 Women On Why They Switched From Cardio To Weight Training

"I don't want to bulk up," she warned.

"Don't worry," I answered. "Strength training doesn't make women bulky. Cupcakes make women bulky."

Followers of this page probably understand why strength training is--by far--the best tool for improving your body composition and for achieving your desired shape, whether you're a man or a woman. *Any* pleasing physical shape has *muscle* as its fundamental underlying structure, after all.

Yet there still exists a stigma around strength training for women!

If you know any women in your life who could benefit from resistance training as these women have, share this article with them.

As an added bonus they can get these same results far more safely, rapidly, efficiently, and conveniently if they happen to be near an ARX-equipped wellness facility πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯ β€œPeople always ask me if I’m a runner and I respond, β€˜No I’m a squatter.’”

We often say that if there were a pharmaceutical that offered all of the benefits of resistance training, it would be a billions-of-dollars-per-year product.

Even so, the vast majority of us (who *do* recognize these benefits) are yet unwilling to pay the price of going to a local weight room and spending hours per week to acquire these life-changing health improvements.

If "resistance training" were available in an injection or pill, millions would partake. Sadly this doesn't exist yet.

But imagine if you could get ALL of these benefits (while completely avoiding the bone and muscle loss associated with aging) in one or two weekly sessions lasting not longer than 15 minutes.

Do you suppose people would pay for the privilege of using ARX instead of putting that money towards sick care later on as a result of neglecting their bodies? What do you think happens to a community when an ARX-equipped facility opens up and starts giving people a safer, more effective, more efficient, more convenient alternative to "the gym?"

It turns into a "shut up and take my money" situation, that's what 🀣


Resistance training is medicine: effects of strength training on health. - PubMed - NCBI

Strength training is medicine, indeed.

Do you have anyone in your life you want to get started with resistance training?

From the study: "Benefits of resistance training include improved physical performance, movement control, walking speed, functional independence, cognitive abilities, and self-esteem..."

"Resistance training may enhance cardiovascular health, by reducing resting blood pressure, decreasing low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides, and increasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Resistance training may promote bone development, with studies showing 1% to 3% increase in bone mineral density. Resistance training may be effective for reducing low back pain and easing discomfort associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia and has been shown to reverse specific aging factors in skeletal muscle..."

Sounds like medicine to me Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Curr Sports Med Rep. 2012 Jul-Aug;11(4):209-16. doi: 10.1249/JSR.0b013e31825dabb8.

Josh Jarrett – ARX and High Intensity Training Business Marketing Tactics (#179)

Check out this great interview on the Corporate Warrior podcast with ARX customer and Quantify Fitness Founder/CEO Josh Jarrett.

Wide-ranging discussion, cutting edge technology, and plenty of food for thought; enjoy! Quantify Fitness Josh Jarrett is a National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) and has supervised thousands of high-intensity workouts at Quantify Fitness…

Heavy-load eccentric calf muscle training for the treatment of chronic Achilles tendinosis. - PubMed - NCBI

Yet another potent use for properly-loaded eccentric contractions: tendonitis.

These researchers found that their eccentric-contraction protocols for chronic Achilles Tendinosis exceeded the efficacy of "rest, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, changes of shoes or orthoses, [or conventional] physical therapy."

We know from experience that this effect carries over to *all* muscle/tendon systems, and our customers are able to reduce their clients' chronic pain through safe, effective, efficient, and quantifiable eccentric contractions using ARX.

It's sexy to use ARX for hypertrophy and getting jacked, but there is huge value in just helping people stay functional and making their joints feel good πŸ’ͺ Am J Sports Med. 1998 May-Jun;26(3):360-6.

Why the Belt Squat Overcoming Isometric is an Awesome Exercise for Athletes

This is a fantastic article about the advantages of performing static contractions in a belt squat.

This setup is a bit cumbersome with the equipment in the article (plus there's the risk of maxing out the weight stack and lifting it), but using the ARX Omni it's convenient, safe, and far more quantifiable.

And at the end of the weeks your performing this protocol, you can advance to--you guessed it--perfectly-loaded eccentric and concentric contractions.

Smart! This exercise offers great benefit with decreased chance of injury compared to traditional Squats.

[01/10/19]   Back in October we had 22 customers down to Austin for a weekend of learnin', barbeque, muscle soreness, mustache lessons, and learnin'.

Sure, we covered a lot about strength and muscle gainz. But the REAL gainz were the friends we made along the way.

These fitness entrepreneurs are changing lives with ARX. Here are some of their takeaways on what they learned at our certification event in Austin:

"The biggest thing I learned [about] ARX has been just how versatile it is... how many exercises you can do, and how many variations you can do. It's as many as your imagination can handle..."

"I'll be able to more highly customize the [training] program based on the client's goals..."

"The technology of this machine... I've never seen anything like it. There are some great tools out there, but this is leading the way, hand down."

Muscle mass should be a new vital sign, research shows

There is now a growing movement to make muscle mass status a 5th vital sign.

Did you know?

--A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed women with breast cancer with low muscle mass had a 40 percent higher likelihood of mortality.
--Patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) with more muscle spend less time on the ventilator -- as well as less time in the ICU -- and have a better chance of survival.
--People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who have more muscle experience better respiratory outcomes and lower occurrence of osteopenia or osteoporosis.
--In the long-term care setting, a study found individuals with lower muscle mass had more severe Alzheimer's.

Bodybuilding, getting swole, looking like a magazine cover model, and looking shredded on Instagram are all nice and sexy. But there are many, many other reasons that everyone needs to be strength training πŸ’ͺ Adults go to the doctor roughly three times a year.1 During their visit, vitals are taken such as blood pressure, pulse, and weight, but are these measurements really showing the full picture of a person's overall health? Extensive research shows health care professionals should be considering somet...

Weight lifting better for heart health than running, new study finds

Great, quick article, and yet another discussion of the fact that resistance training improves your cardiac risk factors (likelihood of high blood pressure, overweight, diabetes, etc) better than "cardiovascular" exercise does.

The fact that resistance training does this while causing less wear-and-tear on the joints, taking less time, producing more strength development, and promoting greater improvements in body composition are all just icing on the cake.

And what's the best tool for the purpose of resistance training?

Say it with us now... Lifting weights is healthier for the heart than going for a run or a walk, new research has found.

ARX And The Athlete

This is a great write-up by Matt Cooper of Matt Cooper Human Performance.

He's been using ARX for athletes, and highlights his use case for MMA fighters in this quick article.

Thanks for the shout-out, Matt, and awesome to see you crushing it out there! Is ARX technology an untapped gem for strength & conditioning?

It's a wrap!! Our first ARX Fit certification is complete and in the books! What an amazing 3 days of learning, laughing, and talking all things ARX and business. We are grateful to have a continually growing group of customers who are out there in the world using ARX technology to help thousands of people! πŸ™πŸ€˜Stay tuned in 2019 for our second certification! #arxfit #futureofexercise #arxstrong #arx

A Fine Finish to a Fantastic Weekend!

Day 2 of the our ARX Certification! Current topic: Setting up ranges of motion! #arxfit #futureofexercise #arxstrong #arx

78 science backed benefits of weightlifting for seniors

Resistance training is fantastic for seniors, and there's been ample data of this for decades. Great to see a long list of it all in one place.

Now, regarding their conclusions and recommendations...we see what they're getting at, but unfortunately focusing on "power development that increases the speed of force production" increases the risk of injury at the same time.

If only there were some way to get maximum-possible power development WITHOUT increasing the dangerous speed factor...while being able to quantify every second...and loading the muscles far more efficiently...

...well, we're sure someone will invent something like that one day 🀣 Β  The aging process is a daunting and inevitable one.Which is why e...

Using Technology to Tailor Your Protocol

Some great insight from Dr. Doug McGuff in this clip from our recent interview.

How do you know what protocol works best for you? How often to train? What type of volume might be best? How do you know when it's working and, more importantly, when it stops working?

What if, instead of doing the arduous guesswork to figure that all out, you had objective, precise data that could guide you to the right answer quickly and easily?

If only there were some technology available that could instantly solve this pervasive and pernicious problem in the field of strength and conditioning πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Pro tip 1: When the opportunity arises to give an @arxfit demo to Toto Wolff (Executive Director of @mercedesbenz F1) you say yes!!

Pro tip 2: When you get invited to tour the @mercedesbenz F1 on-track operations, you also say yes!!

Grateful for both opportunities and the generosity of Toto and his team. There's a reason the dominate the sport and it starts from the top down. Their team and operations are incredibly impressive and we wish them luck this week in Austin as they look to clinch their fifth championship in a row! #arx #arxfit #arxstrong #futureofexercise #totowolff #f1

Doug McGuff's 1st ARX Experience

You never forget your first time.

In this clip from our recent interview with Dr. Doug McGuff, he describes his first experience on the very first ARX prototype waaaaaaaay back in 2009.

" just can't get that any other way."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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Using Technology to Tailor Your Protocol
Doug McGuff's 1st ARX Experience
"You Guys Are Making a Tesla-Level Jump Here."
Technological Challenges in a Regressive Industry
What is the Future of Exercise?
Body by Science: 10 Years Later



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